May 28 2014 8:30am

You Know You’re an Urban Fantasy Fan When...

Against the Dawn by Amanda BonillaToday we're joined by author Amanda Bonilla, whose Against the Dawn is the fourth book in her Shaede Assassin series. The Shaede assassin in question, Darian, is partnered with, and works for, a very sexy Jinn named Ty. Plus there are all sorts of other fantastical creatures Darian meets and occasionally does battle with. Amanda wants to come clean about her addiction—urban fantasy. Thanks for joining us, Amanda!

I'm an urban fantasy junkie. If it's got supernatural elements, I'll read it or watch it on TV. I'll shell out big bucks to see it on the big screen. Give me a kick ass heroine, entertaining side-kicks, danger and mystery at every turn, plenty of hot sex scenes and I'm a happy girl. And if you can relate to anything on this list, you're definitely my people.

You Know You're an Urban Fantasy Fan When...

A story just isn't good if your heroine isn't giving a gut punch at least once:


You won't even consider reading unless sword play is involved:

fight animated GIF

The books you read require at least one character to have fangs:

true blood animated GIF

Or fur...

teen wolf animated GIF

And even though you love a good fight scene, you can't wait for the smexytimes to ensue:

kiss animated GIF

You bite your nails through near-deaths, and breakups, twists and turns but finally...

happy animated GIF

Your characters get their happily for now just in time for the author to hit you with the dreaded cliffhanger:

reaction animated GIF

But it's okay because you can't wait to start the ride all over again when the next book comes out:

book animated GIF

What's your favorite thing about urban fantasy? Is it the mystery? The gritty fight scenes? The angsty romance? Or do you like your UFs filled with all of the above?

Learn more or order a copy of Against the Dawn by Amanda Bonilla, out now:

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Amanda Bonilla lives in rural Idaho with her family. She's a part-time pet wrangler, a full-time sun worshipper, and only goes out into the cold when coerced. She loves the outdoors, black clothes, pink appliances, and thinks junk food should be a recognized food group. 

She is the author of the Shaede Assassin urban fantasy romance series, which was nominated for Best Urban Fantasy Protagonist by Romantic Times, The Sentry of Evil dark and gritty urban fantasy series, and the Sexy Shifter erotic romance series. Amanda also writes contemporary romantic suspense for Kensington under the pseudonym, Mandy Baxter.

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Megan Frampton
1. MFrampton
I love urban fantasy as well, and what I like about it, in contrast to paranormal romance (which I also like, but for different reasons) is that storytelling rules are frequently broken to highlight a character's particular personality. I like that good characters die, and bad characters triumph, and the hero or heroine makes suspect moral choices in pursuit of the greater good.
2. ChelseaMueller
I'll second that sentiment, Megan, but go a little further in saying I like that everything is up for grabs. I never feel like anyone or any plot is "safe" in great urban fantasy. Things get twisty, and I like it. (It makes those really happy/good scenes all the more worth it.)
Jennifer Proffitt
3. JenniferProffitt
Ugh, no you guys! I love Urban Fantasy, but if I ever hear that an author killed off someone I love, I just can't make myself read it. Why do authors make you love a character only to have them get taken away! **sobs in a corner**

However, this post is awesome and highlights all the reasons I DO still pick up urban fantasy even when I'm afraid of it!
Amanda Bonilla
4. Amanda Bonilla
You guys are definitely my people! ;-) I love the "no rules" format of UF. The stakes are higher and the action is more intense. I'm sorry, Jenn, but I also love that a beloved character can be killed off at any moment. I If an author brings me to tears or writes something that's prompted me to chuck the book across the room, she's done her job. I'm also a fan of the happily for now ending. UF is gritty, dirty, and real. Nothing is easy. I'm a fan of struggle. That probably makes me a bit of a masochist. LOL!
Stephanie Berget
5. Stephanie Berget
Okay, you've hookked me. I haven't read much Urban Fantasy, but I will now. As long as it has a Happily For Now ending.
Amanda Bonilla
6. Amanda Bonilla
I have to admit, Steph, I'm a sucker for a dark storyline. I've been known to torture my own characters. I can't help it. But it makes their happiness so much brighter in the end! ;)
7. PhoebeChase
I love the gritty feel of urban fantasy that you get from the city setting. I'm also a huge fan of dropping supernatural creatures into modern times. Makes me wonder who and what I'm surrounded by when I'm walking about. I got book one in your series at RT book fair and I'm looking forward to digging into it soon!
Amanda Bonilla
8. Amanda Bonilla
You're welcome in this crowd, Phoebe! It was so great to meet you at RT! I hope you enjoy the book! :D
Carmen Pinzon
9. bungluna
I hate it when a beloved character is killed off, but still come back to my UF. It's the chance for long-term character development that does it for me.

When an author just throws in whatever suits the current book or just drops inconvenient lines of plot without a master plan, I'm out. But when an author crafts a great overall arc and lures me with enough clues (Jim Butcher, I love you!), when I trust them to have my back, I'm all in.
Amanda Bonilla
10. Amanda Bonilla
I agree that one of the best parts of UF is the opportunity for long-term character development! I like to see characters grow.
Stephanie Berget
11. Lucy D
I enjoy many series that prefer to call themselves Urban Fantasy. The only think that I hate about them over paranormal romance is that they give you a sexy hero and a kick ass heroine who are no doubt hot for each other, but they torture you with book after book of close, but not close enough until the excuses for not getting together get flimsier and flimsier.
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