May 27 2014 7:04am

No Two Are Exactly Alike: What Do You and Your Reading Twin Disagree On?

Word-of-mouth is one of the best recommendation engines there is, and when you find a person who shares your reading taste, who is your reading twin, it's wonderful—you know you'll love each and every book she recommends, and you feel confident she will love what you love, too.

Until you don't, and she doesn't.

What books or authors do you and your normally consistent reading twin disagree on?

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1. Scarlettleigh
Can we be triplets? MaggieB and LeeB and I have similar taste in most books. LeeB and I both love contemporary books - women's fiction and chick lit but we part ways on angst type books. She likes them and I can only take them in small doses. An example is the last JoJo Moyes book -Me Before You. To me it had unhappy ending clues written all over it, so I didn't read it. Lee loved it - plus she read more historical fiction than I do. MaggieB and I love contemporary books -- and have so many favorite authors in common - Sarah Addison Allen, Mary Kay Andrews, but she reads or has read a lot of dsytopia stories and she read a lot more Y.A. and science fiction books than I do.
Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
Scarlettleigh, it's so interesting how twins (or triplets) tastes diverge; this post was inspired by my disagreeing with my twin, Robin Bradford, on a book we both read recently; I DNFed it, but the things that bothered me (the purple prose, the overly feisty heroine) didn't bother her at all.
3. Torifl
I and my reading twin-Mandi from SmexyBooks-rarely disagree on books. Usually our thoughts and ratings are almost the same. However, she is more into serious rom contemps while I tend to gravitate towards humorous ones. I also have a unhealthy fondness for YA/NA and read just about all of them while she is super picky about what YA/NA she'll read. Now I and May (another SB reviewer), we are twins in EVERYTHING but books. lolol
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