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Rock and Roll-hers: The Women of Rock in Romance

Women of rock in romance are not rare like unicorn rare, but they can be hard to find. But they're out there! Let's start off with the aptly titled Rock Chick series by Kristen Ashley. While not all of them play in bands, the women in the series embrace the rock 'n’ roll life style, going to concerts, some fight crime and fall in love with hotties while staying true to themselves.

The most notable rock 'n’ roll female I’ve come across has been Regan Elliot, from Olivia Cunning's Double Time. Regan is so good at guitar that one of the heroes, Trey, mistakes her for the guitarist from his band Sinners. She’s not a singer or eye candy, she’s an honest to god guitar goddess. Oh, and she hooks up with Trey and her roommate, Ethan, so yeah, rock and roll ménage!

A woman who works in rock 'n’ roll, but is not a rocker herself is the heroine of Cunning’s Wicked Beat, Rebecca. Rebecca has an unusual job for a romance heroine—she’s a sound engineer and is working with The Sinners in her brother's stead. The Sinners’ drummer, Eric Sticks falls in love at first sight and the two begin a whirlwind romance with some angst, humor and some sexy role play.

If you’re looking for a front woman heroine, why not try Ainslie Paton’s Getting Real? Rielle is preparing to go on a 25-city tour with her band, Ice Queen, and will have to face down some of the demons from her past when the tour takes her to Sydney. Meanwhile, hunky tour manager Jake Reed has his own plans for Ice Queen’s front woman and lead female. Rielle is a vocalist and readers can learn more about her as well as her band in “Ice Queen Origins,” a short story available from the publisher.

Another lead vocalist is Mia Ryder, the heroine in Sadie Grubor’s rockstar on rockstar romance, Falling Stars. Mia’s band Hushed Mentality is opening up for The Forgotten, the band featuring brooding protagonist Christopher Mason. If you like romances that run hot and cold, Christopher is the alpha hero for you while Mia tries handle all his crazy.

Real Ugly by C.M. StunichC.M. Stunich offers readers more rocker on rocker romance in Real Ugly, the first book of her Hard Rock Roots series; the chemistry between Turner Campbell and Naomi Knox, whose profanity and wild emotions help put the hate in a love-hate relationship.

Kendall Grey’s Hard Rock Harlots series, specifically Strings and Beats, feature a female frontwoman and drummer respectively, both of whom who are sexually liberated and find love with the men they are on tour with. Definitely not for the faint of heart , the series features raw and raunchy prose for readers who like no-holds barred dialogue.

Just as important as the rocker chicks themselves are the women who cover music in magazines, after all what makes for a better meet cute with a rock star than writing about the music they play? Samantha Towle’s The Mighty Storm features Tru reconnecting with her old flame Jake while working on a piece about his band The Mighty Storm. Featuring angst and a great cover of Mr. Brightside, Towle’s book works for those who love rocker romances (fair warning though, there is cheating in the book).

Another magazine writer in love with a musician story is Tiffani DeBartolo’s How to Kill a Rock Star. With one of the biggest twists in any rock n’ roll romance, Eliza and Paul’s love for rock and their rolling relationship will have the reader in emotional turmoil. One of my favorite rock n’ roll books of all time.

Who are your favorite fictional and real life rockers? Why? Who's missing from this list?


Sahara Hoshi reviews for Wicked Lil Pixie and is a lifelong reader of romance. Favorite genres include new adult, paranormal romance, contemporary romance and erotica.

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1. Kareni
There is also Erin Brown from Lauren Dane's Laid Bare and the other Brown siblings books.
Shelley Ann Clark
2. Shelley Ann Clark
Is it bad form to say that I have one coming out in July? Have Mercy features a female soul singer and her bass player on tour in small clubs in the South.

I hope that's not bad form to mention!
Shelley Ann Clark
3. Elizabeth Briggs
Great list! I've read most of these but will have to check out the others. I just announced my own novel MORE THAN MUSIC about a female guitarist who joins a rock band and falls for the lead singer while they compete on a reality TV show like The Voice. It comes out in June!
Shelley Ann Clark
4. Shari Copell
Glad to see the girls have someone to cheer for ! I have a novel featuring a female guitarist that is due to be released on May 17th, 2014. Wild Angel: A Rock'n Tapestries Novel
Shelley Ann Clark
6. deb_b
very nice list ... but for a couple of other great rock heroines, check out Emmie in Terri Anne Brownings "Rocker" series - the child they saved goes on to save them and become the band's manager & also Blue in book 2 of Skye Turner's "Bayou Stix" series is the music journo who tames the bad boy rocker
7. Kareni
Just started book one of the Rock Chick series and am enjoying it!
Shelley Ann Clark
8. North American Wordcat
Laura Florand has a great heroine who made it big the first time out and is struggling to keep her voice. Once Upon a Rose by Laura Florand
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