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If You Like Maya Banks’s KGI Series...Try Kennedy, Leigh, Eden and More!

Midnight Rescue by Elle KennedyMaya Banks's KGI series introduces us to the Kelly family. The five Kelly brothers, who have each received different military training, have all come together to create KGI, Kelly Group International. KGI specializes in covert operations, protection and black op rescue. They have infiltrated drug cartels, hunted down sex slavers, and combed the deepest jungles for hostages. KGI has recruited some of the best sharpshooters and intelligence men and woman to complete their teams. To them, every mission is personal, and they will do whatever is necessary to protect and return your loved one to you.

If you are a fan of sexy, military men, ready and able to protect you or rescue you from the most dangerous of situations, these series are for you. But what if you've already read Maya Banks's KGI series? Here are some recommendations for what to read next:

Elle Kennedy’s Killer Instincts series actually focuses on two separate teams: Jim Morgan was in the special forces, and now heads his own group of mercenaries. They specialize in covert ops, protection and retrieval. While Noelle’s chameleons are a group of female assassins trained in hand to hand, B&E, disguises and blending in, who are led by the Queen of Assassins herself. These teams try not to mix business with pleasure, but after the guns are fired and the smoke clears, sometimes going deep under covers with a fellow operative is just what to you to break the tension.

Cynthia Eden’s Shadow Agents of the Elite Operations Division are an elite team from different branches of the armed forces who don’t exist on paper, but have been brought together to do the job others can’t. This team has been recruited from the best trained man and woman the military has to offer. The EOD have spilled blood on many missions, both their enemies and their own.

Wild Card by Lora LeighLora Leigh’s Elite Ops creates a team of the best agents from all over the world. They are trained to go deep undercover to fight terrorism. Leaving your past behind and becoming someone new is just the first step for these agents, infiltration and seduction are just the basics, and risking their lives to protect others is just part of the job.

Christy Reece’s Last Chance Rescue, Inc., is an organization which is focused on one purpose, protecting the innocent. They have gone undercover to rescue kidnapped children, break up sex rings or to catch serial killers. These operative will make their own rules to save innocence from the evil that lurks in the shadows.

Katie Reus’s Deadly Ops. These agents are all about protection. Even when their pasts cross with their present assignment, they will hold fast to their mission…and to the women they can’t live without.



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1. jane1234
Elle Kennedy's books are great. The first and third in that series are particularly good. I've enjoyed some of the Katie Rues books but something just didn't click with Eden and Reece's books. I don't know if it was a difference in writing or what but I don't like their writing styles. I would also suggest Kaylea Cross books -- she writes pretty good military suspense, along with Cindy Gerard. The KGI books have gotten a little stale for me so I'm hoping the latest is a return to form although the KGI books are kind of notoriously inept in all of her books, which I think defeats the purpose but . . . oh well.
2. Kareni
I've also enjoyed Pamela Clare's I-Team books as well as Lori Foster's Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor series.
3. Kareni
... and Laura Griffin's Tracers series and Marie Force's Fatal series ....
4. Liz S
Try Monette Michaels covert op series which starts with Eye of the Storm. Terrific twisting plots, great romance, wonderful alpha heroes and strong heroines who are their partners. I highly recommend this series!
5. welshlilly
i came across this xite whilst undertaking a book search. Unfortunately i can not remember the title or author of the book im searching for, it could infact be a series. However i do recall the plot to some extent.

the book begins with a womans view of a domeztic violence seen in which she is the victim. The reader isnt told her name only the dv scene. The victim retaliates by hitting het abuser over the head with a heavy duty pan. The victim believes she has killedd her abuser and goes on the run. Whilxt on the run she encounters some men that take her into their lives..... a type of menage situation develops between 2 of the men and the victim but the victim tends to lean to the bigger more brash of the 2 men. As the plot develops it is ascertained that the victim is in fact the long lost sister of an heiress aquaintance of the group, who went missing as a child. Needless to say the abuser wasnt dead after being hit with a heavy duty pan and turns up later in the plot. I think the abuser may have links to the police or other law enforcement.

I know im clutching at straws but is there any chance you know this book title or author
thank you
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