May 28 2014 7:20am

Inspired by RPF: What is Your Favorite Boy Band Crush?

Anna Todd's After series, apparently inspired by One Direction (RPF = Real People Fiction), has been sold to Simon & Schuster for publication in the fall. The series was bought for mid six-figures, and will remain on Wattpad (where it began).

The series has already had more than 800 million views on Wattpad, and there is already discussion of a movie deal.

So dust off your old obsessions and let us know, what boy band crush do you wish you could read—or write!—fiction about?

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Carmen Pinzon
2. bungluna
I'm not remotely interested in boy bands, but it would be interesting to read about a member years after the BB craze.
Stefanie Magura
3. Stefanie Magura
First time commenter: I know the Beatles aren't technically a boy band, but there is a similarity in that a lot of their early fans were teenage girls. What I'm saying is that mine was the Beatles. And if you're wondering, I wasn't around when they were popular although it would be cool to make a visit to that time. ;)
Stefanie Magura
4. Stefanie Magura
And it looks like I've read the question wrong. Lol. I can't think of anybody that I wish there were more fanfiction stories about, but I have enjoyed Beatles fanfiction and continue to do so.
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