Apr 15 2014 1:00pm

18 Reasons Why We Love Athletes

Today we welcome not one, not two, but six authors to talk about why they love athletes. This week, Carina Press published six new sports romances, each featuring a different sport: football, tennis, baseball, hockey, mixed martial arts, and rugby, and we're happy to welcome Rebecca Crowley, Rhonda Shaw, Kate Willoughby, Michele Mannon, Allison Parr, and Kat Latham to discuss why they love athletes.

Commitment, passion, tenacity…athletes have a slew of traits that we romance readers adore.  We are here today sharing just a few of the reasons we love athletes—in 18 charming gifs.

They’re great dancers.

Duchene handshake gif courtesy of nhlgifs.tumblr.com

They’re not afraid to show when they’re SUPER excited.

Baseball gif courtesy of mlb.com


They’re sexy, yet brutal.

Curran gif courtesy of giphy.com


They’re spontaneous.

Football Backflip gif courtesy of forums.nascarthegame.com


They take good care of their equipment…


...most of the time.

Marcos Baghdati doesn't take care of his racquet

Marcus Bahgati gif courtesy of wifflegif.com


They just LOVE to cuddle.

“Cuddle” gif courtesy of giphy.com


They’re not afraid to show their affection for one another.

Kiss Cam gif courtesy of FunnyInternetMemes.com


When it comes to unusual foreplay, they’ve got your bases covered.

Rounding the bases Fail gif courtesy of guyism.com


They’ve got moves you’ve never have seen before…or maybe you have!

Gangnam Style gif courtesy of fight blog


They have each other’s backs.

Epic save gif courtesy of thebiglead.com


They’re good with their hands.

Handsy gif courtesy of wifflegif.com


They’re accepting of people who are...different.

Different Strokes gif courtesy of hockeygifs.com


They refuse to give up.

Braun Faceplan gif courtesy of Mocksession.com


They know how to get their kicks.

Just for Kicks gif courtesy of terrezowens.com


They never let anything stop them.

Snow gif courtesy of notsportscenter.com


They’re strippers with hearts of gold, baring the good stuff for charity.

Ben cohen gif courtesy of Mr. Scandal.com


Have we mentioned their asses?

Rugby Bums


Gif courtesy of New Zealand/Aussie Football Forum



Readers, why do you love athletes? Feel free to share a gif that illustrates your love.

Love in Straight Sets by Rebecca Crowley

In Rebecca Crowley’s LOVE IN STRAIGHT SETS, love and ambition go head-to-head. Professional tennis player Regan Hunter's temper is almost as notorious as her unstoppable serve, but her anger when player-turned-coach Ben Percy attempts to wrest control from her grasp is nothing compared to the sizzling attraction that instantly blazes between them.

Follow Rebecca: Twitter | Blog

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The Ace by Rhonda Shaw

The Men of the Show series, written by Rhonda Shaw, follows the sexy and irresistible men on the Detroit Rockets baseball team. In the second book, THE ACE, a friends-with-bennies agreement quickly turns into long, romantic evenings. But denial is the name of the game…until a line drive to the forehead threatens to erase all that’s happened.

Follow Rhonda: Twitter | Facebook| Website

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On the Surface by Kate Willoughby

Kate Willoughby’s In the Zone series invites you into the locker room and the love lives of the NHL San Diego Barracudas. In book one, ON THE SURFACE, Erin thinks all Tim wants is another notch on his hockey stick, when what he’s really shooting for is forever.

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Tap Out by Michele Mannon

Michele Mannon’s second book, TAP OUT, in the Worth the Fight series, features an underwear model turned MMA superstar, and a reporter who just won’t take no for an answer.

Follow Michele: Twitter | Facebook | Blog: The Violet Femmes

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Imaginary Lines by Allison Parr

Meet gorgeous NFL linebacker Abraham Krasner in IMAGINARY LINES by Allison Parr. Tamar fell hopelessly in love with Abe at age twelve but knew he'd never see her as more than the girl-next-door. Years later she gets a sports journalist job covering Abe's team and the sparks fly.

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Playing It Close by Kat Latham

Kat Latham writes the London Legends series about the world’s hottest rugby team. Book two, PLAYING IT CLOSE, features the team captain and a scandalous woman with whom he spent one passionate night and never thought he’d see again—until she turns out to be his team’s newest sponsor.

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1. Kame
That was great - I do love a great sports hero
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Hilarious GIF . . . they made me laugh.
Chanpreet Singh
3. chanpreet
Those are some amazing gifs and so true! Wish I knew how to make them let alone post one.

That last one and the kiss cam are my favorite!
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I think you have all my bases covered for why I love athletes.
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5. Cathy P
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6. flchen1
How fun! What a great collection of gifs! As for why I enjoy reading about athletes, all the above! Strong, determined, fierce, confident, goal-oriented... what's not to love? :D
7. Virginia Horton
I am just going to have to start reading more sports romances. I know I like sports moveis so I should love these book also.
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