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Game Changers: Top 10 Hottest Jock Heroes

The Vincent Boys by Abbi GlinesSports romance books have been growing to include more than just the typical “jocks"; football, baseball, basketball have been pushed to the side for fighters, hockey players, and even race car drivers. Jocks are always an enjoyable read. It’s like having water after a really long, hot day. I look for cover inspiration, humor, general badassery, and charisma in my jocks.

Here's the list of Hot Jocks:

1. Beau Vincent, of Abbi Glines's New Adult book The Vincent Boys, set my heart jogging as the misunderstood bad boy in his small town. It’s the South, so everyone plays football—even Beau. Good enough to be offered a scholarship for college ball, Beau is one sexy, bad boy who wins the heart of the town “good girl.” She also happens to be his cousin’s girlfriend. Played out among their high school walls, Beau is the perfect blend of bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks with a sweet side.

Playing to Win by Jaci Burton2. Jaci Burton is the queen of sports novels with her Play-by-Play series. Talk about cover inspiration! In Playing to Win, book four of the Play-by-Play series, Cole Riley is the star football player with the ego to match. Tired of his bad boy ways, the team hires an image consultant to help make him more marketable. In enter Savannah, she tries her best to avoid the attraction for the cocky, know it all player but beneath that hard exterior, Cole is a great person. Cole is the quintessential jock hothead. As the story unfolds, Cole becomes more approachable. Savannah has a poised shield that Cole manages to pierce with his surprising sensitivity. He is one of my favorites from a series that is littered with hot jocks.

3. Temple, Duke of Lamont, is the main character of Sarah MacLean’s No Good Duke Goes Unpunished. One of my favorite books, he’s an underground fighter also known as the Killer Duke. He’s mysterious, hot, tormented by ghosts of his pasts and puts the ladies of the Regency era in a swoon.

Shredded by Tracy Wolff4. Shredded by Tracy Wolff features Z Michaels, the hotshot snowboarder in Utah. He’s impulsive, an adrenaline junkie and walks around with a huge chip on his shoulder. He is a tortured hero with many ghosts in his pasts. He’s a definite alpha who takes care of the heroine, Ophelia. Before Ophelia walked into his life, he was a contender in the game, who can have the most one-night-stands? Even though he was a HUGE jerk, he totally redeems himself with his new attitude. He understands Ophelia who also has a wounded soul and he cherishes and protects her.

5. John Kowalsky, from Rachel Gibson’s Simply Irresistible, might be my ultimate hockey hero. He unknowingly helped Georgie escape from her wedding to his boss. Their quick coupling leads to a daughter he does not meet until she’s six. His attempts at forming a bond with his new daughter are hilarious and sweet. John is charismatic, witty, and looking to end his hellraising days. He is aggressive off and on the ice and uses his quick wits to seduce Georgie.

Breaking Away by Toni Aleo6. Toni Aleo’s Phillip Anderson finally gets his story in Breaking Away. Toni Aleo’s Assassin series has gripped me from the beginning. The biggest player on the Assassins hockey team gets a rude awakening when he assumes responsibility of his teenage niece. Phillip always has a funny one liner ready and didn’t seem to take life seriously. One of the hottest guys on the team, he lived life minute to minute. Of course, there are some hilarious antics that occur and his bad boy ways come into use when he needs to threaten any boys who come sniffing around his niece.

7. In JB Salsbury's Fighting to Forgive, Blake Daniels lives life to the fullest. Blake has a voracious appetite for women and blows through them An MMA fighter in his prime; he’s looking to finally obtain a title. What he finds is a single mom who he can’t help but fall in love with. He is swoon worthy in his efforts to win Layla over. His over-protectiveness and quick acceptance of her teenage daughter redeem him from his crazy man-child past.

Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire8. Travis Maddox from Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire has long been on my list of favorite Athletes. I cannot gush enough about him. An underground fighter, he knocks out his opponents quickly and is a big ladies man on the college campus. A big charmer, intelligent and abs to die for, he is the ultimate bad boy.

9. Connor McKenzie in Suzanne Wright’s From Rags is a race driver who met Jaxxon Carter when they were both in foster care. An extremely famous Formula one driver, Connor has all the traits of an alpha male right down to never taking no for an answer. He’s extremely hot and sought after but he only has one girl on his mind once he reconnects with Jax. I fell in love with his intensity about two chapters in!

Risky Game by Tracy Solheim10. Brody Janik is the ultimate football hero in Risky Game by Tracy Solheim. He’s young and at the top of his game, so he thinks. Brody is hilarious, charismatic and not above a little blackmail to get what he wants. He constantly switches from bad boy to sweetheart. The youngest of four, he’s been pampered his entire life. He meets his match in Shay who doesn’t give in to his charms and Brody has plenty of charm. His attention to details and giving nature make him one of my top football heroes.

These are just of SOME of my favorites. What are some of your favorite sports romance heroes?

Jessica spends her time daydreaming about a life within the pages of her favorite books, hoping to meet her own alpha male in an amazing meet cute. Living in Miami, she breaks the stereotype of the tanned appearance; being the palest amongst her friends takes a lot of work and it's all owed to the aforementioned books. She works all day but dreams of the day she can get paid to devour romance books all day and night. An avid reader since she could sound out words, you can find her reviewing at where she lets her reading freak flag fly!

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Patty F
1. Patty F
I love sports books - combines two of my favorite things. Thanks for the list!
Patty F
2. Rowena from Book Binge
Great list.

I hadn't realized that Brody's book was already out (where the heck have I been?) but I will definitely be fixing that today! Thanks!
Patty F
3. Dartmoor
I have to say, I read Toni Alessio after seeing one of her books recommended here and I thought it was just awful.

Way too long, pacing problems and the heroine seemed to have 10 tragic flaws. But I am a Jaci Burton and Tracey Solheim fan so I'll try out some of the other recs.
Jennifer Proffitt
4. JenniferProffitt
I like how it's the same cover model in Jaci Burton's and Tracey Solheim's cover. I love Jaci Burton, but started reading sports romances with Deirdre Martin's hockey series and really enjoyed Erin McCarthy's hot Nascar family series. They're not all athletes but they all take place in that world. Another addition: I always loved Lori Foster's MMA books (until there was a weird one with an alien/alt universe).

I'll add the rest of these to my TBR pile
Patty F
5. JessicaM
@JenniferProfitt I didn't even notice that was the same model! I've also read some of Deirdre Martin's hockey series, I liked it. I hadn't noticed how many sports romances I've read until I started this list lol. I'm going to look into Lori Foster but idk how I feel about that weird alien thing. @Dartmoor I'm sorry you didn't like like Toni Aleo's, I've had others tell me the same about her heroines lol. @Rowenafrombookbinge, Yes, I didn't realize it was out either. I loved it! Thank you @Patty F.
Jennifer Proffitt
6. JenniferProffitt
Lol. Seriously, start with Jude's Law, then go to Causing Havoc and Simon Says, they're all solid (at least to my memory) and I love them. I've had them for years and have brought them with me from house to house, state to state. Just avoid My Man Michael...

I can't think of the book right now, but I'm also very fond of this wrestling series that I read--like legit Muscle Man Randy Savage, Hulk Hogan wrestling. It's totally cheesy but I totally love it. The first one features like a Plain Jane masseuse who has to fake being a stage girl to keep her job...or something like that. It was very funny and if anyone can remind me of what that book is, I will be eternally grateful!
Jennifer Proffitt
7. JenniferProffitt
Found the wrestler book I was looking for! Love on the Ropes by Pat White:
Where do you put your service revolver when all you're wearing are spandex briefs? This is just one of the challenges facing DEA agent Jason McBain when he goes undercover as pro wrestler Jack the Stripper.
His assignment: to find out who is distributing steroids--in and out of the ring--but he never thought his first suspect would be the beautiful physical therapist who fires his blood to the boiling point. The minute he feels Sandy's soft hands on his body, all thoughts of the mission
leave his mind. He might not know much about wrestling, but he's pretty sure he wants to body-slam the petite redhead into his bed.
Patty F
8. Torifl
I LOVE sport themed romances.

SEP's Chicago Stars series is a fav of mine. Along with Tijan's Fallen High series, Rachal Gibson's Chinook Series, Gina Maxwell's SUPA sexy MMA Fight for Love series, and Kele Moon's Battered Hearts series.
Patty F
9. JessicaM
@JenniferProffitt adding all of those! That wrestling book sounds hilarious! @Torifl I've read all of those too except for Tijan's Fallen High series. I keep seeing those books pop up, I'll take a better look at it.
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