Jun 24 2014 2:00pm

She’s the Boss: Female Domination in Romance Novels

Natural Law by Joey W. HillWhile there are many submissive heroines waiting to be swooped up by the next dominant billionaire hero, there are far  fewer female dommes taking control in the bedroom. Usually, when the word femdom comes up in romance, one author comes to mind: Joey W. Hill. Her contemporary erotic romance, Natural Law, is a classic in femdom romance.

The book tells the story of male submissive and cop, Mackenzie (Mac) Nighthorse and his Mistress, Violet. The backstory revolves around murders taking place in a BDSM club;  Mac infiltrates the club, where he meets Violet and things start to evolve between them personally, with the book taking a look at the deep levels of connection and trust between the submissive and Mistress. Paranormal fans will also enjoy Hill’s Vampire Queen series which again explores power control between strong females and the capitulation of what on the outside appear to be alpha male heroes.

If you are looking for the traditional BDSM relationship, but in a sci-fi setting, try Christine d’Abo’s Mistress Rules and Bound Odyssey by Michelle Polaris. In d’Abo’s book, the heroine, Stella, is a Mistress to the space warlord Ulric and ends up teaching both Ulric and his associate, Faris, a thing or two. In Bound Odyssey, a female dominant, a male switch and a typical alpha male come together to explore the definitions of domination and submission while facing a dying earth. The heroine, Mira and male switch, Roman, must convince the alpha male Jace to submit to ensure their survival on a female-dominated planet.

Lovers of contemporary romance looking for a female dominant without the traditional labels should give Charlotte Stein’s Power Play and Control. Both books feature female bosses in and out of the corporate world taking charge of their willing male employees.

For femdom with a snarky, fun twist, Mina Vaughn’s How to Discipline Your Vampire and How to Reprimand Your Rock Star (out July 21, 2014) offer sexy yet fun interactions between the alpha females and their male counterparts.

If you love music and are looking for the perfect summer read, Shelly Ann Clark’s Have Mercy is the perfect duet, featuring the soulful singer Emme and her brooding bassist, Tom. Clark builds up the sexual tension between the two characters as Emme’s bandmates make it clear the new bassist is off limits. When the two finally do get to the bedroom, sparks ignite.

Making Over Maris by Sabrina YorkSabrina York’s Making Over Maris is a reverse My Fair Lady; nerdy Jack asks for Sara’s help in becoming a stud, and Sara does, but falls for him the process. Delphine Dryden offers her own brand of nerd domination in The Principle of Desire where geeky Ed and the switch heroine, Beth take turns dominating each other. What is so great about this book is that Ed is good looking but not an unrealistic stud whom Beth is destined to dominate. The scenes are beautifully written and Ed’s initial awkwardness in finding out what all his friends are doing at a BDSM club is priceless.

One of my favorite woman-in-charge scenes comes from Gena Showalter’s The Darkest Lie. The hero, Gideon, is the keeper of Lies and unable to ask for what he really wants in the bedroom. The one thing he’s always desired? A woman to call the shots and when the heroine, Scarlet, takes over things are scorching.

Hopefully, females on top and taking charge will gain greater momentum because for every alphahole billionaire, there should be a sexy siren ready to take control.

What kind of female in charge books do you prefer? The traditional BDSM settings or do you like a looser definition of sexual roles? Do you prefer for the heroine to be in a position of power from the get go or do you want to be surprised?



Sahara Hoshi reviews for Wicked Lil Pixie and is a lifelong reader of romance. Favorite genres include new adult, paranormal romance, contemporary romance and erotica.

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1. HelenB
A new book I am currently enjoying is Joely Sue Burkhart's "The Billionaire Submissive". I do love a romantic femdom story. Stephanie Vaughans "Cruel to be Kind" is another favorite. Joey W Hill also has a mistress turned vampire in "Vampire Mistress" and " Vampire Trinity".
2. SaharaH
I really enjoyed the Billionaire Submissive as well!
3. MisaB
I've never heard of that "classic in femdom romance". It sounds interesting though - it's terribly hard to find good femdom stories, with real, rounded dommes.
Jennifer Proffitt
4. JenniferProffitt
I LOVED Making Over Maris and Natural Law. I only recently started reading Joey W. Hill but she's my new favorite.
5. Sabrina York
Oh squee! Thank you for featuring Making Over Maris. This quirky femdom romance (book three in the kinky Wired Series) was a blast to write.

And Jennifer... I am thrilled that you enjoyed it!
Jennifer Proffitt
7. JenniferProffitt
I just remembered that Olivia Cunning has Mistress V in the Sinner's on Tour book, Hot Ticket--a very hot read!
8. Sue V
To your list I would add author Ann Mayburn and her Long, Slow Tease duology, ("Still" and "Penance") and her ongoing serial, Emma's Arabian Nights ("First Kiss" and "Second Touch" and WIP, "Third Chance") which has a HFN resolution at the end if each story, but Emma and Ryan's story won't be finished till the end of the 4th book.
9. Chloé Hornett
Along with Ann Mayburn (as above), I'd be intrigued to see what you'd make of "How to Train a Man in Seven Easy Lessons" - I can tell you (of course!) that it tries to yoke together some intense femdom scenes with dark humor. Successful? It's a weird combo. But all part of life's rich tapestry, right?
10. Lauren's libri
Are there any new femdom romance novels this year to recommend?
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