Jun 26 2014 12:00pm

Cowboys vs. Dukes: Comparing Western and Historical Heroes

The Gunslinger by Lorraine Heath

Today we're pleased to welcome author Lorraine Heath to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Lorraine's latest release, The Gunslinger, is a Western historical featuring a gunslinger who doesn't want to be anyone's hero! But Lorraine also writes Regency and Victorian Historials, so she's here to share some of the pros and cons of each type of hero. Thanks, Lorraine!

Thank you so much for having me here today at Heroes and Heartbreakers to discuss heroes.

I must admit that I find cowboys and Regency/Victorian gents equally sexy. They share a lot of common traits, but they are also very different.

What I love most about cowboys is that they are self-made men. Nothing is handed to them and they don’t expect anything to be. They work hard for what they acquire, whether it’s land, bounty, or a lady’s heart.

What I love most about Regency/Victorian heroes is that they have history behind them. They are usually old family, born into wealth and privilege. They don’t take their heritage for granted and they have an enormous amount of respect for duty and honor. Even when they are debauched, there is a keen understanding regarding their place in Society and what is expected of them.

But that’s just a glimpse at what I love about them. They both make for such interesting characters, whether they are taming the old West or bucking societal constraints. They’re flawed; they have moments of weakness and moments of incredible strength. But they are always brought to their knees by love.

Here are a few of the traits that I think highlight their differences and similarities.

Western vs. Regency/Victorian Heroes
Differences and Similarities

What do you love most about cowboys and Regency/Victorian gents? What traits would you change or add to the list?

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1. LorraineH
Love the poll and watching the results.
2. carmenlire
Love this article! When I first started reading romance, I fell into westerns and read them with a vengeance. Still, at the same time I was glomming on historicals and learning all about England in the Regency era. When someone mentions historicals, I always think of the Regencies, but my westerns are historical too but I would never compare them to each other! They both share qualities, as you wrote, but they are both so different! Strange how I can absolutely love both of them!
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