Jun 1 2014 10:38am

Orphan Black Season 2, Episode 7 Recap: Clone Family Day

Rachel and Leekie in Orphan Black 2x07Orphan Black blew us away last year (you may have seen our Season 1 recaps during the hiatus?) with its riveting performances (led by Tatiana Maslany), brilliant storytelling, and intriguing romances (like Sarah/Paul and Cosima/Delphine). Now it's back for Season 2, and so are our weekly episode recaps. Buckle up—we have a feeling it's going to be quite the ride.

This post contains SPOILERS for all aired episodes of Orphan Black, including last night’s Season 2, episode 7, “Knowledge of Causes, and Secret Motion of Things.” Enjoy!

Alison and Vic the Dick are making the place settings for Family Day at the New Path Wellness Center. Alison is going on about how her neighbor Aynsley always thought she was better than Alison but showed her judgment in little jabs and nasty looks. Vic the Dick commiserates that he hates people like that. “I guess, in that sense, she had it coming,” Alison decides. Vic the Dick wonders what Aynsley had coming. Alison awkwardly brushes it off as “an incident” but Vic the Dick encourages her to unburden herself. “That’s why we’re here.” When she continues to resist, Vic the Dick gets all serious and promises Alison she can trust him. “The stuff that I’ve done? No judgment.” She pauses and then confesses how she slept with Aynsley’s husband in a parking lot. “Do you think I’m awful?” Vic the Dick thinks she’s brave for sharing. “Feels nice. Feels good, no?” Alison agrees. He begins to tell Alison that her next step is to forgive herself, but confession felt so good the first time, she interrupts him to go for broke. “Then I killed her.”

Vic the Dick just about swallows his tongue. You can practically hear him think Jackpot! “Well, she was choking and I didn’t stop it,” Alison amends. “What, like on a piece of chicken?” Vic weakly suggests. “No,” Alison snaps back, “not like on a piece of chicken. I could’ve saved her and I didn’t. She clawed at the countertop,” she whispers, “begging for her life. I stood there until it was over.” Vic the Dick is all bug-eyed as Alison exhales with relief. “It feels so good to say it out loud!” Vic the Dick smiles with effort. “Yeah, I bet.” Heh. She thanks him for being so supportive and has made him something to show her gratitude. Alison holds up a pair of hand-knitted gloves that are a mishmash of colors as though she used whatever scraps of yarn she could find to make them. Aw, she made him Friendship Gloves! The left-hand glove only has four fingers. Dying.

Vic the Dick smiles with the panicked look of someone given a horrible gift that has to pretend he likes it.  “Oh it’s for me?” Alison loses a little of her forced cheer. She bobs the glove with the four fingers to call his attention to it. “Who else?” Snort.

At Evan Duncan’s not-so-secret hideout, Sarah and Siobhan search for a red box that Duncan won’t leave without. The smell of the rancid house forces them to cover their noses and mouths with cloths while they search. Sarah complains to Siobhan that Duncan is mad, but Siobhan counters that Duncan is only scared they’ll betray him to Leekie. Sarah suggests maybe they should side with Rachel. “After what she’s done?!” Siobhan replies. She reminds Sarah that Rachel is a creature of Dyad. “She may know full well that Leekie killed her mother; she may even approve.” But Sarah’s seen the family videos Rachel keeps in her flat though and thinks otherwise even though Siobhan dismisses them as inconsequential. Switching gears a bit, Sarah admits she doesn’t know yet how best to use Duncan but suggests it’s time they divide and conquer. “That’s a good enough strategy, innit it?” Siobhan agrees that it might be, but first they need more facts. Duncan exclaims with success and Sarah asks if he’s found the box. Instead, he holds up some zinc oxide and applies it to the corners of his mouth. Sarah rolls her eyes over to Siobhan. Oh yeah, he’s stable. Siobhan grimaces and goes back to searching.

Back at rehab, Alison assembles the name tags she’s made for her kids. She notices Vic the Dick left the Friendship Gloves on his chair. Picking them up, she trots over to his room, but stops at the barely opened doorway when she hears him say “Yeah Detective, it’s me.” She listens in as Vic the Dick tells DeAngelis he has something big for her but will only tell her in person. “Listen DeAngelis, this is not a negotiation. You want Alison Hendrix you show up tomorrow with my paperwork.” Alison gasps and hurries back around the corner out of sight. Vic the Dick moves to close the door. Bit late for that, pal. “After I see my charges have been dropped, then I’ll talk.” He peers down the hall then slams the door shut as he tells DeAngelis he doesn’t give a shit what she thinks. Around the corner, Alison clutches her Friendship Gloves and frets.


Cal has parked the trailer in the shade of some industrial smoke stacks. Twelve years later, Kira has grown another head. Kira tosses and turns in the bed while Cal researches the Dyad Institute. Kira cries out for her mother in her sleep. Cal hurries over to comfort her.  When he returns to the laptop, he notices the web cam has been activated. As he leans in, the green light switches off. Cal: “Shit!” No duh.

At Duncan’s Hoarder House, Sarah tentatively reaches one rubber-gloved hand into a cabinet and lifts up what looks to be a dead rat baby. Shouting, she tosses it aside and stumbles back, which knocks over a tower of folders and old newspapers that spill across the floor. Duncan exclaims “A-ha!” while Siobhan checks that Sarah’s OK. He lifts an old, red metal box out of the mess. Inside are a hand-held calculator, a match box, and some trinkets. “It’s just junk!”  Siobhan complains. Sarah can’t believe that’s what they’ve been looking for all this while. The two women strip off the yellow rubber gloves in disgust while Duncan paws through his treasure. Sarah’s phone rings and when she answers asking after Kira, Cal assures her the child is fine but that “they’re” onto him. “Computer’s been hacked, which means they could have my location” he says while he hooks said computer up to a car battery. He’s throwing them off the trail, though, hiding the still-powered laptop under some wooden flats and leaving it behind. Sarah is determined to come to them right away but Cal says he’s already on the move and will call her with a meeting spot once he has one.

Siobhan comes right up behind Sarah as she disconnects. “Are you gonna tell me who your mystery sitter is?” she asks archly. “No,” Sarah replies definitively as she pulls on her jacket. “I’m not.” Siobhan realizes this is a moment and relents. “I’ll trust you know what’s best for Kira if you’ll trust me with him,” she offers with a nod to Duncan. Honestly, this is a BFD for Siobhan considering when the show began, Mrs. S. wouldn’t allow Sarah to be on the same block as Kira. “I don’t,” Sarah replies fervently. “Not by a long shot.” Siobhan reminds Sarah that Duncan is still her responsibility. “Just let me get him to town; we’ll take it from there.” Sarah sighs but silently agrees. “Hey,” she calls out to Duncan. “Watch your back with this one.” Siobhan scoffs and shakes her head, resigned for the moment to her foster daughter’s attitude. As Sarah leaves, she returns to Duncan. “Come on. We have to go.”

In the Sweet Science Crib’s operating theatre, Delphine is in surgical scrubs for Cosima’s next procedure. She helps a hospital-gowned Cosima lay back on the surgical table and then raises the gown above her knees. Another doctor sits on a stool between Cosima’s raised legs. We ladies all know what that means: assume the position! With gentle strokes and kisses, Delphine checks to see if Cosima has feeling in the relevant and a few irrelevant parts of her body. She doesn’t so Delphine concludes the spinal anesthesia is working and they’re going to begin the procedure. Honestly, Delphine being lovey dovey with Cosima during medical procedures is beginning to creep me out. Time and place, lady. True, I don’t know about Cosima, but most women don’t feel terribly romantic during a gynecological procedure. The doctor picks up a really long, surgical tube and Delphine explains that she is inserting into the uterus and will inject directly into the masses, which it seems Cosima has developed. The tube has a scope so that Cosima the scientist can watch what’s happening inside her. “This is the beginning of getting you well,” Delphine whispers into her ear before laying her head on Cosima’s shoulder. So, not actually assisting with the procedure then.

Felix in Orphan Black Season 2, episode 7Over at Felix’s Fun Flat, Fee is roused by his phone ringing. I think that’s a sad portrait of Colin in the foreground. “Felix, we have a problem,” Alison whispers over the phone. Fee wonders why she’s whispering and it’s because Alison has managed to sneak out and use the phone at the front desk to call Felix and isn’t supposed to be using the phone. “Vic is here!” she hisses. Felix: “Vic is in rehab?!” Heh. “And he’s snitching to a cop called DeAngelis,” Alison says. Fee recognizes the name and isn’t happy about it. “I can’t go to jail, Felix,” Alison says, clenching her eyes shut at the very idea. “I don’t have the temperament. In the shower, if they touch me, I will cut them!” Snort. So, I guess no Alison on Orange Is the New Black then, yeah? Unless it’s renamed Orphan is the New Black. (Totally stole that from the Orphan Black official Twitter feed because it is just too perfect.) Fee promises he’ll be there in the morning. This calms Alison enough to disconnect.

Sarah joins Cal at a marina that is right next to a different industrial silo parking lot, I guess. He tells her Kira’s asleep and she promises she wasn’t followed. He apologizes for getting tagged and doesn’t know how it happened since he did all this computer speak stuff to avoid detection. “I’m mean, I’m untraceable!” Sarah assures him it wasn’t his fault. “They’re trying hard. That tells me Kira is quite the prize for ‘em.” He holds up Kira’s drawing of her Aunt Clones. “I have no idea who these “aunties” are, but they came with a weird story.” Sarah tries to brush it off as Kira’s overactive imagination but though he’s not buying it, Cal lets it go. “Well, hi,” he says instead with a warm smile that Sarah returns as well as the greeting. “I’m Cal.” “Sarah,” she replies, grinning. “You want to come in?” he invites. “I’m not that kind of girl,” she answers. They chuckle and kiss. “Yes you are,” he teases. Cute.

At the Dyad, Paul is bringing Leekie up to speed on the clone hunt. He tells the doctor that Sarah and Helena were separated by a Prolethean, Mark Rollins, who is known to them.  “I followed Sarah as instructed and she came up empty.” Leekie: “No sign of the scientist?” So he knows Duncan’s alive then. Paul confirms this, but is distracted by the screen on which is blown up the fluid Leekie has under his microscope. With a delighted laugh, Leekie explains that it’s synthetic amniotic fluid and that they’re developing an artificial womb. “Bit of a hobby of mine,” he shrugs off. “I like pottery,” Paul snarks with a shrug. Snort. Too smart not to realize when he’s being mocked, Leekie asks what Paul’s told Rachel. “I came to you first. What should I tell her?” Leekie chuckles that Paul should tell Rachel what he told Leekie. “The truth.” He dismisses Paul and, after a brief consideration, calls someone and tells them he needs to meet with Marian Bowles. “It’s an emergency.”

Back at Duncan’s Hoarder House, Duncan roams around the room taking one last look at everything. Siobhan comes back in to tell him they really must go now. Duncan agrees but stops when Siobhan points out that he’s forgetting his mementoes box. He reaches for the box and as Siobhan again gently insists that they have to go, Duncan takes the top off to dump the contents on the ground without care. “Wait—what?!” Siobhan exclaims as she watches. Duncan rips the lining from the bottom of the box and pulls out three floppy discs and I mean the kind that actually flops around. Interesting that he didn’t want Sarah to know he has them. Siobhan eyes him in a new light as she finally figures out the whole crazy hoarder shtick was a front. “What do we have there?” Duncan shoves the floppies in his coat pocket. “Everything, Mrs. Sadler. Absolutely everything.”

Sarah sleeps with Kira in the camper. Kira rouses to see “Mommy” is there with her.

At the Dyad, Scott and Delphine argue in the hallway outside the Sweet Science Crib as Cosima listens in out of sight. Scott doesn’t understand why they can’t share the source of the cells with Cosima. Delphine threatens that Scott signed a confidentiality agreement and Delphine is his boss so he will do as she says. She goes into the lab and Cosima rounds the corner to startle Scott. “What’s going on, Scott?” Delphine emerges from the lab as Scott’s hums.

Inside the Sweet Science Crib, Cosima is horrified to learn that Delphine gave her Kira’s stem cells, so that answers that. Delphine begs Cos to listen to her and insists Leekie set them up. Cosima: “Us? What?” Delphine frantically explains Leekie planted the research for them to find (it was actually “mistakenly” sent to their lab, but potato, potahto). But Cosima doesn’t care about that. “You knew it was Kira’s, Delphine!” she shouts. Delphine is so taken aback she actually leans back from Cosima. “But only after I realized that it was working!” she shouts back with increasing desperation. The tests were positive and I had to keep going!” Cosima is shocked to realize Delphine still doesn’t get it. “Did you ever stop to think once that this is my decision and not yours?!” Delphine flatly tells her there is no decision. “You have only one way forward and this is it.”

Cosima takes a breath and asks how they harvested the cells from Kira. Delphine reveals Kira lost a tooth when she was hit by the car and Leekie was able to “procure” it. “It is a…finite source,” she confesses. “Unless you bring Kira in for more,” Cosima concludes. Delphine softly agrees. Cosima is so enraged, she orders Delphine to get out. “You don’t understand,” Delphine whispers. We know: you did it all for her. Pretty sure you’re the one who doesn’t understand. “This is MY lab,” Cosima yells. “My body! I’m the science! GET OUT!” Delphine ducks her head and scuttles away. Cosima sniffles and tries to catch her breath and then gives in and smacks the table hard.

At rehab, Vic the Dick is waiting for DeAngelis to arrive when Alison asks if she can talk to him privately for a moment. “Hey Allie,” Yvonne the Sponsor calls out. “You ready for Family Day?” Alison: “Absolutely,” but her fake smile drops when she turns away. Alison leads Vic the Dick back to her room where Felix is already waiting. “You selfish, manure bag of a man!” he yells as Vic the Dick enters. Alison deliberately shuts the door then takes a stance behind Felix who isn’t done with Vic the Dick. “You’re supposed to come to rehab to heal and to grow. You’re not supposed to become even sleazier.” Alison quietly accuses that she opened up to Vic the Dick and trusted him. To his credit, Vic the Dick doesn’t try to pretend he doesn’t know what they’re talking about. “I’m honestly sorry,” he tells her. “I’ve got a past I’m trying to get out from under. I have to meet DeAngelis this afternoon.” Felix threatens him with telling his former dealer pals that Vic the Dick has turned snitch, but Vic the Dick ignores him. “I’m moving forward and if you knew what was good for you, you’d do the same,” he tells Alison as he opens the door to leave. “Starting by removing the, ah, unsavory elements from your life.” His gesture to Felix makes it clear which unsavory elements he means. “Sarah’s not pleased,” Felix tries, one last ditch effort. With this he’s hit the bulls-eye. Vic the Dick pauses and the door creaks as he steps back into the room. Seriously, the closed captions read [CREAK]. “Sarah’s here?” he asks. “Mmm hmm,” Alison confirms as she slowly sits on the bed while Felix nonchalantly picks at his sweater. “She’s nearby,” he says.

At the Dyad, an elegant woman saunters into Leekie’s office. “Aldous,” she drawls. Holy shit, Michelle Forbes! Holy shit, Michelle Forbes coat! At this moment, I can’t decide which one has me more excited. Leekie comes out from his desk to take her hands and greet Marian Bowles warmly. “Oh please tell me your hands haven’t been soaking in some gruesomely fecund jelly,” she teases. Snort. They fake laugh together. “What I do with my free time is my business, Marian.” Leekie quips. They sit and get down to business. “Ethan Duncan is alive,” he reveals. She wants to know how and he doesn’t know. “But Sarah Manning tracked him down.” So he knows that even though Paul told him Sarah turned up empty? Interesting. The news does not please Marian. “So this is a thing?” Leekie nods. “It’s a thing,” he confirms, a bit wary. Marian says Leekie knows Rachel the best and thus is best able to predict how she’ll react to the news. Leekie agrees that at one point he would’ve been able to count on Rachel to see the big picture but now she’s taking things personally. “If Rachel’s become too entangled, we’ll have to step in,” Marian decides. “She will fight,” Leekie warns. “And she will lose,” Marian promises with confidence. Business concluded, she rises to leave but turns back at the door. “I was just thinking, our paths rarely cross anymore, but when they do, it’s almost always because of Sarah Manning.” So, they’ve known about Sarah longer than when she discovered Clone Club? “We need to look at that, yeah?” Marian suggests. Leekie hums non-committal. I’m pretty sure she just threatened him. Marian gives him big fake smile and leaves.

Cal and Sarah are getting hot dogs from a food truck while Kira plays inside the truck. Cal is trying to convince Sarah to take Kira and run off with him to Reykjavík since he has people there. Sarah: “Who’s got people in Iceland?” Cal insists he can get the paperwork and has the money. “Just say yes.” Realizing he’s serious, Sarah soberly tells him she can’t and that it’s not that easy. “All right! Right on cue, the Vague Warnings,” he snarks lightly. She tells him there are other people involved. He brushes off that he’s tangled with corporate heavies before. “Not like these!” she exclaims. But he already knows because along the way he’s made lots of friends and sources and while some of them are the tin-foil hat wearing ilk, others are on the up and up. “The chatter about this Dyad group…” Sarah puts a hand on his arm to stop him from saying anything more. He stops her at the truck and says they’re just going to do it and say her big secret out loud. She braces herself as he says, “Sarah Manning, I know this may sound crazy, but I think you’re…a Pisces.” She laughs with relief. “You twat.” He tells her he doesn’t care whatever her big secret is. “Let’s just get outta here.”

Cal gets in the truck as Sarah’s Clone Phone rings. It’s Felix who tells her they need her help at the rehab. “What’s Alison done? She hurl herself off the wagon?” Sarah quips. Alison takes affront and snatches the phone from Fee. “I am sober as a judge, Sarah. It’s you. Your people. Your finks and rats and snitches and fuzz.” She tells Sarah that Vic the Dick is there and he’s threatening to give Alison to the police unless Sarah meets with him. “I need you to come here right now and clean up your doo doo.” She hangs up on Sarah who sighs. “Vic.”

It’s Family Day at New Path Wellness Center! “Love Is All Around” plays while Alison checks her decorated name tags again. The ones for her kids are pretty and special. Donnie’s is utilitarian. Heh. Family members arrive through the front door while, downstairs at ground floor level, Felix lets Sarah in the back. She asks where Alison is. “With her family,” Fee replies. “It’s some kind of public flagellation day.” Heh. He leads Sarah to Alison’s room where Vic the Dick waits. Vic the Dick is checking his appearance and fretting about where he’ll sit, trying for the best image for his first meeting with Sarah since the nail gun confrontation in Alison’s shed.

Sarah enters. “Hi, I’m here. What do you want?” Vic the Dick exhales hard. “Victor,” Fee prompts when nothing happens. “You have the floor.” Vic the Dick indicates for Sarah to sit across from him. She rolls her eyes but does. He slurps down his tea for courage and then tells Sarah he has to atone. Taking out a strip of paper, he reads, “Dear Sarah: you are a rock in my stream blocking the flow.” Sarah: “I’m not gettin’ it, Vic.” He says he has to apologize. Sarah is all for it. “Good! Yeah. Fine. Accepted.” Vic: “Wait, I haven’t done it yet.” Sarah: “Ah, I atone you, Vic.” She stands up and holds out her hand. “You’re atoned, okay?” Vic the Dick is a tad stunned but limply shakes her hand. Sarah and Fee think this means they’re all done, but this is not how Vic the Dick saw this scenario playing out. “Wait a minute, Sarah. You don’t have anything you want to say to me? After everything? Come on, the heartbreak? Finger loss? ” Fee snickers as Sarah realizes Vic the Dick expects her to apologize to him. “Which of the 12 steps is that?” Fee snarks. Vic the Dick wants to have a conversation with Sarah, a back and forth. Fee objects that this wasn’t the deal. “You get to say your bit to Sarah and then you stay buttoned up re: Alison’s little bout of criminal negligence.” Vic the Dick protests that wasn’t the deal. Both Sarah and Fee give him identical silent looksof are you kidding me? “New deal!” Vic the Dick corrects.

In the lobby, Alison frets as she waits for the outcome of Sarah’s visit with Vic the Dick. Her family arrives and she embraces her children. “Daddy says you’re coming home soon,” her daughter says. Alison agrees that she is, “Soon as Daddy deems me fit.” She glares at Donnie who tries to shrug it all off for the kids as nothing to worry about. Alison leads them to the table and has the kids search for their name tags, ignoring Donnie as he repeatedly asks her to pass his over.

“Enough!” Sarah shouts, but it’s unclear whether she’s yelling at Vic the Dick or Felix. Feels like old times. She and Vic the Dick squared off across the room. Vic the Dick complains that Sarah always keeps herself at a distance and never lets him in. “No wonder with those giant banana hands of yours,” Felix inserts. Sarah chides him as Vic the Dick yells, “For the love of Buddha, would you please stay out of this?!” Sarah steps between them and grabs Vic the Dick’s shoulders. “Listen! I apologize. Really, truly. We were two colliding train wrecks.” He agrees and tells her he’s been doing a lot of the work and reading and getting a lot better. She tells him that’s all good and wishes him good luck. Vic the Dick: “I want you back.” Fee: “Oh dear God!” Sarah: “Piss off, Vic!” Vic the Dick insists he’s changed and wants to have the chance to prove it to Sarah but she swears that’s not going to happen. He wants to know why. “Don’t tell me Nail Gun Ken is still in the picture.” Mmm. Good times. “No but you should see the new one,” Felix gushes. “There’s a new one?” Vic the Dick repeats. Sarah snaps at Felix who twitches in place and whines, “What?” Vic the Dick tells Sarah those guys are not her. “I’m you. I stand…” Except he doesn’t and instead sways on his feet. Sarah gives him a wary look as Fee checks Vic the Dick and the cup of tea he drank that still sits on the table. Vic the Dick chuckles. “Look,” he begins. “What I’m trying to say is this.” He blinks several times at Sarah as though trying to focus. “Do you smell salt?” he asks and then passes out completely, falling forward to crash face first into the table with all its glitter and ribbon placeholder materials. “What the hell just happened?” Sarah asks. “I may have spiked his tea,” Fee allows.

Back at the Dyad, Siobhan herself wanders into Leekie’s office. “If you’ve done your homework, I shouldn’t have to introduce myself.” Leekie knows who she is and is very surprised to see her there. “I’m impressed you’d come here.” Siobhan claims to have something he wants. “My favorite kind of visitor,” he smarms. Dude, she’ll eat you for breakfast and you’ll thank her for the meal. So out of your league. Without preamble, she reveals she has the records of the Duncan’s early research. “Key formulas, methodology, sequences. A summary on disk.” She laughs when he asks where she got it. She wonders what his missing science is worth to him. He prevaricates that he’d need to authenticate it first with Duncan himself. Siobhan offers that if she gives him Duncan, then Leekie gives up on Kira. “We disappear once and for all and you call off your hunt.” He asks about Sarah. “Sarah, sadly, insists on fending for herself, but the child deserves better.” Siobhan says.

At New Path, Sarah and Felix struggle with the unconscious Vic the Dick. “Oh Christ, it looks like he was molested by elves.” No, that’s next week. Also, ha! Sarah asks what Fee gave him. “Benzodiazepine.” Sarah scoffs. “In small doses it’s perfectly recreational!” Fee protests. They struggle to get Vic the Dick over to the bed and Fee winds up falling down on it with Vic the Dick on top of him. “God, he weighs a ton.” Sarah’s phone rings as Fee struggles out from under Vic the Dick. “I hate him,” he mutters. “S, what’s wrong?” Sarah says into the phone. “Nothing for once,” Siobhan replies. “I was fact checking.” She’s confident Rachel doesn’t know that Leekie killed her mother. Sarah wants to know how Siobhan knows that. “He told me in so many words. He does want Duncan silent and all the science to himself,” she chortles. Sarah realizes Siobhan talked to Leekie. “Divide and conquer, Sarah,” Siobhan reminds her. She admits that if they drop the parental bomb on Rachel, there’s no telling whether she or Leekie will fall in the end. “I’m good with either one,” Sarah says fiercely. “Let’s blow up their shit.” Siobhan agrees to set it up.

No sooner has Sarah hung up with Siobhan but Yvonne is knocking on Alison’s door. Knock, knock, knocking on Alison’s door. Sarah and Felix freak. Sarah opens the door just enough to see Yvonne with her hand across her forehead to block the fact that she doesn’t have bangs, I guess. Yvonne wants to know what Alison is doing ducking out given that she volunteer. I don’t know why Yvonne thinks she ducked out since Alison was just out in the lobby with her family, but maybe she was walking by and heard Sarah and Felix’s voices and just assumed. Sarah makes agreeing noises in Alison’s voice and demeanor. “Come on,” Yvonne orders. Sarah grabs the headband hanging from the coat peg next to the door (naturally), puts it on, and follows Yvonne out. Once the door closes behind her, Fee rises up from where he was hiding with the unconscious Vic the Dick on the floor behind the bed. “Bollocks.”

Yvonne and Sarah/Alison walk down the hall. “Have you seen Victor?” Yvonne asks. Sarah/Alison shakes her head. Alison herself comes out of another hallway and, not noticing Sarah/Alison, stalks down to her room where she finds Felix dragging Vic the Dick by the feet. “You’re welcome,” he snarks when she squeals. “Thanks to me, he’s going to miss his meeting with DeAngelis.” Alison violently protests. “He can’t be here! There are family tours after the assembly. They are coming to this room!” Fee drops Vic the Dick’s feet. “Oh bollocks.” To make things worse, DeAngelis arrives at New Path and when Vic the Dick isn’t there ready and waiting, she goes inside.

At the assembly, Donnie is coaching the kids to be on their best behavior and be nice to Mommy. Yvonne brings Sarah/Alison in and greets everyone. Sarah grabs a cardigan from a nearby chair and tries to stay unnoticed in the back of the room. Donnie spies her and whisper shouts that they saved her a seat. Giving him a patented Alison smile, Sarah ignores him and sits. Sarah Stubbs turns in her seat and maniacally greets “Allie”. Heh. Yvonne prattles on about how the group has chosen a resident to make some opening remarks and introduces that person. “Ladies and gentleman? Alison Hendricks!” Shocked, Sarah slowly rises from her seat as the crowd applauds. “Oh shit.”

Sarah/Alison makes her way up front and thanks everyone for coming, “not that any of us really had a choice, I guess.” A smatter of laughter goes through the crowd. Sarah/Alison keeps going. “We stand among you today, pill poppers, boozehounds, hopheads, tweakers, rummies…” Actually, that’s probably exactly what Alison would say. Yvonne calls Alison’s name to cut her off. “Right,” Sarah/Alison says.

DeAngelis enters the center and snatches an unclaimed name tag from the table. Meanwhile, Felix crates Vic the Dick over his shoulders in a fireman’s carry as Alison leads him downstairs. “Trust me, I have a plan.” Oh, now I feel comforted. “Christ on a log,” Felix whinges. “The man’s made of cement.” He accidently knocks Vic the Dick’s head into an open doorway. Thunk. Heh. Alison snaps at him to hurry. “I need to the assembly for the role-playing demonstration.” Fee: “The what?!”

“Role-playing!” Yvonne announces. She tells Donnie and Sarah/Alison to begin. Donnie puts a hand to his chest and one on his hip as he arches his back. Sarah/Alison smiles. “Hello Donnie,” he snits. Donnie actually does a more than creditable Alison impersonation. It takes Sarah/Alison a moment. “Oh, he’s being Alison,” she realizes. “Am I being Alison being Donnie?” she asks with a hint of her own accent. Puzzled, Yvonne tries to save face by explaining to the crowd that this teaches them to see things from their partner’s point of view. Donnie frowns at Sarah/Alison as Yvonne speaks. “What?” he mouths. “So, Donnie, what’s on your mind?” Yvonne prompts. Sarah/Alison realizes Yvonne means her but stumbles to come up with something to say when she notices Felix and Alison making their way down the stairs in the back with the unconscious Vic the Dick. “Ahhhh,” Sarah/Alison moans as she watches them. “Don’t stammer, Donnie!” Donnie orders her. “And stand up straight! Or I’ll withhold affection.” Snort. The crowd laughs. Alison tiptoes across the lobby as Felix carries Vic the Dick. Sarah watches them while Yvonne encourages her to engage Donnie. “Donnie, look at me,” Donnie snaps in his Alison guise. “Alison, I think you should come home to your family,” Sarah/Alison drones. Donnie disagrees. “No, Donnie, because I, Alison, need supervision.” The camera shoots them at a distance as first Alison and then a huffing and puffing and Vic-the-Dick laden Felix creep along behind everyone unnoticed. “Yeah, that sounds about right,” Sarah mutters.

She gets into the role-play. “Hey, I’m Donnie and I like to spy on my wife and monitor her every move.” Donnie objects that she’s just using his voice with her words. “Well maybe you should listen to Alison’s words a little more often!” Sarah/Alison snaps back. Donnie asks Yvonne if “she’s” doing this right. “You do seem to blocking him, Alison.” Sarah/Alison objects. “No, he’s the one blocking her,” she says, slipping for a second into her English accent. “Her,” she corrects immediately in Alison’s voice. “It’s what you do,” she tells Donnie and I swear she’s channeling Cosima now. “Now who are you being?” he asks, a little hurt and afraid. Sarah realizes she’s mucked it up good. “I really have to tinkle,” she announces.

Felix now has Vic the Dick piggy back as they finally reach the reception area, which is when Alison notices DeAngelis striding down the hall. She pushes Felix back the way they came just as DeAngelis dials Vic the Dick. Vic the Dick’s phone rings. Alison scrambles to get it out of his trousers, but DeAngelis hears the ringing and follows it down the hall just as Felix and Alison duck inside a room. She pauses in front of a door and through the window at its foot we can see Felix drag Vic the Dick out of sight. HA! DeAngelis’ phone pings with a text from Vic the Dick’s phone that Alison has sent making it sound like he’s outside looking for DeAngelis. “Quit screwing around, Vic,” she snarls and then stalks back the way she came and out of the center.

Sarah and Alison in Orphan Black 2.07Back in Alison’s room, Sarah strips off the cardigan as Alison and Fee finally return. Alison immediately attacks Sarah for going to the assembly. “Jesus, I’m done with glitter,” Fee groans. HA! He takes a tissue to try and get some of it off his sweater as Sarah snaps back to Alison that she didn’t really have a choice. “Where’s Vic?” she demands. “Sorted,” Felix replies. “For now.” Alison thinks it’s all a disaster. “Give me that,” she snaps, grabbing at the headband in Sarah’s hair. “Hey, piss off,” Sarah mutters, not without affection, as she removes the headband. Aw, they’re sisters!

Donnie enters unannounced and, for the first time, sees Alison and Sarah together. To say he’s shocked would be an understatement. “Wha—” Alison pulls him inside. “Yes, Donnie, it’s Sarah Manning. The Runaway Clone. I guess you’ll be running off to call Doctor Leekie,” she accuses, returning to stand side by side with her sister. Donnie is still trying to get past the whole “clone” thing. “I don’t think he knows, Alison,” Sarah says. “Of course he knows; he’s a monitor,” Alison counters. “No, darling, I think she’s right,” Felix interjects. “This kind of cluelessness can’t be faked.” Both women gape at Alison’s husband.

DeAngelis stalks back inside as she leaves a terse message for Vic the Dick to stop screwing around and call her. An announcement calls for a nurse to go to the front desk. DeAngelis heads there to find a slowly rousing, glitter strew Vic the Dick behind the desk and with a crowd of onlookers. “Must have been the pressure of Family Day,” one onlooker surmises as DeAngelis rubs her eyes.

Siobhan, Rachel, and Paul in Orphan Black Season 2 episode 7Siobhan opens her front door and greets Paul who enters without a word but sporting a knowing and blackly amused expression. He moves right into the living room and looks around. I half think he’s looking for Sarah. Duncan sits at the kitchen table. “Do come in,” Siobhan offers in deadly voice. Rachel enters the house and Siobhan lays out the terms. “You have 15 minutes. Once you’ve gone your father will remain here. If anybody moves against this house, I will put a bullet in his head. Are we clear?” Rachel nods. The three enter the living room and Rachel slips between Siobhan and Paul so that they flank her at her back. Duncan turns around and gets to his feet when he sees her. “Rachel. My dear, dear Rachel.” Rachel is barely holding it together. Or at least, for her that is. “Hello Father,” she says voice thick with tears. Slowly, she steps toward him. Paul eyes her as he joins Siobhan and they both step back. Duncan remarks that he can hardly believe it after 20 years. In the back of the room, Paul takes off his gloves as he and Siobhan observe the reunion. “So how is Doctor Leekie?” Siobhan asks pointedly. “Making his own moves, I’m sure,” Paul replies. Siobhan tells him that what Rachel’s going to learn from her father will force both hers and Leekie’s hands. “I can see where Sarah gets it,” Paul says. Siobhan silently asks what he means. “Her knack for burning things down.” It appears to work for him too. Over at the kitchen table, Rachel clasps her father’s hands and breaks down crying. “Please forgive me,” Duncan whispers.

“You have to believe me,” Donnie pleads. “I had no idea.” He’s seated on a chair and being interrogated by Alison while Sarah and Felix hang back, much like Siobhan and Paul. Alison wonders what Donnie thought he was doing. “Do you remember Sociology 201?” he asks. “With that prof, what’s his name, with the cleft palate?! He recruited me into a study.” Alison flinches. “A study?” she whispers. Behind her, Sarah quietly eases over to Fee. Touching his arm, she silently indicates for them to leave husband and wife alone for this Come to Jesus moment. Fee absently brushes her off. Wait, I want to see this. Sarah puts her jacket on, pulls up the hood, and then she and Fee quietly ease out of the room as Donnie continues. “Long-term social metrics. Subjects have to remain completely unaware.” Alison is aghast. “So when men came in van loads at night with their probes was that benign?” Donnie doesn’t know what she means, but Alison is on a tear. “You have destroyed us, Donnie, with the spying and the lies. I love you so much. And you ruined our family! You’re so stupid, you don’t even know why!” Alison stalks out. Donnie hyperventilates as he tries to process everything. Slowly, his face settles into furious lines that would give Paul’s hate stare a run for its money. Or maybe, just for the coins in its pocket, but still, they’d go a jing a ling a ling.

It’s night at the Dyad. Rachel waits for Leekie in his office. He chuckles and spreads his arms, silently asking what she’s doing there. “My father sends his regards,” she says in a flat voice. Not for nothing, but Rachel is completely falling apart in these scenes, it’s just very, very compartmentalized and subtle because she is so very, very tightly wrapped. Leekie drops the smile and advises that it’s very important for Rachel to think carefully about what she does next. “Or what?” she asks quietly. “I’ll die in a fire?” He explains that Ethan and Susan Duncan left them no choice. “Oh please,” Rachel scoffs. “By salting your Petri dishes?” But that’s exactly what Leekie means. “Yes,” he growls. “They set us back decades. When they tried to run away with you, I…I intervened.” He tells her that her task now is to put it behind her. “And do not fight,” he adds with emphasis. “It will not end well for you.”

“It’s already over, Aldous,” she says. Reaching over, Rachel presses a button on her phone that connects her to Marian Bowles in her town car. “Rachel, is it done?” Rachel assures her “it’s” in motion. “Not a happy task,” Marian commiserates. “He was your mentor.” Leekie finally gets that he’s not the shark; he’s the chum in the water. He looks crushed to hear Marian speak about him as something less. “But he lost his way with Sarah Manning. Serves us right, really. Putting a lab coat in the big chair.” She tells Rachel to let her know when it’s done and disconnects. “Rachel,” Leekie pleads, crying. She tells him to go. “Don’t get in your car. Don’t go home. You might survive.” Sniffling, he thanks her. She tells him she knows sparing him is foolish. “But you raised me. Nurture prevails.” He takes a few halting steps toward her and then awkwardly takes her shoulders and kisses her forehead. Quite possibly the first show of physical affection he’s ever showed her. Leekie flees the office and the Dyad, running for his life. But as he crosses the street, a car turns over as someone follows.

Sarah arrives back at the marina. Her phone rings as soon as she gets out of the truck. It’s Cosima and Sarah can tell by the way her sister says her name that there’s trouble. “Hey Cos, what’s going on?” Cal comes out of the trailer, but Sarah holds him off to listen to Cosima. “I really hate to make this call, but it’s about all of us,” Cosima says. “And it’s about Kira.”

Cal and Sarah argue outside, while inside Kira listens in and makes her own plans.“Why does she need Kira’s tooth?!” Cal demands. Torn between her sister and her child, Sarah excuses that Cosima is sick. “Is this one of the aunts you won’t tell me about?” Sarah admits that she is. “So we’ve been running away from Dyad and now you want to take her in and what, harvest her?” Sarah finally breaks. “I don’t know, Cal! She’s sick. Kira might be her only chance!” Inside, Kira wraps a piece of string around the doorknob. “Don’t do this to our kid,” Cal demands in a death voice. Sarah’s a bit taken aback, not only by the tone of his voice, but also by the fact that he just called Kira “our kid” followed by the realization that he’s Kira’s father and as such may have as much say in the matter as she does.

There’s a thump and a shriek from Kira from inside the camper. Cal and Sarah go inside. “Will this help? Kira asks, holding up the string on which one of her teeth now dangles. “Oh God, Monkey,” Sarah says and hugs her daughter while Cal swears. “It was already loose,” Kira assures them. “Whatever this is, it’s gonna swallow you both,” Cal warns. Kira closes her eyes and nuzzles her mother’s shoulder. You don’t understand, Daddy. She shows off her bleeding mouth to Sarah.

“You don’t get a say in this,” Sarah says. “We have to go back.” Outside, Cal bundles Kira into the truck’s passenger seat. She’s wearing the leopard hat and looks totally adorable. He reminds her of the number they practiced. “You call it any time, okay? You need me I’ll be there. No matter what.” They kiss and hug goodbye while Sarah stares out the windshield. He and Sarah stare at one another a moment and then she turns the truck over. “I’m sorry. Don’t worry,” she tells him. Cal backs away and they leave.

Leekie runs down the street. He tries to flag down a cab, but the cab ignores him. The car that followed hi m from the Dyad pulls up to the curb. Leekie leans down to peer inside. “Doctor Leekie, I need a word,” Donnie says voice hard and tight. Leekie laughs. “Another time, Donnie.” He walks away, but Donnie beeps the horn and when Leekie turns back, it’s to see Donnie has a gun aimed at him. “Get in,” Donnie orders. Leekie can’t believe this is happening, but he complies. Donnie accuses Leekie of lying to him. “No, I offered you a chance to be part of something special,” Leekie corrects. Donnie protests that it’s not right. “You came into my house and…probed my wife,” he says, crying opening. Leekie’s patronizing façade cracks for a moment. “Listen to me, you little turnip. In a hundred years time no one will care in any way about Donnie Hendrix except as a footnote in this experiment.” Donnie accuses Leekie of ruining his marriage. “My wife hates me!” Leekie’s façade cracks again. “I gave you your wife,” he grits out.  He gets control again and gently tells Donnie to put the gun away and go home to bed. “I won’t participate anymore,” Donnie decides lowering the gun. Leekie thanks him. “I quit!” Donnie shouts and slams the gun on the steering wheel for emphasis. It fires and explodes Leekie’s head all over the passenger window. There’s this darkly hilarious squeaking sound as Leekie’s head slides down the window. “Love Is All Around” plays. I feel it in my fingers. I feel it in my toes. Donnie is covered in blood. “Oh. Oh God,” he moans as he realizes what’s happened.

End Credits.

Next week: “Variable and Full of Perturbation”


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1. CindyS
I have to say I love every scene Fee is in - done with glitter - too funny. Also, I rewound the DVR a few times because I couldn't tell what Rachel was saying to Leekie - her parents SALTED - I kept hearing 'sorted' and I wasn't sure how that would be bad but I get it now. And I'm with you Michelle freaking Forbes - I was pleased and lost all at the same time.

Thanks for doing the recaps!
Kiersten Hallie Krum
2. Kiersten
The episode post mortem with Orphan Black co-creator/co-showrunner John Fawcett is over on Entertainment Weekly.
3. stacymd2
Great recap Kiersten! @CindyS: I love Felix's scenes as well. He would be funny reading the phonebook. The production on this show is amazing.

I felt a little bad for Vic the Dick--just a little. When he said, "the heartbreak. The finger loss," I busted out laughing, The Fee/Sarah/Vic scenes were the best this episode. Felix is much stronger than he looks.

I squeed when Michelle Forbes walked in. (Maryann!!) I hope we see more of her and Rachel in action.

Marian/Rachel vs. Mrs. S/Sarah, bring it on!

Donnie, Donnie, Donnie. I knew he would kill Leekie when we saw his hulk smash face, but I so didn't want him to do it. Donnie and Allison are cute together. I kept hoping it was Paul in the car.

I'm still confused by Cal. What is his angle? Could he just be a kind, nature loving hunk? I agree with him about Kira. Sarah should not have taken her to Dyad. She is walking Kira into a lion's den without an exit plan. Cosmia is great. She will try not to exploit Kira, but Cosmia is not the one in control. Del has proven that she is shady and puts research above ethics.
Cheryl Ellington
4. Spikesgurl
Great recap as usual. Loved Fee, Sarah and Vic as well. Fee watching Alison and Donnie argue, the smirk on his face, lol. The only time I've liked Donnie, is his scene's with Leekie. That last scene, poetic. I was gleeful. I was happy to see Michelle Forbe as well. I like Ms. S, and Paul short scene, too. This show makes me very happy. :)
5. lonewolf
Another excellent recap @Kiersten, but when are they not?

I called it about Leekie being involved in the lab fire that killed Rachel's mother. I thought he would have retrieved the research and genome before the fire, tho. Once it came out that Rachel's father was alive then I had hope that he retrieved all of it. Now that we know Ethan Duncan aka Andrew Peckam is alive and has the research on floppy disk, what will he do with it. Did he tell Rachel about that when he met her at Mrs. S's place I wonder. It seemed like Paul stepped out of his usual self when he remarked about where Sarah got her knack for burning things down. There looked to be a genuine smile of humor there.

Now that Rachel knows that her father is alive, and it was Sarah that found him, will that change her attitude towards Sarah at all. What is there to say about Michelle Forbes, I didn't recognize her at first, the woman is as beautiful as ever. I'm sure we'll see more of her, two very fashionably dressed beautiful women, instead of one and a guy with a funny gait in a lab coat, I'll take the former anyday.

Fee and Alison are always so good to see together. Throwing Sarah and Vic the Dick in the mix makes it even better. This mix was even better than the one where Alison clubbed (pun intended) Donnie and taped him to the chair. But for the glue gun torture, which was funny in itself. And we now have a killer couple in Alison and Donnie, whether by accident or accidently on purpose.

@stacymd2, Cal, I believe is just how you described him. But he is or was hiding from someone for something he may have done. Now that Sarah has pretty much dumped him, where is he going to go. He can't go back to the cabin, that's for sure. I'm pretty sure he'll be back.

Sarah's going to Dyad with Kira doesn't really scare me, Sarah's resourceful and Kira....that little girl is a very special one who has not only a fantastic sense of intuition, but she also affects people in that she brings out what I would call a caring emotion. I want to see how Rachel will react when she meets up with her. As for Delphine, I didn't trust her from the very start. She has done nothing but betray Cosima, that woman never had any ethics of any kind. I don't think she loves Cosima as an equal, more like a little sister who she'll do what she thinks is best for her whether she likes it or not. I imagine Delphine will be answering to Rachel now that leekie is gone. Let's see how that works out.

And Paul, he will most likely have to remain Rachel's body guard, but will we see a triangle of sorts between Sarah, Paul and Rachel.

When Helena was at the station (don't make her mad) Gracie mentioned her coming back for her children, plural, but when Henrick cut the stitches so she could speak, his wife told Gracie she would carry the child, singular. So did something develop that we have yet to find out about. I'm wondering, also, do the proletheans practice polygamy. The reason I ask this is because Henrick was married already when he married Helena.

Whatever happens from here to 2x10 should be really exciting.
6. stacymd2
I can't believe we are already on episode seven. There are only 6 episodes left in the season. It feels like Season two just begun. Orphan Black needs at least 16 to 18 episodes per season. Game of Thrones also needs to have more episodes per season.

@Spikesgurl: OB makes me happy too! I wish OB, Sleepy Hollow, Supernatural, Bitten and GoT aired the same night so I could watch them back to back to back.

@lonewolf: My speculation is that either Rachel or Mrs. S will manipulate Duncan into handing over the original research in order to cure Cosmia.

Rachel feels deeply threatened by Sarah for some reason. Sarah likely feels angry that Rachel rode Paul like a mechanical bull. The Rachel vs. Sarah Cold War will not disarm any time soon.

I think Rachel wants to be top clone with dominance over them and Dyad. Sarah running wild, living how ever she wants, flies in the face of how Rachel was raised to be the good, smart, corporate clone.

What is Dyad's real mission? I don't think we know yet.

Cal is emotionally invested in Kira now. I too see him coming back soon. My wild speculation is that he might kidnapp Kira to "protect" her after learning about Clone Club, Clone Cult and Dyad's human experiments.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
7. Kiersten
@stacymd2 - Orphan Black only does 10 episodes in a season and this was ep 7, so we only have 3 episodes left in season 2. I KNOW
8. stacymd2
Say it ain't so. Only 10 episodes per season...You have ruined my day. Thanks.
9. katotela
hi kiersten,great recap.i have just started watching season 2.the season is getting better and better.back here everyone is just so thrilled with the technology.i mean,how do they do it?like in ep 4,the bathroom is so well acted i sometimes forget if it is the same actress playing all the clones characters.i love all the clones except Rachel. y ou are recap is realy helping.i just wish you were also doing sleepy hollow.
11. lonewolf
@Kiersten, I just read the TVGuide article about Orphan Black being looked at as a way to discuss what women face in the real world. It is a very well written article.
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