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Throwback Thursday: First Nora Roberts?

Megan's Mate by Nora RobertsChances are, you've read at least one Nora Roberts novel, either under her own name or writing as J.D. Robb. Roberts's career spans from 1981 to the present, and she has written in a multitude of genres.

So do you remember your first Nora book? What was it? Do you continue to read her, and which of her books are your favorites?

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1. Scarlettleigh
I didn't fall in love with Nora Roberts' books with her first one - which was Irish Thouroughbred. But by 1985 I was an avid fan, and this love affair lasted on all her books until 1998. I quit the "In Death" books first, and then probably around 2005 quit her hb, and then 2012 quit her trilogies.

It was a long run -- probably the longest, except reading Jayne Ann Krentz's books.
2. carmenlire
My first Nora Roberts book was The Villa when I was in 8th grade. I think it was 2007. I read it in a day and absolutely loved it: the hero's snark but attractiveness/relationship-awesomeness, the heroine's independence and wit, the plot--events and pacing, the setting-- so vivid!, the way she described the wine business-- a lot of details but not as if she's giving a dissertation on the subject, the way it was written-- the wit! I must have read the scene where Sophia tells her father off at the party 10 times! Absolutely everything.
After that I read a solid 80 of her books my eighth grade year (I read the Villa during the first month of school). Since then I've read most of her books and have started Naked in Death, though it's taking me awhile since I'm not one for books set in the future.
I'd have to say that NR is my favorite author, although Lisa Kleypas is right up there too. There hasn't been a book that I haven't liked by her but my favorites would be:
Series: MacGregor (particularly the Grooms), Quinn legacy, and the Gallagher trilogy-- but it is hard to choose!
From suspense:True Betrayals, Private Scandals, The Villa.
Nora Roberts is such an amazing and prolific writier-- I still eagerly await her releases even though I've been reading her for years and have read hundreds of her books!
Elizabeth Halliday
3. Ibbitts
I read "Naked in Death" when it was first released and have been an avid (maybe rabid!) follower of the In Death series ever since.
My first foray into Nora Roberts titles was The Circle Trilogy, a PNR series that really didn't appeal to me at all. I really like PNR as a genre, but some author's writing styles are not my cup of tea, and I'm not really into contemporary romance, so I didn't pick up another Nora Roberts title for several years.
About 4 years ago (due to the relentless nagging of my favorite Librarian) I read "The Search". I loved it!
Time for research...
I took her title list and divided the books by genre and found that the titles that sounded the best to me were listed as Romance/Suspense.
There were 15 stand-alone titles on the list, so I went back to the earliest published and begin reading. There was only one of these that I didn't get into; the rest were all great, as have been the 4 R/S titles released since then.
Last year I received "Taming Natasha" (book #1 in the "Those Wild Ukranians" series) in my monthly book exchange bag, and although I usually don't much go for CR, I tried it and liked it right away. I have since read the remaing 5 books in the series + the 2 related books.
This made me interested enough to try some more.
I have read The Chesapeake Bay Series (4 CR titles), the Night Tales series (5 R/S titles), the In the Garden Trilogy (PNR) and 4 stand-alone contemporary romances.
I have been a huge J. D. Robb fan since the very first book, but in the last few years I've become a Nora Roberts fan too!
Wendy the Super Librarian
4. SuperWendy
Born in Fire - which I read in 1999, but was published in 1994. The Born In trilogy is one of the few series I've ever read back-to-back-to-back (something I don't generally do). Loved all three books, but my favorite is a probably Shame - because Murphy Muldoon is so verra verra yummy.

I've always wished I was reading romance when Nora was first publishing her categories. They're really very interesting reads, especially when you look at the time she was writing and publishing them. She did very exciting things within the category universe for the time - namely giving her heroines lives outside of the romance.
5. AmandaB
My first Nora was the second book in the Chesapeake Bay saga (Rising Tides). Been a fan ever since, though I've skipped most of her recent trilogies and quartets (I've got the first two of her new PNR on my shelves and haven't gotten around to reading them yet). My favorite is still Angels Fall. Her books don't break any new ground for me, but whenever I need a comfort read, I end up pulling out one of her backlist.
Heather Waters
6. HeatherWaters
I am sad to say I'm not positive what my first Nora Roberts was--maybe Sweet Revenge or Hot Ice? But I know I was hooked right away. Haven't read her in a while, but at one point I'd read almost everything still in print/in print again.

@AmandaB -- I have such fond memories of the Chesapeake Bay books. I should revisit them.
Megan Frampton
7. MFrampton
I have only read two Nora Roberts books--the first J.D. Robb and a vampire book (a quick peek said it might be Morrigan's Cross?). I know my Roberts education is sorely lacking!
8. Kate McMurray
Mine was Blue Smoke, and I read it right around when it was published because a friend loaned me the ARC, so maybe 2006? I was hooked and then glommed a significant portion of her backlist. She's still one of my comfort reads. I think my favorite is Northern Lights, though that's probably because I read it in the middle of a particularly hot summer, and all that talk of snow and Alaska was like literary air conditioning. And I love the Chesapeake Bay series. And the trilogy about the florists. And some of her stand-alone romantic suspenses. I am a fan, basically.
Carmen Pinzon
9. bungluna
I was reading romances when her first one came out, ehem, but I must have missed. The very first one I recall was the Serena one in the McGregor series. From there I went to read all her series ones. I quit Roberts for a while when she moved to stand alones with contradictory titles, ("Honest Illusions" was the one that put me off, I think.)

I went back to her when the Death books came out. Ever since, I always get her books from the library first, to see if I like them. Quite a few make it onto my keeper shelf, the last of which was "The Witness".
10. ChelseaMueller
@MFrampton You're not alone. I've only read the first In Death book.
11. Rah-Rah
I couldn't tell you the first Nora Roberts book I read. I'm sure I've read thousands :) I DO know that I own all the J.D.Robb books and wait impatiently for a new one to come out constantly. I just picked up
"The Collector" at the library today. Looking forward to the third instalment, "Blood Magick"....loved "Darkwitch" and "Shadow Spell". What a vivid imagination and way of bringing her characters to life.
12. bri_in_nj
I think the first one was 'Naked in Death" and now I'm about halfway through the series. I have read a bunch of her other ones, mostly the romatic suspense that come out in hc. I loved the Stanislaski series (category books that were re-released in approx 2007). As someone said above, I love the categories because there is so much going on for the female characters -especially when I don't think that was the norm for the genre. Many of her categories are being re-released as 2 book sets. I keep saying I am going to read more of her but there are so many things on my TBR, that I just haven't gotten to more of them.
13. Kareni
I read Nora Roberts' books beginning in the early eighties, and I've probably read about 90% of her books. For some reason, I've been on a hiatus from the J.D. Robb books for about the last five books. I'll pick them up again sometime.
14. Sheri Humphreys
I happened to buy Irish Thoroughbred when it originally came out. I loved that book, read it again and again, and afterwards watched for Nora's name. I still have that book!
15. Fran K
My first was Midnight Bayou and it scared the pants off me. Have re-read its since with no probs but that first read got me. Have read just about all her books now, both Nora & J D - great re-reads. My favourite stand alone is The Search.
16. Ethel C.
I actually read an excerpt of The Villa in a magazine. Needless to say that I couldn't and didn't stop at only one.
17. lizzie18
It's fun reading a blog where ALL the titles are familiar to me. My first Nora Roberts book was her first, Irish Thouroughbred when it came out.

I read all her Silhouette books when they came out, which were ok but I have recently (last 3 years) discovered her romantic suspense novels and I enjoy them much more than the romances. The Witness and The Search are my favorites, with High Noon, Northen Lights and Blue Smoke very close seconds (coincidence, just finished re-reading Blue Smoke this morning). I have a few series I need to catch up on; I'm reading the Born series right now and I'm up to the second, Born in Ice.
I also have a few (7 of them) older 'stand alone' I still haven't read but they're on my list. And yes, Carmenlire, your 3 favorite suspense are on my list. And, Bunglune, Honest Illusion is also there. And I have 4 of her more recent triologies still to read. She has sooooo many books.

I also aim to start her In Death series; I have her first two books of the series but haven't started yet. I'll get there...

I case you haven't already figured it out, I'm a huge fan.
18. Janga
I was in grad school, and romance novels were my antidote for all the books I was reading in which women lived lives of quiet--or noisy-- desperation or killed themselves. My friend at the UBS gave me All the Possibilities (MacGregor # 3). As soon as I read it, I started searching for her earlier books, starting with the first two Macgregor books. The MacGregors, the Stanislaskis, the MacKades, and the O'Hurleys are still among my favorite families from category fiction, and I'm still reading Nora Roberts books. The Quinn Brothers books are my favorites with the Concannon trilogy a close second. Born in Ice is my favorite of the latter, although I share Wendy's enthusiasm for Murphy Muldoon.
19. Shark with Lasers
My first Nora was one of her suspense novels. It's hard to remember exactly which one because I wound up reading a bunch of them within weeks of each other after that first one. I'm pretty sure it was either Santuary, River's End or Carolina Moon. It wasn't long after that when I started reading the Three Sisters Island trilogy which became and remains my favorite among her books. I'm especially fond of Heaven and Earth. She's like the gateway drug to category romance, because if you haven't read it before, and you come across one of her standalones, eventually you will try to track down her categories and then you're hooked on the genre.
20. AmyM
My first Nora was Midnight Bayou. For whatever reason my grandmother decided to give me a couple of Nora books (Midnight Bayou & The Villa). She was a huge romance reader! At that time (I think 2004?) I wasn't really interested in romace books. I finally decided to give Nora a try during a family vacation and I remember I just couldn't put it down and I had to pace myself otherwise I would have finished it too soon and been left with nothing else to read! I remember being surprised that it was kinda scary!

I would say my favorite Nora has to be Montana Sky. When I first read that book I thought it was the perfect combination of romance and suspense. Even though I've read a lot more since Montana Sky, I don't think I'll ever change my mind about it. I think I'm most fond of Nora's books from that time period (around 1995 give or take a few years).

I'm slowly working my way through the In Death series. So far, I've enjoyed all the books. Some are better than others, but I'm willing to overlook it.
21. goddessani
Unsure which was my first. I started reading romance in the 1990s and a friend introduced me to her. I quickly added everything, including the elusive Promise Me Tomorrow, to my virtual library. I still read and collect them as they come out.

However, I've only read maybe 5-6 of the In Deaths and just can't get into them.

Favourites: Rising Tides (love me some Ethan Quinn), Northern Lights (especially the audio), the Bride Quartet.
22. Aren Rayn
1st book i read is carolina moon. after that, i compeletely hook on Nora Roberts books.
Felicia Fallon
23. Uber Romance Reader
My first Nora Roberts book was River's End. It still is my sentimental favorite among her other books I've since read. It's also the book I use to introduce Nora to family & friends. I simply adore Noah & Olivia, the hero & heroine. Nora is absolutely an auto-buy for me.
24. steph wiliams
My first was three fates loved the history and the family ties through the book have read most of her books under JD Robb to reread them ranks no1 on my author list
25. SarahKate1992
Mine was a two-for-one featuring 'A Man for Amanda' and 'Suzanna's Surrender'. I read them in 2010 on a Thailand holiday when I was 18. It wasn't just my first Nora Roberts (I've now read 30 odd) but my first romance novel ever. I'd never even thought of delving into this genre, had never heard of Roberts, and didn't really know that what I was buying was a romance novel at all (although, I'd grown to demand a love interest in the books of other genres I picked up). Needless to say, I've been a romance book addict ever since (don't tell my practical, non-fiction loving family).
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