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“You’re My Best Friend”: Mindy and Danny [Spoiler!] in The Mindy Project 2x17

Danny and Mindy in The Mindy Project 2x17This post contains SPOILERS for all aired episodes of The Mindy Project, including last night’s episode 17, “Be Cool.” Enjoy!

All epic romance novels have a “delicious despair” period—that dark, dark time when every possible chance for a happy ending for your beloved pair seems doomed, and the ashes of all your hopes and dreams for them surround you. Still, you have faith that they will, in fact, pull it out of the fire and attain that glorious HEA. Somehow. Some way. After all, isn't that the golden rule of romance?

The Mindy Project, while not a romance novel, is often described as a romantic comedy series, and I 100% believe that creator/executive producer/head writer/star Mindy Kaling fully intends to follow the Mindy/Danny romance through to, if not an HEA, a “Happily for Now.” Which means that while “Be Cool” saw Danny break up with Mindy after only a few weeks of secretly dating—sending fans into a tizzy of delicious despair—their story is far from over. As in, it's most likely just gettin' started.

Even the way Danny ended things was RIDICULOUSLY romantic, damn him:

“I think you're right: we should call it off. ... Just listen to me, OK. I don't know if you know this,'re my best friend. Sorta only friend, and, uh, I need to have you in my life. I have to have you. And this, I'm afraid that this is, this is gonna... Wait a minute, you don't know what I'm about to tell you. ... I don't want you to get upset, OK? I'm sorry, I just—we wanna kill each other at least once a day. ... And what's gonna happen if we start dating. I mean, really, what's gonna happen? You're gonna get attached to me. ... And then we're gonna fight more, then we're gonna break up. And and—and then you're gonna go work somewhere else and I'm not gonna see you. Is that what you want? Is that what you want? ... I know me: I will ruin this. Look, I—I think the best thing for us to do...I think it's good that we stop this now. I think you'll see that I'm right. ... I'm sorry.”

He's clearly terrified of losing her as even a friend (and his fear of abandonment is well documented over the years and thus totes legit), but he's also clearly in love with her (DID YOU SEE? DID YOU SEE THE TEARS IN HIS EYES???). Now they just have to figure a few things out before what just HAS to be a big, romantic season finale. I'm rooting for them—how about you?


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Nicole Leapheart
1. BoxyFrown
They were both crying and it tore me up! Im totally rooting for them, but he really hurt Mindy so I don't know if she has the strength to go there again. Fingers crossed though. Danny needs to believe in himself!! And in love!
2. lauralee1912
I was sniffling on the sofa last night. That scene was so well done. I am sooooOO hoping for a big romantic season finale.
Terri Rose
3. Terri L
I definitely want to see them together more than just the few episodes we got however....that was one of the best episodes I have seen. It is clearly not over. I am guessing that they are going to go through an adjustment period where things are kind of ackward and they have problems really being what they once were. Then at the end of the season he will realize he made a mistake and we will have a reunion!! (At least I am hoping...)
Heather Waters
4. HeatherWaters
@BoxyFrown -- Ugh, I know, that scene KILLS me. As for Mindy, you know, as dramatic as she can be after a breakup, she is actually extremely well adjusted. The reason she is Danny's "best friend" now is because she was so persistant about it and just so willing to beat down his resistance with affection. Someone on Tumblr posted a gorgeous gif set of Danny's progression from "I didn't ask to be your friend!" to "Now I think you're a nice lady, we're friends" to, finally, "I don't know if you know this,'re my best friend." Just gives me all the feels.

I think Mindy is hurt but always willing to give Danny another shot. She loves him and understands him better than anyone. That said it: Danny needs to believe in himself, and love. Once he figures out that he DOES deserve Mindy and that they can make it work if they're willing to put in the effort (and it will take a lot of effort--they disagree on most everything!), well, I think he'll be able to get her back. You know, after a grand gesture!

@lauralee1912 -- That was seriously painful, wasn't it? But brilliantly written and acted. Give Kaling and Messina allllll the Emmys! Fingers crossed for the season finale too. It'd also be a nice callback to the pilot, when Danny sees Billy Crystal running to Meg Ryan at the end of When Harry Met Sally and says "Who would do that?" I THINK YOU KNOW, SIR.

@Terri L -- Is it weird that I'm as big a fan of their breakup scene as the airplane kiss? I mean, look, yes, Danny was ending things (for now), but the two of them were also being INCREDIBLY honest about their feelings. It's the most concrete evidence yet that they are crazy in love. Danny's you're my best friend/my only friend/I need to have you in my life/I have to have you/you're gonna leave/and I'm not gonna see you is probably THE most he's ever put his heart on the line for anyone, even Christina. He's telling her he literally cannot live without her! Swoon!

And yeah, exactly, I'm thinking the same thing: The rest of the season will probably be spent having them slowly realize they feel like they're missing a limb without the other one, Danny especially. Then he's gonna try to win her back. RIGHT? RIGHT? That's the only thing that makes sense to me.
5. ehenning
I love Mindy and Danny, but if I were Mindy in real life, or say a professional woman in a demanding career in her thirites (how 'bout that?) I would not have time for his garbage. It would have been one thing if they were both single, but he essentially derailed a relationship she was happy with and then dropped her on a lame excuse, (Not quite as cut and dried as all that but that was the end result.) I do want them to get back together, of course, (I'm not a romantic, but I'm also not dead inside) but I don't know about a big gesture being enough. People make mistakes, not saying he has to suffer or anything, but he needs to show a concerted effort to improve for me to buy her being able to trust him not to pull that nonsense again.

P.S. You are now not a thread killer. :)
Megan Frampton
6. MFrampton
This whole sequence of events totally rang true for me, given the personalities involved. Yes, Danny thinks he's a failure at relationships, and he's desperate to hold onto the one relationship he wants to have forever and ever, and it's not a romantic one. And Mindy isn't willing to settle for having a secret dating thing, and she is still so understanding when it comes to Danny because she IS his best friend, and she KNOWS what's going on through his confused brain.

I really liked how he had already moved on to trying to date Peter's sister, because I think that's how some men deal with the stuff Danny is dealing with, even though it seems too soon--certainly, it would be too soon for Mindy to get with someone else (and when she does, won't it be FUN to watch Danny's reaction?).

Shout-out to Mindy Kaling for adding the layer of tokenism inherent in the other doctors' office's offer, also.
Heather Waters
7. HeatherWaters
@ehenning -- 1. How did I not know you watched this?! Dude.

2. Thank you for bailing me out of self-pity land there. ;)

3. Yeah, how 'bout that?! No, but I hear ya. He's being a lame-o, no doubt about it. On the other hand (you knew that was coming)...she's (historically been) SO quick to jump into relationships that I think something like this was always going to happen, even setting aside Danny's fears; they just weren't on the same page yet 'cause they'd jumped into it and then not talked about what it meant. Like, despite Mindy saying she wanted to take it slow, my guess is that she wanted to take it slow and do it all right because she's pretty aware of the depth of her feelings and could already picture marriage, kids, the whole 9 yards. Also, they're of course just really different; Danny's super private anyway and the more he cares about something, the less he wants to talk about it; Mindy's the exact opposite.

As for the gesture...I wouldn't be surprised if it's a "10 pound ring" to show her he's "all in," which would be a callback to the season 2 premiere, when he considered proposing to Christina again. Mindy talked him out of that then, but only because she knew he was doing it for the wrong reasons. Similarly, he told Mindy he thought her quick-n-dirty wedding to Casey was a mistake, implying he knew she was doing THAT for the wrong reasons.
Heather Waters
8. HeatherWaters
@MFrampton -- Was that a romance novel-worthy scene or what? All the kudos to the writers there. So often TV breakups feel contrived, but this one felt organic and earned (or something).

As for Danny moving on, agreed. I mean, he's DEEP in denial, so of course he's going try to pretend things are back to normal, both on the dating scene and in his relationship with Mindy (good luck with that on both counts, buddy). Also, I think it's already telling that Sally was the one pursuing him and he just didn't resist much. He's completely unengaged. (Mindy being jealous of Danny's gonna be fantastic. We've seen pining Danny, so I'm excited for her turn.)

Yep, I liked the tokenism callout too.
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