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A Checkered Past: Anticipating (and Speculating) Kresley Cole’s Dark Skye

Dark Skye by Kresley ColeIt’s hard to believe that we’ve been waiting for Kresley Cole to tell Lanthe and Thronos’s story for six books, but after much wailing and anticipation from the fans, August 5 will mark the day when the truth (and consummation) of Lanthe and Thronos’s relationship is revealed.

But while we've been waiting, there have been many books, so there's a lot of information we need to break down! I’ve gone through each of the books in which Lanthe, Thronos, and the Vrekeners were mentioned, including Kiss of a Demon King, Demon from the Dark, and Shadow’s Claim (in which Vrekeners are briefly mentioned) for those of you who want to do a little re-reading, and collected everything we know about this couple so far—I also included tidbits gleaned from the Dark Skye excerpt KCole shared. So, without further ado…

The Players


Full Name: Melanthe (pronounced Mel-anth-ee (thank you KCole for having Thronos sound it out!)), Queen of Persuasion, of the Deie Sorceri family

Appearance: Black hair, which she wears in braids like all good sorceri gals, and blue eyes, five-foot-five


  • Persuasion

Lanthe’s innate sorcery was called persuasion. She could order any being to do as she pleased, but she rarely gave commands—they often ended in tragedy. 

—From Kiss of a Demon King

  • Portals
  • Telepathy
  • Stole the power to talk to animals (when she stole telepathy), but gave it to her sister


Sexually liberated, Lanthe is playful, seductive, and flirtatious. While she would never admit it, she loves children, and while her sister is very cynical, Lanthe has always been a huge romantic. Her personality is much like the Valkyries and Witches—a little bit goofy, and a whole lot of crazy. She was previously very promiscuous because she was trying to recapture the look of acceptance and affection she saw (and likely felt) with Thronos. But her promiscuous days are over, since Lanthe lost a bet to her sister and now must be celibate for one year. I have an inkling that Thronos will convince her to break that promise! 


Full Name: Thronos Talos, Prince of the Skye, son of

Appearance: Lanthe, as a terrified and hurt child, ordered Thronos to take a short walk off a long pier, aka jump out a window to jagged rocks. Unfortunately for him, he was not yet a full Immortal and was almost killed, leaving him horrifically scarred and unable to fly properly because of his injuries:

Lanthe caught sight of Thronos once more. Crouched on a limb in his black trench, he looked like the Reaper. He smirked, stretching the raised scars across his face. Then he dropped effortlessly to the ground.

—From Kiss of a Demon King

He has dark hair, ghost-like (if broken) wings, and silver eyes, and like any good Immortal male, he is incredibly tall, maxing out at almost seven feet. 

When he was a child, his appearance was quite different:

He had vivid gray eyes, tanned skin, broad cheekbones, and sandy hair that tumbled over his forehead and around his horns. Those jutting spikes were smooth and silvery.

He had even, white teeth, with a pair of fangs!

—From Dark Skye


  • Tracking Sorceri
  • Mad fighting skills—he’s a warlord now!
  • Vrekeners can smell Sorceri and sense their power


Thronos is incredibly protective of Lanthe, and, in fact, saved her life when they were children. Since that day, he’s looked out for her, even if it sometimes comes off as a little stalker-y.

“You might be a great and terrible sorceress, but you can’t eat sorcery, can you?” He spread those spellbinding wings. “Will you stay here if I go find food for you?”

“Why would you do that?”

His shoulders went back, his silver eyes alight—as if with pride.

“That’s my job now, lamb.”

—From Dark Skye

Lanthe has more to worry about now that Thronos is out of the Order Prison, however. When Dorada broke into the prison, her powers unleashed the torques on all of the evil creatures. When we saw Thronos in Demon from the Dark, his torque was suspiciously missing, while Lanthe still had hers on. Does this mean that all those years of torment turned Thronos evil, or is he simply clever enough to find a way to get it off on his own?

Why are you so obsessed with me? gif from Mean Girls


Their Relationship:

If Kresley Cole ever wrote a Romeo and Juliet-based Immortals After Dark book, this would be it! But instead of Romeo and Juliet killing themselves, they spend the entire time trying to kill one another—does that sound as good to anyone else as it does to me? Lanthe and Thronos have a combative history and that will definitely translate to their relationship going forward. I actually believe, deep down, the pair are already over all the terrible things they’ve done to one another, it’ll just be a matter of allowing themselves to accept their feelings—and then fight or kill anyone who will try to keep them apart!  

Things to Look Forward to:

Hate Sex

We know there’s a lot of bad blood between Lanthe and Thronos. KCole loves a good opposites attract story—in fact, I can’t think of a single couple from her Immortals After Dark series that wasn’t opposite in some way, if not constantly working at cross-purposes. Lanthe and Thronos, however, have even more baggage to work through than most: Thronos's kind has hunted Lanthe and her sister all their lives, and are responsible for their parents’ death, while Sabine (Lanthe’s sister) killed Thronos’s father—and, of course, there’s that little matter of Lanthe telling Thronos to jump out a window without using his wings. There’s a lot of betrayal, but I’m hoping that translates to passion!

Background, Finally!

While we have been waiting for Lanthe and Thronos’s story for six books, Lanthe has been MIA to the Loreans for four of those books—her last official appearance being in the Demon from the Dark. We know the timelines happen almost all at once, and for our Loreans it’s really only been a handful of years (if that)—just enough to get a few children and second-generation characters going. For example, Demon from the Dark, Dreams of a Dark Warrior, and Pleasure of a Dark Prince all take place at the same time, while Dark Desires After Dark and Kiss of a Demon King happen at the same time and only a few days/months prior to the Order Prison timeline. But despite the order of events happening more rapidly for the characters than for us, we still have 500 years worth of history between Lanthe and Thronos to work through. Five-hundred years of angst, maiming, sexual tension, and stalking to finally catch up on, as much as we’re able.

Personally, I can’t wait for more of what we saw in the prologue KCole shared, and I believe all that sweetness is still in there!

“To me, you smell like no one else in the world ever has, or ever will.” His gray irises glowed silver with emotion. A breeze ruffled his sandy brown hair. “It means you and I are going to be best friends. When we grow, we’ll be…more.”

-From Dark Skye

Nucking Futs Nix!!!

KCole promised us a big ol’ dose of Nix in Dark Skye—including a whole chapter of preternaturally beautiful (and crazy) soothsayer. At the end of Shadow’s Claim, we learn that Sabine is on the hunt for her sister, and looking for Nix’s help—could this be where Nix comes in? Or could it be because Regin saw Nix on the Island during the Order Prison break?

The Accession

We all know the soothsayer is making moves to get the Vertas army a win this Accession, but upon re-reading Kiss of a Demon King, I realized the Pravus army is all but dissolved—the Centaur king was killed in the Order Prison break, Lothaire has defected to the Vertas (for now…), Omort is dead, and the Fire Demons are now allied to Lothaire, loosely through Bettina and Trehan’s marriage. What other moves do you think our grandmaster has in store?

What are you looking forward to most in Dark Skye?


Jennifer Proffitt is a Midwest transplant to New York City. She spends most of her time reading and writing about romance, but you can follow her other adventures on Twitter @JennProffitt. She works for Heroes and Heartbreakers.

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1. Paranormalibrarian
You're forgetting Lothaire. He's bound to make an appearance as Trehan seems to have the key to finding the Vrekener stronghold due to that scrying crystal he wears. Plus, this book promises to have a lot of power plays going on and you know the "Enemy of Old" isn't going to be left out. Plus, Rydstrom and Sabine are still under the impression he's after their firstborn, LOL!
Jennifer Proffitt
2. JenniferProffitt
You can't forget about the Enemy of Old! And I do think that Trehan might play a role--as much as Sabine and Rydstrom...and Nix! And it'll be interesting to see Lothaire, if he makes an appearance, as his softer version now. But this book will definitely be a tide turner for the series! Now that the Order is essentially disbanded we have to face the next enemy--my guess the warlocks from MacRieve will play a part in the coming books too!
Pamela Webb-Elliott
3. Spaz
For the last 6 books I've read them as they were released, which has been a year apart, so I don't remember ANYTHING about these characters! This post definitely did jar some memories, so thank you for this!
Jennifer Proffitt
4. JenniferProffitt
Yay! Glad all my "hard" work paid off (psst, it wasn't hard at all, but gave me an excuse to re-read the books for official purposes!)
5. Sue V
Don't forget that in "Shadow's Claim" Trehane gave Morgana, Queen of the Sorceri, the black-fire scythe carried by Thronos's father. It was being wielded by a cousin of Thronos's when he attacked Bettina. Trehan used the scythe in his last battle to win the contest to wed Bettina, then gave it to Morgana.

Morgana seemed thrilled to have the black-fire scythe, treating her possession of it as a heartening victory for her people in the ongoing battle against the Vrekeners, even if it was gifted to her by a non-Sorceri. Also, Morgana agreed to ally with the Vertas this Accession (can't remember why, but Nix was involved, of course).

I agree that the warlocks (The Disremembered or Those Best Forgotten) are going to play a part in the next arc of the overall plot, but The Disremembered, with their creation of vassaled Lykae and sacrificing nymphs to dark gods, are actually preparing to fight the Bringers of Doom. And Preston Webb, the former Commander of the Order "has a destiny" to play against the Bringers of Doom, according to Nix. I am not sure if the Bringers are the "apocalyptic piece" or just another problem Nix has to deal with while the "main event" is still waiting to arrive. I would guess that only Kreley knows and that she has to have enough "bad guys" to last up to the final "apocalypse story arc."
And speaking of Nix, I am certain that this Accession is either going to be Apocalyptic in its own right or there is an Apocalypse that will be running alongside the Accession. More than once Nix has referred to herself as running or thwarting the apocalypse, fretting that with her visions overwhelming her she might miss the key events of the apocalypse and several other references. I am not sure if the Bringers of Doom are the "apocalyptic piece" or just another problem Nix has to deal with while the "main event" is still waiting to arrive.

Yeah, I have too much time on my hands (and all of the IAD series on audiobook) so I can expend a lot of brainpower on stuff like this.
Jennifer Proffitt
6. JenniferProffitt
@SueV--I love when people are as obsessive as I am! Since you covered a lot in your comments I'm going to try and do you justice with my response:

Morgana and the Fire Scythe:
Upon re-reading Demon King I did realize the fire scythe was the one and the same that Thronos's father used (I'm sure we'll see some backstory with that, including Thronos as a kid, I hope). Another hope: that Lanthe will use her telepathy to gain some insight on Thronos. But I digress...
I wanted to include a whole section up there with what we know about the Vrekeners, but I thought a) The Living Book of the Lore would do a better job than I would and b) this was a very long article when I first drafted it, so cuts had to be made! Glad you could add where I had to cut.

Nixie and the Apocalypse:
You know, before you said anything, I always assumed that Nix was just being cutesie and/or timely, since she has said that when she was going to stop Crom Cruach or warn or something...and he was the bringer of the apocalypse. But, since this is fiction, I'm guessing that there will be an apocalypse for us to salivate over. And Nixie will be at the center of it. Looking crazy and petting her bat.
Personally, I think the Bringers of Doom will be just part of it. KCole has said over and over that the Accession isn't one epic battle, but a few power shifts that happen. P.S. here's a thought: could the bringer's of doom be the bringers of doom to the bad warlocks and therefore are good guys. I don't really remember them that much, so I might be totally off base!
7. lisaisalefty
Did KC mention in a previous book or maybe in an interview that Thronos is a virgin? I could have sworn that was another fact about him. I just have this vague memory of that being an interesting contrast between Lanthe (promiscuous) and Thronos (virgin).
Jennifer Proffitt
8. JenniferProffitt
I wouldn't be surprised if he was, @lisaisalefty, but because of my handy dandy Kindle I did a "find" for all mentioned of Lanthe and Thronos on top of re-reading it, and didn't find any mention of it. Again, my thoughts lean toward yes, he is a virgin. Lanthe's promiscuity is tied to Thronos and might be another way in which they are opposite--as we know that's a fave in KC's world.
9. lisaisalefty
So I just did some searching on the KC author website forums, and I'm pretty sure that's where the idea came from. Some posters definitively say he is a virgin, but I don't know how accurate that is. I guess we'll find out soon enough! Been waiting for years for their story. Looking back on my original date of joining her website, I first read all her IADs in November/December 2011, which was admittedly late in the game, but still it's been so long in the waiting for this couple. Can't wait. Squeee!
Jennifer Proffitt
10. JenniferProffitt
@lisaisalefty, thanks! Yeah, I feel like I had the idea too, but I couldn't remember! I was also late to the game--starting in January of 2011 (Thank you instant order update!)--but being late to the game doesn't dim my love for the series.

Can't wait, either. Been waiting a long time...
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