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June 2014 New Adult Round Up: One-Night Stands and Hate Sex with Bad Boys (and Girls)

The Wedding Contract by H.M. WardChemistry is a beautiful thing. Sometimes it just makes for a great connection between friends, sometimes you fight it so hard that it makes you think you hate the person, and sometimes, when you let it run its course, sparks fly.

In H.M. Ward's The Wedding Contract, the sparks flying between Nick Ferro and Skylar aren’t only because these two are attracted to one another, but also because they hate each other. Sky is 22 and never went to college, but has become a successful wedding photographer despite her lack of a college education. Nick has gone to college and that alone sets up some tension between these two as Sky thinks Nick hasn’t earned his business but only gotten it because of his family name and his degree (a bone of contention between Sky and her mother as well). It doesn’t help that Sky also thinks Nick is poaching her clients. The tension hits an all-time high when Nick and Sky are hired to cover the same wedding. Several bets ensue during the wedding weekend, including one where the curvy-Sky agrees to pose naked for Nick if she loses.

H.M. Ward has several serials and standalones out in June, so is a must-add to any of your New Adult TBR piles, including the second book (this one a serial) in the Ferro series. In Ward’s Secrets and Lies, Vol. 1, Kerry is just looking to get over her ex-boyfriend with a simple one-night stand—is that too much to ask? Apparently it is, after her intended hookup bolts right before things get interesting.

In Deborah Bladon’s Pulse serial, our couple is also looking to soothe some feelings with a hookup too—only this one doesn’t stop after its intended one-night! We meet Jessica and Nathan as they’re about to embark on their affair (literally within the first few pages), and the heat turns up several notches from there. But Jessica and Nathan take it beyond their one-night stand when the past Jessica is running away from finds her in New York—and Nathan might just be the person to help her. 

Anna in Fake It by Jennifer Chance is another heroine in need of some help. Anna agrees to go to her friend’s wedding, despite the presence of her ex and a meddling friend who just wants to set her up. She needed a fake boyfriend and quick—but now she needs to materialize him for real. Enter Jake, her sexy, biker neighbor. She tells him about her problem expecting him to help her, not volunteer. The chemistry is palatable between these two, but Anna will have to realize that there’s more to Jake than the bad-boy image he portrays.

Appearances mean everything in Elyssa Patrick’s Go With Me. Daphne Fox knows a few things in her young life, one is that she hates Nick Brady 95% of the time. The other 5% is what makes this a very fun and sexy read!

Elise Alden’s heroine in Hate to Love You has a lot to answer for—like sleeping with her sister’s fiancé, getting pregnant with his child, and giving said-child away. Now it’s seven years later and she’s going to make amends.

A bad girl to rival Alden’s Paisley brings two people together in Bella Jewel’s Wingman (Woman). I loved Jewel’s MC romances and Wingman (Woman) didn’t leave me disappointed. The dynamic between Tia and Reign is part friend, part adversary, and a whole lot of chemistry to bridge the gap. Reign isn’t always a hero who is easy to digest, but Tia tempers him and Reign enflames her—a pretty good combination.

Dewayne and Sienna in Hold on Tight by Abbi Glines also have quite a past to work through. As the final book in the series, Hold on Tight hits all the right notes and heals one very broken bad boy.

The Virgin’s Guide to Misbehaving by Jessica Clare is a book that no one but me may classify as New Adult. But with the landscape of the New Adult world constantly changing, I think this book will hit all the right notes for you. Meet Elise, the shy sister of the hero from The Expert’s Guide to Driving a Man Wild in Clare’s Bluebonnet series. Elise may be shy, but she’s inexplicably drawn to the pierced tattooed bad boy, the latest addition to the Wilderness Survival Expeditions team. There’s no doubt Rome will have a lot to teach Elise, but the reverse is true too!

What New Adult books are you adding to your TBR pile? Do you enjoy reading enemies to lovers, or do you find the tensions run too high sometimes?



Jennifer Proffitt is a Midwest transplant to New York City. She spends most of her time reading and writing about romance, but you can follow her other adventures on Twitter @JennProffitt. She works for Heroes and Heartbreakers.

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1. wsl0612
ooh ooh, I just finished reading the Virgin's Guide to Misbehaving a day ago! It is sooooooo goooooddddd!!!
Jennifer Proffitt
2. JenniferProffitt
I LOVE Jessica Clare and this particular series is all very solid but Virgin's Guide is by far my fave!
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