Jun 2 2014 6:26am

June is Audiobook Month!

June is Audiobook Month, when the Audio Publishers Association encourages people to give listening to books a try.

We've written posts on the best audiobooks and why audiobooks aren't cheating.

Have you tried an audiobook? Which are your favorites? When do you listen to them?

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1. Scarlettleigh
Yes, I have a membership with and have about a 100 books in my library.

I never wanted to be one of those people who only listen to an oldies station - I know it is crazy, but it just seemed like living in the past so since I am not into most of the music today, I listen to a book on my way to work and back. Then I must have a book to make house chores easier.

The only problem is I am more picky with my audio books than a regular book and sometimes spend hours looking for something to listen to.
2. Kahintenn
I only use audiobooks while cross-country driving. I don't care for them as a regular way to consume a book. Last time I drove to Colorado I listened to Stephen King's Doctor Sleep, read by actor Will Patton. It was excellent. I got it for free from my local library.
3. Scarletttleigh
I didn't read all the questions --

Right now I am listening to -well re-listening to Simply Irresistible by Rachel Gibson. The narrator is Kathleen Early and I love the way she does Georgie's Texan accent. So many people try to over-due accents especially Southern.

I want books that make me laugh for the most part -- housework is depressing enough without listening to a depressing book. I love listening to audio Chick Lit - maybe one reason is the British accents.

I have all of Sophie Kinsella's books, except the Shop-oholic ones. The Birds and Bees by Milly Johnson narrated by Becky Hindley was great fun because the hero has a Scottish accent. I have all of the available audio books by Jill Mansell.

I loved listening to the Rosie Project because of the Australian accent

Eloisa James books have an excellent narrator -Susan Duerden

If I want to be pulled into a story, I start listening to Sharon Shinn's Twelve House series.

Outlander was on sale about two weeks ago, and I bought it. But I haven't started it. I am afraid it will pull me back into the whole series.
Myretta Robens
4. Myretta
I listen to audiobooks in my car and in my kitchen. I tend to use audiobooks for books that are not something I regularly read. I am currently listening to the Dresden Files books while I cook. James Marsters reads the Dresden books and he's teriffic. I have have Harry Potter on a continual loop in my car. I know these books so well that it's easy to listen to short snippets while I'm running errands and Jim Dale's narration is extraordinary. Apparently this is the season of the wizard.

I do have an Audible membership, but most of my books come from the library. I borrow the CDs and rip them to my iTunes.
5. JacquiC
I absolutely love audiobooks. It is my way of "reading" while I'm doing other things, since I have limited time to sit down and just read an ordinary print or e-book these days. The narrator makes a big difference. Also, I am pretty picky about romance audiobooks. I find that it is easier to ignore writing that isn't totally perfect when I'm reading it in print. But when I hear it read to me, I will wince. Nalini Singh's books don't work for me in audio form at all, because her language is kind of overblown.

Narrators/books I love include: Anything by Laura Kinsale (read by Nicholas Boulton -- truly sighworthy and of a quality that is difficult to achieve by anyone else).

@scarlettleigh -- Outlander is very good. Davina Porter is quite talented. I've heard her read a couple of Elizabeth George mysteries, which are really well done.

Bill Bryson's books (non-fiction) are excellent, especially when he reads them himself.

As for other romances, I have liked a number of Nora Roberts titles. My favourite is Northern Lights, I think, although I also liked Witness. The Mercy Thompson series is also good.

I recently listened to a Jill Mansell, which I also enjoyed a lot.

I'm sure there are others, but that's what comes to mind for now!
6. Scarlettleigh
@JacquiC I have the same issues with audio romance books too! You really have to like the book because in reading you can skim over parts, but in audio it is more difficult to judge what you are skipping over since you don't have the visual.

I tend to get books that have low to moderate romance, because there is nothing worse than listening to a overblown love scene.

I always get David Rosenfelt's books in audio even though I don't particularly like the narrator. He fits the profile because the character is from New Jersey, but that regional accent is not my favorite.

If you liked the Jill Mansell book, then try Birds and the Bees by Milly Johnson -- It is one of my favorite.

Where you have Nora Roberts -- I tend to collect Susan Elizabeth Phillips.. .
7. Laurie A
I listen to audiobooks when I sew as I get tired of hearing the same song repeated. Also, for long distance trips
Michelle Guthrie
8. Michelle99
I have recently discovered that I love audiobooks which surprised me as I hated being read to as a child! As a multitasking mom, though, audiobooks are perfect for chores, driving and knitting. I've just listened to several of Pamela Clare's books and the narrator (Kaleo Griffith) is excellent. I'll have to try some of the others listed here. I love getting other suggestions.
Barbara Wilmot
9. miadevlin
I'm not a huge fan of audiobooks but I bought a couple of Georgette Heyer titles that I listen to if I'm driving long distances. The narrator is Richard Armitage who has such a marvellous voice plus he creates the different characters so well.
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