Apr 3 2014 8:01am

Which Romance Novel Had the Perfect Ending?

Yesterday, Jenn Proffitt asked if a bad ending can ruin a great journey. Today we want to know which romance novel had the best ending—maybe the book throughout was great as well, or maybe the ending made something that was just all right into something astonishing.

So—which romance novel had the perfect ending?

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Jenn B.
1. Jenn B.
Well, I don't know if it's a "perfect" ending, but I just finished Lover Enshrined, the sixth book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series (no, I hadn't read them before!) and I thought the ending was wonderful. It resolved some emotional issues but it didn't tie everything up in a neat bow; I found it poignant but not overstated. It was very satisfying.
Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
I was perilously close to disliking Cecilia Grant's newest (A Woman Entangled) until it got close to the end, and then--somehow, I have no idea how--she pulled it off, and I ended up loving the book. That was the most striking tour de force I've ever read.
3. lauralee1912
Without giving away too much, I loved the way Waiting on You, the most recent by Kristan Higgins ended, as it began, with bickering between the twins. However, the last line in the book summed up Lucas and Colleen's story and sent me in search of Kleenex.
Jenn B.
4. Kathy K
Just finished Waiting on You by Kristan Higgins. Oh,my. Emotional, funny, very satisfying! I absolutely loved Colleen's snappy comebacks! Kristan's books never disappoint me:-)
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