May 8 2014 7:15am

The Irish Accent is the Sexiest in the World: Agree or Disagree?

A recent survey of five thousand women from around the world voted the Irish accent as the sexiest in the world.

Here's the Top Ten World's Sexiest Accents:

1. Irish

2. Italian

3. Scottish

4. French

5. Australian

6. English

7. Swedish

8. Spanish

9. Welsh

10. American

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Laura Bracken
1. Night -owl
Being Irish myself I always think other countries accents are way sexier. But I guess that's the way most people feel. I myself love the Scottish accent(James McAvoys voice comes to mind), and I like the American accent, could listen to George Clooneys voice forever. For me it's all about particular dialects, some Irish dialects I like and others not so much; the same goes for other countries dialects too.
2. redheadedjen
Scottish defintely and oddly, the Russian or eastern European accent as well.

As an American, I kind of like the western type of accent, myself.
3. Scarlettleigh
Count me in as voting for Scottish too. Although, it depends on the man. . and the timber of his voice.

There goes my fantasies of going to Europe, and people thinking I have a sexy accent. . . Tenth place. I guess I would do okay, if there weren't any Irish, Italian, Scottish, French, Australian, English, Swedish, Spanish, Welch women around.
Megan Frampton
4. MFrampton
I still love English accents, especially the posh ones like Cumberbatch has.
Jennifer Proffitt
5. JenniferProffitt
Not gonna lie, I overheard some Irish guys in a restaurant last night and they made an impact. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that the Irish are known as charmers, so there's a connotation of it being charming and flirtatious. Can we just cross out English (for me) and put in Tom Hiddleston? Perfect accent IMO! Or like Megan, just any posh accent! Or Richard Armitage. Yeah. I'm just going to list my favorite voices...they'll all be British actors, but still!
Heather Waters
6. HeatherWaters
Love British Isles accents. Used to hate the New York accent, but it's really growing on me; can't imagine why.
Teddy Pierson
7. TeddyP
I call shenanigans (even though I am half irish). Polling five thousand humans is not enough to get any meaningful data from. For this survey it equals around 0.00016666666666666666% of the female population... and that is only on this one planet.

10. Helena J
Irish is fine, as long as it's understood that the Northern Irish accent is definitely not sexy!! Belfast -- noooo.

I just don't think you can choose a whole country and say its accents are one thing or another, because they vary so much within each country. Take England - there's a world of difference between a Somerset accent and a Geordie (North-East England) accent. And in Scotland some of the accents are much softer depending on where you are.

Plus I thinkthat what is "sexy" depends on the hearer's own history and preferences.
11. lauralee1912
@ Helena J - I agree. As part of my work, I speak with people from all over the US and from a number of other countries, including Ireland, and regional variations abound.

Give me an American South accent anytime. Love me a Carolina boy or a Texas cowboy. :)
12. Lauren84
I like Irish accents. I also like English and some Caribbean accents. But I'm with you @lauralee1912, I'd take a slow southern accent any day.
13. hammey49
I defintely think that Scottish is the best accent and that will really be demonstrated Auguest 9 on STARZ when Outlander starts!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tonya Campbell
14. tnicole1976
Scottish and Irish are my faves. Someone mentioned James McAvoy and I agree. His voice is hot! And Ewan McGregor. My favorite band at the moment is Kodaline and they're from Ireland. The singer, Steve, is yummy and part of that is his accent! I'm going through a British band thing right now too.

I'm from Texas and I moved to Rhode Island and everyone said I had a Texas accent. I worked really hard NOT to have one! Ick!
15. Abra
My favorite isn't even on the list. For some reason I find Russian accents really sexy. No idea why. An early crush on Boris Badenov?
Rakisha Kearns-White
16. BrooklynShoeBabe
My Top Five Favorite Accents (I'm a New Yawker, FWIW)
1. Australian
2. British (posh like Cumberbatch)
3. Irish
4. Texan (I blame the show Dallas, lol)
5. Scottish (I saw an interview between Ewan McGregor and Late Late Show host Craig Ferguson and it just blew me away.)

**As a life long Brooklynite, I do have a special place in my heart for the Brooklyn Thug (think rappers like Jay Z) and Brooklyn Italian /Guido accents (think John Travolta's character in Saturday Night Fever)
17. Michelle F.
English accent definitely and my most favorite. Sometimes I like Scottish, Australian, or Italian accents. I'm from Ohio.
Nicole Leapheart
18. BoxyFrown
Ohh I do have a soft spot for Irish and Sottish accents/names/males in general. I also love Australian accents and British ones. As an American, I love a charming southern accent or a brash east coast accent.
19. Bianca
Australian is very sexy. Just listen to Alex O'Loughlin (in an interview not on the show where he sounds perfectly American).
British can be very hot too. Tom Mison and Tom Hiddleston come to mind.
20. marcellecole
Scottish or Irish either one gives me warm fuzzies. :)
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