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No Boys Allowed: Girls’ Nights Out from Banks, Ashley, and More!

Seduction and Snacks by Tara SivecGirls' nights out (GNOs) are usually a night of unrestrained fun, the nights you and your girlfriends get together and just unleash. It usually has three things: good people, good food, and good booze. With the help of some of my favorite heroines, here are some of guidelines for a great GNO:

1. Friends don’t let friends text on girls' night

The Chocolate Lovers series by Tara Sivec has plenty of funny, jaw dropping moments. I love the camaraderie between the woman of the series and their ability to not take themselves too seriously. In Seduction and Snacks, Claire, Liz, and Jen have a night out, while the guys stay at home with Gavin. Adding mystery to the moment, the guys receive some crazy text messages from the girls.

“Hey, Carter,” Jim said as he walked back in from the kitchen. Why is Claire sending me a picture of her tits with the words, “Me fish Lou,” in it?”

The fun ensues with various text messages sent to the incorrect recipient. The night ends with a trip to the hospital and a massive hangover.

Law Man by Kristen Ashley2. Eye candy is always a must

In Law Man by Kristen Ashley, Mara finally has a night out. Typically a loner, through Mitch she’s met Elvira, Gwen, and LaTanya. The ladies' GNOs nclude little black dresses (or just little), cosmos and a rip roarin’ good time. Ashley writes amazing friendships and nights out, and every outing requires a little eye candy at the end of the night. Gwen arranges pick up and her man, Hawk, arrives:

He then asked the table at large, “Can any of you walk or do I have to carry you?”

I loved Mitch. I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Mitch. I wanted to make babies with Mitch. I wanted to grow old with Mitch. But I also wanted this man called Hawk to carry me. I didn’t even care where he carried me. I just wanted him to do it.

And I was drunk enough to share this.

“I vote for being carried,” I announced and Gwen, Elvira and LaTanya burst into more gales of laugher.

3. Get everything off your chest

When things are looking down and you need to vent it all out, GNOs are a MUST! In This Man Confessed by Jodi Ann Malpas, Kat forces Ava to go out after she’s moped around for a week while on a break from Jesse. It’s also a form of intervention, since Ava was becoming too sad to function.

“She’s in love again.” Tom nudges Victoria in the side, spiking a heavy scowl form the pretty blonde.

“I’m not, and that’s rich, coming from the man-whore here!”

Tom looks genuinely shocked, and for the first time in days, I laugh. It feels good. Kate joins us, and with a lack of free tables, we just stand near the bar, chatting. He’s still floating around in my mind, of course, but my cunning best friend is doing a great job of distracting me for a while.

Burn by Maya Banks4. Sometimes you just have to be that “woo” girl

In How I Met Your Mother, Barney explains there’s that groups of girls that sometimes have to yell “woo” in excitement. This has evolved to include any group of girls yelling. A perfect example of that “woo” moment would be in Maya Banks's Burn. Josie has just made friends with Mia and Bethany. Their GNOs involve private rooms and unlimited alcohol.

“How about some music,” Mia blurted. “Are we finished talking for a bit? Who wants to dance with me?”

Josie raised her hand. “I do! But someone has to help me up.”

Josie was hoisted upward by no less than three sets of hands. Mia punched the button to allow the music through the sound system. The girls shrieked and then everyone was up, bumping and grinding in time to the beat.

“This is fun!” Josie yelled out.

“Bet your ass it is,” Mia yelled back.

5. Go with the flow

Girlfriends always have your best interests at heart. They know what’s best for you and you just have to go with their ideas sometimes. In Devil’s Game by Joanna Wylde, Em has her first weekend in Portland and her sister takes her out. After a drunken confession, she gets a bright idea.

“We need to get the hell out of here,” I muttered. “Go dancing or something.” This shit was out of control. Typical night out with my sister. Two hours later I found myself in a cab headed toward Hunter’s house.

Using these guidelines makes for a pretty remarkable night! What are some of your favorite rules or scenes you’ve read that make a perfect GNO?

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Monica M Martinez
1. Monica M Martinez
Love law man and seduction and snacks! Wish my girls night were like this.
2. Kareni
Does book group count as girls' night out? The one I attend generally includes beer and wine as well as the chocolate brownies I contribute.
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