May 6 2014 7:20am

Who’s Your Favorite Generally Disliked Heroine?

We've discussed what happens if you dislike a hero or heroine, but what about heroines (such as Sansa or Emma) whom it seems most people dislike, but you happen to love them?

Who's your favorite generally disliked heroine?

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1. Cate
Hands down,no contest. It's that gold digging slut Scarlet O'Hara... she so needs a slap! Fortunately Rhett walked.... perfect ending
Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
Someone on Twitter mentioned Jane from Victoria Dahl's Lead Me On--and I happen to LOVE that heroine! She is a mite prickly, but why she is the way she is makes perfect sense.
Jennifer Proffitt
3. JenniferProffitt
I'm going to second Jane from Lead Me On, too. She's a bit snooty but I could relate to her fear of falling back into an old life, so I didn't find her unlikeable. I loved Imogen from Eloisa James's The Taming of the Duke, but I have never been more glad that I read out of order, than I was with this book. This was the first book that I read in the Four Sisters series, and I, of course, went back and read all of the others and absolutley HATED Imogen in every other book. She was selfish, manipulative, and mean. If I had read her in any other books, I probably would have been hesitant to read hers, but because I read HER book first, I could enjoy and appreciate the journey she went on to get where she was by the end.
Kaye Dacus
4. kndacus
I'll add a "second" and "hear, hear" on Scarlett O'Hara---except I think we're not supposed to like her. (I've never read the book, though, so I don't know for sure. I just know I hate her. Possibly because my sister LOVED that movie and watched it at least once a week when we shared an apartment together in college.)

From reading the other reviews on Goodreads, I know I'm not alone in nominating Annabelle, the "heroine" of Lisa Kleypas's Secrets of a Summer Night. Annabelle is petulant, spoiled, snobbish, and snotty---with absolutely no right to be. She knows her mother is whoring herself out to pay the bills, yet she's going to look down her nose at a successful (i.e., filthy rich) merchant simply because his family owns the butcher shop in the same neighborhood where she and her mother can barely afford to live? Nope. Sorry. This character pretty much ruined my first experience reading a Lisa Kleypas book. Now I'm not so sure I want to read another.
Jennifer Proffitt
5. JenniferProffitt
Whaaaa, I LOVE Annabelle (which is, I guess, the point of your nominating her!). You're right, she does start out as all of those things, but as long as there's a journey, I'm game with whatever.
Kaye Dacus
6. kndacus
And I never really saw her make a journey. To me, she was the same at the end of the book as she was at the beginning---possibly even worse: more mercinary because she can now trade sex for jewelry and fabulous new clothes, but in a more socially acceptable way than her mother was doing it all along. But she pretty much owns it, so I have to give her points for that, which is why I brought her up.
7. willaful
Huh, I don't see Annabelle that way. I think she was giving in to her physical and emotional desires, not her mercenary side.

My favorite disliked heroine is the prim, proper Martha from Cecelia Grant's A Lady Awakened. Talk about still waters running deep. :-)
8. Kate R
People don't seem to like Kinsale's heroines Leda and Melanthe but I love them both, almost more than the heroes....okay maybe not more.
9. willaful
The heroine of The Dream Hunter is also pretty unpopular. I have a lot of empathy with her, and love how her issues are resolved at the end.
Jena Briars
10. CutMyTeethOnKleypas

"Third" and "fiddle-dee-dee" on Scarlett O'Hara -- I love to hate her, but damn if I don't love all the drama and BS that she stirs up! :)

@kndacus - pleeeeeeeease give another Kleypas a try? :( (Or maybe Smooth Talking Stranger?)
11. Maddie Grove
I'll second Leda and Melanthe...but especially Leda. Also, Imogen from Jo Beverley's Dark Champion.
12. Linda_Morris
A lot of people seem to hate Theresa Falconetti from Deirdre Martin's Fair Play. The year that book came out, she "won" some sort of "Most Annoying Heroine" award. But I love her. I guess people thought she was whiny, but to me, her irritation with her clingy Italian-American family and her determination to build a very different kind of life for herself was very relatable.
13. Scarlettleigh
@ Linda_Morris -- I loved Fair Play. It is my favorite Deirdre Martin book. However, the hero is what makes the book so special for me. But I didn't dislike Theresa -- I understood her. It is not uncommon to want status or financial security over an average guy. Not that I consider a hockey player average.
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