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First Look: Thea Harrison’s Pia Saves the Day (June 23, 2014)

Pia Saves the Day by Thea Harrison

Thea Harrison
Pia Saves the Day
Teddy Harrison, LLC / June 23, 2014 / $4.50 print /$2.99 digital

In the latest story of the Elder Races, two mates face their deadliest challenge yet—each other…

Pia and Dragos’s magical young son Liam (the Peanut), is growing at an unprecedented rate, and if that isn’t enough, he is also exhibiting new, and unpredictable, magical gifts. To protect him, the concerned parents decide to move to upstate New York.

Both Dragos and Pia relish the idea of leaving behind the city. They finally have the space to indulge their Wyr side, and Liam can grow in safety. It’s a breath of fresh air—literally—but their idyllic situation is shattered when Dragos is injured in a freak accident.

Stripped of his memory and bereft of Pia’s taming influence, there’s nothing holding back Dragos’s darkest side. And in order to restore her family and save her mate, Pia must confront the most powerful menace in Elder Races history.

It’s going to take more than a penny to fix this…
Thea Harrison takes us once again into the home of Dragos and Pia Cuelebre in her newest novella in the Elder Races series, Pia Saves the Day.

It wasn’t too long ago that Pia Giovanni-Cuelebre was alone in the world, keeping her head down as her mother always taught her, and staying clear of the Elder Races. Pia’s inner Wyr is so rare because her kind was hunted to near extinction for their blood. Staying under the radar was the only way for her to stay alive. That is, until she crossed paths of one of the most powerful and eldest Wyr in existence. It’s amazing how one penny can change your life.

In the fourteen months they had been together, the desire had never changed. Elemental, as necessary as breathing, it dictated the rhythm of their lives. They orbited around each other, always looking, always reaching for the other, but it never ceased to amaze her that he looked at her this way.

She is now mated to Dragos Cuelebre, Wyr-dragon and Lord of the Wyr demesne, with a new son, Liam. Together they are creating an amazing new life in upstate New York, away from the crowded and loud city. When you are living an immortal life with the most wonderful mate you never dreamed to meet, you forget how quickly your life can go from bliss to horror as your future is ripped away from you.

They could take their time tonight. They had all the time in the world.

Less than half an hour later, she would give anything to call him back to her again. Anything to keep him from walking away.

Oh, gods, anything.

During the construction at the mansion, Dragos receives a severe head injury and the dragon flies from the property with no memory of who he is or even who Pia is to him. Pia’s blood can heal. She has healed his wounds before. She just needs to find him…and convince a shrewd and wary dragon to let her get close enough to touch his wounds before they begin to heal on their own.

That was assuming she could coax the dragon into letting her close enough to heal him. If Dragos had suffered some kind of traumatic amnesia, there was a possibility he might never recover his memories.

There is more to be considered than just Pia; as Lord of the Wyr, Dragos has many responsibilities and actions must be taken immediately to protect the demesne, just like with any other missing ruler, and Pia’s attention is split between running after Dragos and protecting what’s his, but it is hard to focus on politics when there is one thing pressing heavily on Pia’s heart, what if he never remembers her…remembers them?

Wyr mated for life, but nobody fully understood why. It was a complicated process involving emotions, sexual attraction, timing and opportunity.

What if Dragos couldn’t remember that he was Lord of the Wyr? That she was his mate? What if he never remembered? Could he live as though he had never mated before?

The thought made her feel physically ill. Maybe he could. Maybe…theoretically, he could even fall in love and mate with someone else…

It only takes a moment for Pia’s happy world to spin out of control. She needs to find Dragos and heal him quickly or she may lose her mate. Her magic blood heals wounds of the body, but what about wounds of the mind. If he never remembers her, how will she survive losing the love of a lifetime?

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1. Kareni
I've enjoyed all of Thea Harrison's Pia and Dragos books. Thanks for this review!
Carmen Pinzon
2. bungluna
I've enjoyed the fact that Ms. Harrison has continued the story of Pia and Dragos in several books. I'm looking forward to this latest installment of the series.
3. allyson55
I love the Elder Races books and Pia and Dragos in particular. I'm really looking forward to reading about little Liam's development. Thanks for the heads up. I'll be looking out for this one.
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