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Two Weddings, Sexual Tension, and a Blood Eagle in Vikings 2x07

Floki and Helga in Vikings 2.07This post contains SPOILERS for all aired episodes of Vikings, including last night’s Season 2, episode 7, “Blood Eagle." Enjoy!

Helga has wonderful news for her lover, Floki, everyody’s favorite crazy boat builder. She’s carrying Floki’s child. Both wonderstruck and woeful, Floki pities the poor child for having such a father, but Helga will have none of that moaning. Buoyed by her faith in him, Floki asks Helga to marry him, dropping to his knees to greet the child inside her. They have been such good friends to the gods that surely the gods will bless them. Helga wants Ragnar’s blessing, too, but Floki refuses. Ragnar has everything already, but he can’t have Floki and Helga.

Floki and Helga aren’t the only soon-to-be newlyweds here, as King Ecbert arranges a hasty royal wedding between his son, Aethelwulf, and Judith, the daughter of the newly arrived King of Northumberland. He loses no time in seeing the ceremony carried out with proper gravity and formality, Aethelwulf and Judith kneeling before a Christian altar.

Interspersed with the royal wedding, we see Floki racing joyfully into the water to pluck Helga from her bridal barge and twirl her about in pure abandon before carrying her to shore so their ceremony can begin. The female officiant gives Helga a sword, to hold in trust for her son, which is then crossed with Floki’s sword. The officiant places the rings atop the sword points and holds first Floki’s and then Helga’s faces in her hands as vows are exchanged. Finally, Floki and Helga exchange rings and kiss as their friends and family cheer. Though Floki later tells his nephew, Bjorn, who’s taken a fancy to a new servant girl, that a warrior only shows his heart when the sword reveals it, these wedding swords surely count. There’s no doubt Floki and Helga are ecstatic to begin their life and their family together.

Don’t worry about Ragnar missing out on the wedding festivities, as he’s rather busy at the moment, with a (former) bride of his own. Summoned to meet an influential earl in a forest clearing, he is surprised to find, instead, his ex-wife, Lagertha, whom we last saw stabbing her abusive second husband in the eye when he would have stripped her naked before the assembly. It’s plain to see, within seconds, that things are so not over between Ragnar and Lagertha. Ragnar rides his horse in slow, even circles around Lagertha’s mount as they discuss the sharing of ships and warriors. Lagertha asserts that they are equals now, and asks if Ragnar will accept her as an ally. If Lagertha is asking as the earl whose name she used, then his answer is no. If, however, she is asking as Lagertha, then his answer is yes. The two ride off side by side for further negotiations. Wonder if Lagertha knows Ragnar wants both her and his current wife, Aslaug.

Later on, Ragnar watches Lagertha sparring with another female warrior, and he’s enjoying every second of it. Cue Aslaug, who wants to know what he’s doing. Could this mean trouble for Ragnar? As it turns out, no trouble at all. Aslaug admits she that she likes Lagertha, and would rather be Lagertha, as she finds her husband’s ex-wife, in a word, formidable. Ragnar can’t believe his luck. The gods must be having a good time with him today.

It’s the exact opposite for Jarl Borg, as the night of his execution arrives. While Floki, Helga, Aslaug and Lagertha, among others watch, Ragnar performs the blood eagle on Jarl Borg, Borg’s blood dripping onto the skull of his late wife, which he has been allowed to bring with him. In the crowd, his current wife faints at the sight. Perhaps Borg will be reunited with his late love in the afterlife? That might be a tricky thing, as he cried out during his torture, denying him entry into Valhalla, but nobody ever said Viking love was easy.


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Corrina Lawson
1. Corrina Lawson
I loved this episode for the wedding and nearly squeed! when they brought out the swords. Why? I did a ton of research about Viking weddings for my book, Dinah of Seneca, and ended up featuring an exchange of swords--for the same reason as this wedding.

It was very cool to see some research come to life.
Anna Bowling
2. AnnaBowling
@Corrina Lawson, Helga and Floki's wedding was gorgeous. How very cool to see that research come to life. Looks like great minds think alike.
Corrina Lawson
3. Susan G.
He DID NOT cry out during his torture - watch it again!
Anna Bowling
4. AnnaBowling
@Susan G, I'll definitely have another lookt at the scene.
Corrina Lawson
5. CaptOrbit
Series creator Michael Hirst said in a recent interview with red eye Chicago that they realized that they had created a somewhat sympathetic villain so they wanted to give him a "good death" clarifying that honor and bravery that Borg display during his death would ensure his place in Valhalla. Hirst went so far as to state that the eagle flies away at the end of the scene symbolizes the departure of Borg's soul.
Corrina Lawson
6. CaptOrbit
Personally I would have preferred to have seen Borg stick around for awhile and have Horick go, To me Borg was a more interesting character.
Corrina Lawson
7. Zillah
Bjorn isn't Floki's nephew. Bjorn is Ragnar's son, and although Ragnar and Floki are very close-at least they used to be-they are not brothers.
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