May 19 2014 7:14am

What is the Most Underrated Hero Profession?

With so many athletes, rock stars, lawyers, and CEOs populating the shelves, it's easy to forget about the little guy! Last week we talked about the least romantic jobs that romance heroes have held down—rat catchers, morticians, and plumbers to name a few (though that last profession certainly inspires a lot of dirty jokes). While our blogger scored the shelves for unusual career choices, she struggled to find one in particular to add to her list: an accountant hero. Maybe that's because it isn't the sexiest profession, or maybe accountants are too busy to start affairs.

However, several commenters chimed in with the scarce professions they have read, or would like to see. What do you think is the most underrated hero profession in romance? What books would you recommend for those looking for that Average-Joe hero? And why do you think blue-collar jobs, like a mechanic or construction worker, are more prevalent than other, equally average, jobs?

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1. wsl0612
I think teacher (NOT professsor) but teacher is the most underrated hero profession. Mechanics and construction workers are prevalent because they get muscles....dirty muscles ;-)
2. Scarlettleigh
I agree with wslo612 that authors write about mechanics and construction workers, because supposedly with physicial labor the heroes are going to be ripped. Same with ranchers and cowboys.

Any type of non-gender job like teaching, customer service representative, sales representative (although I can think of many books where the heroine's ex-love was in sales- maybe the author's way of saying the ex- was slick) are in short supply. I think many perceive it to be non-romantic if you do office work, unless of course you are the CEO, and it is your company.

In the medical field, authors are very selective too. Male nurses--- I can only think of one medium where the hero was a male nurse - and that was the movie Meet the Parents - and his career was written as a joke. Now it is ok to write them as EMT or First responders or Doctors- although again, you rarely read about an podiatrist or urologist!
Jennifer Proffitt
3. JenniferProffitt
Yeah, I can think of a lot of side characters that have had more "normal" jobs that wouldn't necessarily give them ripped muscles right away, but not that many main characters. In the book in the picture, the trope is boss/secretary so there is that sexiness to it that people enjoy from the CEO archetype, but the boss was a tax accountant who was balding--so not the sexiest sort of guy but with his secretary (i.e. through lust-filled glasses of his secretary) what would normally NOT be sexy was!

To touch on your point, @scarlettleigh I think non-CEOs are "sexy" when it's the boss/secretary trope I mentioned. And if a hero doesn't have a "sexy" job (i.e., as @wsl0612 pointed out one that gives you muscles by means of manual labor) then it simply isn't mentioned
Carmen Pinzon
4. bungluna
I like geek/engineers, but haven't found many. Usually they are depicted as more Tim Westergreen than Bill Gates, buy hey, a girl needs some hotness in her fantasy romance life!

Two titles by Rosalind Russel come to mind: "Asking For Trouble" and "Nothing Personal". The latter has a CEO geek, the usual, but the former's hero is a programmer, (though again the chief guy).
5. Kareni
bungluna, I think you mean Rosalind James. Her books do sound appealing.
7. lauralee1912
@ bungluna - I will have to check out the Rosalind James books. I work in technology, so it would be fun to have a geek hero. Besides fantasizing about all the cowboy and good ol' boy voices on conference calls. :)
Carmen Pinzon
8. bungluna
She also has a series with guys from the New Zealand All Black rugby team as heroes. Rosalind James develops her stories slowly, which I personally like.
9. KimG
Jennifer Probst's Searching for Perfect has the nerdy rocket scientist who's being made over by the heroine, a matchmaker. Her Searching For... series is one of my recent favorites - highly recommend it.
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