May 11 2014 11:55am

Orphan Black Season 2, Episode 4 Recap: How Siobhan Got Her Groove Back

Sarah and Cal in Orphan Black 2x04Orphan Black blew us away last year (you may have seen our Season 1 recaps during the hiatus?) with its riveting performances (led by Tatiana Maslany), brilliant storytelling, and intriguing romances (like Sarah/Paul and Cosima/Delphine). Now it's back for Season 2, and so are our weekly episode recaps. Buckle up—we have a feeling it's going to be quite the ride.

This post contains SPOILERS for all aired episodes of Orphan Black, including last night’s Season 2, episode 4, “Governed as It Were by Chance.” Enjoy!

Bleeding from the head and nearly unconscious, Sarah tries to rouse in the crashed car. Also bleeding, Daniel sprawls unconscious beside her. Through the window, we see the truck slowly back up into frame. Through her mental fog, Sarah hazily hears Cal calling her name as he leaps from the truck that just hit Daniel’s car. It had to be him in the truck though I wouldn’t have been surprised if it’d been Mrs. S. I’m not putting anything past that woman.

“Oh, shit, I’m sorry,” he gasps as he reaches the car. “It was you?” Sarah says duly. Cal admits he didn’t know what else to do. He quickly opens the door and as he takes off her seat belt—seatbelts save lives! —she finally comes all the way back and frantically asks where he left Kira. Cal assures her Kira is OK. “You hit your head,” he nearly moans. They’re both seriously freaked out. He scrambles to get her out of the car, but she lunges back in at the last moment to snatch the Project Leda photo and Daniel’s gun.

Cal wants to know who Daniel is but Sarah barely manages to put her fingers on Daniel’s bleeding neck before flinching back. “I think he’s dead.” Both of them are very much not answering each other’s questions while still giving info to each other and the audience. Tricky work there, writers. Cal wants to call the police and Sarah immediately freaks out in favor of the opposite. “He shot a cop in my yard!” Cal shouts while helping the limping, struggling Sarah to the truck. “No cops! I can’t do cops! We just need to get out of here now!” As she finishes the sentence, the noise of a siren penetrates their awareness.  Sarah stares down the road as the cop car comes into view. “Shit!” Cal: “It’s too late.” They both watch the approaching car with panicked dread. Daniel’s gun is in Sarah’s hand hidden behind her back.

Cal notices the gun and that Sarah is not getting out of the way of the cop car. He calls her name. She shifts her feet. “SARAH!” he shouts. Mouth agape, caught between risking all by waiting and vaulting past the point of no return by engaging, at the last minute, Sarah steps out of the way. The cop car rockets passed them without even a pause for the crash scene. They stare after it. Still stunned by what almost happened Cal, arms apart, demands to know what Sarah was going to do. She doesn’t look like she actually knows; she doesn’t look like she’s actually in her body.  If Kira had been there, she would’ve shot the car for sure, I think. “You’re holding a murder weapon!” Cal shouts. Finally, Sarah clues in to her situation. “Shit! SHIT!” Cal rolls his eyes and yanks at his hair with frustration. She runs back to the car and throws the gun in next to Daniel. She gathers large branches, which just happen to be nearby the road, and demands he help her hide the car. “How long do you think you can hide this?” he asks even as he heads over. Sarah insists she only needs a head start. “Help me, please. Please!” He does.


As Cal and Sarah drive away in the truck, another cop car rushes past them in the opposite direction, sirens blaring. Sarah reminds everyone that Tom the cop called for backup to deal with Daniel in last week’s episode and Cal tacks on that the cops are responding to that call. Sarah again asks after Kira and Cal again insists Kira is safe. Sarah is accepting this non-answer from him way too easily. “You’ve got to tell me what’s going on,” Cal says. Sarah disagrees. “I’m not doing that. Can’t do that.” Cal emotionally reminds her that Tom the cop was a friend of his who was just murdered in Cal’s front yard because of Sarah’s drama. This finally gives Sarah pause. “Shit!” She knows she owes him an explanation if only for that at the very least. She apologizes profusely. “I didn’t mean for this to happen. As soon as I’ve got Kira, we’re gone,” she promises. Cal counters that he’s already in whatever’s going on. “Just tell me what you did.” He still thinks this is all about Sarah getting caught pulling another con. “At least tell me, is anyone else after you?” Sarah stares at him silently. Swearing, Cal gives up for a moment and points out how they need to dump the truck.

Back at the Prolethean Ranch, Henrik smokes a pipe outside and thinks Deep Thoughts. Gracie approaches to unhappily inform him that “it” is awake and is speaking gibberish. Annoyed with Gracie’s persistent dislike of Helena, Henrik corrects that “she” is awake and is speaking Ukrainian. “She’s part of the family now, Gracie. Understood?” She understands but that doesn’t mean she likes it. Henrik heads off to Helena’s upper room and Gracie reluctantly follows. Not for nothing, but Gracie’s ginger-colored, naturally curly hair is absolutely stunning.

In the Upper Room, Helena is still groggy. Bonnie, Henrik’s wife, sits on the bed next to her. Helena complains that her head hurts. “That would be the sedative,” Bonnie says. She presses Helena to drink the water she offers which will help as Henrik and Gracie enter the room. “What did you do to me?” Helena mumbles. Bonnie reminds her of how she was injured and how the Crazy Cult Proletheans have been helping Crazy Clone Helena get well. Still somewhat sedated, Helena eyes the room crazily. “There were people all around me,” she whispers. Bonnie assures her it was all just their family. Gracie glares while Henrik steps up to reassure her that everybody just came by to say “hey there.” He promises that though he can’t imagine the life she’s lived up till then, it’s all over and done with now. “We’re not like Tomas. We love you for who you are.” So much so we’ll drug you and inseminate you against your will or even knowledge. Best family evah! He strokes her cheek, but Helena recoils violently and rolls to huddle away from them. Henrik encourages her to rest and not to worry. “Your life is here now with us.” That just makes everything all better! Bonnie strokes her hair but Helena twitches as she catches sight of the wedding band on her finger. The camera zooms in on her face until the image clouds and then clears to reveal a passed out Alison lying in bed. Cool technique!

Alison rouses slowly. She’s the third clone to do that tonight. Theme! She’s a total mess, hair askew, makeup smeared, and still in Sheila’s costume from the aborted Blood Ties performance. She’s also in a very nondescript room that at first glance I pegged as a hotel room. As soon as she gains her feet, she rushes for the bathroom and vomits. There’s an opened carton of milk and a small glass of juice in the lower corner of shot as she does so. Afterwards, Alison stands and flushes and notices she has one arm in a cast and sling that she clearly doesn’t remember getting that way. She looks in the mirror as the toilet flushes endlessly in the background—seriously, what toilet flushes for that long of a time? —and finally takes in her condition and unfamiliar surroundings. Sweetheart we have all, at one point or another, looked exactly like that.

Alison heads for the door but it opens before she can get to it and Sassy Black Sponsor enters carrying Alison’s suitcase. “Well! Bet you feel like shit,” she tosses off without concern. Alison immediately objects that “you people” can’t do this to her. “We have a contract! We have an agreement!” “Not with me, you don’t,” SBS sasses back. Alison demands to speak with Doctor Leekie. “Okay, back it up and sit your ass down,” SBS orders. Alison takes insulted offense. “I am not sitting my ‘ass’ anywhere until I talk to Doctor Leekie,” she bites out.  SBS wonders if that’s Alison’s dealer, which just causes more confusion. “What are you talking about? This is the Dyad Institute, isn’t it?” Alison clarifies. SBS says this is not any kind of institute. “Where am I?” Alison finally stops long enough to ask. “Girl, you’re in the middle of your wake-up call,” SBS returns. “You in rehab.” This stuns Alison into silence. As SBS leaves with no further ado, she slowly lowers herself into a chair. After a long pause, her belly rumbles again and, with a miserable look, Alison books to pay homage to the porcelain god once again.

Kira in Orphan Black Season 2 episode 4Out in the country, Cal pulls into yet another farm and assures Sarah that it’s been deserted for years. “Monkey?!” Sarah calls as she gets out of the truck. Kira comes running out from the brush and throws herself at Sarah who lifts her up. “I thought you were gone,” the child cries. “I’m here, baby,” Sarah reassures. “Cal told me to hide,” Kira informs her mother. “Good job, Kira,” the man in question praises. “I couldn’t see you at all.” Sarah sincerely thanks Cal. “Yeah,” he replies and then promises Kira he has a surprise for her. “A camper!” she exclaims when he leads her to it. “It’s cool, huh?” he agrees and offers for her to look. Kira checks her mother for permission, which is a great character note and just shores up the bond they have even with all the crazy separations. Sarah approves and Kira gleefully runs into the camper to check it out.

With Kira out of earshot, Cal tells Sarah the cops will be looking for his truck so he’ll stash it and they’ll keep going in the camper. Sarah demands to know if the camper belongs to Cal. “You won’t answer my questions, don’t ask your own.” Sarah points out that if the camper’s registered to him, they’ll be looking for it. He reluctantly assures her his name is not on the title. Probably his wife’s name is though. Yes, I said it. Dude is definitely hiding something and being another Dyad plant just doesn’t track completely. Yet. Kira returns all excited that there’s a TV, a laptop, and a bedroom inside the camper. Sarah hustles Kira back inside. “Well?” she says to Cal, “what’re we waitin’ for?” Cal: “Yeah.” Fugitive road trip! Clone style!

Over at the Prolethean Ranch, a crude PRIVATE PROPERTY sign hangs under the ornate fish symbol of the cult. Art stands just outside the property boundaries and takes pictures of Bonnie hanging the wash on the line. As Henrik joins her, she softly tells him that “he’s” out there again. Henrik encourages her not to worry. “They can take all the pictures they want. There’s nothing to see here.” Bonnie reminds him there wasn’t anything to see until a few days ago. He asks if she thinks they shouldn’t have brought Helena to the ranch. “I think it would’ve been easier on Gracie.” Henrik thinks Gracie needs to open her heart and Bonnie assures him their daughter will. “I just think another location would’ve been safer. At least for a while.” She watches Art track his way up the back of the property as they talk. Henrik gently strokes her cheek and instructs her to let him worry about their safety. But Bonnie is not as quick to support that idea as usual, which gives Henrik pause. “All right?” he adds less gently. She finally nods and smiles in agreement though she doesn’t immediately meet his eyes. When she finally raises her gaze to his, his shoulders visibly relax. He kisses her forehead and then glances in Art’s direction before heading back inside. As he leaves, the smile drops from Bonnie’s face. She too glances after Art visibly not reassured. Art snaps more pictures.

The camper drives down the road. In its back bedroom, Kira is finally asleep so Sarah makes her way up to the passenger seat. “I don’t know how she does it,” she tells Cal. “She’s with her mom,” he replies. “She’ll be okay.” She asks where he’s taking them and he says it depends on who’s after Sarah. “I mean, he wasn’t just another angry mark, was he?” Aggravated by his persistence, Sarah tries again to deflect his questions, but Cal insists he has to know what he’s dealing with. Realizing she owes him something, Sarah gives in. “That guy back there, he belonged to a very powerful…bitch from a very powerful corporation.” Cal determines she’s advanced to scamming corporations now. “That’s almost a relief.” Sarah gives him side-eye but the chiming of Daniel’s phone prevents her from replying. Using the code she watched Daniel use earlier in the car, Sarah reads the incoming text from Rachel: “Update pls”. The please doesn’t sound like something Rachel would bother with at all. Unless it’s not actually from Rachel. “As long as they think I’m still caught, they’re not gonna send anybody after us,” Sarah surmises. Cal agrees that they won’t “for a while.” She sends a text reply: “Returning with Sarah.” The autocorrect fixes her “sarah” input to “Sarah,” a detail which amuses me.  She asks if Cal can get her online. He grimaces but nods.

Back at the Prolethean Ranch, Gracie enters Helena’s Upper Room burdened with fresh linens. She approaches the bed where Helena sleeps. Laying the pile of linens on the chair, she lifts a pillow and slowly eases over Helena until she can slam the pillow down across Crazy Clone’s face! Homicide runs in the family! Helena struggles violently. Gracie climbs up on the bed to hold her down while she smothers her and screams, “Stop it! Stop it! Just leave us alone! Stop it!” Helena bucks and kicks and then finally goes still. Slowly, Gracie raises the pillow, panting hard from the exertion of killing Helena. Helena is not breathing. Gracie lays the pillow aside and then tentatively pokes Helena in the arm. No response. “Go back to hell where you belong,” Gracie spits, satisfied. She crosses toward the door but only gets a few steps before Helena rises up behind her to grab Gracie in a choke hold. “Shhh,” she hisses in Gracie’s ear with a pleased smile. “You sleep now.” What does it take to kill this clone woman?!

Still somewhat out of it and still wearing the hideous Little House on the Prairie wedding dress, Helena stumbles down the hall Henrik carried her down in the last episode. She hesitates right before the exit door and barely hides before two ranch hands come through it and amble down the way she just came. Once satisfied they’re gone, Helena goes through the door into a room sectioned off by hanging plastic screens. She falls against them as she stumbles down the makeshift lane they make. She skids to a stop when she reaches the area at the end that is set up like an operating theatre. Helena flashes back to the disturbing images of Henrik and Mark in scrubs and masks strapping her drugged self to the table and using the cattle insemination prod on her. It’s a sign of what this show has taught me to expect from it that I’m actually relieved Henrik isn’t “inseminating” Helena the old fashioned way. Helena is terrified by the memories and so she does what she usually does when she feels pretty much anything: She grabs a sharp blade. This time it’s a nearby scalpel and she uses it to awkwardly slash her way through the plastic screens.

Meanwhile, Bonnie has come to check on the missing Gracie only to find her passed out on the floor in Helena’s Upper Room with Helena herself is missing. “HENRIK!” Bonnie screams with barely a pause for the condition of her daughter. Outside, the wedding dress gets caught on a stone wall. Helena yanks it free and struggles through an open gate. With halting if quick steps, she stumble runs up the hill, the long train of her dress gathered in her blade-free hand. Art is still tracking ranch hands with his long lens (not like that!) when Helena shocks him by coming into view right up in front of the zoom. “Holy shit!” Art exclaims. Helena pauses as she recognizes him from when she used to stalk Sarah who, at the time, was still pretending to be Beth. Good times. But Art can’t process what he’s seeing quickly enough to do anything about it and Helena runs off as Art can merely scream “hey!” after her several times. At the top of the hill, she glances back just as the sound of dogs barking comes from the ranch.

Grimacing, Art lets her go and turns his attention back toward her pursuers. He makes a decision and pulls out his badge as Mark and some of the other ranch hands come up toting several rifles and with a beautiful German shepherd in tow. Art holds the badge up and greets the men unarmed but for his camera. Mark steps right up into his face to read the badge and then tells “Detective Bell” that he’s trespassing. Art insists he was just out for a hike. I so wish the writers went instead with “bird watching” here. “Taking a few nature shots. I got a little turned around.” Mark looks beyond Art’s shoulder as he reminds the detective they’re on private property. Art counters that the Prolethean’s property line ends at the fence they just crossed, “which means all you boys have long gun permits as required by law to be packing these things on public land,” he calls to the men behind Mark. Mark smirks and eyes Art with an unfriendly look before snatching one gun from the hands of a hand and passing it over to another of the men who stays behind as the rest move off in pursuit of Helena. “See you again, detective,” Mark threatens as he passes Art. “Oh, you bet,” Art snarks, pleased to have managed to delay them long enough to give Helena at least a head start. As Mark orders one man to take the tree line, Art gazes after them unhappily but is unable to do anything more to intervene.

In the old section of the Dyad Institute, Cosima watches more of Jennifer’s video journal. “You know the worst part is people looking at you when you tell them that you’re sick,” Jennifer says from her hospital bed. “They’re not sure how to react. Like, ‘does she want me to cry’, or like, I don’t care. Just feel…” Cosima cuts her off as the laptop chimes with an incoming vid call: it’s Sarah. Cosima clears her throat hard before connecting the call. I’m struck by how gorgeous Sarah’s hair appears on the laptop screen especially considering all she’s been through without a shower and a blow out. It makes me realize this show is lousy with hair porn, both good and bad.

Sarah and Cosima greet one another and each clone sister is clearly happy to see the other. Cosima clears her throat again. “Where the hell are you?” Sarah asks, peering past Cosima into the room. “Ah, I’m in my new lab,” Cosima replies proudly, spreading her arms wide to indicate the now decorated room behind her, complete with Oriental rug, couch, and brand-new appliances and electronics.  “Thank you very much.” Heh. Nice throwaway to how it was Sarah pretending to be Cosima in the season premier who demanded Cos get a new tricked-out lab at the Dyad. Sarah asks if “they” let her out. “You look like you could use some sun, Cosima.” This is Sarah showing she cares, by the way, a “big sister” moment. Cosima insists she’s good and tries to cover the cough she can’t completely hold back while she says it. “Where the hell are you?” she asks back. Sarah glances over the top of the laptop through the windshield and outside to where Kira sits with Cal at a picnic table. Kira is also looking back at the camper, keeping tabs on her mother.

Kira asks Cal why they stopped all the way out in Nowhereville. Cal fiddles with a radio as he explains how Sarah wanted to talk to someone. “Aunt Cosima,” Kira fills in. The radio comes to life with police scanner updates. “I guess,” he says. “Out here it’s so open that we can pick up as signal for miles,” which is immediately and handily demonstrated by the police updates now coming from his jury-rigged transistor radio. Part of the glory of this show is how well it’s structured, I swear. The organic coordination of all the moving parts within the believable confines of the story is beautiful to behold. Kira asks if that’s the police talking on the radio. Cal dodges her question by showing her another cool trick he learned that involves folding paper.

“Holy shit, Sarah,” Cosima says through the vid call. Sarah agrees. She moves the Project Leda photo aside and picks up Daniel’s mobile. “For now, I’m just texting as Daniel. Rachel still thinks I’m caught.” So Sarah has managed to update Cosima on all that’s happened without needlessly forcing the audience to hear what they already know but instead by showing more of Kira’s preternatural understanding and Cal’s many as-yet-unexplained and somewhat unusual skills. See? Brilliant coordination seamlessly depicted on screen. Cosima has Sarah hold the photo up to the screen again and then reads the label on the back. “Project Leda. You know the mythology of Leda and the swan?” she asks. “Must’ve missed that class,” Sarah deadpans.

Cosima explains that Zeus, “the big guy of the gods came down from Mount Olympus in the guise of a swan and he gets it on with this human queen called Leda. They have twins and the kids are half-human, half-god. Weird, right?” Sarah again agrees that it’s very weird but doesn’t see what it has to do with anything.  “I mean, it’s total military speak, isn’t it?” Cosima poses. “And what’s with that soldier in the background?”A shot of the photo is frozen picture-in-picture on the upper left corner of Cosima’s screen while Sarah’s face takes up the rest of the space. On a second screen to the right is the paused image of the dying Jennifer, which handily puts another of Tatiana Maslany’s clone depictions in the room with Sarah and Cosima. Bloody clever show. Sarah wonders if Cosima thinks the military could’ve created them and Cos admits she doesn’t know. “But this could be key, Sarah.” Sarah again glances at Kira and Cal, who is still showing the child his trick. “I’m gonna come back tonight,” she decides. Cosima clears her throat again before asking if Sarah doesn’t think that’s dangerous. “Mrs. S. lied straight to my face about Project Leda,” Sarah says. “I need to know what she is; I need to know what she knows. She’s the key to all of this.” Cosima tells Sarah to let her “take care of this Leda stuff. You just take care. Bye.” She disconnects abruptly.  Sarah lowers the laptop’s cover without further comment. As soon as she’s offline, Cosima gives in to the bloody coughing fit she barely managed to hold back while talking with Sarah.

“It’s an angel!”Kira exclaims as Cal displays his final product. “Well, I thought it was a butterfly, but an angel will do,” he replies. Kira thanks him and then runs off to play in the brush as Sarah comes out of the camper to join him. “How’d you do that?” she asks while the radio squawks with police updates. Cal again ignores her question. “They put up roadblocks,” he says instead. “But they’re behind us. There’s a BOLO out on my truck.” Sarah clarifies for the viewers that this is a Be On the Look Out, but Cal already knows what it means and is a little insulted she thought we he didn’t. Sarah can’t understand why he’s doing all this for them. Cal checks Kira over his shoulder as a silent answer. I suppose the fact that Kira’s his daughter and Sarah’s the mother of this child isn’t reason enough for her. Then again, given her upbringing and recent history, that’s understandable. Sarah sheepishly admits she needs a favor from him. She strokes his hand. “I have to go back home to find someone.”

Back in the city, Benjamin—yay! More Julian Richings! —gets in his car. Mrs. S. climbs into the back seat at the same time. “Jesus!” he exclaims, startled. Nope, Siobhan. Pleased by his reaction, she smiles. “Hello Benjamin.” He’s pleased she’s okay and Siobhan loses the smile as she wonders why she wouldn’t be so. “I heard someone did the birdwatchers,” Benjamin replies as explanation. Siobhan sighs heavily and looks away. “You!” Benjamin correctly concludes. “It was a trap!” Siobhan snaps. “It backfired,” she adds in a deadly voice. Benjamin quickly stutters over assurances that he had no idea the birdwatchers were traitors. Clearly he knows enough about Siobhan to be terrified by the mere idea she might suspect otherwise. “If you had, we wouldn’t be talking right now,” she allows, which I guess is some comfort for him if only Mrs. S. didn’t look so terrifying saying it. He asks what she wants. “New papers,” she replies. “I have to get to London. Find somebody.” Benjamin glances away as he tells her if she’s looking for who he thinks she’s looking for, she doesn’t have to go to London. “He came through a week ago. Carlton’s here.”

At the New Path Rehabilitation Center, Alison slinks down the hall not making eye contact with any of the other residents. She glances in one open doorway to see a woman standing in the middle of her room shaving her underarms with a disposable razor. Ow. Disgusted, Alison slightly squees and hurries away from the room, mouth open. “Felix!” she hisses as she reaches the waiting area. He is hilariously using the spy mirror to apply mascara. “Oh, hi!” he calls back, startled. “So this is what the world looks like sober.” Ha! She’s relieved to see him as the rehab won’t let her out unless somebody takes her. Felix wonders about Donnie. “He put me in here!” Alison snaps. “He’s my monitor.” Felix slowly asks if she’s sure. “Yes, yes, yes. He institutionalized me.” Felix carefully explains that rehab facilities usually require some form of consent. Or a court order. “This was my idea?” Alison asks with disbelief. Felix realizes she doesn’t remember anything and makes her sit down for her Come to Jesus moment.

Alison realizes she doesn’t remember the curtain going up on Blood Ties. “Was I terrible?” Felix: “People got their money’s worth!” HA! Alison realizes she’s a mess and Felix gently suggests they look at Alison’s stay as a chance to relax. Alison whispers that she’s in rehab with drunks and drug addicts. “I saw one shaving her armpits!” Snort. “That’s…disturbing but sort of the point, love,” Felix replies. He thinks a week there may not be a bad thing. “You go away for a week. You come back from the spa fresh as a daisy. Plus, no Donnie.” That seems to sell her on it and Alison agrees to stay for a week. “Brilliant! We’ll celebrate with brunch and mimosas. Oh God!” he exclaims as he realizes what he just said. “Or just brunch.” HA!

Kira and Sarah in Orphan Black 2x04At a bus stop, Cal waits outside while inside the camper, Sarah tells Kira the child is to stay in the camper with Cal for the night. Kira asks if Sarah’s going to go find Mrs. S. “Yes,” she admits without hesitation, “and make sure Uncle Felix isn’t still angry with me.” Kira giggles and they nuzzle each other for a moment. Kira still has Cal’s paper angel in her hand. She hands it over to her mother. “She’ll keep you safe.”

Outside, Cal tells Sarah the bus can wait. “Are you sure about this?” She counters by asking if he’s sure. “I’ve never really been a dad before,” he confesses. Sarah thanks him again and moves closer. They’re about to kiss when Sarah stops and instead tells Cal he and Kira should be getting on the road.  He promises to text her a safe number in case anything should happen. “I’ll see you in six hours.” When does this woman sleep or eat?! Sarah heads toward the bus, but Cal can’t leave it at that. “What’s the corporation?” he calls after her. “Just give me a name.” Sarah relents. “Dyad Group.” Cal raises his brow and it takes a moment for him to find his voice. Dude knows something, I’m almost sure of it. “You must’ve really gotten under their skin,” he manages. “They sorta got under mine first,” Sarah replies. Yeah, no kidding. With needles. She heads for the bus. Cal twitches in place as he watches her leave.

Back in the backwoods, Daniel pushes the brush aside and crawls from the totaled car. Undead. Again. Yeesh, is the whole cast getting resurrected now?

Siobhan sidles into a bar on a funky groove wearing a paired of heeled boots, a tight skirt, and a red shirt that’s unbuttoned to her sternum. Bad ass lady on the prowl. She smiles when she sees the redhead sitting alone at the far end of the bar next to a partially-drunk abandoned glass of stout. Siobhan heads through the bar and down the back stairs to the men’s room. She cautiously pushes the door open, but doesn’t get far before she’s grabbed from behind in a choke hold by a man. This is Carlton. Say, it’s Roger Cross! What show isn’t he on at this point? “How’d you find me?” he demands. “Heard you were in the neighborhood, so I looked for the nearest place to find a pint and a pair of tits,” she retorts. HA! The man admits he does have his weaknesses. “Well let me go,” Siobhan taunts playfully off the sound of a metal snick, “or you’ll have a few more.” She glances down and he follows her direction to see she has a small but sharp blade held against his balls.

Entertained, Carlton laughs and releases her. Slowly she faces him and the two size one another up. “Eyes that could make me stab me own mum if they asked,” he says. Siobhan chuckles. “Still a poet.” Wow, that is some serious sexual tension there. Carlton admits he wasn’t sure he’d ever see her again. “Took me a long time to come to terms with that.” Siobhan wonders what about now, now that he’s seen her again. “I don’t think this is wise at all,” he says. “God, I missed you, woman.” Siobhan licks her lips before she admits she might have thought about him too “once or twice.” They lunge for one another and go for it. “What about your friend upstairs?” Siobhan asks coming up for air. “Could ask her to join us,” Carlton says with a grin. Siobhan laughs as she undoes his shirt. “Careful.” Carlton tells her his room is around the corner. “Don’t tell me you’ve gotten shy,” Siobhan teases as she unbuckles his pants. He laughs again. They kiss again and he yanks her skirt up. Mrs. S. is a BAMF!

At Siobhan’s darkened house, Sarah enters through the front door with a flashlight. Stealthy. She makes a beeline for Siobhan’s bag and rifles through it. Footsteps sound behind her. “I’ll have you know I’m versed in krav maga!” Fee shouts. Ha! He’s successfully startled the hell out of his sister. “You’re a shite burglar,” he correctly accuses. Pissy, she asks why he didn’t answer any of her texts. “Texts from you? Must’ve been busy.” She laughs mockingly. “Where’s my niece?” he asks. Sarah explains how the shit hit the fan. “You left her with Cal?” he confirms and it seems more a relief than a problem for him. “Anything from Siobhan? Anything?” Sarah says. “Nothing from Mumsy,” Fee admits unhappily. He brings Sarah up to speed on her clone sisters. “Alison’s in recovery. Cosima and Delphine are locked in some kind of transgressive lesbian geek spiral bound to end in tears.” HA! Sarah pings on his mention of Alison’s recovery. “Is she in rehab?” Fee is nearly convinced that it will be good for Alison in the long run. “Help her get back some of her dignity.”

Cut to Alison peeing in the bathroom with SBS standing in the open doorway watching over her. Neither woman is happy about it. “Do you have to watch me tickle every time?” Alison whines. SBS confirms that Alison gets tested every day. SBS explains the rules as she escorts Alison back to her room, namely that Alison cannot have drugs or alcohol of any kind and get any prescribed medication from the desk where they’ll watch her take it. Alison claims not to be “on” anything and SBS clarifies that she’s not taking birth control pills. “There was never necessary,” Alison explains.  SBS chuckles that she won’t need it in rehab anyway as sexual relations aren’t allowed especially with other residents. “I’m married,” Alison snits, insulted. “You’re also an addict!” SBS shoots back. “Addicts do stupid shit. You get caught doing the nasty with anyone in here, you’re out on your ass,” she warns. “I don’t believe I’ve ever done the ‘nasty’,” Alison snaps back. Given what we’ve seen of Donnie, I believe her. SBS scoffs.

Back at her room, Alison is insisting her room stay private when she notices Donnie is waiting for her. She tells SBS she doesn’t want to talk to him. “He’s an enabler, Yvonne.” Finally, a name for SBS! “You want I should check his crevices?” Yvonne snarks. She closes the door on Alison and Donnie. Alison accuses Donnie of putting her in rehab but he insists she agreed to it. “I just want what’s best for you.” Alison tells him she can leave any time she wants but he doesn’t think that’d be such a good idea. “Really, Donnie?” she spits. “Spying, leaching Donnie.” He cuts her off to say that she has issues. “And until you get those sorted out, I don’t think you should be around the children.” Rattled, Alison tells him that’s not his decision to make. “It is if you leave before the program is finished. At least that’s what my lawyer says.” Oh no he didn’t! He tells her to get well, pecks her cheek, and runs away.

Felix and Sarah search Mrs. S.’s house. He wonders what they expect to find and Sarah says there looking for something about Siobhan’s old network. She wonders if it’s in the scrap book Siobhan showed her last year. “Hel-lo Stallion,” Fee drawls when he sees the photo of Carlton. Sarah tells him how Carlton brought her to Siobhan when she was a kid. Fee finds newspaper clippings behind Carlton’s photo that detail his arrest and 15-year sentence for smuggling people. “Carlton Redding. Human Smuggler,” he reads. Sarah explains to Felix what Siobhan told her about Carlton’s underground pipeline. “He used to hide people.” She pulls out the other clipping Felix found, one with the headline “Six Dead in Laboratory Blast,” and reads from it. “Six scientists were incinerated by a lab explosion while working on a medical research project spearheaded by Professors Susan and Ethan Duncan.” Their pictures are in the paper and it’s the same couple from the Leda Project photo. Felix pings on the last name of Duncan. “As in Rachel Duncan?!” Sarah holds the Project Leda picture up against the photos in the clipping. “It’s them then? Project Leda?” Fee: “Ho-ly shit. These are Rachel’s parents. Does that mean that Mrs. S. knew the whole time?” Yup. “What else is she not bloody telling us?” Sarah wonders.

Siobhan and Carlton in Orphan Black 2.04Back at the bar, Siobhan and Carlton have returned topside for that delayed drink. “Ah, you’re still bloody spectacular,” he praises. Siobhan points out that he’s been locked up for a long time. “But yeah. I am.” Damn right. They laugh together and then Siobhan brings them back on point. “You didn’t cross the pond just to see me, did you?” Carlton admits he heard Brenda the bird watcher was compromised. “I heard that too,” Siobhan replies flatly. Carlton smiles smugly. He knows what’s what. “Amelia came back after all this time,” Siobhan tells him. She’s feeling him out. Carlton realizes she knows why he’s there. “Leda,” Siobhan confirms. “Kasov was the ferryman,” he says. Siobhan needs more than that but the ferryman is all Carlton has to give. “Twenty years ago, you brought an orphan to my door,” Siobhan reminds him. “‘Put her in the black,’ you said. ‘As black as it gets’ and I didn’t ask much but now I know. I know what she is, old friend.” Carlton looks away as he allows that in that case, Siobhan knows more than he does. “And I don’t want to hear it.” Siobhan regroups. She cups his cheek and asks him to at least take her as far as the ferryman. “If Sarah digs any further into this, God knows, the whole world of shit is going to unravel.”

There is a lot of “shit” in this episode, in every sense of the word.

Back at the house, Fee posits that Sarah is going to head back to Kira and Davy Crockett. She admits that’s the plan. In her pocket, Daniel’s phone buzzes with another text from Rachel. “Still got time,” she decides. Fee wants to know for what. Sarah flips through Daniel’s phone as she asks Fee what is the first rule of war. “Don’t mix your camouflage?” Fee snarks. “Know your enemy,” Sarah corrects with a fond smile. She’s pulled up Rachel’s home address at the Cameron Arms. “Nice digs,” Fee admits. “Those are executive suites.” Sarah wonders when he was there. “Well, I can’t really divulge beyond the sordid, but there was this really cute concierge named Troy.” Sarah leads the way to the door as Fee offers to distract said concierge for Sarah, but she protests that he needs to bring the clippings to Cosima. “Tell her to find out what she can about the Duncans.” As they leave, the door to Mrs. S.’s basement is slowly creaked opened by a mysterious someone. Suuuuuuper creepy.

Over at the Cameron Arms, Sarah impersonates Rachel over the phone and orders Troy to open the suite, turn the lights on, and make the temperature 68 degrees. As Troy hurries down the hall to do so, Sarah carefully follows in his wake. “And don’t linger, Troy,” Sarah/Rachel orders. “I’ll know if you do.”  She disconnects the call and slips inside the apartment behind Troy just after he turns off Rachel’s alarm and sets the temperature change. Sarah ducks behind the kitchen banquet and hides as Troy leaves. Her phone rings; Fee and Cosima are back in Fee’s Fun Flat together. Fee wants to know what Rachel’s apartment is like. “Straight out of Cold Bitch Digest,” she retorts. You know, my subscription for Cold Bitch Digest got interrupted right around the time of the Lost Girl finale. Hmm.

“Let me talk to her!” Cosima calls across the room. “Sarah? Are you seriously in the Inner Sanctum?” Sarah snoops around the IS while Cosima uploads her on the new information she’s uncovered on Rachel’s parents. “Susan and Ethan Duncan. They were geneticists. Both British citizens. They went to Cambridge for molecular biology.” Sarah pulls open a drawer that holds several video tapes labeled “Rachel’s Halloween” and “Rachel’s Graduation/School Trip” and another marked “Holiday 1984.” “In ’74 they joint published a paper on recombinant DNA,” Cosima continues over the phone. Sarah spies a video in the player marked “Cambridge 1991” and pushes it in to play. “There were several more papers that they published after that until the last one in ’76,” Cosima winds up. Sarah wonders if that’s when the professors started Project Leda. On screen, a young Rachel, about nine- or ten-years-old at a guess, laughs and squeals as she plays with her loving mother. Cosima agrees that would make sense if the Duncans were working on something totally top secret given how they completely disappeared until the lab explosion hit the news. “So they were Rachel’s parents then,” Sarah concludes. “Adoptive parents,” Cosima corrects. “Amelia carried you for them and then she hid you and they somehow ended up with Rachel.” By the look on her face, this seems to confuse Cosima.

The video plays on as Sarah moves on to the nearby closet. “Just think, Sarah. You could’ve been Rachel,” Fee teases. Sarah fingers her clone sister’s clothes and has to admit that at least Rachel has good taste. She opens the other door of the closet to reveal a man’s tailored, professional wardrobe. “And a boy toy.” I really, really hope those aren’t Paul’s clothes. This news delights Felix. “At least she’s got feeling somewhere in her body.” “Yeah,” Cosima agrees miserably. “Just not in her soul.” But this is enough to get Cos thinking. “You know she would’ve been raised totally self-aware,” she realizes. “And that sense of being the only self-aware clone might’ve created a very profound sense of narcissism. She probably thinks she’s elite. I feel like the whole thing would’ve been very clinical.”

But Sarah, watching the home videos of Rachel with her parents, knows better. “Every aspect of her life totally controlled for one singular purpose,” Cosima continues as Sarah watches the videos of young Rachel frolicking with her mother, Susan. “She would’ve been raised without any emotional attachments so that she could be the perfect, like, corporate leader totally able to make decisions based solely on strategic advantage,” Cosima concludes. “So, Rachel’s evil because Mummy and Daddy didn’t hug her enough?” Fee asks. On screen, Rachel replies to her unseen father who is filming everything: “I love you too, Daddy.” In fact, it appears Rachel had the most loving, centered, supportive, happy childhood of them all and Sarah now recognizes that. “I don’t think so,” she counters thoughtfully. Cosima insists that the psychology makes sense, but Sarah is distracted by the horrific realization that someone else has come home and that someone is the not-dead Daniel.

This is all an eerie echo of how Sarah made her way through Beth’s condo in the beginning of season one, combing through her closet, examining her videos, picking apart her life until her live-in boyfriend (Paul. Remember him?) unexpectedly came home. Please tell me she’s not about to pretend to be Rachel and do Daniel in the kitchen.

Sarah whispers into the phone that she has to go and turns off the paused television. Frantic, she looks around for a place to hide as Daniel takes off his ruined suit jacket, tosses it on the kitchen island, and picks up the nearby phone. Sarah ducks into the bedroom, closes the closet door, and hides in the bathroom. Daniel identifies himself on the phone and reports that there’s been a problem. “Sarah Manning is gone.” He listens for a moment. “I did and now I don’t.” He comes into the bathroom and peers at his injuries and bloody face in the mirror as Sarah silently slides out of the other side of the room. “There was an accident,” Daniel explains on the phone. “She took it with her,” he says in reply to a silent query from the caller and then “I don’t know.”

He comes into the bedroom for fresh clothes and again Sarah hides just out of view in the bathroom. Daniel reports that Rachel isn’t due back until the morning. So who has Sarah been texting with impersonating Daniel all this time? “She has no idea and she’s not going to find out,” Daniel exclaims. He slides some clothes off a hanger. “Leekie, relax,” he says, finally identifying who he’s been working with all this while. “I will find Sarah and I will find out what she knows. Gently, yes,” he agrees. Somehow I don’t believe him. I wonder why. Oh, maybe it’s because, as Sarah finally tries to sneak out of the room altogether, she turns the corner to find Daniel standing there, gun already out, aimed, and waiting for her. Yeah, that could be it.

“Well, look who it is,” he says. Sarah reminds him he can’t shoot her. “You’re not allowed to, right?” He holds her at gunpoint another moment and then puts the gun up. “You’re right,” he admits. He indicates she can leave but stalks her as she makes for the door and the moment she breaks eye contact, cold-cocks her across the head. Sarah drops to the floor unconscious. Daniel stares at her and then reaches over and calmly locks the door.

Back at the camper, which has not left the bus station by the way (okay, maybe they’ve just returned) Cal strums his guitar while Kira draws. Of course Cal plays the guitar. Bet he has a motorcycle and a leather jacket stashed somewhere too. Yeesh. Kira sadly realizes her mom’s not coming back that night. Cal agrees that Sarah is late and probably won’t make it at all. He promises they’ll talk to Sarah tomorrow and asks if Kira is sad. Kira nods. “Sad’s okay sometimes,” he says. “Just don’t be worried.” Kira isn’t worried. “She has a guardian angel.”

Cut to Daniel dangling Cal’s golden butterfly that Kira thinks is an angel and gave to Sarah. Sarah rouses slowly (again!) to realize Daniel has zip-tied her hands above her head and to the shower faucet. “It’s cute,” he mocks and then crumbles the angel and tosses it aside. Sarah is absolutely, 100% petrified. Daniel muses about how he thought the bathroom would be a good place for them to chat. “Easier to clean up after.” That sends Sarah straight over whatever was left of the line to total terror. I feel like Daniel and Siobhan would understand one another. He holds up the photo of the Professors Duncan. “Tell me where you got this and who else knows about it,” he orders. For all her visible and valid fear, Sarah is still defiant. “Better idea,” she manages. “Eat me.” She spits in Daniel’s face and snickers as he turns away.

He sighs and gets a towel to wipe his face. “You’re not really the smartest clones, are you?” Heh. Trembling, Sarah still manages to snark that she’s smart enough to know he’s shagging Rachel. “The way you operate, that means you’re her monitor, right?” Daniel ignores her to get out his shaving kit. “You report to Leekie on her,” Sarah accuses as Daniel secures his belt in one of the counter drawers. “I thought it would be somebody higher up, someone who looks like me.” I don’t completely understand her reasoning there. She thought another clone would’ve been tasked to be Rachel’s monitor? Daniel removes his straight razor from the kit and deliberately opens it. Sarah breaks and has to turn away from his preparations to torture her. He tells her not to flatter herself, “There’s already too many of you.” He begins to casually strop his razor on the belt. Holy shit, that’s scary.

Unable to go quietly, Sarah tries to talk Daniel down for real. “What are you so scared about us finding out about Project Leda?” Daniel continues to strop his razor. “What makes you think you’re going to be able to tell anyone when we’re done?” he returns without concern. Sarah shakes her head. “You wouldn’t.” She calls his name repeatedly until he snaps, “what?” “I look like her, don’t I?” she reminds him. This makes him look at Sarah and she smiles with such effort it’s heartbreaking to see. “I look just like her,” she repeats. That may not help your case there, sweetie. “This is happening,” Daniel declares. “You wouldn’t,” Sarah repeats in a small voice. “Leekie wouldn’t,” Daniel allows. “Rachel might.” That spurs a very weak ‘heh’. “But this?” Daniel continues, raising the razor. “This is for me.” He steps up to her without further ado. Sarah protests to the end. “Don’t fight,” he says softly just before he cuts into the flesh behind her ear. Sarah screams in fear and agony.

Suddenly, R&B music comes on in the living room. Sarah sobs and cringes. “Don’t go anywhere,” Daniel says. He tosses the razor into the sink and snatches up his gun. He goes out into the living area to confront the new arrival. Sarah struggles in the shower but is unable to free her hands. Suddenly the sounds of a fight come from the living area. I’ll admit, for a moment, I hoped it’d be Paul. We see the fear play across Sarah’s face as she listens, so acute it’s nearly tangible. A tall floor lamp crashes over in the living room and into view. The noises of Daniel being killed reach Sarah. He stumbles into view in front of the collapsed lamp clutching his neck and looks at Sarah as he drops to the ground and bleeds out.

The music goes all squirrelly as Helena steps into view. Her wedding dress is saturated in Daniel’s blood. She looks like Carrie after a very, very, very bad night at the prom. Helena spits on Daniel’s body. Bound and trapped with the insane and homicidal clone sister she shot in the chest a few days ago who is now suddenly up and walking around unharmed and armed sends Sarah to that nebulous place beyond abject terror. She makes feral sounds of fear as Helena slowly advances with a bloody butcher knife from the kitchen block in her bloody hand. Sarah descends into loud screams. Helena shushes her. Sarah hyperventilates with fear. “Hello sestra,” Helena says. “Good to see you.”

Sarah screams at Helena. “What are you doing here?!” she sobs. “I followed you from Mother’s house,” Helena says. “I shot you!” Sarah shouts. Probably not a good idea to remind her of that right now, kiddo. “You were dead! YOU WERE DEAD!” Slowly, Helena shakes her head. “Yes you did. It’s a miracle!” She raises the knife before Sarah’s horrified gaze. “We were meant to be together.” It seems she may mean to make that a permanent togetherness, as in, together in death. Sarah orders Helena to stay away from her. “Please sestra,” Helena begs. “I need your help.” The shock of that statement penetrates Sarah fear.  WHAT?! “Don’t send me back,” Helena pleads. She turns the knife and lowers it toward her belly. “I was married. I think. He took something. From inside of me.” Now Helena begins to cry as she uses the knife to draw a line across the area of her uterus. Sarah is trying to keep up, trying to push through the fear to understand enough to survive.

Helena climbs into the shower. Sarah’s entire body is shaking with fear. Helena slides up against Sarah’s stretched out body and embraces her. She leans into and onto her clone sister and exhales heavily as though she’s finally reached her safe place. Her knife hand slides behind Sarah’s back so that Helena can hug her fully. Overwhelmed, completely undone, Sarah realizes she’s not going to die today and breaks completely. She drops her chin onto Helena’s forehead and, sobbing ugly tears, for a moment takes comfort from her crazy clone sister.

That was—that was—I can’t even.

Back at the Prolethean Ranch, Bonnie and Mark make their way into the operating theatre. Bonnie reports that Gracie is sleeping. Mark says they searched everywhere but they lost Helena. Henrik gazes into the microscope. “Well, just when the night is darkest, He shines a light,” he decides. Pleased, he looks up at the screen on the wall which shows the image from the microscope blown up. “And a new life begins.” On the screen, an ovum is fertilized by a sperm… and then splits into two. “Hallelujah,” Bonnie cries.

End credits.

Next week: Ipsa Scientia Potestas

Author's note: Read a post mortem interview on the episode with showrunner/co-creator Graeme Manson.


Kiersten Hallie Krum writes smart, sharp & sexy romantic suspense. Find her snarking her way across social media as @kierstenkrum and on her web site and blog at

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Books Darling
1. BooksDarling
Thanks for another fantastic recap. Really needed it this week due to too much sexy foreign accent mumbling of key details. :-)
Kiersten Hallie Krum
2. Kiersten
Thanks @BooksDarling and you're welcome!

While I love being able to clear up those details, I also *highly* recommend watching with the closed captions turned on for just that reason. Puts all mumblers to shame - unless you have a crappy transcriber, which happens more than you'd think. ;)

Have a great week!
3. stacymd2
Great recap! Tatiana Maslany was wonderful this episode. I felt her fear with Daniel and Helena.

Helena must have Rasputin's reincarnated soul.

Felix & Alison were cute together. I agree with Fee, she needs to be in rehab. Watching her go through it will be hilarious. Donnie is a d-bag, but Alison is not thinking about her children at all.

What do the prolethians think they are creating? Who is going to carry that fertilized egg? Gracie? How do they connect to Project Leda?

I can't wait for the next epi.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
4. Kiersten
@stacymd2 - The entire scene between Sarah and Daniel in the shower was amazing. Terrifying, but amazing. When Sarah turned away and just gave into the fear - I keep calling Maslany's work mad brilliance and it truly is that. If you read the post mortem w/the showrunner that I attached at the end of the recap, he talks about the crew's reaction watching Maslany film those scenes. Chilling.
Marie Sullivan
5. minime2
Blown away! Each episode keeps getting better but I wonder if Leekie will pull Allison out of rehab because all the medical screening they do (blood tests). I think Grace will carry the new set of clones and I can’t wait to see what developed between Helena and Sarah.

I was giddy during the Ms. S scene and I must say I love Maria Doyle Kennedy she’s amazing and is definitely a SMILF. You can see that Sarah is very much her daughter and that Sarah and Fe didn’t just decided to be bada#$ hustlers they learned it from Mrs. S.

I think Cal will have something to do with Dyad AND now Sarah has a scar behind her ear JUST LIKE BETH DID....... this show doesn’t just have coincidences.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
6. Kiersten
@minime2 - holy crap, I did NOT pick up on the scar behind the ear thing but you are TOTALLY RIGHT! I wondered why there when Daniel did it and figured it was to be able to hide it from Leekie, but that didnt quite add up. But as meta to Beth's scar - even more creepy.
Marie Sullivan
7. minime2
Not to compare shows (OB vs LG) but this is how you introduce a thrilling/dark backstory for a character. Mrs. S went from a no BS hippie Mom who made tea, picked up Kira from school everyday and comforted Allison to a sniper and garter knife slinging gun running femme fatale in 2 episodes. Ms. S rocks!
Kiersten Hallie Krum
8. Kiersten
@minime2 - and it all tracks believably b/c the layers were put in place in S1 from the start when Mrs. S. held a hard line vs Sarah & then when Sarah brought her into Clone Club, Siobhan revealed her past revolutionary ways in the scrap book & how Sarah came to be with her in the first place (which begs the question, how did Felix come to live with Mrs. S.? Was he already there when Sarah arrived?) But all of Mrs. S.'s progression this season is *entirely* believable and completely works with who and what she was in S1 b/c those tracks were subtly and expertly laid all along the way. We're just watching it all come to fruition now and learning just how perfect a mother she was for Sarah from the start. This also informs their conflicted relationship in the past before the show began with Mrs. S. probably knowing what Sarah was up against and fighting with an equally strong-willed girl to keep her safe from things she couldnt possibly understand or know at the time.

Expert storytelling to be sure.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
9. Kiersten
Personally, it's impossible *not* to compare OB and LG b/c the people who made LG's great and to date still best S1 are making OB and I constantly wonder at how great LG couldve/wouldve become if they hadnt been forced to leave that show (however that happened) but then we wouldnt have OB and that is just so amazingly beyond LG it feels totally worth the sacrifice. Just overall more lost opportunity and potential for LG, which remains very sad.
10. lonewolf
OK, first, @Kiersten, like @BooksDarling says, not only are your recaps the best, but, especially for this last episode, it was very helpful as far as understanding what was said with all the mumbo jumbo. I don't get cc so thank you for that.

Now, @ stacymd2, I believe what saved Helena from dying when Sarah shot her had to do with her being what Henrik called a *mirror*, all her major organs are on the right side, not the left. Had they been on the left then Rasputin would most certainly have been needed.

I agree about Felix and Alison, his flair and her soccer mom personality just play off each other so well. Right off when he went to babysit for her they started to bond. Donnie isn't just a d-bag, he's the deluxe version. He may want to watch his back when she gets out. She'll be gunning for him I bet. As for who will be the surrogate, if it's Gracie it will have to be done without her knowledge at first. From there she will have to be very closely monitered. She looked at Helena as an abomination. If she is the surrogate, she will want it out of her should she find out, probably by any means neccesary.

Henrik, if he had any knowledge of Project Leda, may have come from his work at MIT, maybe some of the original scientists for the project were there at that time?

@Kiersten, I read the post mortem, Tatiana's acting is so fantastic, to leave the crew with knots in their stomachs even tho they knew what was to come, just fantastic, beyond words for me. I could feel the pain myself when Daniel started to slice her behind the ear. I wonder, was he going to slice her from ear to ear. He's the kind of vicious, unfeeling person that would, or was anyway. Then Helena comes into play, Daniel may have been a good tracker but Helena has the stealth that he did not possess. Good riddance Danny boy. Kira did tell Cal earlier that her mother had a gaurdian angel. She did, an angry gaurdian angel. Let's just hope Helena doesn't go schizo, but with Tomas gone that may not happen. What I see is Helena forgiving Sarah for shooting her. She needs her help right now. And while they're in the shower, they might as well take one ;) Plus they have a whole closet of nice clothes and shoes to pick from. I hope they take Rachel's favorites ;) Also with the scars, both Sarah's and Beth's were on the same side, but Beth's was lower down on the neck where it was more visible. Plus her's was more of a gash, whereas Sarah's will be a very fine slice right behind the ear. I wonder if Helena's scars from her self mutilation will heal and not look so horrifying.

And @ minime2 Mrs. S *doing the nasty* with Carleton. Been awhile also since either one of them has I would say. I'll bet they had a hell of a good time. That is a common saying around here, so when I heard Yvonne say that to Alison I thought to myself, so cool, I don't know that I've ever heard that on any show before. That woman is definitely a don't f**k with me kind of woman.

@minime2, I have two theories about Cal.

(1) He may be working for Dyad. There is a lot of deception on this show.

(2) He may be running from his own shit. The reason I say that is because he broadsided Daniel's car and pulled Sarah out to safety.
Then he goes to an abandoned farm where he has a camper, registered under a different name, parked conviently behind a barn where he can hide his truck in, ready to go should the need arise.

@Kiersten, from what GM said, there will probably be a lot of girls with wavy blonde hair and bloody wedding dresses at the next comic-con. Wish I could be there, and I want a skin like the one Cosima has on her computer. I have it as a wallpaper but I want the skin. I found a site that advertised them but they don't carry them anymore, big bummer. I could go on and on and on but I'm probably driving everbody nuts with what I have on here now.

And while I didn't obsess over it, I had to know why Cosima wears glasses and I found out.

Up until the shower scene with Sarah, Daniel and Helena, my favorite was when Kira pulled the curtain back on the door and Helena came looming out of the shadows like an apparition with that insane look in her eyes.

One other thing and I swear I'll be done. @stacymd2, I read up on the Tuskegee syphillis experiments. Ethics of any kind did not exist. Also, I read up some on eugenics. That could have easily turned to genocide here. It was well on it's way to becoming that in Nazi Germany.

Alright, now I'm done, for now.
11. stacymd2
@Kiersten: I too wonder how & when Felix came to live with Mrs. S & Sarah. This episode makes it seem as if Sarah came to her first.

@Minime2: Alison handed Dr. Leekie power over her with this drug abuse break down. The neighborhood now believes Alison is a two-timing alcoholic who is spiraling out of control. I don't think Leekie will pull her out of rehab. He knows where she is, what she is doing and it would be hard for her to scheme with Sarah/Cosmia. Leekie can use Donnie to separate Alison from her children or recommit her when she gets out of line.

Since it was mentioned by SBS aka Yvonne: "Addicts do stupid sh*t". Me thinks Alison will "succubus" her way out of rehab.

I just can't with Lost Girl. It is so sad. Comparing the writing and storytelling on LG to OB is like comparing a cold, day old McDonald's hamburger patty to a sizzling, center-cut filet mignon from Morton's Steakhouse.

@lonewolf: There has to be more to Cal than ruggedly handsome nature dude. I am leaning towards he is hiding from his own misdeeds that will have links to Paul & Dyad.

The Tuskegee and Nazi medical experiments were run by the military and/or governments. Like Cosmia said, Project Leda sounds like a military operation. The Internet & computers were military projects at first (ARPANET), now both are controled by giant private corporations.

My wild speculation is Project Leda started as a military experiment. When the UK government dropped the project or funding, the scientists and people involved created the Dyad Institute to pick where they left off.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
12. Kiersten
Ohhhhh. How cool would it be if turned out Paul and Cal know one another from that old life? Dunno how, but oh the possibilities
13. lonewolf
There have also been fingerprints left everywhere by Sarah. Will the federal agency match them up any of the other girls.

It was good to see Cosima at Felix's place. I wondered if Leekie would let her leave the Dyad compound.

We have seen Sarah impersonate Beth, Alison and Cosima. And Rachel vocally. I would like to see her impersonate Rachel sometime. Think she could pull it off.
14. lonewolf
Did anyone notice that the train station where Sarah watched Beth commit suicide is the same as Dr. Leekie's last name, *Huxley*

Also, Cosima's having to wear glasses has to do with her deteriorating vision from years of her work using microscopes.
15. stacymd2
@lonewolf: I thought Leekie was his last name...That makes sense for Cosmia. But, in real life I don't think eye strain will cause a person to need glasses.

I'm currious about the disease Cosmia is suffering from. Why doesn't Alison have it? Will Alison get it next? It is interesting that the tumors appears to have started in the uterus and spread to the rest of Jennifer's body. Did the clone experiment start out as a cure for female infertility?

@Kirsten: I'm hoping Paul and Cal know each other. I'm hoping it was Cal that got Paul in trouble with the military for what he did in Afghanistan.

My inner perv wants them to have a heated arguement in a sauna, wearing only white towels and sweat.

Moving on...I hope the writers give Art more to do. He should be the voice of the audience quesitoning everything. I want him & Angela to take down the Prolethians.
16. lonewolf
Oops, I was thinking Aldous Huxley, my bad.
17. lonewolf
After realizing what a fool I had made of myself with my last comment I feel I have to explain myself. I have obsessed over this idiotic comment of mine. That's how embarrased I was and am still.

I have spent the last 10 weeks dealing with getting the court to allow me to honor a very close family member's request to allow him to pass with peace and dignity. It was clearly stated it was what he would want should this certain situation arise. I stayed at the hospital and sat by his side so I could say good bye to him even tho he was not able to hear me. Then I was responsible for the arrangements for a funeral and the reading out of his will. It is amazing how people can become such uncaring, unfeeling vultures just because they didn't get what they thought they deserved. I had been accused of euthansia just so I could get what I wanted, which was nothing, I wanted nothing. If the emotional stress I have endured could be converted to the structural stress of a bridge it would collapse. That's what that silly, silly comment I made did to me.

If I had made such a foolish comment amongst family and friends I would have been able to deal with it. But this is an open forum where I have no idea how many people read it and what their thoughts would be. I did not sleep very well last night.

When I found this forum and @Kiersten's truly excellent recaps of both LG and OB with her bits of humor scattered amongst them, I found an escape from all of it. If I were to put all the thank you's end to end they would reach the surface of the moon. If it were money, I'd be able to buy my own island. I would rather have the island.

Now with all that having been said, @stacymd2, the reason I mentioned Cosima's having to wear glasses comes from a site, wikia, that has biographies of each of the characters from OB. It was on there that it was mentioned. I do agree with you that it, in reality, would or may not be the case. As for Cal and Paul having that argument in the sauna, I wonder how Felix would react to it if he were there. Maybe it would provide him with inspiration for his next painting.

So much for this rant of mine. I have one request, to everyone that may have read that, once again, silly, silly comment laugh at or with me. Laaughter is the best medicine.
18. Stacymd2
@lonewolf: Dude, no worries. I need Kiersten's recaps to help me remember things that I missed. Orphan Black is a complicated and detailed program. Where was this recapping angle when The Wire was on?

I am sorry about your family member. TV has been my escape from rough times as well. It is always darkest before the dawn.
19. Stacymd2
Kiersten' recaps are good from any angle, I meant recapping angel, not angle. Damn these typos!
20. KS
I am not sure I understand how Helena got to the apartment in the first place to find Sarah in the last scene? How did she figure that out? Did I miss something obvious?
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