May 7 2014 2:28pm

Exclusive Book News: SE Jakes Is Stephanie Tyler!

Running Wild by SE JakesToday Riptide Publishing, home to LBGTQ fiction, announces that their author SE Jakes is also bestselling author Stephanie Tyler (the Defiance series).

On June 30, Riptide will release Running Wild, a male/male Motorcycle Club romance, while on July 1, publisher Signet will be releasing Vipers Run, a male/female MC romance set in the same universe as her m/m title.

While writing under two (or more) different names is nothing new, this confluence of pesudonyms, and worlds, and releases, is remarkable.

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Jennifer Proffitt
1. JenniferProffitt
What?! Cool! I've always loved both and now I know why! I love finding out this stuff--it always blows my mind! Also, reading Viper's Run right now, so I will DEFINITELY be checking out Running Wild--plus that's my birthday, so happy birthday to ME!
Lisa T
2. Lisa T
Congrats on being outed SE, uh, Stephanie :D
Lisa T
3. SusanC
Whoo Hoo!! SE fans, if you have not read the Stephanie Tyler books - run to do so! They are incredibly good.

Yea, Stef!!
Lisa T
4. Susan65
Yay, now I have even more books to read :-)
Lisa T
5. Torifl
Nice!! No wonder I love both writers. :P Can't wait to read the m/m MC series.
6. KLCharles
FANTASTIC NEWS! I love Sydney Coft's ACRO series written by Stephanie with Larissa Ione. Carry on, Stephanie!
Lisa T
7. DanielleRG
No wonder I love SE Jakes' books so much! I've been a fan of Syndey Croft, Larissa Ione and Stephanie Tyler for years. I started reading m/m books in the last year or so and SE's books are some of my favorites!
8. Kareni
I just read two of Jakes' Hell or High Water books today. Thanks for bringing this author to my attention.
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