Apr 21 2014 8:20am

What Will Get You to Read Out of Your Comfort Zone?

The Comfort Zone by Jodi ThomasWe asked recently what genre was the biggest surprise to you, and many of you called out that some authors and subgenres got you out of your comfort zone—and you've never been happier! So we know you've stepped out of your reading comfort zone, but today we're asking what would get you there in the first place?

Do you rely heavily on reviews? Or will you follow an author, no matter where they take you? Do you have someone whose reading style is close to yours that you trust to give you recommendations that you normally wouldn't pick up?

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1. Scarlettleigh
My answer is sort of all of the above. If there is a lot of word of mouth about a book, or a friend recommends one, or an author whose books I have liked in the past, changes genre, then I am willing to check them out.

I love the fact that with e-books, you can read the first chapter free. So I download it, and if the book hasn't grabbed my attention by the end, then normally I don't buy.
Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
I definitely feel way less genre-defined than I used to, thanks to the the free chapter download @Scarlettleigh mentions, and my general openness about reading a variety of things. For me, it's primarily word-of-mouth and the book blurb that hooks me.
Jennifer Proffitt
3. JenniferProffitt
Agreed! My roommate has an interesting way of picking up books where she reads the first sentence and the last sentence, and as long as I vouch for the book and she likes those two sentences then she's in.

I rely heavily on the "sample" from e-books to help me decide and even if I have the book recommended to me, I usually go ahead and read a review that is really low for a book on Amazon. If any of the points in the review are deal-breakers for me (like a TSTL heroine) then I don't get it, even with those reviews.
4. lauralee1912
In the past, I most readly historicals, in particular Regencies, and women's fiction. I've really expanded my reading range in the past year, thanks to blogs like this one and recommendations made by Amazon. I rely on e-book samples to help make my decision. If the first chapter or so captures my attention, I will buy it or check it out of the library. I find the samples really helpful if exploring a new genre or author. If I am on the fence, I will check the reviews, both high and low. Even if a book is 99 cents or free, I want it to be worth my reading time!
5. jsmom2
I tend to avoid reviews. Tastes are just too different. That, and I often find unkind reviews unnecessarily harsh. So, I don't like the book; someone still had a vision they poured into. Just because I don't care for it, doesn't mean I'm entitled to rip into it. I mostly use this blog nowadays. I've found some wonderful new writers and genres right here.
Carmen Pinzon
6. bungluna
I will notice a book because of word-of-mouth or buzz or reviews, but I deside to read it by going to Goodreads or Amazon and reading some of the best and worst reviews. If the gushing is not too fangirlish and the harshing doesn't point out any pet peeve points, then I will go ahead and read the book. I've discovered some truly amazing authors in very unexpected genres this way.
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