Jun 24 2014 7:16am

What’s the Longest Series You’ve Kept Up With?

Written in My Own Heart's Blood by Diana Gabaldon

With Diana Gabaldon's Written in My Own Heart's Blood securing the top spot on a number of sales lists, it's clear fans are not tired of her Outlander world. Next year, J.D. Robb will release her fortieth full-length In Death series book, while Nalini Singh, Kresley Cole, J.R. Ward, and other authors show no signs of stopping their respective series. That's a lot of books in series for fans to read, and definitely requires commitment.

What is the longest series you've kept up with?

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Darlene Marshall
1. DarleneMarshall
At 40 books, I have to go with JD Robb. Most authors run out of steam long before this point, but I still look forward to each new "In Death" book or short story with great anticipation.
Jennifer Proffitt
2. JenniferProffitt
I tend to get bored with a series if it goes on too long so I don't stay with a series if it goes on too long. That being said Kresley Cole's Immortals After Dark series (with 15 books) is the longest-running for me. I've tried staying with other long-running paranormals but unless it's at a digestable amount for me, with a few for me to look forward to, I get overwhelmed. I.E. I really want to read Lora Leigh's Breeds series, but there are SO many that I feel overwhelmed!
Amelia Mikos
3. dragonlover44
Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter series. The next few are just below being Lynsay Sands Argeneau Family series, Lynn Kurland's De Piaget/MacLeod Family series, Laurell K Hamilton's Annita Blake and Anne and Todd McCaffery's Pern. All over twenty books each.
Pamela Webb-Elliott
4. Spaz
I'm ALSO stillllllll reading Kresley Cole's IAD series, altho I'm one book behind, because I was waiting for the paperback release to affect the ebook price :) I stuck with LKH's Anita Blake series wayyyy longer than most people, until about 3 books ago. But I quit her finally. Other than that, I said goodbye to most series. Bones & Cat Night Huntress books lost their charm for me, so did Chloe Neill's Chicagoland series. I guess I'm still with Sherilyn Kenyon's Dark-Hunters series, though I had to skip a few of the last ones because they've gotten off track.
OH, it's worth mentioning that the Kate Daniels by Ilona Andrews series is only on book 7 (book 12 including all the novelas), but that's still a long time to be with a series, and I will pay anything for those books. They get better and better.
Megan Frampton
5. MFrampton
Over on Twitter, people are mentioning the Anita Blake series, the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, Lora Leigh's Breeds, JD Robb, the Kate Daniels series, Kenyon's Dark-Hunters, Seanan MacGuire's Toby Day series, and Suzanne Brockmann's Troubleshooters.
Megan Frampton
6. MFrampton
And for me, I'm eagerly anticipating the next Dresden Files (#16?) in Jim Butcher's series, GRRM's AWOIAF, I'm behind a book or two in the Kate Daniels series, but will catch up, and I'm still on-board with the Black Dagger Brotherhood and Cole's IAD series.
7. Nurcat
Nalini Singh's Psy-Changeling novels.... consistently high quality writing & plotting keeps me going back for more, and I've returned to J.D Robb after a long,long time. Again, high quality writing, but can feel a little samey if I read three on the trot.
I'm afraid I've lost the love for Sherrilyn Kenyon, & Christine Feehan ... but that's not to say that I won't go back to their books at some stage, as I did after a 10 year hiatus with J.D. Robb !
8. Coleen K.
I keep up with Christine Feehan's Dark Series (25 books), Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake Series (21), Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum Series (21) as the longest but I also follow many others. Kim Harrison, Ilona Andrews (only 6 books but I'll buy ANYTHING they write), JR Ward. I read all the Charlaine Harris books, that series ended at 13. I'm also reading Carrie Vaugh and Yasmine Galenorn but I'm behind on both series.
Carmen Pinzon
9. bungluna
I started out reading mystery books, so I have a great fondness for long-standing series. Here are some of my favorites, though by no means the only ones I read:

Erle Stanley Gardner - Perry Mason has 87 books and some short stories. I've tried to read them all, though some I haven't been able to get my hands on them.
Rex Stout - Nero Wolf has 47 books and various novellas and short stories.
Agatha Christie - Poirot has 39 books plus a lot of short stories. I have them all and re-read from time to time.
JD Robb - 38 books and counting plus novellas
Laurell K. Hamilton - Anita Blake has 22 books and counting, plus novellas (though I skipped the last one of these)
Robyb Carr - Virgin River has 20 books plus short stories and counting (I'm a bit behind on this one)
Lois Macmaster Bujold - Vorkosigan has 16 books plus novellas and counting (I hope!)
Jim Butcher - Dresden has 15 books and counting, plus novellas
Dorothy L. Sayers - Lord Pete Wimsey has 14 books and various short stories. There are also 4 novels written by someone else which I've read too.
Charlaine Harris - Sookie was 13 books plus novellas and I read them all. I've also read her other series, which were much shorter.
Agatha Christie - Miss Marple has 13 books and various short stories.
Kim Harrison - Rachel Morgan has 13 books and various novellas.
Eileen Wilks - World of the Lupi has 11 books and counting, plus novellas.
Sharon Lee & Steve Miller - Liaden Univers has 10 books plus novellas and counting.
Gini Koch - Alien series has 9 books and counting.
Ilona Anrews - Kate Daniels has 8 books and various short stories and counting.

I enjoy reading series, but I don't always stick with them. A lot of the other ones mentioned here I've started but not continued, like Kenyon and Ward.
Megan Frampton
10. MFrampton
There are 16 comments over at our Facebook page on this topic--seems like everyone's got at least one series they follow!
11. lauralee1912
I've also kept up with Robyn Carr's Virgin River series and have The Promise from the Thunder Point series sitting on my desk tempting me this afternoon while I have work to do.

I've read Susan Mallery's Fool's Gold series, which is at 15 plus novellas. Before We Kiss, the latest installment until today, didn't do much for me, so I'm curious how the rest of the series unfolds.

And I came late to Jill Shalvis' Lucky Harbor series which may end with this year's trilogy (12 books plus novellas) having read all of them this year.
12. Lynda the Guppy
The JD Robb series is the longest one in terms of books that I read. I started reading it when book 6 came out. I also still follow the Virgin River series by Robyn Carr & I kept up with all of Suz Brockmann's original Troubleshooters books.

But it as far as time goes, that one goes to John Sandford's Lucas Davenport books. I've been reading those since the first book was published in 1989. There are now 24 Prey books & 7 Virgil Flowers books (a spinoff series published alternately with the Prey books). I'm listening to the most recent one now, and for audio books I usually only listen in the car, but I may have to break that "rule" because I'm so into the book.
Kaye Dacus
13. kndacus
I currently have somewhat of a love-hate relationship with Elizabeth Hoyt's Maiden Lane series. While only one or two of the six books (#7 comes out this year) has earned higher than 3.5 stars from me, I still have to read each one because I'm sure that the next one is the one that will completely blow me out of the water.

I read all but one of Julia Quinn's Bridgerton books (just couldn't get into When He was Wicked after two attempts).

Of course, then there's the Harry Potter series, but that's on a different plane of existence altogether. ;-)

I typically won't start a series until all (or most) of the books are out, which is probably why I've never gotten into any series like those by JD Robb or Janet Evanovich. I need closure.

Typically, the series I gravitate toward have no more than three or four installments. After a few books, I just feel like someone needs to let go and move on, so if the author doesn't, I usually do.
14. Scarlettleigh
I have come to realize that I am just not good with reading about the same characters over and over. I notice similarities rather than differences so the plot seems basically the same. If I am reading a series that is mystery base, then the character will solve a mystery and move forward a bit in the relationship area. If it is more a relationship book -- then the character will sort of find happiness, but then in the next book there is some crisis -- He is moving away, or she is. And then the romance is up in the air. Then the crisis is resolved, and the next book maybe child custody changes, and then the relationship is up in the air. I enjoyed Fantasy books for a while, but then everytime I turned around it was the story arc was about two different species falling in love, and waring with other species. Plus historically fantasy and science fiction books have mostly been serialized. I have plans to read two new books, first in new series in the Fantasy genre, because I need a change but I know if the authors are going to have numerous books, then I won't be around to read about it. It pretty much discourages me from starting a new series.

If I am honest, I get a little bored with characters who have had their HEA book showing up in subsequent books, because for the most part, that is what they do -- just show up. It like Hi, we're married now and so happy and oh, a baby is on the way. And then the next book I'm so pregnant I can't see my feet, and my husband is so protective, he won't let me lift a salt shaker, and then the next book there is the adorable Deke. And I sure don't want authors to mess with my HEA. Those are fighting words. Don't have the characters engaged in book one, and then still not married by book ten because one of them has issues.

And it makes my head hurt to think okay this is Jake and Joan-- he is the one who took the hill in Afghanistan and she the nurse who helped him right? no - wait that was Jack and Jill.

I am not sure when this changed. Weird I know.

I truly truly appreciate authors that write three or four books and then move on to something new.

I realize that this is more work for them, but authors have such great imaginations and with series books I just feel like that is stiffled

However, If Sharon Shinn published a book today in the Twelve House Series, I would buy it. So I can understand getting attached to the characters.

Five years is about the max for me for reading in the same series. And most of the time I don't last that long.
15. EvangelineHolland
Kim Harrison's Hollows series--though I stopped at book 10 or 11.

I'm really finicky, so I'll drop a series if I'm disappointed 2-3 books in a row.

As for the Outlander series, I'm now three books behind and the thought of catching up is incredibly daunting (all three books are what...3000 pages all together?).
16. Beth A
Lorelei James' 16 book Rough Riders series just ended with the terrific Cowboy Take Me Away. All great stories.
17. hammey49
What about Hannah Howell and all her highlander books? She must have about 50 or so.
Christina Hunt
18. Christina Hunt
Christine Feehan Dark series and Sherrylin Kenyon:s Series are two of my favorites and I will read them for as long as they write them, they are two great series and neither have gotten slow or boring to me :-)
19. Moonlaura
J.R.Ward's the Black Dagger Brotherhood , Kresley Cole's IAD series, Sherilyn Kenyon's Dark-Hunters, Harry Potter......and starting Thea Harrison's Dragons
20. Kathy2059
For the longer series -- all the Lonely Lords from Grace Burrowes, every Highland book by Hannah Howell, all the Bridgerton books by Julia Quinn (including the spin-off series), the Mallory family books by Johanna Lindsey (getting ready to start the latest), and all of the inter-related Cynster family and Bastion Club books by Stephanie Laurens. I also read the shorter series -- and just last week, some of my favorite series have added chapers - Mary Balogh, Manda Collins, Miranda Neville - so many! Its a great summer for reading on the deck after work.
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