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Is She Flying Away?: Thoughts on Jane/Lisbon in The Mentalist 6x22

Simon Baker and Robin Tunney as Patrick Jane and Teresa Lisbon in The Mentalist Season 6, episode 22This post contains SPOILERS for all aired episodes of The Mentalist, including last night’s Season 6 finale, 6x22, “Blue Bird.” Enjoy!

Despite all signs, the brilliant Patrick Jane doesn’t believe Agent Lisbon will actually transfer to the DC office. Cho has bad news for Jane; Lisbon has already put in her paperwork, and will be leaving in ten days. Even though Cho breaks this news at a crime scene, Jane’s questions are all about Lisbon, and he insists it’s not a done deal.

Two days before Lisbon’s departure, she confronts Jane about his distant behavior. Is he angry at her? Jane responds that he feels slighted because he was the last to know Lisbon is leaving. Lisbon asserts he knows why she couldn't tell him. It's hard. They've worked together a long time. Jane asks her to stay, and not break up the team, but before she can respond, adds that he's kidding. She deserves this. She deserves Pike, who is a good man.

Before they can get any further, it's time to go to work, as a notorious killer has announced his intent to start killing again. All leaves and transfers are cancelled, including Lisbon's. Lisbon is not happy. Jane assures Lisbon they'll get this solved quickly. This will be their last case together, so they should make it a happy one. The fact that this is a murder investigation doesn't matter; they're going to Miami, and they've have fun before, haven't they?

Jane and Lisbon repair to the romantic island village hotel where the killer will appear, and take adjoining waterside suites. As soon as Lisbon enters her suite, she spies a selection of gorgeous evening attire laid out on her bed. She phones Jane to protest. This is too much, too nice. Jane, who had been waiting for her call, counters that nothing is too nice for their last case.

During a meeting with Cho and Abbot, Jane spies Lisbon descending the stairs to the dining room, garbed in one of the gowns he'd provided, and joy shines from every inch of his face. The moment isn't going to last, as Lisbon is peeved—how could Jane have booked their rooms two days before the killer contacted the FBI? Jane confesses he wrote the letter, but he's confident it will smoke out the killer. Lisbon throws a drink in his face and storms out. Maybe he should go talk to her.

She doesn't want to see him. Jane is sorry that he tricked her. He didn't want her to leave. Livid, Lisbon accuses Jane of using her as a convenience. Their relationship is all about him. He basically dug up a murdered woman's corpse for this crap. He's so caught up in his own dishonesty, he has no idea how to act like a decent human being. If he's really sorry, he should leave her alone, starting now. Jane merely stands there, silent and heartbroken, but Lisbon knows he's still there.

Later, climbing into her cab, Lisbon phones Pike. If his proposal still stands, her answer is yes. Pike enthuses about their future, but Lisbon doesn't hear a thing, as she's already lowered her phone. Forty five minutes before Lisbon's flight leaves for DC, she's in the airport and Jane is in his suite, watching TV in the dark and drinking from the mini bar. Potential suspects converge on Jane's room, their tales of tragic love affairs spurring Jane to action—he has to get to the airport. He’s stopped by the real killers, but stealthily summons backup. As soon as Abbot and Cho arrive, Jane begs Abbot for keys to a car with a siren. Abbot hands them over without question.

At the very moment Lisbon boards the plane, Jane's car screeches to a stop outside the terminal. He dashes in, playing the FBI card to bypass security, but can't find his ID. No matter, though, as he sprints outside and scales a chain link fence. Even a bad landing on one ankle doesn't stop him. Once inside the plane, he makes a beeline for Lisbon, who still doesn't want to see him.

Jane admits that Lisbon is right. He has forgotten how to act like a normal human being. He plays games and he lies and he tricks people to avoid the truth of how he feels. The idea of letting anyone get close to him is terrifying, for obvious reasons. Even so, the truth is that he can't imagine waking up knowing that he won't see her. The truth is that he loves her, and it feels good to say that aloud.

Lisbon replies that it's too late. It's okay, Jane responds. He understands, but he needed to say it and Lisbon deserved to hear it. Security arrives on the scene, and Jane repeats his love for Lisbon as he's taken off the plane, charging the other passengers to take care of her. Lisbon apologizes to all for the embarrassment, but a fellow passenger assures her every woman on that plane is green with envy.

The next day, Lisbon arrives to spring Jane from TSA custody. Did Jane mean what he said?

Yes, he did. Good, she replies, because she feels the same way. Jane beams. Well, that's lucky, but what about Pike? Pike, Lisbon answers, will understand. She asks Jane to tell her again that he loves her. Jane answers by leaning across the table that separates them and showing her instead, his kiss conveying far more than mere words could ever say.


Jane/Lisbon kiss gif by geekface via Tumblr


Wanna watch that last scene again? Here ya go!


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Heather Waters
1. HeatherWaters
Suddenly getting the urge to binge-watch this show this summer! Character development can move at too slow a pace for me in procedurals, but watching a bunch of seasons at once can be really fun. Lisbon/Jane sounds like my kind of 'ship.
Jennifer Proffitt
2. JenniferProffitt
Okay, I might be the odd man out, but I never wanted them to get together. I wanted Jane to move on from his dead family and I always loved his chemistry with Lisbon, but I never wanted Lisbon to be the one he moved on with.
SueAnn Porter
3. SueAnn Porter
It's about time Patrick Jane said something to Lisbon! But I don't think she should let go of the other relationship until she has a solid commitment from P. Jane. He can be very childish, obviously, and she needs to make sure he's all-in for real. I wouldn't trust the guy. But that's me.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
4. Kiersten
@JenniferProfitt - you're not the odd one out. I see no sexual chemistry between them and though I stopped watching long ago b/c the formula had played out for me, I'm pissed they went there. Just solidifies my decision not to watch anymore
SueAnn Porter
5. Kits
Count me as another person who is not into Jane + Lisbon. I don't think they have any chemistry nor do I think either of them would really be happy together in a relationship.

It's so odd to me how, apparently, so many people need the leads to fall in love on tv shows. It's really a shame that more people can't just relax and enjoy healthy, platonic relationships. Jane and Lisbon had a great working relationship (although the changes in the latest season didn't showcase that very well), and I can't even imagine what the show is going to be like when they're navigating a romantic relationship. Ick.
Carmen Pinzon
6. bungluna
I always so Lisbon as Jane's caretaker / big sister. She helped him recover from a great tragedy, but I just don't see her as his love interest, nor do I see him as her ideal mate.

Why can't there be intense emotional relationships without invoking sex/romantic love?
SueAnn Porter
7. Ooga
It's like little brother kissing big sister...doesn't work...
Heather Waters
8. HeatherWaters
I don't know, guys, I watched the first two episodes last night and I see potential. Of course, I'm a serial shipper so that's not too surprising, but Jane is pretty flirtatious with her from the beginning, and gives her some interesting looks.
SueAnn Porter
9. MissGinia
i agree that i always thought of them as brother/sister, platonic relationship. his character does need to "grow" but not with lisbon, i will not watch it anymore, them in a realtionship doesn't work for me. i agree with other comments that the leads don't always HAVE to be in a relationship.
SueAnn Porter
10. Bell
Ok finally watched the episode and I am happy. I'll admit that like redline I think I'm a serial shipper. I liked how emotional Jane got that he was able to say the words. Even though I always shipped them I liked how Cho was firmly in the brother/sister camp.
SueAnn Porter
11. SG911911
Count me in as one who agrees that Jane and Lisbon have no chemistry together. I like both characters but never wanted them to become a couple. I'll continue watching but I'm afraid this show might have jumped the shark.
SueAnn Porter
Of course they haver a chemistery together, since many seasons now we can see that Lisbon would like him to kiss her in many scenes. By the sunset, when she gives him her gun before he goes to meet who he thinks if red John in the church, that was even embarassing to see her so in love with P. Jane, and we can guesse he also loves her, because he tells her once in her office, and he is jealous with Pike it's obvious, also he hugs her everytime he can. What is weird is that it took them so much time to get to this conclusion. But it couldn't happen before Jane gets closure with Red John, so yes it's nice they are together and it makes sense.
SueAnn Porter
13. Soolon
Couldn't wait for episode 22 here in the UK, had to see what happens. Love the ending especially when his voice breaks in the plane, so emotional. Role on Season 7.
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