Apr 15 2014 8:03am

Who’s Your Favorite Dirt-Broke Hero?

It's the day taxes are due in the United States, and for many people, this is a time when we are acutely aware of our finances.

(Spoiler: Not many of us are billionaires).

Who's your favorite dirt-broke hero, and what does he economize on the best?

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1. jsmom2
Johnny from Karen Robards' One Summer. Broke ex-con. I don't read billionaires. Well, except for Roarke.
Manda Collins
2. mandacollins
Lord Edenmont from Loretta Chase's THE LION'S DAUGHTER. His shame over having lost his family's fortune is so raw. And the way he works to refurbish the estate for Esme makes me tear up every time.
3. Janga
I love George Carstairs, Lord Rival, in Diane Farr's The Fortune Hunter and Billy Bob Walker in Lisa G. Brown's Bill Bob Walker Got Married.
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