Apr 22 2014 7:15am

Opposites Attract! Which Pairing is the Most Opposite?

Romeo and Juliet are the most well-known people from feuding families to fall in love, but what about creatures who come from opposite feuding worlds?

Saga, by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples, has two entities from worlds that have been at war with each other forever. Nobody even knew that Wreathers and Landfallians could have children with each other, but these two manage it.

Demons falling in love with angels, werewolves with vampires, witches with vampires, and so on. Which pairing is the most opposite?

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Alisa Kwitney
1. AlisaKwitney
I love Saga! The most opposite pairings I've read recently are not paranormal, though -- Charlotte Stein's Beyond Repair has a hermited heroine and a movie star hero, and Cara McKenna's Hard Time has a librarian heroine and a convict hero.
Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
The one that remains the ultimate in opposites is in Meljean Brook's Demon Angel, which (not surprisingly!) pairs a demon--Lilith, in fact--with an angel. And it works!
(I am dying to read Beyond Repair, too.)
Jennifer Proffitt
3. JenniferProffitt
Well....as you may have guessed I'm going to throw in a Kresley Cole reference here, but mostly because she loves a good opposites attract story! Usually her pairings aren't so much an opposites attract species wise...though she has yet to pair two people of the same species together...anyway, I would say her most opposite is Lothaire and Ellie. Not only are they at cross-purposes the entire time (Lothaire is trying to snuff out her soul...she's not), but Ellie is everything that is light and sweet, and human.
4. love_tea78
Just finished reading Dreams of Gods and Monsters by Laini Taylor. Karou is a chimera and Akiva is an angel, who are mortal enemies and who's people have beeen at war with each other for a long time
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