Apr 16 2014 8:46am

What Genre Has Been Your Biggest Surprise?

Maybe you've followed a favorite author into a genre you don't normally read. Perhaps you were intrigued by a book blurb. Or like the cover. Or there was a sale.

You probably had expectations about the genre, which is why you don't normally pick it up. But whatever the reason for breaking out of your usual reading, we want to know: what genre was the biggest surprise? Do you continue to read in that genre?

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Barbara Bauschka
1. njoireading
Kristen Callihan was a new author and her debut novel sounded interesting. I was hooked from the first chapter and have read all the books in her series Darkest London . I do not know what the genre would be called, but there is a little of everything in her books--romance, werewolves, mechanical hearts, shapeshifters and more. I have picked up a book now and then that has some of the similar attributes, mainly because I have so enjoyed her books.
2. lauralee1912
Great question!

My most recent is Cowboys - I have been around horses all my life, worked in the horse industry, and have met some real cowboys. In some of my earlier attempts to read cowboy romances, I usually didn't like the way the cowboys or the horses were written. I haven't been around a real cowboy for a while, so maybe it wore off because I recently read The Cowboy Takes a Bride by Lori Wilde and really enjoyed it. Then, zipped through Cora Seton's The Cowboy's e-Mail Order Bride in one night. There will be more fictional cowboys in this girl's life.

The other surprise for me has been Romantic Suspense. I think I had read one romantic suspense novel before getting my Kindle last Christmas. I have read several suspense novels over the past few months and I think Razing Kayne by Julianne Reeves has been my favorite so far, although that one may be considered kinda spicy by some readers.

Since getting a Kindle, I look at H&H and several other blogs for the reviews and excerpts. This has really expanded my reading horizons, and Amazon purchases. :) Up until recently, I mostly read Regencies and Women's Fiction, with a few Contemporaries once in a while, depending on what I found at Target and what was recommended by friends.
Jennifer Proffitt
3. JenniferProffitt
I started out in Contemporary and then branched into Paranormals. I don't really remember one subgenre that I was like "oh, this is different for me," because I've always read across genre. The one place I don't typically EVER go is mystery, so romantic suspense would be the romance equivalent for me. Though, even in that subgenre, it's really author by author. I would categorize Laura Kaye as romantic suspense and I am freaking in LOVE with her books.
4. stacymd2
Westerns and things dealing with ranchers or cowboys has surprised me lately. I have never like Westerns. I've hated that genre in movies, TV shows and especially in novels. But now, it has grown on me. I blame Steampunk. That was my transition drug genre.
5. Scarlettleigh
I would say science fiction. I don't read very much of it. But I have been pleasantly surprised by a few authors.

I am more comfortable though reading fantasy.
6. Camo
Because of H&H I Discovered The "On Dublin Street" Series I was looking for a new Genre that was Sexually Charged but not too Gushy..For me Samantha Young wrote this series for me to Discover... It has everything I needed and is a Healing Experience for me..Samantha is Brilliant..Thank You H&H
Barbara Wilmot
7. miadevlin
I'm like Camo; it's because of H&H that I discovered M/M romance and erotica. I never thought my heroes and heroines would become all heroes! So, thanks to H&H for opening my eyes and allowing me to discover Harper Fox, N R Walker, Charlie Cochrane, Josephine Myles and the totally wonderful Josh Lanyon.
Jennifer Proffitt
8. JenniferProffitt
@Camo and @miadevlin:

Aww, thanks guys! That is our goal here at H&H, so it's so great to hear that you guys discovered authors and genres because of us! I also started reading Samantha Young because of H&H, and it broadened my horizons on m/m romance, too!

-Jenn @Team H&H
Cali De Vries
9. cali7
my normal faves are paranormal and historical novels. Having toured with a band as a merch girl and seen everything that goes on i have never even thought twice about trying the "rock star" genre.

then a friend insisted i HAD to read kylie scott's Lick. i was hooked! i doubt i will ever pickup another rock star book (sorry but most of them are just WRONG) but her series is amazing and i am waiting (none too paitently) for the next 2 books! i think i will read anything she puts out, she is just that good!
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