Apr 9 2014 8:11am

Which Male Character Do You Want to See Get Naked on Game of Thrones?

Kit Harington, the actor who plays Jon Snow on Game of Thrones, was GQ's April cover story, and in the interview, he says he's prepared to disrobe, as so many of the female cast has been asked to:

“It's only right, if you're going to make a show where nudity and sex is a large part of it, that you be a part of that.”

Now that Game of Thrones has been renewed for two more seasons, we want to know—which Game of Thrones male character would you most want to see get naked?

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Robin Bradford
1. RobinBradford
I'm glad he's willing to make that sacrifice. I'm ready to see it!
K.M. Jackson
2. kwanawrites
Jon Snow and Jaime Lannister top my list. Sadly, some of my other toppers have already bit the dust.
Megan Frampton
3. MFrampton
My tops would be Jaime, but not if it's in the context of being with his sister. Second would be Bronn.
4. PhoebeChase
So much for "You know nothing, Jon Snow." Clearly he's a genius! I'll take Jon and Jamie and maybe some Hound.
Darlene Marshall
5. DarleneMarshall
All of them. Except maybe the eunuchs.
6. ChelseaMueller
I'm agreeing with the above suggestions including Jaime and Jon Snow, but there is Oberyn swooning going on right now...

Suleikha Snyder
7. Suleikha Snyder
Oh, Jon Snow. You DO know things. So, yes, I'd love to see him drop trou' for the greater good. As well as Jaime, Tyrion, Bronn, Ser Jorah, Oberyn Martell...I could go on. And I second Phoebe's dark horse nudie candidate, the Hound.
Megan Frampton
8. MFrampton
And there's oldDaario:

And Nu!Daario:

I'd take either.
Suleikha Snyder
9. Lorelie Brown
Jamie. Lots.

Though I wouldn't turn it off if it were Oberyn.
Michelle Scott
12. urbanfae
Everyone took mine! Lol. I'm thinking that old
Daario would have looked better than the new guy.
Suleikha Snyder
13. stacymd2
Jon Snow, Oberyn and Bronn are my picks. Of the dead characters: Robb & Khal Drogo
Jon is so pretty. I just want to pet his hair.
I like Oberyn and Bronn's swagger.
Pamela Webb-Elliott
14. Spaz
OK confession time:
I wouldn't mind seeing Tormund Giantsbane naked, either!
Megan Frampton
15. MFrampton
A dark horse, @Spaz! Good call, hadn't thought of him.
Jennifer Proffitt
16. JenniferProffitt
@Spaz and MFrampton: I mean, you gotta wonder with all those guys what's under all that fur and snow...
Pamela Webb-Elliott
17. Spaz
@JenniferProffitt & MFrampton. Mmmmhmmmm!!!! heeheehee
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