Apr 29 2014 8:13am

Rakish Hero Settles Down!

Pigs fly, it gets cold in the devil's playground, and George Clooney has gotten engaged.

The man who once said, "I don't expect to ever get married again or have children,” has reportedly asked his girlfriend Amal Alamuddin to tie the knot, reducing the number of handsome rakes by one.

George Clooney is just the latest rakish male to be felled by love; that type of hero is very common in romance, and it always takes a special woman to get him to settle down. There are some heroes you can't ever imagine finding just one woman to love, but when you read their story, you know the guy was just waiting for the right woman.

Who's your favorite (now settled) handsome rake in romance?

Thanks to Heather Waters for the post suggestion!

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Myretta Robens
1. Myretta
The first one who comes to mind is Rothgar in Jo Beverley's Devilish. Although I'm not sure I'd categorize Rothgar as a Rake, he was certainly the hero least likely to marry.
Darlene Marshall
2. DarleneMarshall
I'm not going to name names because it would be a spoiler, but the hero of Edith Layton's amazing The Duke's Wager was the first rake who came to mind. Second is Dain from Lord of Scoundrels.

Most of SEP's athelete heroes might qualify as well.
3. pamelia
Sebastian from Kleypas' "The Devil in Winter" is the first one I thought of.
4. lauralee1912
Michael Stirling from Julia Quinn's When He Was Wicked

One of my friends is heartbroken that George Clooney didn't search her out when he decided it was time to settle down.
Lege Artis
5. LegeArtis
Derek Craven was first on my mind...
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