Apr 24 2014 7:30am

The Love Punch Trailer!

Emma Thompson and Pierce Brosnan star in what we presume is a ’Sex with the Ex’ film, one that also includes robbery, Paris, and a few awkward moments. What’s interesting about it is that the leads are older than normal romantic comedy leads, and it otherwise has the earmarks of a classic romp. Reviews have said it’s formulaic but charming. No US release date has been set as of now, but its rights have been acquired by a US distributor. Here’s the very brief blurb:

A divorced couple scheme to recover the retirement money that was stolen from them.

What other older romance movies do you love?

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2. Cate
Saw this today.... and it's great. It's storyline is slight & echoes the heist movies of the 60's. But there are some fab oneliners, it's genuinely funny & I now have a total girl crush on the magnificent Emma Thompson.She looks amazing, it's wonderful to see lines & character on an actresses face,and not the frozen mien of the Kidman set.
When it gets a US release just go... it looks amazing, the plot is bonkers, and the quartet of leads are totally joyful. I haven't seen a film that looked so much fun to make, since Ken Brannaghs Much Ado About Nothing .
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