Jun 18 2014 10:57am

First Official Look at Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey Movie!

The twitter account for Fifty Shades of Grey the movie tweeted the first official photo of Christian Grey, played by Jamie Dornan.

Christian certainly looks both dangerous and charismatic here; is he living up to what you thought he would look like when you read the books? (If you read the books, that is).

(There have been earlier photos from the set—the First Glimpse of Fifty Shades of Grey—but this is the first one from the film).

Fifty Shades of Grey will be in theaters February 14, 2015.

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Lege Artis
1. LegeArtis
I really love Jamie Dornan... He has the look, he is really hot-no doubt about it, but I was a bit crushed when he was casted for FSoG , because this is the part that can put the mark on entire career of one actor...
After charizmatic and chilling killer he played in The Fall, I just hope his Christian will be decent enough. ;)
Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
I really want to watch The Fall--I know Heather liked it a lot. If he's a good actor, he'll be able to sell the Grey role as well as make a career for himself in the future.
3. EvangelineHolland
He looks good!

I'm dusting off my feminist hat and placing it snugly on my head to wonder why FSoG will be treated with snickers when Magic Mike (2) will not? Let's not address the writing or the BDSM themes or any other reason why one didn't like the books; this is about the film adaptation. Both are firmly targeted at female audiences and marketed on the sex appeal of the actors as well as the plot, and I'm sure women will be in cinema theatres squeeing, laughing, and fanning themselves at both films. Is it because FSoG is explicitely a romance and MM is, above all, a bromance? Is it because MM is deemed acceptable by male critics (because of its venerated director and Channing Tatum being "in")?
I think Jamie Dornan is going to rock as Christian Grey! Once the movie comes out I'm sure all the doubters will be converted!!!
Lege Artis
5. LegeArtis
Actually, it really isn't about the book.
When talk about the movie started, big names were dropped all around.
But, months were passing, and actor after actor was passing the role, both Anna and Christian's. That got me thinking- why? This book is so popular it will bring people to theater, director is good, plot is commercial enough to attract even those who didn't read the books... So, why?
Then, several actors who were reading for the part said they didn't like the script. That can be one of valid reasons and it's understandable. I remeber some interview where Charles Dance was answering on question why he accepted the role of Tywin lannister in GoT and he said this:
''The sccript. I saw only small portion of Tywin's text and writing was so good I knew I wanted to do this part. It's so hard working with bad script becuse you have to make silk purse out of pig's ear.''
And this is where my concern regarding Dornan lies- the movie will fail not because it's antifeminist, not because there is nudity involved, but because production seems to have some issues adapting these novels and that nagging feeling was intensified as time was passing following news regarding FSoG movie.
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