May 13 2014 1:00pm

Cajun Invasion: Channing Tatum Will Be X-Men’s Gambit

Apparently everyone’s favorite Kinetic Cajun is on has lined up his first solo film, but who was chosen to glow purple and wear that fabulous trench coat? None other than Magic Mike himself, Channing Tatum.  Word is that Tatum has been officially cast as the master thief turned hero and all around Southern charmer, but the real question we have is who is going to be his Rogue?

In the comics, Gambit, or Remy LeBeau, was a New Orleans street urchin turned master thief who eventually joined up with Professor Xavier’s team of heroic outcasts, the X-Men. Gambit tended to chafe when it came to authority, and wasn’t ever really all that keen on being “heroic” but when he met fellow Southerner Rogue, he was hooked. Personally, there really isn’t a Gambit without Rogue, I mean they even made runner up in best super hero couples suited for Romance, so only time will tell if we get to see the current Rogue, Anna Paquin, meet with the X-Men’s answer to Han Solo.

What do you think about a solo Gambit movie starring Channing Tatum?

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Lege Artis
1. LegeArtis
He was played by Taylor Kitsch in Wolverine movie nobody likes to talk about. But he was ok.. I really like his voice. That drawl... ;)
As for CT I really don't have an opinion now. Gambit is a charmer, ladies man, smooth... I'll reserve my opinion when I hear him talk. I want proper cajun accent for Gambit, dammit. ;)
Christopher Morgan
2. cmorgan
As do we all. Me and some friends have been talking this over for a while. I almost think that Tatum is too charming and on point to be Remy, that he is lacking the "Laissez les bons temps rouler" Southern Laziness. I don't know how rake-ish he is, or if he can play it straight.

Kitsch was good, as was Reynolds, but that movie...oh that movie...

My dream cast was always Josh Hollaway from LOST.
Lege Artis
3. LegeArtis
@cmorgan- Ah, JH would be perfect.
Funny thing, it was kind of a time coincidence for both news, but so many people made connection that Josh Hartnett is basically Gambit in Penny Dreadfull. I haven'see it myself, but guess what I'll be paying attention of now? ;)
4. Nia2113
Kitsch never really had a chance to show us if he could pull off Gambit due to the horrendous writing that was Wolverine Origins. As far as CT goes.. all I can think of is Magic Mike and I have to shudder.. its going to be a massacre of one of my favorite male X-men characters. But then again it is the marvel universe set to film and I would expect nothing less and they will still get my money.
5. LizF
I am pretty underwhelmed by this news, never been a huge fan of CT so..I liked Taylor Kitsch in the role but mmmmmm..Josh Holloway is a VERY interesting choice. Very charming! :)
Christopher Morgan
6. cmorgan
See he does have that charm, AND he has it while maintaining a sense of mystery and menace, something perfect for Gambit. If only Fox would higher me to cast their Comic franchises....
Terri Rose
7. Terri L
I like CT in a lot of parts... but not for this movie. He will have to really be able to deviate from every movie part he has ever done. Honestly I really enjoy him in most of his movies, but he sort of always plays the same character.
Now Wolverine did suck... but I was so drawn to
Taylor Kitsch as Gambit. I wanted to movie to follow him not wolverine when I was watching it. I don't know... I think they made the wrong choice with CT.
8. stacymd2

I hope this isn't true. I like CT, but I don't think he would be good in this role, unless TPTB rewrite Gambit.
My choice would be Jensen Ackles (Supernatural).
Christopher Morgan
9. cmorgan
Oooooo Jensen Ackles. Very good choice, but could he do Southern/Cajun?
Nicole Neal
10. icecharm
Gambit is just not Gambit without the accent! I REAAAAALLLLYYYY like the idea of Josh Holloway as Remy.
Kerly Luige
11. Celebrinnen
Love Jensen till the end of my life.
Just seeing him erases all thought from my head other than DEAN!!!!!!!


Had never heard of Gambit before the Wolverine movie (didn't grow up with these comics on this side of the ocean), but I was totally into him after seeing Taylor play him, so I'd definitely vote for him.
12. ladynat
It never ceases to amaze me how Marvel can turn at such amazing Avengers movie and fail soooo much at everything else. There was absolutely nothing wrong with Taylor Kitsch in Wolverine. I had been waiting for Gambit since I heard they were making X-Men movies. And not even Sir Patrick Stewart himself could save those movies. Taylor was pretty darn close to the Remy in my head. I honestly don't understand why they didn't keep him. Unless he got to big for his britches and wanted too much money. But in that case Channing is not the cheaper choice. Channing will be a horrible Remy. I just can't imagine him with that cajun accent acting like the charming rogue Gambit is. He's jsut too clean cut boy next door nice guy. Chris Pine would have been a better choice and yet still horrible.
13. Nia2113
@ladynat the problem is that Marvel does not own the X-men. Fox does and they refuse to sell the rights back. That is why in any of the Avenger films and all the others coming out soon you will never hear the word "mutant" used. They can’t use it because again Fox owns the rights to that word. So in the new Avengers movie coming out next year Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are not mutants they are experiments. Over all it realllllly sucks and is putting a damper on the possibilities for Marvel movies.
14. Ange
I love Taylor Kitsch and Anna Paquin, so if Taylor's replaced, then I can't see Paquin as Rogue with anybody else.

I definitely could see Natalie Portman playing the role of Rogue alongside Tatum's Gambit. She's a great & respected actress. She has already proven herself as a southern bell in "Where The Heart Is", & she already has links in the Marvel Universe movie franchise with Thor. She would make an awesome Rogue.
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