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Keeping It All in the Family: Johanna Lindsey’s Malorys

Stormy Persuasion by Johanna LindseyOne of my favorite romance novel families is that of the Malorys, Johanna Lindsey’s aristocrat family from Regency England. I’ve been a rabid fan since I first read Gentle Rogue in 1991. Throughout the years they have become like old friends to whose stories I return when I need comfort. In this vein, I was both delighted and horrified when I learned that Lindsey’s next book, Stormy Persuasion (out June 10, 2014) would feature a Malory. Delighted because it features a Malory and takes place on the open seas, much like Gentle Rogue, but horrified because enough years have passed that Lindsey is writing about the next generation.

The heroine of Stormy Persuasion is Judith Malory, the daughter of Tony and Roslynn from the second book in the series, Tender Rebel (1988). Am I really that old? The answer is yes as I read both James and Tony’s stories when they were first published. I certainly don’t want to believe that either one has children old enough to marry. But it is so.

In honor of this momentous (and painful) occasion, I’d like to share my favorite Malory characters and books. These are all classic romances that hold a special place in my reading heart.

Gentle Rogue (book 3, 1991): This was my first book with a gentleman pirate hero. James Malory, Viscount Ryding, is the black sheep of the Malory clan, having been disavowed for his antics on the high seas as the pirate Captain Hawke. Ready to give up his unlawful life and return to the bosom of his family, he takes his ship, the Maiden Anne, for a last voyage. But he has a stowaway onboard—the lovely Georgina Anderson who masquerades as a male cabin boy. James soon sees through her guise but continues to torment her throughout the voyage. As a result, James always calls his love George, aggravating her family for years to come. Also, this romance has one of the best shotgun weddings scenes ever.

The Magic of You (book 4, 1993): Amy Malory has learned from the best, her uncles Tony and James. She knows exactly what she wants out of life—and what she wants most is Warren Anderson, Georgina Anderson/Malory’s crotchety older brother. She is relentless in her pursuit of Warren who attempts to resist her wiles with everything he has. Yet when the two are kidnapped, Amy is able to wear down his resistance. The bickering between the Malorys, particularly Tony and James, and the Andersons, is one of my favorite parts of this series.

Tender Rebel by Johanna LindseyTender Rebel (book 2, 1988): Sir Anthony Malory is a rake of the first order, a “connoisseur of women,” (as noted by Lady Regina Ashton from Love Only Once) but he can’t resist the charms of Roslynn Chadwick, a lady in some serious distress. Much of Tender Rebel and Gentle Rogue take place at the same time, and it is fascinating to watch these two rogue brothers meet their matches and reform for love. There is a rather memorable sex scene in this book that involves the hero, the heroine (of course) and a chair. I can still remember it twenty-five years later. It rivals the sex on a horse scene from Lindsey’s Savage Thunder.

Love Only Once (book 1, 1986): Lady Regina Ashton, always referred to as Regan by Uncle James, is a beloved Malory niece who is mistakenly abducted and therefore ruined by Nicholas Eden, a man out to teach his mistress a lesson. In a hilarious turn of events, Nicholas runs afoul of Captain Hawke—Regina’s uncle—setting the stage for a lifetime of familial battles. While I adore Regina and fell in love with both Tony and James in this book, parts of this one were tough to read. Nicholas abandons Regina directly after their wedding and does indeed qualify for alphahole status. But this is the book that started it all.

More to come about Stormy Persuasion, which did fill me with warm and fuzzies despite my misgivings. 

What's your favorite Malory book?



Jennifer Porter, a mild-mannered librarian by day, runs the review site Romance Novel News and is a compulsive romance reader. She has a tendency to live tweet her craziest reads as @JenniferRNN

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Kiersten Hallie Krum
1. Kiersten
I would put Tender Rebel first and Love Only Once before The Magic of You, but that's it. Tony and James *are* the series with Nicholas to bedevil along the way. Have loved the Mallory's for (GASP) 28 years. Dear Lawd, I am OLD
2. JenniferPorter
I know right! I looked up the years of publication but didn't do the math because I didn't want to know. Such a great series!
3. keen23
It's been a long time since I've read a Mallory book. I remember liking Jeremy's book, A Loving Scoundrel but really hating Say You Love Me (Derek, a Mallory cousin?). I think I'd also put Tender Rebel above The Magic of You in a ranking.

Just how many Anderson brothers are there?
4. JenniferPorter
There are five Anderson Brothers: Clinton, Warren, Thomas, Drew and Boyd. And yes, I knew this (maybe I'm too invested in this series?). I didn't like Say You Love Me either. I was really nervous about reading Stormy Persuasion, but it worked well for me.
Keely Larke
5. Keely
Tender Rebel was by far my fave! Yep! Tony and James are definitely the best part of this series! Love them! I've honestly loved all the books except No Choice But Seduction. Not that it wasn't good, but I didn't like the re-write of Tony's history. Up to that point, we'd always been told Tony was an unrepentant rake and had never fallen for any woman until Roslynn. Then we get this back story of star crossed love. I wasn't feeling that at all, but I still enjoyed the book and this series remains on my top ten comfort reads list.
6. angylinni
I too remember that chair scene vividly. The Mallory books introduced me to compelling, alpha males and I haven't looked back since.
7. MArrojas
Love all the book. James and Anthony are key to everyone of them so their books are top of the list but I really like Derek's book Say You Love Me very much. I am rereading them all now in preparation for the next book. I am so happy there is another book just so I can visit with Tony and James again. I also loved The Present since it took us to the begining.
Darynda Jones
8. DaryndaJones
What wonderful memories!!!! Sigh... Love me some Mallorys.
Ursula Renee
9. ursularenee
That is the same order I read the first four novels. I'm looking forward to reading Stormy Persuasion and seeing how James and Anthony react to their daughters growing up.
10. LDFerris
Johanna Lindsey's Mallorys' series was the series that hooked me on historical romances. I haven't read a bad Mallory novel - of course some are better than others, and I have my favorites: Love Only Once, Tender Rebel, Gentle Rogue, and A Loving Scoundrel are at the top for me. I can read, re-read, and read again, any of these novels and always be hooked and happy. Now I've got to carve the time in my schedule for Stormy Persuasion... Hhmmm.
11. JudyAnn
Johanna Lindsey got me hooked on historical romance in high school and I've been addicted for over 20 years (I cannot believe it has been that long!). I read Stormy Persuasion in just 3 days and cannot wait until the next Malory (hopefully Jack and the Bastard's) book. I hope it is not a year or more before the next one comes out like the past few years. She is my very favorite author and have every single one of her books.
12. mazda
am reading stormy persuasion the second time.I fell in love with tony from love only once and still besotted by him. For me favourite Mallory novels are all of them including Say you love me after Gentle rogue and Tender Rebel!!waiting for Jack story!!I hope it arrive soon
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