May 25 2014 11:17am

Orphan Black Season 2, Episode 6 Recap: Clone Road Trip!

Helena and Jesse in Orphan Black 2x06Orphan Black blew us away last year (you may have seen our Season 1 recaps during the hiatus?) with its riveting performances (led by Tatiana Maslany), brilliant storytelling, and intriguing romances (like Sarah/Paul and Cosima/Delphine). Now it's back for Season 2, and so are our weekly episode recaps. Buckle up—we have a feeling it's going to be quite the ride.

This post contains SPOILERS for all aired episodes of Orphan Black, including last night’s Season 2, episode 6, “To Hound Nature in Her Wanderings.” Enjoy!

Sarah and Helena are camped out in the wild. Honestly, that’s a sweet tent. Also, who set them up with supplies? Or does “survivalist gear” automatically come with when you use Mrs. S.’s truck? Actually, that wouldn’t surprise me at all. Helena is eating something from a can. Surprise! Sarah wonders remarks on her sestra’s iron gut. “I only ate half,” Helena says handing the can over. That’s some clone love for you right there. Sarah takes a whiff and passes it back uneaten. Helena chides that she has to eat, but Sarah would rather talk about Cold River, which isn’t on the map. “That would spoil the surprise,” Helena teases. Sarah wants to know why Helena doesn’t just tell her where Duncan is so they can take him to Leekie. “If you knew where Swan Man is, you would leave me behind,” Helena accuses. Sarah grimaces at getting caught out. Helena asks her sestra that if Sarah has Kira and she and Helena are twins, “could I have babies too?” Sarah asks why Helena wants to know that. “I’m very good with children,” Helena replies matter of fact. I can see Helena’s Craig’s List advert now. Sarah side-eyes her but makes no further comment. “You said the Proletheans did something to you,” she says instead. “Something about “married”? What happened?” Helena shrugs and puts on a knit hat. She says doesn’t remember given she had “the fever.” Sarah pulls on a jacket while Helena announces that Kira is lucky. “You are a good mother.” Sarah scoffs that she doesn’t think so.

“There’s somebody here,” Helena whispers. Sarah jerks around to look. Using the lantern light, Helena makes a wolf image with her fingers against the tent wall. “Ruff. Ruff. Look, he likes you.” She moves the wolf shadow up to Sarah’s shadow and makes kissing noises, bumping the image against the shadow of Sarah’s mouth. Sarah smiles and kisses it back. Helena makes a slurping noise as though the wolf is licking Sarah. “Ewwww,” she groans, laughing. “Gross. Go to sleep, weirdo,” she tells Helena who snort laughs. Yeesh, even each clone has her own laugh. They lay down facing one another. After a moment, Sarah opens her eyes again. Helena is waiting for her. “Don’t let the bedbugs bite,” she says fondly. Sarah rolls her eyes and switches position, putting her head at Helena’s feet so they form a visual clone ying/yang. A second later, Helena farts. She excuses herself laughing as Sarah covers her face. “Piss off!” she hollers without rancor.

The lantern light goes out as, outside the spacious tent, a black clad figure skulks through the brush and up to the truck. The figure searches the trunk and finds the Swan Man photograph in the glove box. Oh look, it’s Paul! What a surprise. What? It’s not like Siobhan’s gonna rustle her own truck. Paul frowns at the photo. What the hell?


The next morning, Helena fidgets in the truck, touching everything while Sarah drives. “You act like you’ve never been in a car before,” she says as she fixes the rear view mirror. “I’ve never been on a road trip before,” Helena clarifies. “Only told where to go and what to do.” She’s all wide-eyed staring out the window at the passing bleak scenery. She flips the radio on and through stations until Sarah tightly tells her to pick one. Helena settles on one that’s playing “Sugar Sugar” by The Archies. She gets this priceless look of wonder on her face at the sound of it, but Sarah shakes her head. “No, not happening,” she decides, switching it off. Helena immediately turns the song back on…and sings along. Badly. “Oh this must’ve been a huge hit with the nuns in the Ukraine,” Sarah snarks. “Yes,” Helena replies. “Super sun Sunkist.” Okay, I don’t know what she says. In fact, even the closed captions caved on this one, posting only “Super—.” So I tweeted Orphan Black creators/showrunners Graeme Manson and John Fawcett. Graeme Manson replied that it’s “Super Sunshine Hits.” God, I love Twitter.

Helena sings along some more. “You gonna sing the whole way?” Sarah says, genuinely annoyed. “I just can’t believe the loving…” Helena sings in reply, stumbling over the words. “I just can’t believe it’s youuuuuuu! Oh, honey!” Sarah gives in and cracks up with her sestra. “Stop please,” she begs. Helena continues bopping along and howling out the words while Sarah laughs. “Oh my God, Helena stop, please!” “OH, HONEY!” Helena shouts in reply.

Down in the Sweet Science Crib, Delphine tenderly tends to Cosima’s arm post-inoculation. There’s no sign of inflammation or pain and when Cosima confirms she feels fine, Delphine announces that it’s a promising result. “Hey, contain yourself, please,” she teases when Cosima merely nods. “Sarah’s scared of getting sick now. Her and Kira too,” Cosima relates. “As if she needed anything else to worry about.” This protectiveness Cos feels for Sarah and Kira is touching and shows how they have all become a family for real. Delphine reminds her she had to tell them eventually, but Cosima hope to have some answers to give them then too, “not just more crappy news.” Delphine preps Cosima’s arm to draw blood and suggests she can offer hope. “If these results remain positive, we move to implantation.” Cosima details the next procedure. “Stem cells from the exfoliated dental pulp of baby teeth. In my uterus. That’s not invasive at all.” Be glad it’s not a cattle inseminator. As Delphine preps the needle, Cosima wonders how they even found a DNA match for the procedure. “The odds of compatibility are like a million to one.” Delphine claims they were lucky to only have to search thousands of samples before they found it, not millions. “There are benefits to being a multinational.” She eases the needle into Cos’ arm. Cosima exhales hard. “Mon petit chou,” Delphine teases gently. “You’re the puppy,” Cosima replies in kind. Delphine’s mobile rings and Cosima answers it while Delphine finishes with her arm. “Doctor Courmier,” Cosima answers playfully. She loses her smile as she listens to the caller. “Who?”

Scott from Minnesota is reception and nervously bounces his leg as he waits. Cosima greets him warmly but wonders why he’s there and Scott can’t believe it either. “Doctor Leekie personally approved my application!” But Cosima knows enough now to know when something stinks at the Dyad. “Did you know about this?” she asks Delphine, who’s smiling. “Well, we need a sequencing tech and you said he was the best,” she answers. Cosima pulls Delphine aside to protest that they can’t involve Scott in what they’re doing. “But he is involved,” she reminds Cosima. “You gave him your samples.” Also, he’s more convenient leverage to use against Cosima should the need arise. Cosima points out that Scott doesn’t know that. “Look, he found your synthetic sequence and we need an expert we can trust on examining that.” This is why Delphine worries me. She genuinely loves Cosima but is too easily convinced to believe what Leekie spoons out to her even when it manipulates Cosima or even leaves her in the dark. I think her love for science and her love for Cosima are going to come to an ugly head at some point soon and she will choose poorly.

Cosima isn’t buying the explanations and instead tells Scott they’re not hiring right now. He protests and so does Delphine and then, as Cosima tries to walk out on the cluster Delphine and Leekie went behind her back to arrange, Scott calls out, “I know about the clones!” As one, the women turn back toward him. Scott belatedly crosses his arms in self-protection and pouts.

At the New Path Wellness Center, Alison is in group therapy, left arm still in a sling. She claps her good hand against her thigh perfunctorily when another patient finishes his speech. Yvonne the Sassy Black Sponsor prompts Alison to share, but she politely declines. Yvonne’s not having any. “You’re up.” Alison insists she’s just there for her kids. The group is unimpressed; they’ve heard it all before. “And I’m sorry that I ruined the play with my drinking,” she adds. Yvonne chides that it’s not about sorry but about taking responsibility. “Well, I’m not actually a drunk, am I?” Alison replies snottily. Yvonne gives her the universal, “Bitch, please” look as someone knocks on the door and enters. Hey, Vic the Dick is back! In rehab! With…Alison? Oh, this is gonna be good.

He joins the group like one who’s been there for a while. Yvonne asks how the appointment went with the specialist and he details his repeated refusals for painkillers as the doctor treated his finger stump. “Thank you, Lord,” he concludes, “I just didn’t cave.” This is when he finally notices Alison, despite her half-hearted efforts to shield her face. It shocks him into silence as Yvonne advises him not to confuse suffering with healing and then decides they’ll talk about Family Day.

Over at Fee’s Fun Flat, Fee is flat out drunk and looks like he’s been on an awful bender for days. Thrash music plays at an ear-shaking level. The paintings in the flat are dark slabs of fear and anger. He’s drinking straight from the vodka bottle and throwing paint on the canvases in violent jerks. Poor darling. The music and angst are so loud, he doesn’t hear the pounding on his door, so Art lets himself in. He takes in the scene including Fee’s rear view as he drunkenly bobs in front of his latest painting. The fact that Fee is wearing pants under his smock just makes me sad. Unnoticed, Art enters the flat, stepping in paint along the way, and grabs the remote to turn off the music.

Felix erupts into violence. “OY!” he shouts, stumbling around to bring the vodka bottle down on Art’s head. Art holds him off and takes control of the bottle. Fee backs away when he realizes who it is. “Get out! Piss off!” he orders. Art takes off his jacket and tells Fee how Sarah asked him to check on her brother. “That’s so thoughtful,” Fee mocks. “Oh my Lord, that really takes the sting out of being framed for murder.” He picks up a new bottle and Art decides he’s had enough. “Yeah, I’ve had enough,” Fee agrees and gets up in Art’s face about it. “My love life’s a shambles and I’ve been demoted from babysitter to bargaining chip. You’re right, Arthur, I’ve had enough!” At this point he loses his balance and Art barely catches him before Fee face plants into the floor.

“All right. Bedtime,” Art decides as he cradles Fee awkwardly and relieves him of the bottle. “Arthur you beast,” Fee laughs drunkenly against Art’s chest. “I’m not even taking any new clients.” Art raises a brow. “Yeah? Then how ‘bout you take your hand off my ass.” Fee grins and giggles. Art pushes him back onto the couch. Fee passes out.

Yvonne concludes group therapy, but Alison can’t move fast enough to avoid Vic the Dick. He insists they need to talk. “I’m not Sarah,” she says. “And I’m not stupid,” he replies. Eh, we’ll see. He knows Alison’s the woman who maced him in the parking lot. “What, are you, twins?” Alison grimaces. “We’re clones, Victor. What do you think of that?” He considers her a moment but doesn’t believe it.  “In all honesty, that face is the last one I ever wanted to see again.” Alison thinks this is a good reason for him to leave her alone. Vic the Dick thinks the Godhead has put her there to test him. “The Godhead?” Alison repeats incredulous. Vic the Dick nods and the gestures to imply some ethereal all-encompassing entity. “Oh my God,” Alison scoffs. “Please just let me eat my humble pie in peace.”

Sarah pulls the truck up next to a church. “This isn’t Cold River, Helena,” she complains. Helena does her best to look innocent. It’s not? Sarah notices the church and wonders if it’s where Duncan is. Helena confirms it’s where Duncan was last seen. “Maggie tracked him here.” Sarah compares the church door in the photo to the one across the street: It’s a match. “Now we follow his trail, yeah?” Helena says as she undoes her seatbelt. Sarah protests that Helena is to stay in the car. “Don’t cause any trouble.” She did not just say that! “Can I have radio?” Helena asks a bit plaintive. Sarah slaps her hand away from the radio and makes a show of taking the keys from the ignition. “Don’t do anything, please,” she says as she gets out of the truck and heads for the church. Sarah turns back at the corner and silently points at her sestra. Stay. She could at least crack the window! As Sarah reaches the church, Paul pulls up on a side street looking shifty as he reconnoiters.

Inside, the church gleams with the fresh polish of care. Sarah walks down the aisle to view a series of photos on the back wall, first of the church, then some stone buildings at the back of a large field, and finally a picture of one of those buildings up close. A woman approaches and asks if she can help Sarah. Sarah asks after the third photo and claims to have seen the building before. “That’s the Cold River Institute,” the woman replies. The name pings for Sarah. “It was shut down in the 70s. What’s your interest in it?” the woman asks, less friendly. Instead of answering, Sarah takes out the photo of Duncan in front of the church and asks the woman if she’s ever seen him. “Mr. Peckham,” she replies. “He’s been here a few times to go through the archives.” Sarah wants to see the archives, but the woman denies her. “I think they’re better off left alone.” Without missing a step, Sarah claims to be a student of Mr. Peckham’s. “It’s for my thesis.”

Outside Helena is done waiting in the car. She spies a bar across the street with a motorcycle parked out in front. Her kind of place. Paul watches as she strolls across the intersection to the bar. He hasn’t seen Helena before, has he? Even in Olivier’s office, it was Sarah wearing Helena’s jacket he saw on camera, not Helena herself. Or did he see her when Sarah had Helena stashed in the trunk of her car? Rewatch!

In the Sweet Science Crib, Scott is writing formula on the clear board to explain how he figured out Clone Club. The 36-base pair variation in identical samples didn’t make sense to him until Cosima and Delphine started asking about genetic patents, “so I was, like, coded marker tags. Duh.” Delphine nods while Cosima merely raises her brows at his excitement. “Anyway, identical genomes with markers and embedded patents? Had to be clones. So…can I see one?” Cosima is mildly amused he hasn’t figured it out yet. “You want to see one?” Scott is indeed gung ho to do so. With a careful look at Cosima, Delphine cautions that they should take it one step at a time. She knows Cosima is imminently capable of spilling the genomes just to see Scott react—and to teach Delphine a lesson for going around behind her back.

A bartender puts what looks like a White Russian on the bar next to the series of drinks Helena’s already ordered including a dry Martini (one olive), a Bloody Mary, a shot of whiskey, a Screwdriver, a shot of tequila, and something involving a paper umbrella. I wanna go with Sex on the Beach, but it’s probably a daiquiri. She lifts the shot of tequila and downs it with a grimace. A big guy with a ponytail and a puffy vest comes up to the bar. He looks at her drink line up and notes that Helena’s starting early and should pace herself. OK, that last drink is something blue, so probably not a daiquiri but umbrella drinks are not my forte so have at it. Helena picks up the second shot and studies it. “I’m on vacation,” she absently replies before downing the shot.

The guy looks back at his friends and then invites Helena to join them. “We’re nicer than we look.” Helena looks him up and down. “I think you bad goat. Maaa,” she bleats. Puffy Vest narrows his eyes. “Are you being rude, you little skank?” He points a finger at her. “I’m not quite sure I heard what you said.” Helena grabs his finger and bends it back. Puffy Vest yells in pain. “You broke my finger!” Helena scoffs at him. “Don’t be baby; I only sprain. Next one I break.” Heh. Puffy Vest launches himself at her. “You know what?!” She doesn’t know because White Knight intervenes, jumping between Puffy Vest and Helena and telling “Carl” to leave it be. “Move it, Jesse,” Carl snarls. “She just—” “Made herself clear,” Jesse says pointedly. Say, it’s Patrick J Adams from Suits. Y’all know how he tweeted and begged to be on the show and how the showrunners created this role so he could do just that? Well, now you do. Carl reins it in and retreats but not before a final verbal swipe at Helena. “Crazy bitch!” Oh yeah, you’re a prince, pal.

Jesse apologizes to Helena complete with a tug on his trucker’s hat and a “ma’am.” He orders a beer and pork rinds so naturally, Helena’s in love. She bumps a drink toward him. “White Russian?” Jesse glances at her then slowly pushes the bowl her way. “Pork rind?” It’s a Crazy Clone Meet Cute! As Helena chomps down and smiles at Jesse, Mark the Prolethean enters the bar. Ruh roh.

The as-yet-unnamed-woman leads Sarah into the basement where rows upon rows of banker’s boxes comprise the archives. She explains that when the Cold River Institute was torn down, they moved the records to the church for their historical value. “Sometimes I wish we’d burned the lot.” Not for nothing, but no one’s explained how the church and the institute are connected nor has this woman questioned the content and purpose of Sarah’s “thesis.” Also, Sarah’s tour guide says “we” not “them” so was she too at the institute in its day? Is she the Archive Guardian? She brings Sarah to the section where Duncan had been poking around. Sarah reads off the years that categorize the boxes. “1910. 1920.” Tour Guide acknowledges that those were early years, “but the Institute was around longer than most people think.” These people are going to turn out to be The Watchers Council, aren’t they? Either Buffy or Highlander edition. Dealer’s choice.

Tour Guide removes some files and asks Sarah to get the box beneath it down for her. “What you see here won’t leave you,” she warns. “Yeah, I get that feeling,” Sarah replies.

At rehab, Alison drums her fingers next to a Styrofoam coffee cup. “You said you’d bring the kids,” she accuses Donnie, who sits across from her in the rehab coffee shop. He says he will, on family day. Alison wanted to see them today but Donnie doesn’t think it’s a good environment for them until Alison starts taking rehab seriously. “As if I’m the one who should be in here proving myself,” she snaps. Donnie asks what that’s supposed to mean. “It means, Donnie, that once this is all over, you’ll have nowhere to hide.” Donnie thinks she threatening her and that he doesn’t have to sit there and take it. Alison laughs in his face and pursues him, stabbing her finger into his chest as she, ah, threatens, “I’m not actually making threats and if you show up here without my kids again I will cut off your dangly balls!”

“Hey, you guys all good?” Vic the Dick interrupts all friendly like. Alison and Donnie turn toward him with speaking expressions. Alison: Do I lookgood? Donnie: Please tell me you didn’t hear all that followed by Wait, who are you? “Anger is a tool and we used it on problems, not people. She’s working on this a lot harder than you think,” he tells Donnie. Alison glares at him as though thinking of all the ways she could kill him. Putting his hands together, Vic the Dick bows to Donnie. When Donnie awkwardly tries to reply in kind, Alison swats him. “Don’t do that,” she hisses. Hee. Donnie tells her he hopes Vic the Dick is right and that he’ll see her on Family Day. He goes to peck her cheek, but Alison dodges as per usual. “Fine,” he snits and leaves.

Sarah eases her way into the file box. She pulls out a ledger marked COLD RIVER BREEDING STUDY. That’s not creepy at all. Also in the box are many photos including a formal one of a baby labeled “Most Perfect Baby 1908.” Another photo is of an obviously mentally and physically disabled young man wearing coveralls. There’s a long clang above Sarah’s head that startles her. Another photo has a nurse in full turn-of-the-century uniform wearing a gas mask as she puts a large bag or bedding on a hospital bed. The next photo shows a non-gas-masked nurse taking a baby out of that same bag. Then there’s a shot of gowned and masked medical personal surrounding an operating table with a doctor crouched at one end behind a screen in the standard pose of an obstetrician delivering a baby. She flips through a book of pasted photos that look like the documentation of failed experiments. The book includes x-ray images of brains marked “criminal 41,” a photo of a bald, obese woman who looks like a large baby, one of a deceased fetus with short, misshapen arms and legs, and finally a photo simply of tiny malformed feet with six toes. It’s this last picture that nearly breaks Sarah and she closes her eyes until another loud clang from above startles her again.

At Fee’s Fun Flat, Felix rouses slowly into his massive hangover headache. “Bollocks.” He focused blearily on Art who’s put up a makeshift murder board. “Why are you still here?” Art silently and deliberately moves an already prepared mug closer to Fee setting it down with an audible clunk. “Is that coffee?” Fee asks as he sits up. “Jesus, you’re the best date I’ve had in ages.” Fee honey, you need to update your Match profile. He glances around at Art’s handiwork. “Holy shit, he’s moved in.” Art finally speaks and tells Fee that Helena’s storage locker was a gold mine. He tosses over a plastic bag of evidence. “I need your help.” Fee can’t believe he’s serious but he rifles through the back nonetheless. “God, this shit’s like pure nightmare fuel.” Art studies the murder board, which includes pictures of the Duncan’s, Maggie Chen’s corpse, Helena’s finger paint figures, Henrik the Prolethean, a picture of the Cold River church. Stick up notes pepper some of the images. “Maggie Chen. Ex-Dyad. Mole. Johanssen. M.I.T. Prolethean. Scientist?” 

“Oy!” Fee calls to get Art’s attention. He holds up a picture that looks like Grimace. “I don’t understand any of this.” Art welcomes him to the party. “Come on! We gotta put it all together.”

Alison finds Vic the Dick meditating in New Wave Wellness Center’s gym. One-handed, she picks up a nearby basketball and bounces it, startling Vic the Dick. She’s does a creditable one-handed free throw that barely misses the net and retrieves the basketball on the other side of the room, all the while ignoring Vic the Dick. She says she knows all about “Vic the Dick” from Felix and he’s not surprised. “I know you were abusive to Sarah and that you attacked me in a parking lot.” Vic the Dick allows that he was in a lot of pain when he did that, “but I’m walking the path of the Buddha now and…” Alison cuts him off. “Would you quit it with the Buddha business?!” He lets it go. “You’re here for your kids, right?” he asks. Alison wonders why else she’d be there. Vic the Dick chuckles as her self-delusion and moves to leave. “Okay,” she calls after him. “I’m a – bottle hider,” she confesses. “Why do I have to admit that to a bunch of drunk losers?” Vic the Dick says she doesn’t have to do that, “but you will realize that sober smack heads are the beat listeners, so…” Alison looks around and admits she feels like she’s in a prison yard. Vic the Dick laughs in sympathetic understanding. Alison chuckles and tosses him the ball with a gesture toward the hoop. He drops his yoga mat and gamely does a one-handed layup that rebounds off the underside of the rim and smacks him in the face. “Ugh, terrible,” Alison teases, clucking her tongue. He bounces it back to her and she attempts another free throw. Alison with Vic the Dick as her sponsor. Let the hilarity ensue.

Back at the not-Cold River bar, Mark quietly nurses a drink while, unaware, Helena chats up Jesse. “In Ukraine, I was police detective. I shot many criminals.” Jesse bemoans that he’s never been farther than Sioux Falls. “Then I was brilliant scientist, but I quit to be with my family,” Helena continues. Jesse worries that she’s spoken for. “Divorced,” Helena corrects, “after rehab drinking problems.” It’s sad and adorable that Helena has to cribbed from her sestras lives in order to have a back story. Probably because “I was raised by extremist nuns to be an assassin for God” doesn’t usually tap out with a hook up. “But now I am with my sestra, having adventures,” she concludes. Jesse is fascinated with her life. “Wonder how a simple guy like me keeps a girl like you in a place like this.” Try Jello. “You’d have to be very strong,” Helena advises.

Cut to the two of them in an arm wrestle where Helena more than holds her own and finally wins. Jesse passes over a shot. They clink and drink. Mark watches from afar, never noticing Paul’s arrival until he takes the stool next to him. Paul compliments Mark’s mad tracking skillz especially given he didn’t even pick Mark up on the clone’s trail until the night before. “Special Forces? JTF2?” Mark picks up his drink to show how unruffled he is by Paul’s unexpected arrival. I’m guessing he didn’t similarly pick up Paul on the scent. “Boy scouts,” he quips. Heh. Paul admits he’s never met a real Prolethean before. “I expect Dyad’s sent you after the other one?” Mark asks, meaning Sarah. Paul chuckles. “Are you waiting until she drinks herself senseless or for the bar to clear out?” Mark admits he’s just letting Helena enjoy herself while she can. “She’s a miracle, I’m told.” That’s a change to his tune from when he blissfully told Gracie Helena was a miracle. Paul notes that whatever Helena is, she’s not worth dying for. Mark finally faces him. “Is yours?”

Back at the archives, Sarah has Cosima on speaker phone as she loads up the microfiche for more research. Aw, microfiches. Shades of my studious youth. She’s already uploaded Cos on what she’s found and Cosima sadly wonders if good intentions and bad science sound familiar. “Should it?” Sarah asks as she pulls up the photo of the operating theatre followed by an article called THE PROGRESS OF EUGENIC STERILIZATION. I’m afraid to ask if these are really good props or real medical papers. Cosima name checks Project Leda and points out how Cold River is the perfect ideological breeding ground for a nature/nurture cloning fiasco.” The scene shifts to Cosima’s end of the call. Behind her, Delphine entertains Scott while shooting concerned looks at Cosima. Probably wants to hear what Sarah has discovered. Sarah sighs heavily over the phone. “They did a shite job breeding us, didn’t they?” Cosima reminds her that science is what scientists do. “Nobody’s got any idea. We’re just poking at things with sticks.” She goes quiet. Worried, Sarah asks if she’s going to be all right. For a moment, Cosima almost shares her fears, but instead she assures Sarah that of course she’ll be fine. “Honestly. Honestly, we just started testing a new stem cell match, actually.” Sarah doesn’t know what that means and after another quiet moment to gather herself, Cosima quotes Delphine and says that it’s promising. Sarah chokes up. “I can’t do this without you,” she confesses emotionally. Touched, Cosima jokes, “Yeah obviously. I’m the geek monkey.” Sarah laughs. “Yes you are.” They both smile the exact same smile. Really, the journey these two women have made together and as individuals is amazing. “When I get back, we’re going to get Alison out of rehab,” Sarah vows. Cosima agrees with equal conviction. “We’re stronger together. Go figure.” But Sarah is now wide-eyed with discovery of a new photograph. “Cambridge Biology Delegation,” she reads from a photo of four men under the headline COLD RIVER HOSTS VISITING CAMBRIDGE DELEGATES. She recognizes one of the men in the picture. “Duncan was at Cold River.”

At the bar, Carl shakes his still hurting hand and glares at Helena and Jesse arm-wrestling as he bitches to a friend. Over their clenched fists, Jesse tells Helena she has pretty eyes. You should see her sestra’s. “And you have a…nice hat,” Helena grunts out. “And very nice red face.” Jesse groans as she beats him again. His hat reads “Jesse’s Towing” so he’s a good guy who owns his own business. They laugh and Helena pounds the table as Jesse passes over another shot. He calls for a tiebreaker. “Okay, real challenge, please,” Helena taunts as they both shakes out their arms. They clasp fists for another bout, but the Jesse is distracted by the slow song that’s started. Crazy. That’s what they call me. Helena eyes Jesse carefully as he stands and holds out his hand. “May I?” He leads her onto the dance floor. Walk along the razor’s edge into black and back again. Jesse and Helena slow dance, eyes locked on each other, and slowly embrace. Crazy. That’s what they tell me. No one’s heard a word I’ve said. They’ve got me hanging by a thread.

Over at the bar, Mark and Paul are negotiating. “Sarah’s off the table,” Paul tells him. “So how ‘bout you take your girl, I’ll take mine.” Wary, Mark confirms this means there’ll be no bloodshed. “Your boss is happy, so are mine,” Paul concludes. Mark raises his glasses in agreement and Paul shifts his attention to the dancing couple. Helena is wide-eyed with heretofore unknown happiness. There’s nothing I can say to change the past. Tell me what is life without a chance? Jesse lifts his head to look at Helena. Crazy. You think you can save me? They lean in slowly.You can’t even save yourself. It’s you I want and not your help. Crazy. Jesse and Helena kiss. It quickly spirals out of control. He backs her up against the pool table. Watch the felt!

This is all too much for Carl to endure. He stalks over and yanks Jesse off Helena. “I’m cuttin’ in!” Ah, dude? Not a good idea. “No, Carl, I already told you!” Jesse protests. Carl ignores him and turns back to Helena who has picked up a pool ball. She clocks Carl across the face with it. The entire bar collectively groans “OH!” Hee. Carl takes a swing at Helena, but she traps his arm in the rack and uses it to throw him onto the pool table. Watch the felt! With a maniacal grin of glee, Helena leaps on top of Carl and goes after his eyes. Stunned, Jesse stops protesting and watches. I get the feeling Carl’s had this coming for a while. He screams in pain. Another man tries to get Helena off Carl, but she punches him away. Behind her a third man goes to lift her off, but this time it’s Jesse who throws the punch, shaking his hand afterward.

At the bar, Paul finishes his drink and flips the glass over in his hand before snapping it rim upside down on the bar. “Good luck with that, kid,” he quips, pointing at Helena’s bit of fun before he makes a quick exit. Mark very carefully does not look at Helena. As Carl screams, Mark adjusts his coat. Miracle, my ass.

Back at the church, Sarah emerges from the archives and tells Tour Guide that there were some patient histories and other files missing. “Pilfering,” she dismisses. “Another reason why I try to keep them locked up.” Sarah wonders if Tour Guide thinks it was Mr. Peckham, but she doesn’t. “A woman came in after him. Maybe another student friend of yours. Uh…Margaret?” Sarah realizes it must have been Maggie Chen.

Inside the bar, Jesse protests to the sheriff that Helena “didn’t do nothing” but they cart her away in handcuffs anyway. “I want my boyfriend,” Helena mutters. Over at the pool table, Mark picks up Jesse’s discarded if carefully placed hat. Sarah emerges from the church just as the cops bring a struggling and bloodied Helena out of the bar to put her in the cop car. The sestras catch sight of each other across the intersection. “Sestra,” Helena whispers just before a cop forces her into the car. Sarah gapes at her. This is why I told you to stay in the car!

At the police station, Helena is humming while handcuffed to a bench. “I want my boyfriend,” she tells the police woman. “Where’s Jesse?” The cop has no idea, but the men Helena beat up are not pressing charges. “Good. So I continue my holiday.” The cop tells Helena her sister is here, but it turns out to be Gracie, not Sarah. She hides her mouth until the cop is gone and then reveals how swollen it remains from being sewn shut. “Sister,” Gracie says. “It’s good to see you.” She sits at the far end of the bench next to the one to which Helena is cuffed. Helena flatly accuses that Gracie tried to kill her. “Yes,” Gracie admits matter of fact, which makes Helena laugh. “My father and I don’t always see eye to eye,” Gracie reveals. Helena recognizes that Henrik sewed Gracie’s mouth silent. “I had this also once.” Not surprising given how many other philosophies Henrik and Tomas shared. “It will heal.” Gracie tells Helena the others want her to come back. “I have my sestra now. She needs me,” Helena replies. Gracie tells her Sarah isn’t coming back for Helena. Unfortunately, Helena’s been discarded by so many, this is too easy for her to believe. “We want to take you to your children,” Gracie says, easing closer. “You took my babies from inside me,” Helena whispers. Gracie reveals that Henrik made Helena’s eggs whole for her. “Why?” she asks. Gracie says it’s because Henrik sees something beautiful in Helena. “But you don’t?” Gracie flinches before she replies that is doesn’t matter what she sees. Helena sympathizes; she knows what it’s like not to matter. “He will take my babies and put them inside me like I was made?” she asks. Gracie doesn’t quite follow until Helena points to her groin. “Yes, like that,” she confirms. The cop comes back to tell Gracie that Helena is free to go. The girl leads Helena out to the reception area where Mark waits for them. He greets Helena and passes over Jesse’s hat saying that he asked Mark to give it to Helena. For all her relationship inexperience, even Helena recognizes a brush off when she gets one. Take me to my babies,” she says duly as Mark drapes her coat across her shoulders. Over her head, he smiles at Gracie. Good job.

Sarah is on the road and on the phone asking Art to check on Helena. He promises to make some calls to see if he can get her released. Satisfied, she tells art about the missing files and that Maggie Chen must’ve hid them in her locker and they should have something about a Peckham. At Fee’s Fun Flat, Felix is manning the murder board and listening to Sarah on the speaker phone. “Peckham” pings for him. He locates a patient medical record for Andrew Peckham who died as a two-year-old in 1943 and whose parents were also dead at that time. Art points out how the dates mesh and Sarah and Fee realize Ethan Duncan took over the dead Andrew Peckham’s identity. Sarah tells them “The Archivist” told her Peckham got to the church by car, “so just find me an Andrew Peckham that’s within old man driving range.” Ha.

Back at the Sweet Science Crib, Delphine is preparing to leave for the day. She tells Scott it’s good to have him there and asks if he needs anything. He actually does. First he reminds Delphine that he signed his confidentiality agreement and thus they can trust him. He tells her Cosima had him looking at stem cell growth kinetics, “but I wanted to see if Dyad tagged them like they tagged the clones, so I ran PCR. They’re not clone cells. They’re from a totally different person.” He then checked familial markers and found the clones have 13 identical STR LOCI with the stem cell donor. “Whoever you cloned, do they have a niece or even a daughter?” Basically, the source of the treatment that was so successfully tested on Cosima comes either from Kira…or someone else. Delphine of course realizes the dangerous implications and immediately orders Scott not to tell Cosima about what he found. Scott looks like he may already have done so.

At New Wave Wellness Center. Vic the Dick bounds up the stairs to head out for a smoke. Alison hurries after him and he invites her to join him but she declines. She tells him she has to make place settings for Family Day and could use some help. After a pause, he agrees. “Too good hands between us, right?” She chuckles and he promises to join her after. “Namaste,” he says with a short bow. “Don’t do that,” Alison chides.

Outside, Vic gets into a red car. I thought for sure Leekie was going to be in the car and Vic the Dick was going to be revealed as Alison’s inside monitor, but instead, it’s Angie! “How’s recovery going, Vic?” she taunts. “We’re going to make doilies together,” Vic the Dick answers unhappily. Angie’s impressed but Vic the Dick thinks that makes one of them. She reminds him it’s too late to back out of their deal. “I’ll get you your dirt on Alison Hendrix, but my charges gone away and I’m done.” Angie agrees but it’s clear she’s only humoring him. Vic the Dick repeats that he means it and is done. “This shit’s cramping my recovery,” he says as he climbs from the car.

Art has found an Andrew Peckham in Brockville and Sarah pulls right up in front of the house and knocks on the door, which is then opened by…Siobhan. Of course it’s Siobhan. She does look to be as shocked to see Sarah as Sarah is to see her and barely manages to tuck the gun in her hand out of sight behind her leg. Inside, the place is a Hoarders episode waiting to happen. Siobhan snarls that she should’ve known Sarah would show up, “with shit on your shoe, no doubt,” she adds even as she checks the back window to see if Sarah was followed. “You bitch,” Sarah accuses. “You knew all along. My whole life you knew, you’re just one of them, aren’t ya?”

“I am not one of them,” Siobhan snaps. “Just like you I got caught up in a struggle I didn’t ask for. Only I’ve been at it longer, so I’m better at it than you.” Sara yells that she didn’t come there for Siobhan’s shit. “Where’s Duncan?! Is he here?” Siobhan corrects that his name is Peckham and has been ever since he came over to “their side” 20 years ago. They hid him in exchange for information of experiments being done on unborn children and a surrogate mother who ran away. “Amelia,” Sarah concludes and Siobhan confirms it. “Carlton found you in the foster system and the Dyad have been after us ever since.” Sarah announces she doesn’t believe a word Siobhan says, and her foster mother scoffs. “The question is, who do you trust?” before Sarah can answer, the kettle goes off. When Sarah glances toward the kitchen, she sees Duncan. “After you,” Siobhan invites.

Sarah eases around stacks of newspapers and crates. She hears Duncan coaxing his birds Bronwen and Roslyn to eat. He doesn’t notice Sarah or the shrieking kettle until Siobhan calls his attention to the first and turns off the second. He freezes when he sees Sarah. “You’re, um…” “Sarah Manning,” she fills in. “Not Rachel?” he confirms with a look to Siobhan who reminds him Sarah’s the one she told Duncan about. “Remember? Amelia’s child,” she prompts as she puts the top on a silver thermos. He searches Sarah’s face looking for signs of his daughter so intently, it becomes uncomfortable and Sarah side-eyes Siobhan about it. Duncan realizes what he’s doing and apologizes. “Yeah, that’s not what I’m here for,” Sarah replies tersely replies. He offers to get them both tea and then notices Siobhan’s already taken care of it. “We need to get moving,” she reminds him adding with a pointed glance at Sarah, “Unfortunately.” Duncan frets over his birds, but Siobhan assures him she’ll take care of it and again looks at Sarah when she adds, “I always do.” Sarah rolls her eyes and scoffs audibly. Siobhan warns her she only has five minutes and then leaves Sarah and Peckham alone.

“I don’t know where to start,” Sarah admits. “I don’t know how many there are,” Duncan blurts. “We weren’t the only implantation team.” That’s just…chilling. Sarah wants to know about Project Leda and why she and her clone sisters were made. “Proof of concept. How everything starts.” He goes on to tell how the military recruited him and his wife, Susan in the mid-70s. “Susan was the brains, really. Did you know that she cracked the spindle protein problem?” Sarah shakes her head. “What did you do?” “We succeeded. Cloned human embryos.  What a feat! But an oversight committee declared us an ethical failure.” He explains the Dyad Institute was a private contractor who persuaded the Duncans to push through to full term when the military shut them down. “Once you’ve gone too far, it’s hard not to go all the way.” Sarah wants to know what they wanted.  “Babies. Little girls.” So, the whole reasons the Dyad pushed Project Leda through was to produce their own private baby farm?

Outside, Paul’s tracked Sarah to Peckham’s house. Inside, Siobhan peers out the window and, seeing him, pulls her gun from the back where she stashed it and checks the clip before ramming it home.

Sarah and Duncan sit at the kitchen table. “You know we’re not just a concept, right? That we’re your consequences?” But Duncan just wants to know if Sarah’s met his Rachel. “Yes, what a treat,” Sarah sneers. “You’ve really created a monster there.” Duncan protests that they loved Rachel and begs to be allowed to see her. “What makes you think I’d ever do that for you?” Sarah wonders. Duncan’s taken aback by her hostility.

Outside, Siobhan exits the house and casually strolls right over toward Paul’s car. Paul freaks when he recognizes her. I love that he’s smart enough to realize where the real danger lies. He futilely pulls his collar up to shield his face. When he realizes she headed right for him, he gets his gun at the ready. Siobhan walks right up to his window, tea thermos in her right hand, left hand raised in surrender. “Hello Paul,” she drawls, amused.

Mrs. S. sits in Paul’s car while he holds the gun on her. “Sarah’s in there with Duncan?” he clarifies. “Oh yes,” she confirms. “Tea?” Heh. He raises the gun when she spins the thermos’ top. “It’s just tea, Paul,” she chides. “Just a conversation.” He wonders what he could possibly have to talk about with her. “Well, your next move, of course.” She pours the tea. “Got biscuits in my pocket,” she taunts with a grin, like he’s a little boy she’s coaxing to trust her. Actually, that analogy may be more apt than I planned.

She holds out the thermos top full of tea and asks who sent him, but when he replies “Dyad” she declares it’s hardly an answer. “Dyad’s a hydra.” Paul ignores the tea and Siobhan clucks her tongue. “God’s sake,” she mutters before drinking from thermos directly.  Satisfied, Paul finally takes the tea. “If Sarah’s caught between Leekie and Rachel, I bet you are too. And a man with two masters answers only to himself.”

“Who does Siobhan Sadler answer too?” he shoots back. But Siobhan only smiles. “I’m there mom, aren’t I?” Interesting that she says “their” and she’s not talking about Sarah and Felix either. Paul seems to catch this slip too. “If you think you’re taking Sarah back,” she tells him, “you’ll have to kill me. And if you think you’re taking Duncan, the only man alive who can give Sarah and her sisters what they need, then you’ll have to kill us both.” She seems rather cheery about it too, but I think Mrs. S. has had Paul’s number from the moment she saw him and knows exactly what he’s prepared to do for Sarah and why. “But you don’t want to do that,” she continues, “or Afghanistan will all have been for naught.” What the huh now? She knows about Afghanistan? What does she know? Because that sounded like there’s more than what Paul told Sarah at the end of season one, more even than what Rachel and Leekie know. “What would you know about that?” he asks. Siobhan ignores his questions. “Paul, in your position, you could really use a new friend.” For a second, there’s an unguarded moment of honest in Paul’s face. I really could.

Back in the kitchen, Duncan frets over his birds while Sarah asks if it was ever real, “your little family? Or was it just an experiment?” Duncan protests that it was both. “So was Daddy Rachel’s first monitor?” Duncan stumbles over admitting that is true, but Sarah’s outrage on Rachel’s behalf runs right over his explanations. “Do you know what Dyad’s done to her, what she’s become?” Duncan denies that was them, “It wasn’t even Dyad. It was the Neolutionists inside Dyad.” With a flash of insight, Sarah concludes it all comes back to Doctor Leekie. Duncan realizes he’s said too much and tries to claim that he doesn’t have to talk to Sarah. “Yes, you do and you know it!” she counters. He tries to excuse that it’s all in the past. “No it’s not!” Sarah shouts through gritted teeth. “This is my life and you gave it to me so you’re gonna help us.” He weakly cries no, but Sarah’s not having any. “Yes you are. I’ll take you to Leekie. You can talk to him then.” Sobbing, Duncan drops back into the chair. “They stole my daughter!” Sarah gets into his face. “Your daughter is lost! There’s just me. And Alison, a housewife with two adopted kids. And Cosima! Brilliant scientist. Just like you.” Duncan cries that he can’t do it. “We’re real, Ethan,” Sarah says with passion. “Cosima is…unlike anybody I’ve ever met. And she’s sick. We’re sick. You’re little girls are dying. It can happen to Rachel too.” Duncan stutters that he tried to stop it. “You can help us now,” she tells him. “You don’t understand,” he cries. “What don’t I understand?” Sarah begs as Mrs. S. quietly eases into view behind her. Guess Paul agreed to her terms then.

“Leekie wouldn’t let us raise her,” Duncan explains. “We were going to expose everything, but he found out and…” He trails off at the last and looks to Siobhan for support. “Go on,” she tells him gently. “You can tell her.” As though this was the permission he needed, Duncan pins Sarah with a hard look. “Who do you think I’ve been hiding from all these years?” he asks. “Aldous Leekie killed my Susan! He killed Rachel’s mother!”

End Credits.

Next week: “Knowledge of Causes and Secrets Motion of Things”


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Kiersten Hallie Krum
1. Kiersten
Read the episode post mortem with co-creator John Fawcett over on Entertainment Weekly.
2. TheUberFan
Great job! I always love your reviews/recaps, but you know that already. :)

A few thoughts:

I had thought you meant you were sad that Felix was fully dressed while painting because it was a lost opportunity to see Jordan's bum again but per our Twitter exchange, I understand what you meant. Felix has been traumatized and doesn't feel safe in his own home. That makes me really sad. :(

Sarah telling Helena to stay in the truck was mind boggling. She didn't leave her for a few minutes, like she had when she went to talk to Leekie. She left her for AGES. Why on earth did she do that? She's supposed to be world wise and clever and yet she left Helena to her own devices for long enough for her to get drunk, pick up a hot guy, get into a bar room brawl AND get arrested.

Seriously Sarah. What were you thinking? And then for her to abandon Helena? Way to go, proving her right and discarding her like you do so many in your life.

I was really put out by that. I've seen people try to say, well she couldn't go to the police station or whatevever but I'm not buying it. Firstly, because this is a pattern for be so focused and driven that she forgets about her loved ones (Fee and Kira for starters) and secondly because Helena called her out for this very thing. That she'd leave her behind once she got what she wanted. I still love the girl, but she's got to stop doing that.

And in this instance, her behavior unwittingly put Helena back with the Proletheans and will make things entirely more complicated.

I love the scenes with Cosima and Sarah talking and I love the bond that's growing between them...and that they realize on some level they need to work together as a team...but of course that makes it only that much more galling that Sarah didn't go after Helena, nor did she mention her to Ethan as being one of them, as if she didn't matter. Grr.

I think we have had it wrong for awhile. It's not two enemies fighting...Proletheans versus Neolutionists. There's clearly a third team in the mix...the rebels. Revolutionaries. Freedom fighters. Team Siobhan, if you will. She's clearly more involved than we know even now but I think she truly is on Sarah's side. It would be nice to think that this could bond her with Paul, who I believe is also on Team Sarah.

The only thing I'm fairly certain of now is that Leekie did not kill Rachel's mother, Susan...nor do I think that the teeth belonged to Kira. Why? Because that's what's believed to be true and if there's anything certain on this show, it's the fact that they love to make us believe one thing is true when it's not. But Ethan believes it was Aldous who killed Susan....and Delphine believes it's Kira's teeth providing a possible cure.

As for the picture Fee holds up...that's not Grimace. That's the picture of the nun with the eyes poked out. It was in Maggie's locker in the last episode.

Also, I had figured that the church is connected with Cold River, in that when it closed down, all the research was left there. But that's all I got. :)
3. Stacymd2
Great recap Kiersten. I hope everyone is having a happy Memorial Day.

I really loved the scenes between Sarah and Helena and Sarah and Cosmia. The scenes between Helena and Jessie were good too. Damn TM is an amazing actress.

Dun, dun, dun! The plot keeps thickening. I am not convinced Paul is on team Sarah. When he finds out about Cal he will sell her out. Also everything with Del rings false to me. Who are "they" that searched through thousands of DNA to find a match? Cosmia has not interacted with any other doctors or scientists in Dyad. Del will not put Cosmia's health and safety a head of Leekie. I still think she is observing Cosmia die. Del is giving Cosmia the same false hope and treatments that Dyad gave Jennifer.

@UberFaenatic: I like your theory that there are more than two fractions at work.
Marie Sullivan
4. minime2
Thank you for laying out the baby teeth thing I was lost. I don’t think they are Kira’s but they could be since we know that Dyad tossed Ms. S’s place. I do like the idea that perhaps the “original” is gone but she had a family that remains.

Now back to what I am realizing is a huge girl crush…. Mrs. S! I have always adored Maria Kennedy Doyle in the Tudors but she’s so great in OB. She steals every scene and the talk with Paul WOW! Sarah really didn’t fall far from the tree, she is so much like Mrs. S and I want to buy the “I’m the Mother” line but I know it goes deeper and I can’t wait to find out more.

As for Paul I wasn’t a fan of last weeks sex scene with Rachael but I knew I’d love the repercussions and I did. I was hoping for a Paul vs Sarah match of verbal sparring about Cal and Rachael followed by sexytimes but this was so much better. The verbal play with everyone calling Sarah his and even his own words with Mark “my girl” were worth the domme style sex with Rachael. I like how everyone, including him, doesn’t dance around his relationship with Sarah.

Fee and Art are such a fun team. I can't wait for Allison to join the two of them in the role of Scooby Gang Research team.

I am leaning to the Buffy Watcher's over Highlander because the watcher's council took an active role in the slayers vs the hide and seek Highlander watchers.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
5. Kiersten
Yeah, there's definitely a Come to Jesus convo between Sarah and Paul yet to come. Here's hoping we're not cheated of that. Those little nods of "my girl" and "is she worth dying for?" "is yours" tease Paul's ultimate feelings about Sarah. I think in that moment, it was overtly about his target, but the subtext was definitely deeper than that.

Totally agree about Maria Kennedy Doyle. She has brought such complexity and added so many layers to the role of Mrs. S. That Pussy Riot shirt was totally MKD too.

I think Siobhan's purpose and motivations are still shrouded for sure, but in the end, I do think it's all about doing what she thinks is best for Sarah and Kira. She has constantly protected people from and against the Dyad, the bird watchers et al. She might sacrifice Sarah for Kira, but since Sarah would agree with that decision, I have no problem with it. Otherwise, she considers herself to be their mother, even if her idea of parenting involves a lot of hard love and a loaded gun. Think about how long she lived so quietly in Toronto, raising Sarah and Felix and then Kira, without any of her revolutionary tendencies getting a workout. She's kept more secrets than Leekie and now that they're all coming out, isn't hesitating to do what needs getting done.

I think ultimately, this whole thing is a battle between Leekie and Siobhan, the 2 dark parents of the clone sisters . Proletheans vs Neolutionist is the interal war for the Dyad, but the fight for the clone's souls is between those two.
Cheryl Ellington
6. Spikesgurl
Another great recap. Thanks. Loved the Helena and Sarah road trip. I agree TM is just masterful. I think it's interesting that, Sarah and Paul are being used. I am team Sarah and Paul and hope it works out for them. Allison is so cute, and I hope Cosima gets her cure. Grudgingly happy to see Vic, lol.
7. RobMRobM
My current working hypothesis is that Mrs. S is Susan Duncan's sister or daughter, so has been in this ever since Susan was murdered. Also, I bet the project originally used Susan's DNA. Thus, one way or another, Mrs. S has family and biological ties to both Sarah and Kira and a strong interest in protecting Ethan after Leekie killed Susan.
8. stacymd2
@RobMRobM: I like your theroy on Mrs. S. I like the idea of Mrs. S being a blood relative to the clones. It would fit the pieces together.
9. rl
Who is the artist and what is the title of the song Helena and Jessie dance to during the bar scene?
12. RobMRobM
@10 - otherwise known as Bobbie the tattooed bartender.
13. LostLisa
I really think that Felix has been Sarah's monitor all along after his comment "I’ve been demoted from babysitter to bargaining chip". Who else could he be talking about babysitting? And who demoted him to bargaining chip? Dyad.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
14. Kiersten
@LostLisa - I dont think so. Felix has, at turns, "babysat" Kira, Alison, Cosima, and Helena while Sarah's run off to do whatever. She usually just dumps them at his flat or begs him to go to Alison or Mrs. S.'s houses to cover for her. That's how I took his meaning when he made that crack.
15. lonewolf
I had to come back to read @Kiersten's recaps. It's the only way I can pick up on some things that were said. And rather then go lurking around reading peoples comments, I decided to post a comment myself.

First, going back to 2.05, when Sarah and Helena went walking away after Sarah talked her down from her perch they were in step. As soon as I saw them from the back, I saw two clones of which one is a mirror. So not only were they in step, but they were heart to heart, their hearts beating against each other. That made the whole episode for me.

I'm sure that Susan Duncan died in the lab fire, and that Leekie had something to do with it. While Rachel is blatantley ruthless, Leekie is insidiously ruthless. After all he did help Olivier "heal" did he not. The man will kill not only to cover his tracks but to get what he wants. Also, for that reason I don't believe the story about the original genome being destroyed. I don't believe anything he says, not even his saying he'll bypass Rachel to help Cosima. For him it's more about the science. Ditto for Delphine, also, she's torn between her affectionfor Cosima, not love, but affection like one has for a sister, and the science. It may ultimately be the science that she chooses. So as it stands right now, I wouldn't trust either of them.

And what about Mrs. S, that woman has some serious connections. Being a gun runner would explain some of it. But how did she know about Paul's Afghanistan fiasco. What, does she have someone that's a British MI 6 agent or something? When she and Carleton were at the bar, I got the impression that she didn't know Sarah was a clone when he brought Sarah to her. That information probably didn't come to her until she found Ethan/ Andrew Peckham. So was her surprise real when Sarah brought Alison to her house or was it feigned. And did she or anyone else for that matter, meaning the Duncan's, know that Amelia had twins. Was she faking it then, too.

About those non-clone stem cells that Scott found, Sarah is the child that was supposed to be for the Duncan's correct. If so, then wouldn't she be the original and her embryo or egg or whatever be the template that was used to create the clones. Can a woman have eggs but not be able to carry or give birth to a child.

And speaking of children, it was mentioned twice that Helena was going to have one child. Then Gracie tells her at the station to come back to have her children, as did Mark. This Johannson guy, is he going to use her as a baby factory.

@Kiersten, about that paper that Sarah found about Eugenic Sterilization, it is real. Earlier on when I was surfing around looking to find anything on Eugenic science I came across a site that had it. It was written by a Paul Popenoe and was in a publication called the Journal of Heredity. It was in the eugenic archives from a place called "Cold River" Harbor Laboratory.

And finally, sorry about my meltdown previously, good thing I'm not radioactive. Also, I hope my coming back on here doesn't dissuade others from doing so.
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