May 22 2014 7:20am

Holding a Grudge: What Are You Still Mad About?

Channing Tatum as Gambit. The final book in a series that didn't live up to your hopes. The ending of Lost. Who Sookie ended up with in Charlaine Harris's Southern Vampires series.

Many of us have been disappointed over the years by casting news, couple pairings, depictions of our favorite characters on-screen. What's the oldest misstep that still makes you mad, and how long have you been angry about it?

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Lege Artis
3. LegeArtis
Uf, I am still mad they casted Ben Affleck as Batman. I'll watch it of course, but I am not enthusiastic about it.
Killing Spike off, killing Will inThe Good Wife, HIMYM finale...
When it comes to books...I'm still mad about the way Richelle Mead ended Dark Swan series.
Ok, I'll stop now. :)
4. Rebe
I'm still mad about what happened to Ethan in Chloe Neill's Chicagoland Vampire series. I won't say more so I don't spoil it for anyone, but I stopped reading the series after that. So. pissed. off.
5. wsl0612
The ending of Quantum Leap; the failure to "end" Deadwood; the casting of Ben Affleck and Nic Cage in all "superhero" roles; Tom Cruise (he has ruined many, many things); casting Katherine Heigl as Stephanie Plum.... I could probably think of more ;-)
Megan Frampton
6. MFrampton
Deadwood's "ending," YES! OMG, a thousand times YES. SO mad, still, ten years on.
Cruise as Reacher
I might never get over the Jaime/Cersei rape scene in the filmed Game of Thrones.
kathlyn smith
7. castiel
The Daredevil film (great character, wasted opportunity), league of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Wanted films (missed the point of the stories!), Ben Affleck as Batman (seconded!), Tatum as Gambit (just NO!).....yeah, I read comics for a lot of years, some things just haven't translated well to cinema!

also, I've never gone back to Kim Harrison's Hollows books after they killed off a particular love interest. WHYYYYYY!?!? *sniffle* can't face them without him!
8. Nia2113
The Xman movie we do not speak of. ( #3 in case anyone is wondering*shudders*) It was just wrong, Wrong, WRONG. Also dear god the The Green Lantern. So very bad. Seems the comic adaptations are either thrillingly good or so terribly off. The longest misstep for me was Seaquest. I watched as a kid and LOVED it.. but then they went the Alien route and it got so bad and then of course soon after canceled. 19 years later it still upsets me to think of it!
Elizabeth Halliday
9. Ibbitts
I don't usually get angry about books/television/movies. People have varying opinions about characterizations/storylines/casting and I pretty-well accept that. If I don't agree with something, I usually just don't read that author/see that movie/watch that show, but I don't get upset about it - there are just so many options out there, and if I don't like this one, I'll try that one...
That being said, the only thing I can remember being truly angry about happened on the television show, The Mentalist a few years ago. There was a scene where Patrick Jane was on a talk show. Another guest on the talk show was a pretend psychic. This pretend psychic begin ranting about Red John. Instead of trying to diffuse the situation, Jane egged him on and then turned and looked directly into the camera. With that look, you knew Jane was telegraphing a message to Red John. By the end of the program, the pretend psychic had been brutally murdered by Red John.
When a good guy steps over my imaginary line to become a bad guy, I don't forgive. I have never seen another episode of The Mentalist, and I never will.
10. lauralee1912
Has to be my most long-standing grudge ... the movie adaptation of Even Cowgirls Get the Blues. My circle of friends in college included some die-hard Tom Robbins fans and we spent hours discussing the book. The movie simply did not live up to my imagination. And, I have been threatening to name a pet Bonanza Jellybean since the late 1970s and haven't yet!
Sara Elliott
11. Dacchic
TV/Film: Sam Beckett's fate on Quantum Leap (WTF), Fox's cancellation of Firefly (on a side note, Wash's fate in Serenity), Star Wars Episode I (enough said), and the ending of Battlestar Galactica (still confused).

Books: The direction JR Ward has taken the BDB (just my opinion)
Heather Waters
12. HeatherWaters
@Dacchic -- I was just coming here to write about how I'm still not over the BSG2003 finale.
13. Lynda the Guppy
There are three things which will send me into total rant mode when they're mentioned.

1. 2004 (10 years) The Prisoners of Azkaban movie. I hated the director and his choices, but the one thing that makes me froth at the mouth is they never say who Mooney, Wormtail, Padfoot & Prongs are. So that moment between Harry and his Patronus Prongs? You lose all of the emotion of the moment of Harry realizing this was his DAD.

2. 1985 (29 years - the oldest) When Sesame Street made Snuffleupagus "real." When I watched the show only Big Bird and I could see Snuffleupagus. IT was part of the charm and fun of the show. Big Bird and I were SPECIAL. We could see Snuffy when NO ONE ELSE COULD. And I wouldn't have minded so much if their reasonings were something I could understand. Noooo. They did it because they decided children had a hard time distinguishing between what's real and what's not, and so FOR THE SAKE OF THE CHILDREN, they made it so everyone could see Snuffleupagus.

3. St. Elsewhere (1988 - 26 years) This is the one which just makes my head explode. The final episode of St. Elsewhere. They've had this amazing, ground-breaking, successful show, and they end it by telling us the entire thing, all 6 years or so, were figments in this autistic boy's imagination and it's all because of a snowglobe he likes to stare at. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!?! Not only does it trivialize all that had gone before (AIDS, a man raping another man, breast cancer, etc.), but it was absolutely ridiculous to expect us to think a young autistic boy with a blue collar father would know all about those stories as well as all that we had learned about hospital administration! ARGH! See? Head exploding with rage.
Pamela Webb-Elliott
14. Spaz
I just scanned the replies and my two have already been separately mentioned, but both deserve another mention:

Still grudge holding over what Chloe Neill did with Ethan in Chicagoland, too. Not only did I stop reading after that book, but I still see red when new books come out, because of what she did to him. I need to get over it, I know.

Richelle Mead's another grudge I still hold over how she completely devolved Eugenie's character through the Dark Swan series. She evolved her into the dumbest weakest character ever by book 3 (certainly not a heroine I could look up to), and I am still emo over it with anger.
15. stacymd2
This is a fun list. You guys bring up most of mine...
@Lynda the Guppy: I so agree about St. Elsewhere.

Others fictional grudges:
Lost Girl: Seasons 3 & 4 (This show is no longer in the toilet. It is floating in the sewer.)
Torchwood: Death of Ianto Jones. (W.T.F. RTD!)
The Wire: Death of Omar Little by some dumb kid. Dukie shooting heroin.
Roseanne: The entire last season.
The movies The Spirit (You are better than this Frank Miller!) and Batman & Robin (Nipples, really?)
16. CdnMrs
I haven't read a Chloe Neill book since the whole Ethan incident. To maintain my sanity and not turn into a psychohosebeast I can't even talk about.
Also, the end of KM Moning's Fever series gave me a bad case of the rages. I know almost eerybody loved it, but I just can't.
Wendy the Super Librarian
17. SuperWendy
The finale of Seinfeld (I wasn't a fan of the show per se, but the final episode is pretty lame-o). The finale of Dallas (JR having hallucinations with Joel Grey and then shooting a mirror? Really?).

I always like it when I start out peeved about something and end up getting proven wrong. Best example: Heath Ledger as the Joker. Oh man, so TICKED OFF about that casting originally - then I saw the movie and he totally nailed it. I'm reserving judgment on Ben Affleck as Batman. He's been better with his more recent work like The Town, Argo etc. So maybe we'll get more of that Ben and none of the Daredevil, Pearl Harbor Ben. We can hope anyway.....
18. TraceyLynn
L. J. Smith not writing Strange Fate.
Carmen Pinzon
19. bungluna
Great post. I'd better not start listing things that make my blood pressure rise, bad for my health!
20. Nia2113
@TraceyLynn YES! 16 years and counting.. and the snipits she has posted just has made it worse!
Nicole Leapheart
21. BoxyFrown
The first trilogy of the X-Men franchise. What they did right, they did really right (Patrick Stewart! Hugh Jackman! Rebecca Romin!) and what was wrong was really wrong (Halle Berry. Anna Paquin. No Gambit?!) Against my better judgement I am excited about DoFP. It was my fave storyline, and so far they seem to be doing better. Plus...Fassbender!

Also the canceling of My So Called Life (too bad there were no internet campaigns back then to save that show) and tbh I had quit watching Felicity before she cut her hair, but I certainly wasn't going to make myself watch it after that.

TSTL heroines in general. The quickest way for me to quit a book.

One day I will go back to Sherrylin Kenyon. But after like 3 books in a row about people I didn't know/care about, I peaced out.
22. Scarlettleigh
@bungluna -- it is interesting. No one has mentioned one of my biggest peeves, but I made myself promise to let it die --

I almost could mentioned all the long running television series -- except for the most part I quit them before the end. My desire for a HEA, always ran contrary to their need for drama. I would get a glimpse of happiness, and then it would be cruelly taken away. . . E.R., Thirty Something, Grey's Anatomy . . .

I don't think that there is one show on television that I watched all the way through, or even saw the season finale. I only remember one . . when Bob Newhart wakes up with Suzanne Pleshette , a wife from his previous show and realizes that the eight years were all a bad dream - in a take off of Dallas
23. CindyS
OMG, I'm so glad there are other people out there who saw the Quantum Leap finale and understand my pain - completely brutal.
Firefly cancellation and yes, the death in Serenity (although I now know if Joss Whedon is involved people are going to die - SPIKE!)
Battlestar Galactica finale - me too!
The original Beauty and the Beast when Catherine dies (are you friggin kidding me?)
The cancellation of the show LIFE with the actor from Homeland which was Awesome and then the horrific ending from Homeland season 2 finale (WTF)
I've become so stupidly upset about the cancellation of shows that I freak when the studios then put out the DVD pack for upteen dollars but yeah, there is not a real ending to the show because it was cancelled! (I've never bought Deadwood for this reason)
BBC's Survivors - cancelled at end of season 2 (which Netflix neglected to tell me and voila, I'm a mess because my fav character didn't get his HEA)
24. Debscholl
Elizabeth George killing off Inspector Lynley's pregnant wife in With No One as Witness. I couldn't bring myself to read another of her books for years. They were so happy and there was no reason for the murder.
25. willaful
Note to self: don't finish watching "Beauty and the Beast." :-(
Carmen Pinzon
26. bungluna
I don't watch any show that's in any way serialized any more, because they always leave me hanging without any explanation!
27. kae
@CindyS, YES to cancellation of Life.

Other cancelled shows are Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Flash Forward.
Patricia Wilkerson
28. Proofreaderpat
I totally agree with the grudge about cancelling "Firefly",and the movie "Serenity" just left more questions. I also hated the ending of the original tv version of "La Femme Nikita" with Peta Wilson- she should have left with Michael and his son! @CindyS-thanks for the headsup about "Beauty and the Beast".I almost borrowed that from the library.
29. KiKirsten
If youre still watching this forum I am telling you to go back to the Chicagoland Vamps. I wont tell you much, but i will say this: The one truely great thing in sci-fi and fantasy novels is that no character neccassarily has to stay dead.
30. kate w
Bitten the tv series. ALL of it! But Clay in particular. Really?
31. MarciL
I was devastated when Kisten was killed in Kim Harrison's Hollows series (2008?) and only read the next book to see him avenged. I still haven't been able to get back into the series.
32. Dragonlover44
Sherrilyn Kenyon's "Bad Moon Rising". I'll hold this grudge for years. The book was so anticipated, then all it really was was a rehash of other previous books and about 50 to 100 pages of new stuff. Not cool!
If the story had been a novella instead of Fury's, I would have been happier.

And all the Harry Potter movies after number three, though that had some strange moments. I couldn't sit through 'The Half Blood Prince' when watching it at home because it was so bad and made no sense even if you hadn't read the book. And don't get me started on how they burried Dobby, the dunes would have moved in a couple years and his body would have been exposed to the elements. How hard would it be to find a house next to the ocean with a garden and a tree at the end of the lawn in The UK? And I didn't even like Dobby!

And Ianto dying in Torchwood. Good thing the fandom tends to disregard the season three and the Children of the Earth.
33. allyson55
I'm still mad about the fact that Whedon put Buffy and Spike together at all! Spike was mean, nasty and viscious and I loved him that way then, in the process of becoming Buffy's lap dog, he became really annoying. Spike was a great character particularly paired with Dru but definitely not with Buffy.
romance reader
34. bookstorecat
Every once in a while I'll hear about one of those lame-on-purpose terrible SyFy B-movies and think, "They canceled Farscape for this sh*t."
Rachel Powell
35. JMercy
I love this post. My husband and I have this conversation on what seems like a monthly basis. Some of mine are mentioned above (Quantum Leap always gets some words). His other biggest rage is Magnum PI's finale where he's telling the whole story as a ghost since he was murdered. Pretty much any new show we let go until at least mid season since the networks seem to cancel them earlier and earlier each year. Glad I caught all the ranting about HIMYM before Netflixing it - I hate getting to the end of a long series only to find myself exactly where I started. What's the point of years of character development if it's wiped away in an hour? If I want to focus on backsliding, I'll pay more attention to my diet or lack thereof.
36. Media Addict
I am driven nuts by the movies, or parts of movies, that you're still left at the end going, "But...but...wait, what REALLY happened? What part was real?" Ex: Inception, K-Pax, Mirrormask, Pan's Labyrinth, and (though I hate to admit to watching it) how they changed the end of Breaking Dawn Part 2 in the movie.

More recently, I wanted to throw things at the screen at the Season Finale of SHIELD. Nick Fury: "Coulson, we've watched you closely since you were un-deadified, and you are perfectly fine with no weird side effects, so fine that here are the keys to SHIELD, you have absolute power." Four minutes 23 seconds later: Coulson in strage trance emulating crazy behaviors the really evil guy was displaying earlier in the episode. But no one knows!!! I mean, come on!!!

Side Note: Give Kim Harrison a second chance, please. Yes, the romance plots get bad for a bit, but the story continues to be awesome and it *does* get better. (Though, warning, there is another heartbreaking character death 3 books later.)
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