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Larger-than-Life Humor and More in Rebekah Weatherspoon’s Fit

Rebekah Weatherspoon's Fit, the first book in the Fit series, follows the story of fiery Violet, who is not your typical romance novel heroine. She’s plus sized, Asian and hilarious. Fit is a short story with an introduction to some light bondage and makes for a quick, fun read.

What stands out most in this book is Violet’s snarky, humorous responses. She is funny and quick-witted, which keeps the story light even while dealing with a heavy topic like self-image. She works in Hollywood, which is not pleasant for someone plus-sized.

Violet has always been heavy; yes, that has affected her confidence but it hasn’t held her back from dating. She is open to trying new things and letting her freak flag fly. Violet quickly learns her quest for weight loss comes with a lifestyle change and not only with her eating habits.

“Tell me more about your techniques,” she said. “Margaret made it sound like you were the Fatty Whisperer.”

It’s refreshing to have a different type of heroine who isn’t cookie cutter and perfect. Violet is a realistic depiction of the struggle that many women go through. She approaches her weight gain and loss with sarcastic defense.

“You don’t have to eat all the yogurt. Just get a little.”

“Clearly we’ve just met.” Violet patted her stomach “ I am all yogurt.”

Grant and Violet’s romance is a whirlwind. He wants Violet as his new submissive at first Facebook picture glance. When he first puts the suggestion on the table, Violet’s is hilarious and my favorite part of the book.

“Are you a chubby chaser? Like do you just screw fat women as some sort of fetish? Does banging big girls stroke your ego?

“No.” Grand laughed. “It’s nothing like that.”

“Do you have yellow fever? Do you only date Asian women? Should I tell you now that I’m Chinese, not Korean or Japanese, lest it fuck up some weird nationalist streak you have going?

After she accepts he wants her, she quickly embraces the idea. Their romance grows hot and heavy, quickly leading to the doubts. Just as fast as they developed the relationship, Violet decides to end it when she lets her friend’s doubts get in her way. This was uncharacteristic of her, but while Violet portrays herself as strong and witty, she has some weak spots when it comes to her image. But Violet  realizes quickly she's made a mistake, and what’s also great about Violet is that she owns up to it. She decides to go for what she wants, others be damned.

This isn’t an erotica that is heavy into BDSM. This is a light introduction. Violet is too independent to fully embrace the submissive lifestyle, but they develop a compromise. This is a fairy tale of a story where Violet finds love in the most unlikely of places.

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