Jun 17 2014 8:15am

The Worst Book-Lending Experience: Discuss!

We've all been there (unless you just have never lent a book, in which case, bravo!).

So today we want you to share: What's your worst book-lending experience?

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Myretta Robens
1. Myretta
I never loan a book I can't replace and I rarely expect to see a book again once it's out of my hands. I used to keep lists of book loans, but never did anything about recovering them. Now I just think of book "loans" as spreading the joy. It's much less painful this way.
2. Scarlettleigh
Lending to co-workers. It is funny that you mention this because after asking a c0-worker for what seems at least six time for my book back, Sunday I just gave up and ordered a new one.

It is not a fiction book, but a study guide to certification. She has had it for four months, which if I am honest, is not that unusual for its lending history. People want it, but then put off taking the test and don't study and keep it for months. I think one person had it almost a year.
However, I needed it and asked if she was still using it, and she said no, that she had bought several other books on the subject and that she would bring it back.

She forgot it several times, and I just told her when she did remember just to put in my locker. Two weeks ago I asked about it, again and she said it was in her car. Last Saturday I asked about it, and again she said it was in her car. That same day, I told her to look me up before she left and I would follow her to her car and get it.

You would think that if someone asked you about a book, and you had it on the premise, you could walk to you car and get it. Well she didn't do that, and didn't wait for me to walk with her to her car.

So Sunday I found another book, -- only $20.00 instead of the $70.00 it cost new, and I just bought it. It is not worth the aggravation!
cate nugent
3. nurcat
After I lent my third (yes, third!) copy of McCaffrey's Restoree to a friend, and didn't get it back, I finally learnt my lesson. Now if I love a book enough to recommend it, I buy it as a pressie. So now my friends benefit(?) from my enjoyment, and are currently receiving The Rosie Project, The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, and Beatrice and Benedick as pressies......
Also, all power to my Kindle, I can't lend out my Hoyt's or my Singh's... they can buy their own !!! :)
Lucy D
4. Lucy D
I don't know which is worse - not getting it back or getting it back mauled. My mother is the worst offender, but I can't say no to Mom when she sees a book on my shelf. I try to very nicely ask her to be gentle, especially if I was holding onto a book to do a giveaway, but inevitably it comes back with folded corners, a cracked spine and a mauled cover. Some of the more simply bound ARCs come back split open and with pages coming out. :( (I hope she doesn't read this.)
Jennifer Proffitt
5. JenniferProffitt
I share my books with my roommates and after a few of my favorites came back mauled, I started only giving her books if I had an ARC of it and she got that. Or I let her borrow my old kindle to read stuff off of. But yeah, for awhile she was banned from taking any of my paperbacks.
6. lauralee1912
I am very careful about returning books lent to me and rarely will lend a book unless is it one I don't mind not getting back.

My worst book lending story and where I learned my lesson happened about 20 years ago when I belonged to a writing group. We'd pass around books for research and discussion. I later found out, a couple of members of that group were notorious for never returning a borrowed book. The one that still steams me after all these years is a little gem called A Thousand Ways to Please Your Husband I lent to a guy writing a novel set in the 20s and he never returned even after I asked nicely before I moved away. It was a "joke" wedding gift from my mother and a damn good cookbook.

This morning, though, I am doing a little happy dance in my home office. Doublechecking the name of the book on Amazon, I found out there is a reprint available. Bettina's wisdom and I will be reunited soon!
Anna Bowling
7. AnnaBowling
Many years ago, while settling into a new retail job, the assistant manager and I were delighted to find that we were both big romance readers. We came up with the idea to swap books, read and return to the original owner, so one day, we arrived at work with a paper sack each filled to the brim with books. Swap made, reading and discussion began. All good, right?

That was the plan. I read her books, returned them, and...she moved. With my books. Must've gotten lost in the shuffle, whoops. Early sign that job was not for me.
8. carmenlire
Most of my friends know the unreasonable attachment I place on my book so they're careful. However, once I got a book back with coffee stains all over the cover and pages, bent and folded pages and a torn cover. Needless to say, they never borrowed another book. Another example is I lent my copy of Perfect Chemistry to a friend and after calling and texting her she never replied. I wanted four years and finally bought a used copy at half priced books. It still steams me!
Melissa Keith
9. MelK
I let a friend borrow my signed copy of Anne Rice's THE MUMMY and she bent the spine. lol! I really wanted to smack her.
Lucy D
10. Wendy W Durden
I lent the first 6 books in the House of Night series to the officemate of one of my friends. Haven't seen them since. This was over 4 years ago, and offices have changed. Just bought the first four again to replace, and working on the next 2. Most of the time I have had no problems with lending/returning. Only one other: lent a book to a friend with a toddler. She had never not returned a book in the condition it had been lent in. Then the toddler decided that book was a teething ring. Enough said.
11. Kareni
When I was a teenager, one of my favorite books was
The Cheerleader by Ruth Doan MacDougall. Many years later, I loaned it to our teen babysitter, and it was never returned. (I console myself that it may have become her favorite, too.) I bought a replacement copy a few years ago but have yet to reread it. I fear it may not live up to my memories.
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