Apr 8 2014 11:33am

Lost Girl Season 4, Episode 13 Recap: Friend. Warrior. Heart.

Kenzi in Lost Girl Season 4 episode 13We're delighted to once again bring you recaps of Lost Girl, now airing its fourth season in the United States. Don't forget to check into all our Lost Girl coverage, but be warned there are discussion posts for later episodes (we've been talking about the show as it airs in Canada) that contain SPOILERS. Thanks, and please weigh in with your comments!

This post contains spoilers for all aired episodes of Lost Girl, including last night’s Season 4 finale, episode 13, “Dark Horse.” Enjoy! 

Bo and Rainer pedeconference away from Rosette en flambé. Rainer is rattling through a list of excuses about how his trusted lieutenant turned out to be cray cray and he totes missed it. He meant well. He’s been away. He was imprisoned. He got confused. He used bad judgment. She looked eighteen. “I was a fool,” he finishes accurately. Bo whirls on him. “I stood in front of my friends and said I choose you!” That insanity is on you alone, chickie. Rainer repeats how Rosette was his most trusted general, so I guess death gave her a bump in rank, and that if “he” managed to turn her against Rainer. “He made her throw herself into a fire, Rainer!” Bo shouts. “Who is he, Bo?” Rainer asks. Bo admits he’s someone even the Blood King fears. “My father manipulated all of us!” Rainer points out that they have an advantage, something her father couldn’t foresee. “We share something real. Something good.” You should really check her dating history, dude. Immediately, Bo’s Glowing Handprint of Destiny goes squirrelly. She asks Rainer what’s happening to her. “Our marks…” he begins. “No,” Bo interrupts. “His mark.” Rainer vows that whatever it is, they will fight it. Bo gasps and glares.


Rainer lays a seriously weakened Bo across a table in The Dal. Trick stalks over accusing Rainer of nefarious deeds. “I knew you were poison!” Rainer isn’t shy about shooting back. “This from the king who separated families and had children watch while their parents were burned at the stake if they didn’t chose between Light and Dark!” Bo begs them to stop. “The Pyrippus,” she moans to Trick. Trick freezes. “You’ve heard of The Pyrippus?” Yes, and if it lasts for more than 4 hours, consult a doctor. Bo explains how they ran into the warrior nuns—“Lots of white; even more crazy” —and how they worship a horse god. “A demon. They think he’s my father.” Rainer takes up the exposition bullet and tells Trick he and Bo bounded together to break’s his curse. “Instead we opened the gateway to Hel.” I’ve known some marriages that didn’t start too different from that.

Trick and Rainer continue their pissing contest. “You should never have left the train!” “You put me there in the first place!” “You dared to challenge the blood laws!” “When will you take responsibility for the chaos you caused?!” “I told you to be home by curfew!” Trick reminds Rainer to whom he’s speaking. “I wasn’t scared of you then and I’m not scared of you now,” Rainer declares. Bo struggles to sit up and begs them to stop, warning that her father is near. “How do you know?” Trick asks with alarm. “I can feel him,” she groans. “He’s trying to cross the bridge! He’s trying to bring her out. He needs her, Trick.” Rainer asks of whom Bo speaks. The Glowing Handprint of Destiny shines again and Bo cries out. “The Dark Queen. Me.” Trick looks properly terrified. With effort, Bo grabs the edge of the table and drags herself across it to clasp Trick’s arm. “I’ve always known this, but now I need you to tell me everything you know about my blood.” That sentence doesn’t make any sense! Trick grimaces but steels himself. Yes, it’s time.

Off by the side of the road, Massimo is digging a hole while howling to “Mother” about how “it’s” burning and yet it is “so cold.” “And the horrific answer to the nature/nurture debate, it takes both to truly make a monster!” Doctor Lauren yells. She’s tied standing up to the post of a chain-link fence. Maybe the hole is for her? “First a human, then a monster, now a god,” Massimo mumbles as he digs. “A god with the Twig of Zamora!” Doctor Lauren updates everyone that the power of the twig is diminishing now that Massimo has killed the last heir. So I guess Hale’s sister, Val, continues to not count at all. Way to go, woman-powered show. The doc continues to mock Massimo over his epic suckage as a villain, so I guess she got over last episode’s abject terror of him pretty quick. “Now your only chance for being immortal is for someone to write a shitty pop song about you, hmm? About a villain who cries about his mommy whose hair goes prematurely grey!” Massimo is looking rough, his hair grey as accused, eyes all I-Ate-the-Una-Mens-Origin-Seed-And-I-Liked-It wild. “The only thing awaiting you is this grave!” he threatens. So it is a hole for Doctor Lauren. He moans in pain and expositions how he swallowed the Origin Seed and now it’s trying to devour him. “It took a council of six Fae to keep control of the Una Mens’s power,” the doc reminds him with a little more empathy. “The human brain can only take so much, Massimo!” Massimo thinks the doc is wrong. Surprise! He believes he’s finally the man he was meant to be, one who would make his mother proud. Doctor Lauren is incredulous at the idea that Evony would be proud of all this. Massimo begins to recite. “She didn’t want no mead, no seed. No Valkyrie hair, no maidens fair.” He leans against the fence and giggles. “No wait. She did want the maiden. Yes, that’ll work. That is what we’ll bring to Mother.” The doc shakes her head as she catches on. “The succubus’s head!” Please. Last time Bo confronted you, you jumped into a lava pit.

Zoie Palmer and Tim Rozon are doing this whole scene in a downpour, by the way. Props to them for going what had to be a really uncomfortable distance.

Back at The Dal, Rainer and Bo sit at the bar as Trick pours the good stuff. He swears the true identity of Bo’s father “remains shrouded from me.” “Much like your guilt,” Rainer bitches. Bo shushes both of them. “We don’t have time for petty bickering.” Rainer doesn’t think Trick killing thousands of Fae back in the day is “petty.” “Many more will die if we do not close the gateway,” Trick reminds him sternly. Bo brings it back to her and her father. Trickopedia kicks in. “When the Blood King’s daughter attacked the Dark to avenge her mother’s death, the King had to set an example to prove that his blood laws were infallible.” Trick looks pointedly at Rainer when he says this. I guess talking about himself in the third person makes it easier to recount his sins. For the rest of us, Trick is going back to the beginning, to how Aoife went off the rails in the first place. “I had no choice but to hand her over to the Dark,” Trick grits out. “Aoife is your mother?” Rainer says to Bo with surprise. He must literally be the last Fae not to know this. Bo gives him an unconcerned look. Yeah, is that a problem? Heh. Trick admits he prayed Aoife would be executed. “She wasn’t.” Bo shakes her head over all the years Aoife spent in the “black dungeons. Centuries. They used her.” Trick ignores Bo’s contempt and instead reminds her that Aoife has his Light blood, “the blood of a mage.  Blood that drains life for nourishment and self survival.” Rainer murmurs as how that is the case for all Fae. “But the blood of your father—whoever he may be—allows you to draw life from many victims and, more importantly, to transfer that life force to someone other than yourself. You’ve inherited the abilities of both your mother and your father.” Bo realizes she has hybrid blood and Trick fears it’s this blood that will help her father escape Hel. So they don’t know who he is but they know his power and how he’ll use Bo to escape Hel? Oh-kay.

Rainer is finally catching on to the depths of Bo’s power. “Not only can your blood lift curses, but you can lead armies. Resurrect the fallen as they die on the battlefield. Free the masses!” Trick warns Bo could also enslave those same masses, “if she’s coerced by the wrong hand.” Bo objects to them talking about her as though she’s not there. “Nobody’s going to use me for anything, you understand?” Everyone takes a breath and then Rainer wonders what they should do next. Bo wants to check out the portal, barrel right in without knowing what she’s up against, per usual. Trick protests this is exactly what her father, whoever he may be, wants Bo to do. “For you to be the instrument of escape from his prison.” Bo is open to other options. “Why not swing by my place?” Massimo offers casually as he leans against The Dal’s door jam. “It’s where I’ve got your blonde box, though she’s more of a walking medical kit, really.” Bo leaps to her feet. “What the hell do you want with (Doctor) Lauren?” Massimo isn’t interested in the doc, not really. “Oh my dear magic muff, all I want is you, dead, at The Morrigan’s feet!”

Kenzi is in Evony’s bedroom rifling through the papers the doc left behind. Lamps are overturned; it’s clear there’s been a struggle. Nice to see an allusion to how Massimo got over on the doc even if it’s a little too much in hindsight. Dyson bangs into the room at a run and demands to know what’s going on. Clearly Kenzi called him when she found Doctor Lauren’s stash. Wow, it’s ridiculously easy for a Light Fae solider and a human pet to get access to The Morrigan’s bedroom. Stellar security there, Dark Fae. “Her blood is everywhere, she left her cell phone behind, and she’s obviously been looking for something in the Dark Archives!” Kenzi exclaims without preamble. Wait, she called him because she’s worried about Doctor Lauren?! Please. Also, how would Kenzi know the blood is the doc’s? She doesn’t have Dyson’s sniffer after all. Eh, whatever. “And check this out,” Kenzi adds. She holds up an oil painting that looks like a leftover storyboard from Van Helsing. In it, ye ole villagers run screaming through the town square. At the center is Bo, dressed in her modern clothes and sucking the chi out of the terrified people. “Bo,” Dyson says surprised. “Who else?” Kenzi scoffs. He looks around the wreck of a room and asks about Doctor Lauren. “What happened here?” Kenzi doesn’t know.

“First of all, I goosed her sweet berries,” The Morrigan trills as she enters wrapped up tight in a puffy winter coat with a faux-fur trimmed hood. “Right where you’re sitting.” Kenzi makes a disgusted “ew” and scrambles from the bed to huddle close against Dyson. “Graphic and confusing.” Evony asks how to control the temperature in the room. “It is freezing one minute and then summer in Palm Springs the next,” she grumbles, shedding the coat as if it has cooties. Dyson’s brow furrows as he studies Evony. “Fae menopause?” Kenzi snarks with a shade of her old self. But Dyson has already caught the confusing but recognizable scent. “No…she’s human.” Kenzi’s eyes go wide with wonder as she processes. In the next second, she takes one step forward and clocks Evony across the face. Closed captions read: (pow!). HA! Evony yowls with pain while Kenzi shakes her hand. “I’ve been waiting three years to do that.” Evony rubs her jaw and grouses about all the punching. “I finally get what ‘not in the face’ means!”

The only one staying on point, Dyson demands to know how The Morrigan is now human. “Champers for the good doctor and her miracle snatch. Normally, I’d have her incinerated, but my son took her.” Damn. Kenzi pings on the “my son” bit. “And I need (Doctor) Lauren,” Evony continues. “Alive. She’s the only one who that can fix…this.” Kenzi goes back to the “my son” bit. “Is it…Vex?” Evony scoffs. “As if I’d let him wear that too-old-to-be-Goth shit if he was. Massimo,” she tosses off. Kenzi erupts and lunges for Evony. “Are you kidding me?!” Dyson barely grabs her back in time. Evony trills that Wall Street in the ‘80s that was totally gnarly and she had “a weak moment with a human that led to birthing an infection who has become more dangerous than a mutating plague.” Kenzi struggles in Dyson’s hold as he tells Evony he locked Massimo up in The Dal himself. “No, Vex let him out,” Kenzi admits as she yanks free of Dyson. “That little shit,” Dyson and Evony say simultaneously. Ha! They look at one another and Dyson asks where Massimo would’ve taken Doctor Lauren. “Where he always goes to lick his wounds when things don’t go his way. Which they never do because he totally sucks.” Ah, the maternal instinct in the wild. So precious. “Ever since he was a little boy with his adorable curls and his…hugs. Ugh.” She shudders as though hugging Massimo was akin to jumping into a lava pit. “He wanted to be one of us; instead he taught himself about our ways. Surrounded himself with the secrets of the Dark.” Kenzi realizes she means Massimo holes up in the Dark Archives. Dyson hasn’t taken his gaze off of Evony; human or not, he knows she’s where the real danger lies. “And what does he want now, Evony?” he asks in THAT VOICE. “What all the boys want, darling,” she replies. “Me.”

 Back at The Dal, Bo mistakenly decides Evony sent Massimo and gives him a message in reply. “As much as I can’t wait to tear you apart for what you did to Hale, I am busy dealing with a rising army of the dead…and a real bad guy.” Massimo offers to have “this” get real bad if Bo wants it that way. “Have you ever heard of a Raiju? A thunder beast?” By the look on her face, Bo hasn’t but knows that isn’t good. “Because I have,” Massimo continues. He pulls his hand apart and a force of sound builds between them. “And I took this from her.” He flings the power at Rainer and Trick (closed captions read: [magic shooshing]), which knocks them to the ground. Bo slugs Massimo, but he takes the hit without damage and sighs belaboredly. Grabbing her shoulders, he flings Bo into the half wall, shattering the gold glass, and then across the room. “What’s the matter, Bo-Bo? Looking a little peaked? Why don’t you have a seat?” He crashes a chair over her back, breaking it to pieces. Trick rouses and looks at Massimo with horror. “The seed.” Massimo lifts Bo up by her jacket and britches and holds her over his head. With a maniacal growl, he slams her back into the floor, unconscious. Rainer is conscious, but cradles his side where ribs are undoubtedly broken. “You stole the seed from my vault!” Trick growls in accusation. “And I swallowed it whole. Yum Yum,” Massimo chortles.

Massimo and Rainer in Lost Girl 4x13Trick climbs to his feet with effort. “I’ll deal with the druid,” he says in such a voice, I would not want to be in his line of sight. Rainer protests. “She’ll need you. You owe me this at least.” Massimo couldn’t care less. “And who the hell are you?” he asks. Let us know when you figure that one out, ‘kay? Rainer swings at him, a really weak effort that Massimo easily grabs. He twists Rainer’s arm up and behind him with a grotesque cracking sound. Rainer screams in pain and falls to his knees, his back to Massimo. That’s some Class A foresight use there, pal. “Tell the Valkyrie my soul is hers again,” he says to Trick. Massimo grabs him by the back of his neck and turns Rainer to face Bo, who while conscious, has blood running down her forehead. “This is going to be fun,” Massimo gloats. “I’m sorry,” Rainer grits out. “For everything.” Massimo snaps his neck and drops him to the ground. Bo cries out. “No!” Massimo stumbles back in pain. “His foresight! It’s too powerful!” So now Massimo absorbs the powers of the Fae he kills? Since when?! He knocks over some barstools, scrambles to his feet, and flees The Dal. Bo whimpers on the floor. Trick checks Rainer’s pulse. “He’s gone.” Bo sobs. How did Rainer not see that coming?!

Bo wakes up on her bed at Hilton Hovel with Tamsin hovering over her. Literally. She asks how she got there. “Trick’s stronger than he looks,” Tamsin quips. Also, there’s that nifty door that goes from The Dal right into Hilton Hovel…Tamsin jerks her chin. “And he kind of drugged you.” Bo doesn’t have the energy to get upset about that. “Oh. Groovy,” she mumbles. She tries to rise as Tamsin eases back, but moans when reminded of her substantial injuries. Tamsin fills in that Trick went to the Light library to get some book he thinks has information on the soldiers from Hel. “Oh God,” Bo moans. “Rainer.” Tamsin nods in sympathy and that’s pretty much all Bo’s “destiny” rates for being dead. Given he had about as much overall impact on the show, it seems fitting. Tamsin notes how Bo is pretty beat up. “I figure a few busted ribs, busted collarbone.” Bo tries to sit up more with great effort. “Where’s a hot kitsune med student when you need one?” Heh. Nice callback, show. In fact, this entire scene is a nice footnote on when Bo and Tamsin’s positions were reversed in the season three finale. “Hale, Rainer. I couldn’t save them. And (Doctor) Lauren has been taken by some asshole that I can’t even get close to.” Eh, that one’s not a rush. “I let everybody down. I don’t even know what to do,” she complains.

“Why don’t you suck it up and get your shit together?” Tamsin snaps. Bo is taken aback to have someone actually not pat her hand and tell her what a good job she’s doing and it’s not her fault. “Yeah, it sucks to be the leader,” Tamsin continues, “sucks to be queen, sucks, sucks, sucks! Get over it!” HALLELUJAH, there is SENSE in FAEVILLE! “How dare you!” Bo shouts back, but Tamsin is far from done. “Oh poor me, I’m the Chosen One. Why don’t you act like it for once?!” Bo grabs her by the neck and sucks down her chi. Ah, that’s what Tamsin was aiming for. Got it. Afterwards, Bo studies Tamsin, puzzled, as the Valkyrie shakes it off. “You taste different. Happy.” Tamsin flinches. I think the idea here is that banging Dyson has made Tamsin happy, but that is so much bullshit and so contradictory to everything that’s ever been between them (except the bar bang) that I’m ignoring it. Except for that bit, I mean. Shuddup. Uncomfortable now, Tamsin fidgets. “There will be time to mourn, later,” she says, deliberately not meeting Bo’s gaze.

And that’s about all the time Bo can manage not to think about herself. “I am still not strong enough to defeat Massimo. He’s basically invincible. He won’t die!” With a wicked smile, Tamsin says they’ll have fun trying, “over and over and over again.” Bo smiles back. Footsteps sound pounding up the stairs and Dyson runs into the room at full tilt, Kenzi on his heels. He is fully freaked out. “You guys okay?” he asks, gaze locked on Bo. Without waiting for an answer, he takes two steps forward and embraces Bo. I’m guessing Trick called him about Massimo killing Rainer and beating the crap out of Bo. Eyes closed, she clutches him tight. Dyson checks Tamsin, who smiles back weakly. I’m good. Bo opens her eyes and sees Kenzi over his shoulder. She releases Dyson who steps to the side just behind her shoulder, backing her up. “Hi,” Bo says to Kenzi softly. Crying with relief, Kenzi replies in kind. They are so tight; everything is subtext. If it were just these four, Trick, and Vex, this show would rock Hilton Hovel to the ground.

Downstairs, Tamsin drops on the couch next to Kenzi. “Well that was awkward,” she mutters. There’s so much that covers, either that Bo and Dyson emotional mo that just happened in front of her when she let Bo suck her chi a few seconds earlier and just banged Dyson a few days before that or the twitchy feet between Bo and Kenzi. “Armageddon can be. Just ask Ben and Liv,” Kenzi quips weakly. She grabs a book off the pile on the table as Tamsin says she has to forgive Bo.  “Life is too short.” Kenzi snarks that she knows that, given her boyfriend just died. Tamsin reminds her Rainer is also dead, “which means I have his soul and a second chance to deliver it to where I should’ve in the first place. It could end my exile from Valhalla,” she explains in earnest. Kenzi merely hums as she reads. Tamsin gives up trying to tell “Moms” about how the biggest mistake she made in her life can now be rectified, which would bring her the redemption for which she’s been waiting hundreds of years. Instead she notes that the book belonged to “that bitch, Rosette.” Kenzi confirms it’s written in Norwegian. She’s fixated on a drawing of gates closing over flames and people cheering. “What is this?” Tamsin: “A sale at IKEA?” Heh.

Kenzi doesn’t react and instead asks Tamsin to translate a specific section, which turns out to mean “daughter” and “heart.” “As in the daughter’s heart will close the portal?” Kenzi clarifies. Tamsin wonders if that means Bo has to rip her heart out of her chest. Yes, it means exactly that. But while Tamsin’s locked on literal translation, Kenzi has already made the metaphorical leap. She asks Tamsin not to tell Bo about the translation yet. “Let’s get (Doctor) Lauren first.” For Fae’s sake, WHY?! Tamsin agrees and heads on back upstairs to get marching orders while Kenzi stays on the couch. Once she’s sure Tamsin is gone, she tears the relevant pages from the book and holds them close.

Upstairs, Dyson leans in the doorway and watches as Bo gears up and declares that (Doctor) Lauren comes first. Just gag me with an entire place setting. Why does a woman who has done so much damage to everyone over and over and over again constantly merit so much value for absolutely no reason? Oy, this SHOW. Dyson asks about Bo’s father, you know the really evil dude trying to take over the world and drag it into hell? Or does that not count held up against the Wonder Lauren’s golden snatch med kit? ARGH! “Daddy Darko waited thirty years to show up. He can wait another hour. We get (Doctor) Lauren or we get dead.” Well then get dead, sweetie. It’s a much more fulfilling prospect at this point. Dyson vows to do whatever it takes, as usual. Bo admits she does need something from Dyson. He bobs his brows at her. Yeah? “No, not that.” she groans, correctly reading his silent inquiry to her need for a sexual power up as though she’s never, ever used him for that before. She takes a piece of paper from her bra. “I already fed off Tamsin.” Now Dyson expression is working overtime as he processes his lover feeding off his partner who he’s now banged as well. “Really?” he drawls, with all kinds of subtext and meaning. He flinches and glances toward the stairs toward Tamsin’s location as if considering possibilities never before entertained and not sure how he feels about them. Really, the threesome that makes the most sense on every level is Bo, Dyson, and Tamsin. If you have to go there, then get on that, Show.

“If I’m gonna stand half a chance at beating Massimo, I need to get back to myself. And I need a witness.” She’s unfurled her contract with the Dark, which Rainer had on him when he died. “And now Rainer’s dead,” Bo says firmly. She tears up the contract with increasing fury. “The Una Mens are dead. Everyone is dead except the guy who should be! And now so are my ties to the Dark.” Hang on. We’ve gone through this entire season about what a BFD it was that Bo had declared herself Dark and couldn’t remember how or when or why or who the Rainer guy was who’d sponsored her and then she did remember and stood with Rainer and now he’s dead but now all that can all be undone just by tearing up a piece of paper? LAME. “Bo, I don’t think that’s going to work,” Dyson says. THANK YOU. “No piece of paper is going to tell me who I am,” Bo insists. She paces away and Dyson calls after her, wondering if she’s okay. “Rainer was my partner, someone who wanted to end the tyranny between Light and the Dark.” No longer your destiny, huh? “He was a good man, Dyson, who made a terrible mistake.” What, by defying a megalomaniac Trick? That’s now a mistake? My head hurts.

Dyson clenches and releases his fist. “I see now why Hale was so grounded,” he says. That wasn’t an abrupt transition at all. He crosses to Bo. “Because he had a purpose. All my life I’ve been searching for a king when what I should have been searching for is a queen.” Stunned into silence, Bo gapes up at him. Dyson. He goes to one knee before her. Dyson takes her hand in his and stares at it for one last moment solidifying his decision. “My blood is yours. My soul. My body. I swear fealty to you, Isabeau. Because no matter where you come from or what made you, by your side is where I want to be. Forever.” Oh. My. I love it when he goes old skool. Overcome, openly crying, Bo can’t even speak. Silently, she pulls him up and embraces him, clutching him close and tight, exhaling hard as a tear streaks down her cheek. “I kinda thought we were fighting,” she says with a weak, wet chuckle that breaks the tension. Dyson laughs as he pulls back. “We kinda were,” he replies matter of fact. “I love you,” he vows. She stares up at him. I know it. Bo clasps his face in her hands. “And that is why I need you to serve with me, not for me,” she says, firm again. Which is what he has always done, so don’t be such a dumbass, Bo. He smiles and she strokes his cheek. He takes her hand in his and they do their totally hot charged staring silent communication thing until someone unseen behind Dyson clears her throat. Dyson steps beside Bo revealing Tamsin in the doorway who can’t quite look at him or her. “Sorry,” she offers, embarrassed, arms crossed, body language turned inward. AWKWARD. Aw, poor kiddo. Honey, you ain’t never getting between those two. Ask the doc. She’s been trying and failing for four years.

“We found out some more information about the portal. The book’s calling it the Cinvat,” Tamsin tells them. Dyson stares at her straight on but with compassion. “And it’s at the Spiritual Center for the crazy pony ladies,” Bo snarks to Dyson. They look at one another and, for a moment, forget Tamsin is there. “So what do you say, cowboy? Should we break some fillies?” Dyson sniffs and then indicates for Bo to go first. “Giddy up.” Tamsin drops her gaze as Bo passes her but looks up as if to say something to Dyson, only to drop her eyes again when he brushes past without acknowledgment. Tamsin grimaces—okay. Should’ve seen that coming—then sets her shoulders and follows them. No really, poor kiddo. She’s painfully and unusually vulnerable, and it almost hurts to watch.

“So this is what a portal to the Underworld looks like,” Dyson muses as he and Bo slowly approach the ziggurat in the Spiritual Center for the crazy pony ladies or SCCPL. So, they went there alone to close the gates of Hel. I mean, if anyone can do it, it’s Team Badass, but still a Valkyrie back up wouldn’t exactly be untoward. Bo notes that it’s kind of hard to miss. Dyson ticks off the highpoints of the décor. “Horse heads. Broken bits of carousels. Daddy’s got a flare for the drama, huh?” “Go big or go Hel,” Bo quips. She drops the bravado and turns her back to the gateway. Revealing her fear, she asks Dyson what he thinks will come out of the ziggurat. Dyson sizes up the battlefield. He glances over Bo’s shoulder at the entrance and his mouth settles into a hard line. “Shitloads of revenants.” He takes a wolf battle stance and growls as the sum total of three revenants dressed as World War II soldiers lumber out of the ziggurat to stand before them. But Bo doesn’t hesitate. She spreads her arms, opens her mouth, and immediately sucks the chi out of all three revenants. “Bo, don’t!” Dyson shouts to no avail. Slowly Bo turns back to him, eyes glowing blue, and the Wind of Power kicks up to play with her ponytail as she gets her Dark Galadriel on. “I am your queen, whether you swear it or not, fool,” she says heavy with voice modification. “And my true army cometh.” Shocked, confused, and downright scared, Dyson nonetheless squares off against her.

Dyson and Bo in Lost Girl Season 4 episode 13“I was bound by blood. Now we bathe in it,” Boladriel intones. “Humans. Fae. All will bow before me.” She advances on Dyson who slowly retreats. “Bo, come back to me, please!” he entreats. “All will break beneath the power of the Pyrippus.” She grabs his jacket. “Dyson, I can’t stop.” He grabs her arms. “Fight it!” She can’t. “Dyson, do something!” she pleads. Dyson grabs her head and kisses her deeply. She kisses him back in kind and it pulls her back from the edge. Magic kiss of true love FTW! She catches her breath. “Oh you need some new moves,” she quips. “Really,” he drawls. “Works every time.” “Turning me off instead of turning me on?” Bo teases with a naughty smile. Well, since turning you on turned you off, I’d go with both. Back to herself now, Bo and Dyson face the revenants as Team Badass again. “You ready for a threesome?” she asks. Ye gods! Enough with the threesome cracks, Show! “And you’re saying I need new material?” Dyson murmurs in THAT VOICE. HA! Man, everything on this show, even the complete WTFery, just gets eons better when the two of them are together.

Down in Tolkien’s Lair, Trick paces while Evony nonchalantly pours herself a drink and urges him to relax. “You’re gonna wear out your big boy pants,” she mocks in a little girl’s voice. “You know, when you smirk like that it really brings out the lines around your eyes,” Trick taunts. Heh. Drunk, Evony coos that “Patrick” is as witty as he is powerful. “How come we’ve never…” Trick gives her an arched look. “You’re not really my type.” Evony pouts. “Because I’m human? A mother?” Trick scoffs. “A stone cold bitch?” he suggests. “Oh boo,” Evony dismisses without rancor. “Bitch is just a word men used when they feel threatened by the chick in charge. I am not going to apologize for being smart or ambitious.” PREACH. “Or trying to kill everyone I love?” Trick offers. “Please,” Evony scoffs. “If your grand-slaughter’s Dad is who you’re too scared to say he is we’re all gonna be Bo-Bo-qued anyway.” I am digging Drunk Human Evony. She suggests they might as well have some fun first and gets up close and cozy to Trick to show what kind of “fun” she means. “There has got to be another way,” Trick says with trepidation. Evony sighs heavily and rolls her eyes. He tries to come up with alternates. “Resurrect the terra cotta army? Dig up the Sharur?” Evony states that there’s only one way to close the gates of Hel, “and it won’t involve a mythical talking mace.” But that would be cool.

She tells Trick to think about how these things usually work. “Souvent, une petite chose jette une grande ombre.” Trick translates. “Sometimes the smallest thing cast the longest shadow.” He doesn’t like that answer and heads of to get something while Evony wonders if they’re just going to sit there and wait for enslavement, chaos, and anarchy to come calling. “Because we’re almost out of booze.” Priorities! Trick returns, Bo staff in hand, ready to rumble. But Evony is getting a weird feeling. “The sense that for once you’re doing the right thing?” Trick snarks. Ha! Nope, The Morrigan has a wedgie. “God, being human sucks!” Actually, they’re having their best, final season yet. “Still, if I’m going to go out, I’m gonna go out looking fabulous.” Trick looks her up and down. “Trust me, you do.” He asks if she’s ready for this and gestures for her to precede him out of Tolkien’s Lair. “A mother’s work is never done,” she mocks. Evony sashays past him and up the stairs. “Neither is a grandfather’s,” Trick mutters. Heh. Also, that line was improved by Rick Howland. Ha!

Dyson and Bo run out of the SCCPL into the hallway where Bo first met Sister Epona. “Well, that was athletic,” Dyson quips darkly. Bo reminds him they faced only three revenants. “How many cursed souls have died on the battlefields of history?” Dyson allows the number is probably in the millions. “About that kiss,” Bo begins. Dyson turns back. “Should I say I’m sorry?” he asks roguishly. “For what, saving me?” Bo returns. He warmly asks if she’s okay. “Yeah. I feel awesome.” Once you go wolf…Before she can say more, the entire building shudders violently. Bo and Dyson grab one another for balance. “Dyson, my father is close. I feel so powerful.” Dyson realizes she’s channeling her father’s energy through the portal. “Can you control it?” Bo wonders if it’s time she got a little out of control and Dyson thinks that’s good to hear. “Because she needs you.” Yes, Kenzi does need her and has for quite some time now. Good on you for redirecting Bo back to her bestie. Poor kiddo has been left to flounder on her own for too long. Bo teases that Dyson isn’t going to tell her to save the world before she saves the girl. He loves Kenzi; of course he chooses her first. “You taught me well. And she’s my friend too.” Come on, Kenzi is more than a friend. Bo reminds him her father is going to keep sending revenants out of the portal to bait her. “I need you to contain the dead warriors that come out of that Cinvat. “ She orders him not to let them get above ground and that Tamsin should cast doubt over them to make them go at each other’s throats. “And then tear them out of them,” she finishes viciously. Looks like he’s taught her well too. “With pleasure,” Dyson agrees, wolfishly. “And what about Kenzi?” What about Kenzi? You just had a whole conversation about how Bo is going to go off and save Kenzi before she saves the world. Hang on. Hang on one bloody minute. That whole exchange was about Doctor Lauren?! Are you frickin’ kidding me? Bo is abandoning a fight for the entire world AND continuing her abysmal neglect of Kenzi in her greatest need to go running off after the doc, the one person on this show least deserving of an affection and loyalty she’s constantly rejected, one more bloody time?! Show, you’re drunk. Go home. I can’t even.

Oh look, Mom and Dad have to rescue Mom’s ex-girlfriend. Again. Nifty. Also, if you save the girl before the world, you’ll have no world for the girl to live in, dumbass. Kenzi is worth that risk; Doctor Lauren will never be.

“And what about Kenzi?” Dyson asks. Yeah, REMEMBER KENZI, BO? “Keep her close,” Bo says as she tears up. “Keep her safe. Can you do all that?” You mean, do YOUR job? Yeah, he can do that. He’s been doing it for a while now. “Hold back the armies of Hel?” he says, warm and loving. “I thought you would never ask, my queen.” He sketches a formal bow before her. He sobers for a moment and nods at her before hurrying back to fight the undead armies of a power mad super Dark Fae from Hel. No big.

Bo lays the necklace box—ye gods, not the damn necklace again!—that Doctor Lauren never gave her on a tree stump because she’s been running around all this time with Rainer and then Dyson with the necklace box in her pocket. Sure. I’m not even gonna try and figure out where the tree stump came from. She puts on the vagina necklace because nothing says love like a symbol of a female organ around your neck. Tamsin and Kenzi enter the hallway, so I guess Dyson called them and Tamsin drove really, really fast. They’re both heavy with the glum but at least Kenzi is back in her Kenzi clothes complete with corset and Geraldine. Bo says her name, but Kenzi just crosses right over and embraces her for a long minute. Aww. Pulling back, she holds out Geraldine on offer. “You’re gonna be fine,” she says definitively. Puzzled, Bo studies her face, but then accepts Geraldine by the hilt with a half smile. Without another word, Kenzi strides off in search of the Apocalypse. Tamsin grimaces at Bo—good luck—and then follows Kenzi.

Down in the Dark Archives, Doctor Lauren is now indoors and properly chained to the base of a foundation pillar. So much for being buried in Massimo’s hole, I guess. Massimo spews more crazy. “I am Evony’s son. I was burned alive for seven days.” And on the eighth day, he smoldered. “I can handle The Wanderer’s gift.” He doesn’t like that name. The doc pings on the fact that Massimo has Rainer’s foresight and asks what he did to Bo’s density. Massimo screams with the pain. Doctor Lauren hopes he chokes on it. Massimo claims to have absorbed all things Fae with knowledge Doctor Lauren couldn’t hope to dream about. “You are a psycho loser with a brain full of shit that you don’t even know how to use,” she shoots back. The door opens and Bo wanders in, all casual like. “And it sounds like you might be allergic to origin seed.” Doctor Lauren perks up to see her. Not like that. Okay, maybe like that. No way to tell with those jackets. Bo holds up Geraldine. “I got your Epi pen right here.” Heh. “What do you say, druid? A little prick to end a big prick?” She checks if Doctor Lauren is okay. Unfortunately, she is. The doc tells Bo that she shouldn’t have come. For once, Bo accepts the doc’s continued rejection, agrees with her that she shouldn’t have come in the first place, and leaves her to her fate. Oh, all right. “I always do,” Bo replies. That’s the problem. Massimo mocks the ex-lover’s lament and Bo pokes him over his lack of knowledge about love. Massimo sneers that Evony is obsessed with Bo while Bo notes that Massimo is obsessed with Evony. “Gee, I wonder why you’re still single.”

Massimo thinks Evony is just hard on him so he’ll be the best, which he has now achieved. “The Una Mens is able to reflect the power of any Fae who dare to challenge them. And I have absorbed all those powers, six-fold. That is a nifty bag of tricks to choose from.” Reflect the power, not absorb it. He can only replicate a Fae’s power if and when it’s used against him. But whatever, Show. Can hardly expect you to check your own facts this late in the game.  Bo shifts on her feet as she loses some confidence at the idea of Massimo’s true power. She calls him a monster. Ignoring her, Massimo decides to start with something from his last kill as a human. “A pretty, little ditty from your favorite siren.” He unleashes a huge blast of siren call against Bo who goes down beneath the onslaught. Behind her, Doctor Lauren wrestles with her chains. Kenzi taught her how to pick locks way back. Shouldn’t she be out of those by now?

Back at the SCCPL, Kenzi ponders the pages she tore from Rosette’s book. She looks up and away. “Destiny. Boo-yah.” She stares off toward the Cinvat with frightened determination.

Back in the Dark Archives, Massimo tosses Bo across the room to flop onto the ground next to Doctor Lauren who cries for Massimo to stop as Bo has had enough. ‘Cause that works. Massimo quips that Bo’s the one who won’t quit. Bo orders Massimo to let Doctor Lauren go, because she saw how successful Doctor Lauren was with that move. Massimo sucks his teeth. “I like an audience.” You’re on the right show for that. “Do you know you’re going to breathe your dying breath helpless, watching me kill the good doctor?” Don’t tease, Massimo. “You have a very rich fantasy life,” Bo snarks. Heh. But Massimo isn’t monologuing, he’s relating the future he sees thanks to Rainer’s stolen power of foresight. “I can see the battle ahead courtesy of—I’ve already forgotten his name.” He bowls over in pain and Bo takes the moment to check that the doc it okay. “Two minutes and I’ll be out of these cuffs,” she replies. “Seriously?” Bo asks with a huge dose of no way. “I learned a lot from Kenzi’s shadow thief training.” No, she learned how to pick cuffs from Kenzi’s mad pick-pocket skillz and then honed in on her never-shown-onscreen-because-that-would’ve-been-too-much-fun-without-Doctor-Lauren shadow thief training with Dyson. Honestly, it’s a wonder she ever had any time to rifle through the Dark Archives much less the months and months of research and testing to come up with a vaginal serum that rewrites supernatural DNA in under twenty minutes. Doctor Wonder Lauren indeed. Fae forbid Kenzi even be allowed one thing for herself, even when it involves Dyson, without it being corrupted by Doctor Lauren? GMAFB. Massimo bops back up and rings the bell for round three. The doc tells Bo that first they need to kill the mother lover. Bo decides to go with the classics. Dusting off her hands, she tries to suck his chi, but given as he has the Una Mens’s power to reflect power back, it doesn’t work. Duh.

Massimo admits she almost had him there. “Must have a little something extra in the slutty tank today.” Dyson does bring a little extra something to the party every time. And with that slut shaming, there goes that last remnant of the Lost Girl I knew and love. “It’s called the coming apocalypse, dick,” Bo spits back. Oh yeah. Maybe you should get on that. She tells Massimo if he would just die like a good boy, she could get back to dealing with it. Or you could just go and deal with it. Massimo will absolutely keep. Massimo chortles that Bo’s origins are fascinating. “The Power of the Pyrippus?” In spite of herself, Bo wonders what he knows about it. “I know that being raised by humans has made you soft. I know that The Keeper was right to warn you of the shit that’s coming your way.” Gasping with sudden pain, Bo collapses against the pillar. “Feels kinda crappy, doesn’t it Bo-Bo?” he taunts. “Being helpless. Being mortal.”

The Morrigan makes her entrance. “Oh, is that how you’ve felt all these years?” Massimo is shocked to see her but Bo gets a shifty look on her face. She draws her dagger and holds it against Evony’s throat. “This is not what Trick and I discussed,” Evony drawls, unconcerned. Bo thinks she’s just collateral damage. “Looks like once again, only I choose who lives…and who dies.” This time she says it without the Boladrial moment, which actually makes it scarier because now she believes her own press.  Massimo throws a temper tantrum.

Back at the SCCPL, where the real battle is going on, Dyson and Tamsin are in the thick of it. He drops a remnant and glances over his shoulder at Tamsin who backs up to him. “Never actually seen a Valkyrie in battle before,” he admits. “It’s impressive.” She laughs. “You got anything under that codpiece worth fighting for?” she yells as she slices another remnant’s throat. Shouldn’t she already know that HE DOES? “You should know!” he shouts back. There you go then. “What are all these hell spawn?” he asks, serious again. “The first of millions,” she muses darkly and then kills another. Dyson puts another down. “You know if we don’t get out of here…” Tamsin cuts him off and tells him to shut up. “I’m just saying. We’re outnumbered. Two against the scourges of Hel?” Could probably use a super-powered succubus who can drain remnants en masse at once right about now, huh?  

“Three!” Trick announces as he joins the battle. “Time to stop dwelling in the past and get to fixing the future!” Blood King with the coherent character season arc FTW! He asks where Kenzi is. “Safe,” Tamsin assures him. What, in the hallway? “For now,” Trick caveats morosely.

Massimo screams and whines. Bohr-ring. “You let her go or I’ll blow your bitch brains all over your (ex) girlfriend’s face.” Evony scoffs at his horrible villainy. “Who taught you to threaten?” Bo taunts that “human Mommy” must taste delicious. “Delectable,” Doctor Lauren interjects. “But don’t take my word for it.” Bo uses her knife to turn Evony’s face toward her and drinks down her human chi while Massimo whines at Bo not to hurt her. “I can taste how she really feels about you. Coward. Pathetic. Mistake.” Massimo screams. Again. He moves to turn Bo’s power back on her, but instead, Bo shoves Evony in front so that Massimo sucks her chi down. “See, it’s not sucking chi that makes me special,” Bo brags as she saunters down the line of blue spit to Massimo. “It’s that I learned how to stop. For ten years I went on a killing spree. And then I found my friends. You think you know love? Use it to save her.” He can’t. “I could breathe the chi back into her but you don’t have that power yet,” she taunts.

He breaks free with effort and runs over to the crumpled Evony. Massimo begs Bo to make Evony better and Bo says to do that, she’ll need to take someone else’s chi. Pick Doctor Lauren! Pick Doctor Lauren! “A life for a life,” she says as her eyes go blue. “That’s the Fae way.” She grabs him up and sucks him down as Doctor Lauren watches. Tossing Massimo aside, Bo leans over and feeds chi back into Evony. As Evony coughs air back into her lungs, Bo retrieves Geraldine from the table. Massimo hovers over his mother. Doctor Lauren, with absolutely no stealth whatsoever, snatches the Twig of Zamora from Massimo’s jacket pocket. “You can’t hurt me,” he cries. “You can’t kill me. I’ve got…” Having finally freed herself, Doctor Lauren stands next to Bo and holds out the Twig of Zamora. “A tiny twig,” she finishes. “Hale’s last gift,” Bo gasps. Doctor Lauren crumples it up in her hand, because it’s not like Kenzi might want it back or maybe there might be some use for a twig that makes you un-killable during, I dunno, the Apocalypse. Bo tells Massimo the twig was not what stopped her from killing him. “I have other plans for you.” Massimo gets to his feet. “Well, Daddy’s coming to play and you’re both going to die anyway.” Bo: “At least we’ll die a Family.” Oh bullshit. She smacks Massimo across the face. “That is for laying a finger on (Doctor) Lauren.” She knocks his knees out from under him. “For Rainer!” She whacks him across the face again with the Geraldine’s hilt. “For Hale!” Finally, she runs him through with the sword. “And that is for breaking Kenzi’s heart.” Massimo be dead.

Back at the SCCPL, the battle has reach slow-motion levels of fighting. Kenzi slowly makes her way unaccosted through the teams of remnants now fighting each other under the influence of Tamsin’s doubt. Tamsin, Trick, and Dyson battle those remnants Tamsin doesn’t control. Rising from a fresh kill, Dyson sees Kenzi headed straight for the ziggurat. He runs to reach her. “Kenzi! What are you doing here?” Kenzi turns as though in a trance. “We can’t wait any longer. We’re outnumbered and you’re injured.” Bent over at the waist, exhausted, Dyson still rambles that they have to fight. “We have to keep fighting!” Kenzi corrects that what they have to do is close the portal. Frantic, Dyson reminds her they don’t know how to do that. Kenzi takes his cheek in her hand. “Dyson, I get it now. I do have a part to play.” He doesn’t know what she’s talking about, but is beginning to realize it’s not good. “Destiny. It has a sick sense of fun,” Trick fills in during a break from Bo staffing bad assery. He goes back to fighting as Kenzi holds the purloined pages out to Dyson. “It’s the only way to close the gateway to Hel. It’s Bo’s heart.” The closed captions say “Bo’s true heart.” Interesting. Kenzi takes a pause before she commits out loud. “And I’m it.” Dyson gapes at her in shock. NO.

Bo and Doctor Lauren are outside the Dark Archives. The doc notes Bo’s wearing the vagina necklace. Bo says she loves it. “And Rainer?” the doc asks. Bo says Doctor Lauren was wrong about her destiny. The doc nods but is reassured that she was at least right about Bo since the first moment they met when the doc copped a feel of her patient and called it love. Bo notes she always knew the doc was a total mad scientist waiting to break free and wreck medical vengeance against the Fae extraordinary. “But now a human doctor who can turn the Fae mortal? They’re going to be coming for you.” I can only hope. And pray. This doesn’t seem to bother Doctor Lauren. “Yeah? Let ‘em try.” Yes, LET THEM. Bo smiles. “You really are Dark.” I’ve been saying this for two or three seasons, but never mind me. The doc corrects her. “No Bo,” she replies, smiling broadly. “I’m yours.” And there’s goes the last of Doctor Lauren’s season four character progression and agency for good. Bo shrugs that off her declaration. “We have to go. My father. The portal to Hel. Tamsin and Dyson. And Kenzi. Oh God, Kenzi.” YES, KENZI. The doc however is going to stay with the now medically stable Evony. “Hippocratic oath and all.” BWAH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. No, stop, it’s too much. Show, you kill me with that one. Hippocratic Oath hat tip NOW and for the woman whose DNA Doctor Lauren rewrote against her will much less all the other medical violations she’s done in four years?! Dying. Oh my. Gonna need a minute. Haven’t laughed that hard in a long while.

Bo can’t believe the doc is serious about staying. “You saw her all vulnerable and human,” Doctor Lauren mocks. Plus, Evony does taste delectable. “And, I kind of did this to her, so…” KIND OF?! Bo has to admit that, crazy as it sounds, she gets it. Whatever, dumbass. “Get out of here, succubus,” Doctor Lauren quips but there’s an air of finality about the scene. “Destiny’s calling.” Actually, destiny died with Rainer, but whatever. Bo takes a few steps away and then turns back for one final goodbye mack. There’s one last lingering shot on Doctor Lauren. Bye doc! Don’t hurry back, ‘kay?

Back at the actual battle, Tamsin slices and dices alone. “Dyson, there’s too many!” she shouts. “Bo’s heart is her heart,” Dyson says emphatically to Kenzi. “It is never that simple with you Fae,” she snaps back. “It is always a metaphor. A symbol. Dyson, it’s me.” Dyson yells that the Cinvat is concentrated energy. “Do you know what it will do to you?!” Kenzi insists that Bo is the only one who can help them, “and she isn’t there and she needs me to help her!” Dyson shakes his head violently. “NO!” He looks up at the Cinvat. “I’ll go.” He immediately takes a step forward to do so, but Kenzi stops him. “She loves you, yes.” You can stop there. No, REALLY SHOW. “She loves (Doctor) Lauren.” Oh FFS. “But you know that it’s me. I’m her heart! You know that!” Kenzi sobs. You’re his heart too, kiddo. She grabs his neck to force him to meet her gaze. “Look, I have a plan. Rainer had the gift of foresight. He knew this would happen—had to happen.” Dude just missed his own death. I wouldn’t really on his powers of foresight at the moment. The building rumbles and shakes as Daddy gets closer. Kenzi looks around with fear and starts to speak faster to get it all out to Dyson before it’s too late. “Now Tamsin has his soul, the golden ticket to Valhalla. That’s where she’ll take me when this is all over! That’s where I’ll wait!” Dyson refuses to go with it. “Yes, Dyson! If I can go out like this, a warrior, in battle, maybe I’ll even see him again.” She’s crying now, smiling through her tears at the one person who loved Hale as much as she did. “I will wait for Bo in Valhalla,” she announces, steady again. “You know that she’ll never stop looking for me. She will never stop fighting to bring me home.”

The screeching howl of Bo’s father sounds through the room forcing them to cover their ears in pain. “Something’s coming!” Trick shouts. “The Pyrippus!” Kenzi yells at Dyson. “It is the only way, Dyson! It is the only way Bo can save the world.” Looks to me like Kenzi’s the one saving the world. Dyson bears his teeth in pain and protest but he’s beginning to see they have no choice.

Out in a field somewhere, Bo stops in her tracks as her GHD lights up. She clasps her side in pain and feels something in her jacket pocket. Slowly, she draws out Kenzi’s engagement ring. “Oh Kenzi, no. No!”

Dyson in Lost Girl Season 4 episode 13Back at the SCCPL, the noise eases. Kenzi slowly lowers her hands from her ears. She smiles lovingly at Dyson. There are no more words to say. Slowly, she turns back to the ziggurat. Now that Dyson can’t see her face, she drops the smile. Fear and determination fill her visage. For a moment, she and Dyson are framed together, one behind the other as the battle rages around them. Dyson’s expression is a contorted mask of grief, but he does not stop her. As Kenzi walks away from him, he breaks. Kenzi steps over dead remnants on her way to the Cinvat. She pauses when she reaches Trick then continues on unabated as he watches her. The human undoing the dark consequences of the Blood King’s many errors in judgment. Dyson dissolves into grief. Sobbing he lets loose a long, muted howl of fierce agony. Kenzi strides up the hill to the ziggurat without hesitation. Bo runs in just as she reaches the gateway. Trick stands sentinel at the base of the ziggurat, an honor guard to Kenzi’s sacrifice.

At the threshold, Kenzi turns back one last time. Bo runs after her. “No!” Still sobbing, Dyson grabs Bo up as she passes him. “No, no, no! Dyson no! KENZI!” They’re framed against the backdrop of the tapestry of the horse breathing fire on the masses. Kenzi smiles at Bo and Dyson, the two people she loves more than anything in the world, the ones for whom she would sacrifice everything. Bo screams her name silently. Pressing his lips together, Dyson braces himself for what’s coming next and draws Bo in close. They hold on to one another as they watch Kenzi’s final moments. With one last loving smile, Kenzi turns and crosses the threshold into the Cinvat. Immediately, the power convulses her body violently. Trick shields his face from the blinding light. The ziggurat explodes. Bo, Dyson, and Tamsin shield their faces. The remnants drop to the ground, lifeless. Bo holds on to Dyson’s arm and stares at the destroyed Cinvat. Kenzi lies sprawled at the base of the ziggurat, dead. Tamsin streaks across the room. She crouches over Kenzi and breaks down, sobbing wildly. She looks up at Bo and Dyson. In shock, Bo steps toward her, but, pages still in his grip, Dyson snags her arm. There’s blood streaming from his head wound. He says one word: “Valhalla.” Dazed, Bo pulls free. Fuck Valhalla. She takes a few steps toward Tamsin and Kenzi. Tamsin gets to her feet with effort. Her eyes black out and black and white wings sprout from her shoulder blades. The wings are fucking cool. She kneels next to Kenzi and embraces her with the wings. Dyson struggles to watch and can barely contain his grief. He checks Bo. Bo starts to lose it as Tamsin’s actions bring home the reality of the situation. She breaks down into sobs that nearly break Dyson again. Tamsin gathers Kenzi up. With a flare of light, the Valkyrie takes Bo’s heart to Valhalla. Trick, Dyson, and Bo are left alone in a field of dead remnants.

Tamsin sprawls unconscious before the gates of Valhalla. Dyson runs up to her. How he located the gates of Valhalla in Faeronto is anyone’s guess. “Tamsin!” She rouses duly as he pulls her up. “Come on, Tammy. Hey, hey.” Tamsin freaks out when she recognizes him and grabs his lapels. “Oh no. You shouldn’t be here!” I think in her confusion, she’s afraid he’s there because he’s dead. “But I am,” he answers softly. She starts to cry. “Kenzi!” Dyson steels himself. “Yeah?” Sobbing, Tamsin can only shake her head. “She’s gone,” she manages. “Hey. We’ll get her back,” he vows. Tamsin freaks out again. “No!” she yells, clutching him with desperation. “No Dyson, no. You can’t let Bo find the second Hel shoe.” This is not what Dyson expected to hear. “Why, Tamsin? Why? What did you see?” He glances behind her at the gates of Valhalla and for a second it looks like he’s about to go in after Kenzi himself. But then he looks back at Tamsin’s face and sees that she’s in horrified shock. Whatever she saw has scared and scarred her badly.

He turns his attention to the woman he can protect right now. Dyson cups Tamsin’s cheek. “Hey, it’s going to be okay. I’m going to get you out of here. I’m not leaving you behind again,” he swears. That’s a nice callback to his distress when he couldn’t find Tamsin at the beginning of the season. He helps her up, but she’s too weak to stand on her own. Dyson scoops her up and cradles Tamsin close to his chest. “There, there,” he soothes. “I’ve got you.” I hate them as a romantic couple for many reasons like it makes for too easy a cheat to remove him from Bo in favor of the grossly unworthy and undeserving doctor, but mostly because this almost sibling/partner tenderness between Dyson and Tamsin is so much more affecting than any contrived banging relationship. And with Kenzi and Hale dead, they both desperately need someone like that in their lives. As Dyson carries Tamsin away, the gates of Valhalla dissolve to reveal a graffiti-strewn wall in downtown Faeronto. So I guess Dyson tracked/sniffed out Tamsin and was able to locate her when she was tossed out of Valhalla…again. Once he was with her, he could see the gates behind her and then as they left, they were once again concealed.

You by Keaton Henson plays on the soundtrack as the succumobile drives down a country road and through a graveyard. If you must wait, wait for them here in my arms as I shake. If you must weep, do it right here in my bed as I sleep. If you must mourn, my love. Mourn with the moon and the stars up above. If you must mourn, don’t do it alone. Alone, Bo gets out of the car with a bunch of sunflowers and voice-overs the epilogue. “We buried Rainer near the battlefield at Ancrum Moor.” Wherever and whatever that is. “It only seemed right that he should rest with those who fought and died for him.” Bo walks through the graveyard and down some steps. If you must leave, leave as though fire burns under your feet. “There has been too much dying already. It’s been hard.” If you must speak, speak every word as if it were unique. “I have lost so much. But I have to be strong.” If you must die, sweetheart. Die knowing your life was my life’s best part. “Now more than ever.” Bo approaches a new, obsidian gravestone. At the top center is a gold etching of a sunflower. MACKENZIE is written across the stone beneath it with KENZI next in larger letters and MALIKOV smaller beneath that. Kid had to die for us to learn her full name. Her years are marked as 1991-2014. Bo kneels before the gravestone and lays the flowers across its base, right underneath Kenzi’s epitaph. FRIEND. WARRIOR. HEART.

Bo visits Kenzi's grave in Lost Girl 4.13Crying now, Bo removes her oversized sunglasses. If you must die, remember your life. Bo strokes her hand down the front of the stone. “I miss you. But more than that, I need you. I need your courage.” Too little, too late. She opens her hand to show Kenzi’s engagement ring on a chain in her palm. Bo wraps the chain around her hand and clenches her fist. “But I am done crying,” she vows as she rises. You are. Oh you are. “I am done being scared. No one else will die on my watch. Whatever it takes, I will get you back. They want me to be afraid?” Who’s “they” again? She looks off in the distance, presumably in the direction of the nebulous “they.” “It’s them who should be afraid. Of me.”

End Credits.

End of Season 4.

Season 5 began shooting on April 7, 2014.

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1. Hobbito
Wow you really dislike Dr Lauren don't you!? So much hate towards a character! Whew.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
2. Kiersten
Hobito - Hi. Thanks for leaving a comment.

Yes, I really dislike Doctor Lauren, but mostly because of how the show has repeatedly failed to follow through on advancements in her character in order to appease an unappeaseable faction of the fan base. The entire show and nearly every character has been at one point or another retconned or outright changed for this one character's sake. Over and over we're told how great she is while over and over she does horrible things. Her backstory is ludicrous and her endless list of accomplishments could not possibly be achieved by a woman of her age. There is zero consistency, tons of tell not show, a neglect of other, much more important characters for her sake, and parts of the show have been changed or ignored to undo things that make her look less that super wonder Doctor Lauren. She is shoehorned into scenes and situations where she doesnt belong and ascribed a cannonization of character that nothing on screen validates. This undeserved emphasis on her character has ultimately undermined the show's validity and trust badly. Doctor Lauren's character and the worshipful attitude toward her on the show is in direct contradiction to her actual actions. It makes no sense and has greatly contributed to the downward trajectory of the show over the last two seasons. I'm tired and fed up with watching a show I once loved without qualification disentegrate under the ongoing, illogical adoration of Doctor Lauren. So yes, as a writer and a fan, I really do dislike her.
3. stacymd2
Thank you for the wonderful and funny recap Kiersten. Your recaps made watching Season 4 bearable.

I dreaded watching 413 again. I have never dreaded re-watching Lost Girl until the back half of this season.

The plot holes, contrived lazy plot devices and deus ex machina are painful to watch a 2nd time. It is sad watching Lost Girl after viewing Bitten and Being Human before it and Continuum after. Those shows are superior in writing, pacing and fight choreography.

Bo was passive in dealing with her destiny. The fight scenes were terrible.

Few things I did like:
Bo and Kenzi made up because their bond is stronger than Bo's bad choices, selfishness and lack of attention.
Bo and Dyson made up. Dyson pledges his eternal life, love and loyalty to her, because their bond is stonger than Bo's bad choices, selfishness and lack of attention.
Dyson, Tamsin and Trick kicking ass and saving the world. Team Get Stuff Done!
Dyson, Tamsin, Trick and Kenzi nobly thinks of Bo and the world, sacrificing themselves for the greater good.
Scenes between Bo/Dyson, Bo/Tamsin, Bo/Kenzi, Dyson/Tamsin, Dyson/Kenzi. The bickering between Rainer/Trick was fun to watch. I wanted Bo to go away so they could hash things out.

Dyson/Bo/Tamsin would make a much better threesome. It was illustrated clearly how they did their part to help Bo, while Lauren did what she always does. Bo had to drop everything to save her.

*Tamsin powered Bo up mentally and physically. She verbally kicked Bo in the butt, telling her to woman up! Stop feeling sorry for yourself and be the leader you are supposed to be.

*Bo trusted Dyson to protect her heart (Kenzi) and the world. She charged him with fighting her father for her while she save a damsel in distress.

*Lauren isolates Bo from her family and stops her from dealing with her fate. Compare Bo saving Dyson from the Una Mens to 413's princess rescue. Saving Dyson was a team effort where even Dyson help to save himself. Bo saving Lauren was a solo project where she straps on her vagina necklace and dosn't expect to return.
4. BoisinlovewithLauren
@Kiersten I'm sorry, but from everything I've ever read from your recaps, I would definitely say you HATE Lauren not dislike! As for the love Bo & Lauren have for one another is evident by just the mere look that they give each other...they don't need words! Also, I'm wondering why it is that when Lauren says she does everything for Bo you scoff at it, but yet Dyson is constantly telling Bo he loves her and that's ok. Some people get tired of him always having to affirm his love for her, just like others are tired of Lauren, as you say, always gets a pass for things that she's done. Neither Lauren nor Dyson are perfect, but it just seems like you treat Dyson like he is. He freaking looked Bo in the eyes and told her no one knew anything about her mother in S1, using the excuse that it wasn't his place to tell, but yet If he really cared about her as much as it was being played out, he should have told her the truth regardless. By him not telling her what he knew about Aife, he was putting her in danger. She probably would have went about looking for answers about her mom a lot differently if she had known how dangerous Aife was. Plus, Aife wouldn't have had the chance to "rape" him in ep112.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
5. Kiersten
@BoIsInLoveWithLauren - I don't hate Doctor Lauren. I try to save that teminology for people who actually exist and do pretty horrible things in real life. And I think I've already expressed the many reasons I have for disliking Doctor Lauren and don't need to repeat them at the moment.

Affirming love for someone is a great thing and can never be done too much. It's always lovely to hear the man you love tell you he loves you too.

Thanks for leaving a comment!
6. BoisinlovewithLauren
The only thing that makes Bo/Dyson/Tamsin a better fit is the fact that they are all Fae and no other reason. I'm really getting sick of coming here to read these recaps and constantly seeing HATE for Lauren....she is and always will be the reason I watch the show. The relationship between her and Bo is way more interesting just for the fact they she is human and Bo is Fae. Kenzi and Lauren are what keeps Bo's humanity in check. Without either of them, she would just be another Fae who treats humans like chattel.
You people constantly talk about the hate for Dyson that is rampant on other sites, but yet that pretty much seems to be the same here when it comes to Lauren. I don't understand why if you dislike the way the show is going, you don't just quit watching. It is never going to be exactly the way everyone wants it to be. I for one didn't like S1 as much as I have the later seasons. For me Lauren is what keeps me watching, which I'm sure a lot of posters on here would probably say about Dyson. How many of you could honestly say you would continue to watch if Dyson had been killed off instead of Kenzi?
7. Char
OMG....I lied. I watche the last episode of Lost Girl. Sue me.

Good on you Kenzie. Saying goodbye to this show. Just like me. I'm not looking back.

Bo. That's all I got. May you treat your next best friend better than Kenzie.

Lauren. Do not like you. I find you insipid and a Hippocrate.

Dyson, please get your own spin off and leave Bo alone for at least 1000 years. Maybe forever. You deserve better. And no it's not Tamsin.

@BoisinlovewithLauren---Lauren is not bad. Again I lie. I can't stand her. Just talking and writing about her is such a waste of my time. So I'm stopping.

@stacymd2--Worst season ever. Yes it is worse than Season 3. Now we have the prripyus and the hell shoes to look forward to in Season 5. Another let down season.
8. stacymd2
There were so many plot holes and contrived lazy plot devices we could do nanowrimo with ease.

Ch 4: Why Lost Girl Why?

Rosette slowly walked to her death with RainBo politely looking on. Why didn't they stop her? They could have interrogated her about the curse and Pyrippus.

The 1st RainBo/Trick scene at the Dal: Notice how the writers still don't have Trick explain anything. Who is the pyrippus? What has he done? Why is he in Hel? Why would you tie your "fail safe curse" to unleashing a demon horse from Hel?

How does Wonder Lauren know about the powers of the Twig of Zamora? Oh, right, she EVERYTHING!! Val isn't an heir to the Zamora clan? What about Hale's cousin? Hale's father is alive. He can have as many children as he wants.

Notice how mercilessly Lauren taunts Massimo throughout her captivity, not once does he punch her in the face the way she did Evony.

During 2nd RainBo/Trick scene: The writers again tell us nothing new about Bo's hybrid status & Aoife nor explain anything about Rainer's curse, the Pyrippus, the horse women, prophecies and Bo's real destiny. How will Bo's blood help the pyrippus escape from Hel? Who put him in Hel?

Trick says: "But the blood of your father--whoever he may be--allows you to draw life from many victims and more importantly, to transfer that life force to someone other than yourself". Use a show bible EA and Co. Aoife showed Bo how to "transfer that life force to someone other than ". Aoife has that power. Show. Bible. Please!

Why is Kenzi in Evony's bedroom? Why would she look for Wonder Lauren there? How is Wonder Lauren's blood "everywhere" when Wonder Lauren only had a small cut on her forehead?

Random contrived lazy plot device #230: Detective Lauren found an old painting with Bo chi sucking villagers in the Dark Fae archives. Really? Why is this comming out now? Does no one else use the archives? Why didn't Detective Lauren show this to Trick/Dyson/Tamsin? Why didn't she show this to Bo when they talked in the last episode? That would have been more convincing.

Wow, being Fae must be awesome. Evony gave birth to a human child without ever having a menstrual cycle. Being Fae means you never get wedgies.

Evony is a tough cookie. She is acting way to tough now. Why isn't she freaked out? Evony should be very distraut that her powers and identity was stolen from her. I think the writers wrote Evony this way because if she was shown crying it would make Lauren's actions look even more monsterous.

Everything about Massimo is a retcon. Last season he was a smooth, cool talker. Now he is a loon with Mommy issues.

Contrived lazy plot device #231: Massimo now has super strength & fighting abilities from the Origing seed. The Una Mens never had such powers. He takes out three warriors.

Contrived lazy plot device #232: Massimo gets a headache and leaves without killing Bo/Trick even though both are very weak.

Why does Kenzi conclude that she is Bo's heart? The contrived lazy plot devices prophecies go from being very specific (naming Rainer & pyrippus; clearly describing Bo's friends: wolf, valkyrie, doctor too) then metaphorical.

Why is Kenzi now finding this part of the prophecy? Did Bo/Rainer not bother to look at Rosette's book when they got back?

Where are the crazy pony ladies? Wouldn't they want to greet the horse god they worship and protect him from Bo?

Why do the three revenants that first come out of the portal stand around as Dyson kisses Bo back to herself?

Why does Evony go to Trick?

Why doesn't Massimo kill Lauren? Why has he kept her all this time?

[i]How does Massimo have Hale's siren powers? How long does Massimo have the other Faes' powers for? Even Rogue (X-Men) can't hold onto other mutant's powers for long after she absorbs them. Also, the Una Mens reflects powers not absorbs them.

Why isn't Bo dead or at least deaf and bleeding from both ears after Massimo sirens her?

All this time Lauren was held captive and she begins to pick the lock on her chains only when Bo arrives. I assume Lauren was chained in the same manner while Massimo was attacking RainBo/Trick. Why didn't she escape?

How does Massimo NOT have the power to breathe chi back into Evony? He was just shown absorbing powers and having powers of other Fae that the Una Men's delt with. He absorbed Bo's powers, it should be all of it, including the chi reverse.

Lauren easily grabs the Twig of Zamora from Massimo and he doesn't know. Really? How did she know where to look?

Bo defeats Massimo easily at the end. Massimo had super strength and fighting ability in his fight with RainBo/Trick. None of that came from the Twig of Zamora. Now suddenly & conveniently, all of that is gone. The Foresight is gone? Ability to reflect powers, gone? Siren powers, gone? Raiju powers, gone?

Why do none of the revenants attack Kenzi? D/K/Ta/Tr have time to chat in between fighting.

How does Bo get to the Horse House of Worship so quickly?

Why does Tamsin take Kenzi's whole body?
Kiersten Hallie Krum
9. Kiersten
Yeesh, @stacymd2, maybe *you* should be writing these recaps! That's a lot of intricacy I totally glommed over. Well, deadlines and all. ;)
10. stacymd2
Dyson and Tamsin make better romantic partners for Bo because they share the same temperament, values & outlook on life with her. The three of them have kinetic chemistry. Bo can talk to Dyson. Their bond has deepend season after season. He is her best friend (after Kenzi), loving partner, trusted confidant & adviser, loyal team badass member and strength. She connects with him on an emotional level. They argue, but always forgive & forget.

Dyson & Tamsin have her back physically which is important in their dangerous lifestyle. They prop her up when she needs it and don't take her guff when she is being an ass.

None of this has anything to do with them being Fae.

Bo can do better than someone who chronically lies. Someone who is cold, deceptive, needy, insecure, spybangs, has a secret girlfriend, controls her with needles and rules, betrays her friends & people, dumps her then skips town, talks down to her...

Bo being a good person has nothing to do with her being Fae. Lost Girl has shown that not all Fae treat humans as objects. There are bad Fae as there are good Fae. There are bad humans (like terrorists who kill 11 people, run from the law & practices medicine/science inhumanely without ethics) as there are good humans.

I use to love Lost Girl. It was once must see TV for me. I hope Season 5 is better than S3 & S4. I can't get any worse, right?

I am sick of reading hateful venom about KHR and RS -- who are real people -- on doccubus sites and other boards.
Linda Losik
11. LindaL
@Kiresten: thank you for the wonderful recap….I took really cracked up with Wonder Lauren now observing her Hippocratic Oath….Praise Be for the Pause button!

@BoisinlovewithLauren: On this website we tend to take the characters as they are even if means calling someone an A-hole if they deserve it….My problem with Wonder Lauren is the retooling of Lost Girl to being the "Wonder Lauren Showcase". I don’t hate Lauren; I do HATE the pandering that the TPTB give to more vocal members of the Lost Girl community. Because of this pandering, TPTB have destroyed something that was fresh, funny, gender affirming and without slut shaming. All of the characters have either been killed or almost destroyed for the greater glory of Lauren...this is my problem with Lauren....she's not badly drawn, just badly written.

@stacymd2: Yes, this plot had more holes than well tatted lace but so did the previous 12 episodes…they are still pandering…..I was so sorry when Kenzi died. And I really hope that it cannot get any worse…
12. Tempest
I had such a hard time watching this episode and it had NOTHING to do with the fact that they killed off my tied-for-first favorite character. It's the fact that I can't stand Bo anymore. I want to slap her selfish face off. Even at Kenzi's grave she's all me-me-me I-I-I. Get over yourself Bo!

As for Dyson, my other tied-for-first favorite character.....I don't even want him with Bo anymore because she sucks balls and he deserves better. I felt nothing but contempt when he swore fealty to her and I actually rolled my eyes during this scene.

The character of Lauren is just a wasteland that I can't even stand to think about anymore. I used to like Lauren. I think she's had some good bits sprinkled in there. But now this character just bugs the ever livin' shit out of me since she's ALL BO ALL THE TIME!

Tamsin is awesome. I dig her and am glad she's still around. At this point, I don't even care if they shack her up with Dyson. I'll take ANYTHING if it means I don't have to look at Bo's face or listen to her go on and on and on about the same shit. Sure Bo....save a human (but ignore your bestie) instead of SAVING THE WORLD. Seriously? We're supposed to buy this shit?

Kenzi's goodbye glance broke my heart, as did Dyson's pain and howl of sadness. Bo has no right to be upset...perhaps if she had actually been there doing her job instead of making everyone else do it in her stead, then she could have had her moment with Kenzi. But no....she had to run off once again. I just can't even......

Fuck this show and fuck Emily Andras for WASTING two seasons. Ugh....I'm mad all over again.
13. Jackie U
#1: Doctor Lauren needs to go
#2: WHAT THE HELL THEY KILLED KENZI?? THAT'S WHAT THE HUB BUB ON TWITTER WAS ABOUT WEEKS AGO?? The stars of this show TWEETED about it and I thought it was about Hale's death. Why in the hell would you kill Kenzi? The show has officially jumped the shark.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
14. Kiersten
@Jackie U - yup, that's what the hubbub was about. Now 1/3 of the original cast is no longer on the show.
rachel sternberg
15. rae70
Tempest!! I totally 2nd what you wrote (and thank you because I wouldn't have been able to do it justice!) The plot holes were chasms!! Didn't anyone even bother to consult the previous scripts?

Doc Lauren shouldve been teamed up with Evony from the start, I really thought they made a cute couple (even if Evony wasn't entirely exclusive.) I even like the waitress she messed with.... They could have weaved her in the storyline without her being with Bo.

I loved Kenzi's character, she made it fun to watch the show while Bo-Bo was being a dipshit. They really should have kept Hale n Kenzi going.. it would have been fun to see some episodes with the politics of his family and her interacting within the fae world.

Just saw a nugget on yesterdays Lost Girl FB status that Charisma Carpenter will be joining the cast for Season 5. Wonder how they will tie her in...
Kiersten Hallie Krum
16. Kiersten
@rae70 - the press releases says Charisma Carpenter will be the guest star for the S5 premiere. Since we know the premiere is a 2-parter, hopefully that means she'll be in both episodes.

From the HuffPo article:

"Carpenter will be playing a character by the name of Freyja, who's well-known in mythology as the most renowned of the Norse goddesses. Perhaps one of the most interesting facts about Freyja is she rides a a boar with golden bristles -- here's hoping that "Lost Girl" picks up on that. The powers-that-be behind the show insist that Freyja will have a definite "Lost Girl" twist, so we'll just have to wait until Season 5 starts up in the fall of 2014 to find out more about the character."
rachel sternberg
17. rae70
Thanks Kiersten!! That wasn't mentioned on the blurb!
Kiersten Hallie Krum
18. Kiersten
Pretty on point, scathing review of the finale on Io9 here:

19. santiam
@Kiersten I read your recap out of gratitude to this service that you've provided. Recapping with hysterical embellishments and astute observations all the good episodes and the bad even after the bad far outnumbered the good. Less intrepid souls would have given up but I must say that some of the worst episodes have the BEST recaps! Because you layer in richly flavorful snark full of spice and crackly edges. It's tasty! I'm grateful you kept at it.
I'm so deeply disapointed and sad to note that among the characters that will not be returning they could not have included Lauren. This insufferable character ruined the show for me. It is nice to know that I'm not the only one. First season had an amazing romance kindled between a werewolf and a succubus! Unique! And a fascinating mythology to explore. Not only was that all abandoned but the writing just gets worse and worse to the point it makes no sense. Bo is now an unsympathetic character who is difficult to care about. She spouts words her actions make a lie. She all but abandoned Kenzi in her hour of need all for a character that was utterly disposable. His power was the ability to foretel which we never saw him use. Did we? Messemo does all but tie Lauren to a train track like the Perils of Pauline. He kept capturing Lauren and dragging her to various locations to spew bad dialogue and be his witness. Why?
The show once again threatens a "Garuda" which must be Fae for "Fizz Bomb"
21. santiam
@stacymd2 I forgot to say-- Amen! You totally nailed it with your list of plot holes and questions and with Bo/Dyson/Tamsin.

Lauren only became slightly interesting paired with the Morrigan. We only got that tiny spark of her being at all engaging with any sort of chemistry very late in this season. Previously I would have said the only use for her character should be to spout some useful exposition in a lab somewhere once every other episode or less.
I don't mind that people like her character-- what I mind is how servicing her character was at the expense of much better, far more interesting characters. Seriously... a bland female human doctor over a smoking-hot, noble, male werewolf? I'll never understand it. I suppose some people prefer sweet and bland over rich and spicy...
22. BoisinlovewithLauren
IMO I think all the Lauren haters are just upset that Bo is actually in love with Lauren, but only loves Dyson. You can see it in the way Bo looks at them. As for Bo always coming to Lauren's rescue...she does it because she is in love with her. That's what you do for the people you love! How is it any different than Dyson always coming to Bo's rescue? Bo is Fae, she doesn't need him to come to her aid all the time. Besides that, Lauren told her she shouldn't have come. Dyson & Kenzi both realize how much Bo loves Lauren, they were actually ok with her going to get Lauren. Plus, it's a damn TV show, it's not real life. Most of the things that happen on the show are make believe!!!
23. jdknight
It is not certain that Kenzi will be back - nobody is saying anything. Ksenia Solo says she would like to be a Valkyrie if she was Fae. Can we expect 3 Valkyries and a sucubus follow on show? ;o)

I think Lauren is on her way to follow in the footsteps of Rainard and Massimo. She is becoming a crazy woman.

I thought that Kenzi's death scene was dignified and touching - it must be remembered that she is very young - only 23 - and that she has not had a happy few months. Kenzi has made lots of enemies - many of whom are now dead who will probably be in Hel and out for revenge - she will have to be tough to survive. The Leviathon did tell Bo that she would be seeing her again as someone Bo loves will soon be dead. Hel is the reverse of Valhalla so it appears that we will see some nasties there during the first 2 episodes.

I expect that, as she is a live human, we will not see much of Bo and Lauren together until Bo returns from Hel but the Lauren / Evony saga will probably be expanded. Will Lauren take Evony's powers for herself? She seems the sort of person who would enjoy the benefits of being Fae.

Tansin and Dyson do have a certain attraction but whether they will remain good friends who have sex or if they will have a relationship is to be seen

I am looking forward to season 5 and whatever bones they are going to toss to the fans to keep them happy. I hope that they put the 4 Webisodes on the season 4 DVD. They were interesting and did add a bit too Season 4 and many people will not have seen them unless they looked on the Show Case Website or came accross them on You Tube
Megan Frampton
25. MFrampton
Hey all: I've unpublished a comment because it is a personal attack, not a discussion on the episode or the show. I appreciate that while you guys might disagree, you do not make it personal. Thanks for that.

Any questions, please email me: megan DOT frampton DOT contractor AT macmillan DOT com.
26. Klaus
Just wondering is there any support for this Dyson/Tamsin romantic pairing in Social Media or anything? I mean besides the obvious Doccubus fans rooting for them because duh. I've seen a couple of B/D/T but not them alone. Anyone knows? I know it shouldn't matter but let's get real the pandering is ridiculous on this show. I loved them so as partners now I cringe everytime they are in the same scene.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
27. Kiersten
@Klaus - as far as I know, there is almost no fan support for Dyson/Tamsin romantic pairing. Most people prefer/love their partnership as partners without sexxing it up.
28. Lurker
I've seen a couple of Tamsin/Valkubus fans on twitter who do like the pairing. And a couple of the people on FB.
29. santiam
I never saw any chemistry between Bo and Lauren. Their romantic scenes always seem really awkward and contrived without any real passion or connection. However it really works with Lauren and the Morrigan somehow. There's a fun sexy chemistry going on there. Bo doesn't need to be in a relationship for the show to work. However, they could have had Bo move on from either Dyson or Lauren to a new character but it was an epic fail with Reiner. Nothing that would make her want him more than Bo or Lauren was on the screen. We were told she loved him but not shown why. Bad writing? Bad directing? I really like the actor but I wasn't shown anything that made me understand Bo's choice.
Lauren has never been written or portrayed as an interesting character with enough charisma to compete with Dyson. It's too bad because Bo choosing a female partner could have been really cool. Maybe what they should do is have Dyson fall for a male lover who is equally as heroic and appealing. As long as they are challenging boundaries, why not? Show us a s romance that hasn't been done or at least done well on tv.
Marie Sullivan
30. minime2
Your review was by far better then the actual show. Thank you for making what is turning into the most painful hour of my week into something to laugh about!
Kiersten Hallie Krum
31. Kiersten
@minime2 - you're welcome. It's comments like yours and @santiam and all the others that make slogging through that hot mess of an episode/season totally worth it.
32. stacymd2
Hi All! Thanks for the links @Kiersten!

I'm happy for Lost Girl that Charisma Carpenter will guest next season. Let's hope it is a multi episode arc. I hope Linda Hamilton also guests in Season 5.

CC will make a great Freyja. Maybe next season you guys will finally see some valkyrie on valkyrie action.

@Santiam: I thought Bo/Lauren had some chemistry in Season one, but it dried up once we got to know Lauren, her coma girlfriend, terrorist backstory and lying, condescending personality more in Seasons 2 - 4.

More thoughts on Season 4:
Near the end of 313, Tamsin and Dyson saw Bo's father standing in the road. Tamsin tried to run him over. This season we learned Rainer was trapped on a train and Bo's horse daddy is trapped in Hel. So who was standing in the road in 313?

Bo's non epic fight with Massimo: Massimo accidently kill's Evony by chi sucking her dry. How was Bo able to resurrect Evony with the chi she takes from Massimo, but she was not able to resurrect Hale?
Kiersten Hallie Krum
33. Kiersten
How was Bo able to resurrect Evony with the chi she takes from Massimo but she was not able to resurrect Hale?

It was in the script.
34. SassyT
Okay, I think I might be officially done with the show.

First, they kill off Kenzi's Hale. Give me a moment...to wipe away the tears and collect myself. Then, they kill off Kenzi??? WTH is wrong with the writers of this show? Are we sure Kenzi's not coming back? She made the show fun. Without her (and Hale) there will be no one with any good slang, snappy comebacks or fashion sense!!!

Also, didn't Bo say she wasn't afraid anymore the last time with the Garuda (and the time before that...and the time before that)? Was she lying before??? The writers were really scrapping the bottom of the barrel this episode. They couldn't even have her say anything original. And what a selfish b*tch. Even at Kenzi's grave she's all about Bo. I used to really like that character but now she just keeps repeating the same things over and over again and talking about how bad she is whenever she confronts someone. Kind of boring at this point.

And don't get me started on her love life. Bo used to be this kick ass chick who did what she wanted (and did whomever she wanted). This season she's had not one, not two, but four...count 'em...four idiots after her (Rainer, Lauren, Dyson, and Tamzin). I almost wish she'd go back to the flavor of the week where she's boning some new person each episode. Of course I want her with Dyson but at this point I'm so tired of waiting for them to come back around to that relationship that I'm not sure I want to keep waiting. The Rainer thing was so lame and such a waste of time.

@BoisinlovewithLauren: Take a chill pill. They are fictional characters after all. Everyone is entitled to like and dislike whatever characters they want. I don't like Lauren...HA HA HA.
35. Tuco
Dyson and Bo have always faired well. FRom the beginning in Season 1 we saw this relationship blossom. It was almost fairytalish. The character development of both Bo and Dyson at that point in time was spot on. The viewer got sucked into this romance. Then it all went into a hand basket when Dyson gave up his love to that evil tree witch. I still don't know why the writers did this. My loyality is to this relationship.

Lauren and Bo I always looked at as a fling. The chemistry between them was so HOT! Then when they finally did the act, I was done with Lauren. Just let her play her Doctor role and leave it at that. She never had a good character development. She stills has questions around her character.

Since season 3, I've been on the fence on whether to continue watching this show. It's almost like watching a hospice patient circling the drain of life. A death spiral is what's become of Lost Girl. Hopefully season 5 we'll bury it for sure!
Kiersten Hallie Krum
36. Kiersten
Rachel Skarsten posted a BTS picture to her instagram: I think that's Charisma Carpenter behind the gate, but what I really like is that Paolo Marzman is listed as the director for 502.

Kiersten Hallie Krum
38. Kiersten
Hi Tuco and welcome!

I agree totally about Bo and Dyson, natch, and while I never saw the chemistry people profess is between Bo and DL, I agree with all the rest. I have hope, though slim, that S5 will bring us back around to the serious love relationship between Bo and Dyson (finally!) but not before Bo stops being a first-class, tell don't show, bitch of a non-hero.

Thanks for leaving a comment!
Suzanne Metaxas
39. SuzyM
Excellent recap Kiersten. Much better than the episode itself, though your description of Kenzi's death scene had me crying all over again :( I am so hoping and praying that season 5 will bring back the show I fell in love with. Season 1 was a promise made and every season after that was a promise broken and a new pain created. PLEASE bring back the show I loved in S1.
Carmen Pinzon
40. bungluna
I blame you, @Kiersten, for keeping me interested in a show that has been more pain than pleasure since the second half of S2. Your recaps are way better than the wreck EA and Co. made of this once promising story. I don't know whether to thank you or curse you! :-D
42. ummmm
I was looking for recaps of the show for my sister and I read this before I sent it to her... Thank god I read it first. I thought I was reading fanfiction. I decided to read your other Lost Girl recaps cause maybe it's just this one but I was wrong. You're inserting so much headcanon into your recaps, it's not even credible anymore.
Anyway, good luck with season 5. Hopefully, you'd take into consideration about actually writing what happened in an episode and not what happened in your mind.
Suzanne Metaxas
43. SuzyM
Ummmm The recap is exactly what happened on the show so I don't know what you are talking about. Perhaps you should go back and re-watch it ;) Kiersten gives a clear concise recaps that make the show even more enjoyable than watching ;) Fills in things you may have missed and clears up confusion for most of us :D
44. Stacymd2
@ummmm: This recap, and all of Kiersten's recaps, are detailed and exactly what happened on Lost Girl. Her Lost Girl recaps are the best of the ones that I read. Kiersten's writing is funny, insightful and a joy to read. They are the reason I continued to watch Lost Girl during the dreadful Seasons four and three.

Her wonderful whit may not be to everyone's taste, but there is no reason to leave nasty remarks.

@ummmm: We like reading new, well thought out ideas here, so I hope you return.
Linda Losik
45. LindaL
After some thought, I have decided what I want from Lost Girl in season five; Bo back the way she was in season one. She cared, she fought for and with others, she loved, and most important to me, she tried to understand her surroundings and the people in her new world. Bo’s character has not so much evolved as devolved into something that is totally non-consistent with season one’ s Bo. I loved the MOTW as well as her search for her mother. Granted the search did not and should not have continued beyond the first season, but the next three arcs can be described at best and with great kindness as boring. Although, haphazard and poorly conceived ideas with very little follow thru as well as blatant pandering might be more accurate.

Is EA and Company going to continue down the road of destroying Lost Girl? Does anyone know?
46. ummmm
See, you all have headcanons put in your minds when reading her reviews so you think that's actually what happened in the show...

Like you said, she fills up things which is exactly putting her headcanon into it.

I watched the show that's why I know her recaps aren't credible.

She should put this as reviews and not recap. There's a huge difference!
Kiersten might want to change her titles then. They're very misleading.

This is the last time I'm visiting this site. It seems many of you will defend what is written instead of questioning it. Seems like you're friends with the writer so I'm not going to keep making my points when it won't be heard.

Again, good luck.
Marie Sullivan
47. minime2
@Ummmm I wish you would break down for us what you think is "headcanon" from the above review. I hope you stick around because we love breaking down LG and to hear all opinions about it. If these recaps are not your style I suggest the AV club but they stopped mid last season because of the decline of the writing or afterellen also offers recaps.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
48. Kiersten
@ummmm - you're somewhat right; often what I write seems more like a transcript than a recap given how I account for nearly every beat of the show. I suspect there are some fans who dislike the fact that my recaps do not allow for them to superimpose their own erroneous interpretations onto what actually happened given that I account for nearly everything and leave little room for retcon (outside of what the show retcons regularly on its own.)

I do indeed include my own opinions on what it going on but those instances are easily identified as such and never suggested to be assumed as part of the recap. This is not my site and I have an editor who also watches the show and were I, as you suggest, so far off the reservation as to be recapping a show that doesn't exist on screen, they would not post the recaps as it would put this site's reputation in jeopardy. My recaps are not meant to be objective reviews of the episodes but rather a recounting of what happened with my own reactions, as though we're all watching it again together in the same room, and I think that intention is clear. I would submit that it is perhaps your "headcanon," whatever that means, that may be influencing your negative experience here as perhaps that's what doesn't line up with what's actually happening on the show, and that's OK so long as its not transferred onto me. But only you can know that for sure.

For the record, I get questioned regularly in the comments and there are many on this forum who do not agree with a lot of what I've written at one point or another, as anyone who has been here for the duration can attest to. Additionally, while I have since the start of my covering Lost Girl, met one or two regular posters in person, the majority of people on this forum remain IRL strangers to me, or as much of a stranger as anyone who has spent hours, days, weeks, months, discussing a show obsession can be. It's quite flattering that you should think I have such influence on so many, but the truth is, everyone's opinion and contribution here remains their own and is with regard to Lost Girl and completely independent of how they may or may not feel about me. Outside of my detractors, naturally.

All in all, my recaps are not for everyone and I'm sure there's a yahoo group or something out there where you can find similiar opinions of them to match yours and commisserate accordingly. You are, of course, welcome to return here to discuss the episodes so long as you remain respectful of the other posters and address the show and characters while not engaging in any additional personal attacks.

Thanks for leaving your comments and contributing to our discussion.
Marie Sullivan
49. minime2
I just want to put it out there that this is really the ONLY site that does a full review/recap on the show most other sites only recap the actions of the women in the show and they completly skip over any review of the actions of the men. I have looked and still read the recaps of several sites and Kiersten is the only reviewer that I know of now that the AV club dropped the show that does a full recap.
50. Stacymd2
@LindaL: I agree that Season 4 was a hot mess of poorly developed ideas with little follow through on plot points. I hope for the actors' sake Lost Girl recovers in Season 5. Most reviews and comments I have read are disappointed with this season.

The devolution started in Season 2. The writers changed Bo from being a woman figuring out who/what she is, looking for love and solving supernatural crimes to being THE Champion, THE Unalined Succubus, THE One, THE Queen, THE Queen Bee. The writers tried to turn Bo into Buffy or a lesser version of Xena. It doesn't work for this character and show. They stripped away what made Lost Girl fun and interesting.

Add to this the elevating of Lauren to Wonder Lauren, the fan pandering and poor writing then Season 4 is really no surprise.

@minime2: I agree, H&H has the most detailed Lost Girl recaps online. I cannot imagine the work that goes into it. Kiersten's recaps are the best there is.

Fans who ship Dyson/Bo, most often, are so nice. I never see them leave untrue, nasty comments on sites like L-Chat, Doccubus or After Ellen.

@ummmm: I'd like to suggest Doccubus (dot) com and AfterEllen (dot) com. Their Lost Girl recaps are no way near as detailed and much less funny, but they will have the "head canon" you are looking for.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
51. Kiersten
@LindaL - I dont know if, as you say, EA & company are going to continue down the road of destroying Lost Girl in season five. While EA is not the S5 showrunner, the new showrunner, Michael Grassi, was promoted from within (as was EA) and ditto Vanessa Paresi to executive producer, so the BTS producing and writing team remain essentially the same with EA continuing to contribute scripts as well. To me, that suggests that it will be status quo as per usual on set and on screen, which is helluva disappointing to contemplate. I do strongly feel that S5 will be the last season of the show but that's just a feeling, not based on any actual information, and as everyone here knows well, I tend to be wrong about these things.
Heather Waters
52. HeatherWaters
@ummmm -- Site admin here. Thanks for your comment, but please note that all recaps here at H&H are written with commentary, which is by its nature going to be biased.

That said, we 100% respect that there are lots of different interpretations of the events of the show and that this particular recap may not be your cup of tea.

I hope you find the type of recap you are looking for, and of course you're always welcome to comment here, as long as you are respectful of others' opinions.
Heather Waters
53. HeatherWaters
Hey, all. Just a friendly general reminder to keep discussion focused on the show.

I know there's a lot of passionate opinions out there after the finale, so I appreciate you guys keeping it respectful. If you want to bring anything to an admin's attention, please feel free to contact us at info@heroesandheartbreakers.com.

54. lonewolf
@Stacymda2, I agree about season 2 being the start of the decline. The nain rouge predicted it. lol But it wasn't all bad, 3x1 with Zael and the Sluagh was ok. Bo was still the kick ass Bo from S1, I liked the scene where they're at the rave. One of those times when Kenzi has the solution to the problem to help Bo save the day, by the way. It wasn't until Lachlan came on the scene that it started to fall apart for me. He took the love of Bo's life away from her and she started to become somewhat self centered. And about that love of her life, I didn't see DL as being in love with Bo at first so much she was just greatly infatuated with her. It did seem to evolve into love over time, but the writers turned the Dr. into a selfish, border line mad scientist, damsel in distress. And she was always working on a solution or formula that would curb Bo's appetite. I guess she has that problem solved now.

When I first started watching LG I wanted to know what other people had to say about it. I searched and found this site. And it, for me is more than just a place where some can discuss the show, it has been a learning experience because it has given me a different way to understand the making of it. Not only that but I learned that *slumber parties* are a big thing up there. lol I've learned phrases that describe the show in a way I can't. Some I understand, some I'm not sure of, but I like it that way. One phrase of which I am not sure of is when somone talks about an arc. Is this a storyline or a sub-plot concerning a certain character? I'm pretty sure I understand what retcon means and plot holes, well I think that word explains itself. This has been, and still is an interesting site to be on. I realize I just talked more about my having a fun time here more than the show itself but I hope that's ok.

On with the show, I can't say that S4 was a complete disaster. There were a few entertaing moments along the way. The one scene with Kenzi at the party dressed in that backless dress was good. The dress and the hairstyle made her look beautiful. A lot like when she went to the Inverell as Hales date, that's when he really fell in love with her. I think so anyway.

While S4 was an almost complete disaster, it did do one thing. It stirred up a hell of a lot of debate and speculation. Theories were running wild towards the latter half of it. Was it a dream, was it real, were the memories implanted or real. Who was this Rainer guy who made the train shake whenever he got mad. Was that Bo's big bad daddy or what. Was the train the embodiment of some superior fae, say Odin, for instance. Who stole the origin seed from Tricks lair, and how did this person know he had it. Did Massimo survive his belly flop into his fire pit. There were a lot of questions, some answered (not many tho) with a bit of credibility.

What will happen come season five. My first and foremost question is, along with just about everybody else I'm sure is where is Kenzi, did she get into vahalla or what. From the way Tamsin was acting I would say no. Seems to me she would have been happy when Dyson found her. And what the hell is it with this "she's not the queen, she's the queen"is this good or bad. Those are the only questions I'd like to see answered within the first half of the season.

@Kiersten, what exactly is the *bible*, you said some time back that EA threw the bible out the window or something like that. I'm guessing that it starts with the introduction of the main characters and the basic storyline(?) Other than that how does it help the writers. Can it be looked at as a book with chapters, each of which is an episode for the show.

@Stacymd2, I have compared LG to Xena myself. I think it was an easier show for the writers because they didn't have to create a whole race of beings like the fae. They were able to draw from the gods and other mythological beings that were already known.

@Kiersten, even if season five is the last, it did have a decent run. I just hope that it ends well, not like a lot of other shows that go out with a fizzle. Oh, and I had a minipiphiny while I was on vacation. Wayyyy back when I first found this site I said you owe me some vacuum cleaner bags. You said I couldn't borrow your Dyson. It went right over my head back then. Well I don't need bags anymore. I got a new vacuum cleaner called a Lambert. It has better suction than a Dyson ;)
Hope I don't get in trouble for that.

55. jdknight
Whatever else season 4 did or did not do at least it got the viewers to think. It was logical in its own way but did not use the logic of the current human world. The writers and cast did say right at the beginning that LG4 was going to be different.

Tamsin lost Kenzi on the way to Valhalla. It is most likely that she is in Hel because Levi told Bo that she would see her again because somebody she loved very much was going to die.

I very much doubt that Lauren would be able to participate in the off Earth material plain adventures because she is human unless she develops something that allows her to venture where other humans cannot.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
56. Kiersten
@lonewolf - an arc is a storyline or character journey that has a clear beginning and "arcs" its way across the season and/or series. Most seasons have, like most episodes, an A arc and a B arc which is usually one overall story journey specific to the season (A) and one that is carrying over the entire series (B). When it's used in relation to a character, it means the characters emotional journey both for that season and overall. Season 2 was very much about the absence of Dyson's love, for example, and how that influenced his journey and how it affected his faemily. As Kenzi put it, "we can't do this without you...we have to get the best of you back." Season 3 when viewed from the perspective of being a long character journey arc for Doctor Lauren, becomes very interesting. I wrote about that in one of the last recaps of that season, I think it was the one for the breakup episode. (Unfortunately, the latter half of season four undid most of her character progression from S3 and the beginning of S4.)

Most main characters have a seasonal and a series character arc and all series have seasonal and series long plot arcs.

A show bible is the uncontestable resource that keeps track of what has happened on the show. For complex, layered shows like Lost or Orphan Black, it also keeps track of the rules of the show: What is and is not possible in the world the showrunners have created. The more complicated the mythology of the show, the greater the need for a show bible. It's an essential tool and with a show like Lost Girl with all its moving parts of what the Fae can and can't do, how the clans are structured, who knew whom in what lifetime, who betrayed whom and when and why, what powers the human off-spring of a Fae/human coupling have, what powers a Fae child gets from which parent, what makes a Fae Light or Dark, how power transfers from one Ash to another, what happened in S1 that cant be undone in S3 just because the showrunner changed and she doesnt like it, etc., a show bible keeps it all straight for everyone.

Michelle Lovretta who created Lost Girl and was the showrunner for S1, had a show bible from the start which included the basic rules for Bo's power and sexuality, most of which have been blatantly disregarded and discarded since S3. EA is on record as saying that they only loosely adhere to that original show bible and have not made keeping one of their own a priority. She also dismissed show bibles as been a necessary tool for running the show.

Hope that helps clarify some of the storytelling lingo we use here
Linda Losik
57. LindaL
Thank you Kiersten….seem to being saying this a lot lately to you….never saw Buffy as I was busy going to college and working full time. Also did not realize that EA threw out the show bible; this statement alone greatly reduces what I think of her and how she has done as show lead…it also explains why she was so busy and easily pandering to part of the fan base. There used to be a website where the show bible was available…this site is now downed. It also had not been updated since season 2. Now I know why. Side note: One of the very few things that is consistent even with the rewriting of all the characters is that Bo completely trusts Dyson without question.

@lonewolf: I agree that the devolution of the show and Bo began with Lambert but for different reasons. Lambert skillfully put it into Bo’s head the she could be and was champion of all the Fae. It is at this point she stopped leaning on Kenzi and Trick for assistant and greater knowledge. And you can keep your Lambert, just leave us Dyson...:-D

Question to everyone: does any character other than Bo know that she has already been to Hel???? Am not including the Levi, who I think knows that Bo will be back.
58. stacymd2
@LindaL: I don't think Bo told anyone what Levi said. It is just like Dyson not telling B/K what Massimo whispered. Or Lauren not telling anyone that she found a picture of Bo feeding from villagers in the Dark archives. Or Lauren not telling B/D/Tr/Ta that Evony threatened to kill Bo. Or Lauren not giving Bo the box that came to the Dark archives from the start. Or Trick not saying anything about the 2nd curse or pyrippus. Or Tamsin not telling anyone who hired her or who her boss is. Or Kenzi not telling anyone she gave the Twig of Zamora to Massimo from the start. Or Massimo not telling Evony that he had the Origin Seed which would have pleased her. Or Hale not telling K/D about his bleeding ears or at very least having Wonder Lauren check out them out.

Think of how much sense the storylines could have made.

Lost Girl does not make sense within it's own stated rules. It was said in 411 that revenants were dead Fae. The Pyrippus is trapped in Hel which holds dead Fae. Valhalla is the opposite of Hel, as per Rainer, so only dead Fae can go to Valhalla. How can Tamsin take Kanzi's soul to Valhalla? Also, why would Kenzi even think of being taken to Valhalla as opposed to Heaven or what ever human religious afterlife she grew up with?

Why didn't Bo bring Kenzi back? There was more than enough available chi since Tamsin, Dyson and Trick were all present.

Lost Girl does not make sense within the rules of the myths they use. Valkyries 1) take the souls of warriors who die fighting in battle; 2) decides which soldiers live or die fighting in battle. Kenzi committed suicide. She did not fight in the battle.
59. jdknight
@LindaL Valhalla was not just for Fae - it was for all warriors who died in battle. Why would Kenzi want to go to a human afterlife - humans have on the whole treated her very badly. Bo did not bring Kenzi back because a prophesy had to be fulfilled. Kenzi did not commit suicide she sacrificed herself in order to close the portal to Hel so she did die in battle. Just because we did not see her fighting does not mean that she was not doing so. She was pretty awesome with the Staff of Life and her shadow thief powers may also have helped. Any human body would have been vaporized but Kenzi being Kenzi...

We will just have to wait for LG5. I think that they have been more or less consistent but people seem to forget the name of the show - Bo is still lost - I guess once she finds herself the show will end or have to be renamed ;o)
60. lonewolf
@Kiersten, thank you very much for the explanation on what an arc is and what and how a bible is used. This is one of those learning/ educational experiences for me.

Who is Charisma Carpenter and has she been in any other shows and I do hope she is in both episodes 1 and 2. There was a lot of hype about George Takei being in the first episode of S4. He was on for what, maybe 10 minutes, just long enough to give Kenzi the compass and chase her around for a bit, just another time when the fae count on a tiny little human to pretty much find/get the solution to the problem. Not only did the little theif get the compass but she kept it. If she hadn't, Trick may not have been able to find out that Bo was on another plane.

So Levi tells Bo that she'll see her again because someone she loves dies. What did Kenzi do to wind up in Hel anyway. She had to have been snatched up and brought there. Is there another reason for Bo having to go to Hel other than saving her. And why was Levi so jealous of Bo's glow on her shoulder. What the Hel is that all about.

@Stacymd2, and @LindaL, the only ones that I can think of that knew Bo had gone to Hel were the crows. Dyson and Lauren did arrive on the scene afterwards but I don't think she told them. I'd go back and watch the episode to find out for sure but I still need time to let the wounds heal before I watch S4 again. I watched Contiuum out of curiosity the other night and it seemed interesting. I'm going back to the beginning to see how it started. If I like it I may do a show or two a day marathon.

But for now....OB is just four days away! The 19th can't get here fast enough. Can't wait to read your OB recaps also @Kiersten. I enjoy reading both LG and OB recaps.
Marie Sullivan
61. minime2
Look a change.org petition to stop editing (Doctor)Lauren's scenes in season 5 (and cut Dyson's instead?)

I am so done with this show but I will happily read Keirsten's great recaps and bring on Orphan Black! I just watched the "Cloneversation" show with Wil Wheaton
62. stacymd2
@minime2 & @lonewolf: I cannot wait for Orphan Black to premiere. The promotion for it has been great. Unless the writers make a major storytelling mistake, I think OB will become a legend like Buffy & Xena. OB is one of the few shows all of my friends watch and agree about.

My fondest hope is that KHR, KCC, RS, RH, EV, PRA and KS take their amazing talents to a well written program after Season 5. How fabulous would it be to see KHR and RS on Orphan Black or Vikings? Or KS & KCC on Agents of Shield? Or EV on Supernatural? Or PRA on Ripper Street or Defiance?

Also, Agents of Shield is getting intense. Supernatural has been solid as well. I hope these shows and Bitten get picked for for another season.

Right now we are in a TV "golden age" for the Sci-Fi & Fantasy genre. There are so many good programs on or comming that we can leave the bad ones behind. I never thought this would happen without a Gene Roddenberry franchise program on air.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
63. Kiersten
SUPERNATURAL has already been renewed for a 10th season. EV has already been on it too - ironically as a werewolf. Next week's episode feature Gregston Hoyt (Clay) from BITTEN too. BITTEN's renewel still hasn't been announced but I'm not worried as it was very successful for the network. I actually think AGENTS OF SHIELD is really boring & a waste of a great pilot even w/ the "shake ups" of recent episodes. Skye is still a Mary Sue/RSTL & May & Coulson still the only reasons to keep watching. Ward's defection was zero surprise. ORPHAN BLACK is reams above them all & yes, I'd love to see KHR esp on that show.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
64. Kiersten
@minime I saw the petition & the accusations that Syfy is cutting the gay out of LOST GIRL. What no one seems to be mentioning is that LG's producers make those cuts before they send the show stateside. Syfy has nothing to do with it. Or at least that was the case the last time such accusations were made after S2, which was the first season to be trimmed. Maybe things changed. LG S1 was the only season sold to Syfy intact.

My understanding is that DL's "I'm yours" moment was cut from the finale & that's what's made certain people upset b/c they feel it altered the portrayal of the doccubus relationship. Since that's hardly new information in the show, I dont see how. However, I didnt watch the U.S. run of finale so can't say for sure. No one has mentioned either that it's historically been Hale's scenes that have seen the most cuts several of which involve Dyson & core moments of their partnership, like when Dyson was getting Hale ready for his coronation. Where's the petition for that?

Most of the time, I try to show in the recaps which scenes were cut or trimmed from the original airing tho admittedly l've missed a few here & there. Unfortunately, as we neared the end of S4, I had to skip that extra step due to time constraints & a busy travel & dayjob schedule in March & then the fact that I couldn't bear to have to sit through those episodes again to compare the recap to the U.S. airing as I usually do. I'll have to work that back in for S5 if time allows so we all know what is cut & when.

What if any impact the petiton has remains to be seen. As a fan, I'd prefer none of the show get cut b/c its a crap move overall just for 1 more preview or advert. If the advert dollars are so important, then spare us yet another reminder of the movie of the week & air the show that was made.
65. stacymd2
@Kiersten: I had no idea Supernatural was renewed. I don't remember the epi with EV. I'm intrigued. I have to search for it now. How am I to handle the next episode with all that man candy? Jensen, Jared, Misha and Gregston! Yummy! If there is a slow mo shower scene I may go into cardiac arrest. (please, oh, please TV g-ds)

I agree Skye is a Mary Sue, but I watch for May/Coulson and Fitz/Simmons. The plot still keeps me entertained.

I would love to see KHR play a villain on Orphan Black.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
66. Kiersten
@stacymd2 - its in one of the earlier seasons. She doesn't know she's a werewolf & she & Sam hook up.
67. stacymd2
I saw the petition a few days ago. The ship is trying to get GLAAD involved and have a media strategy to drum up press in LGBTQ media outlets. I didn't take it seriously. I didn't think it would get this far. They sound like fervent Lauren/Doccubus fans. I've read in several places that Prodigy Pictures and JF makes the edits for US broadcast. SyFy just rebroadcasts Lost Girl. The network also gets the promotional materials from Prodigy Pictures.

US television has more commerical time than most countries. Commercials pay for programming. Cutting one or two commercials means hundreds of thousands of dollars. SyFy is not ABC, FOX or even USA. They will not cut revenue.

In countries like Britain and Germany people pay a TV licence fee which helps pay for programming. That is why they have fewer commercials. According to adweek cable networks run more commercials. Google Adweek's 2013 article, "You Endure More Commercials When Watching Cable Networks Compared to Broadcast" by Sam Thielman.

I agree @Kiersten, over the last four seasons, there have been cuts to Hale, Dyson/Hale, Kenzi/Vex, Trick and others. None of the few S4 edits to Lauren's scenes negatively affected the plot or Lauren's character.

Is this really about the lame, "I'm yours" line?

Prodigy Pictures/Lost Girl should be more ashamed of cutting the only person of color from the cast and rarely having PoC as side characters. Neither Lauren or Doccubus is being singled out. Prodigy Pictures is not anti-LGBTQ.

IMHO, the ship is trying to influence S5 production, which is happening right now.

Seeing the wave the ship is creating, this will have some impact on S5. If enough LGBTQ media pick up the story, then mainstream media will as well.

I am so happy there are significantly better shows currently on.
Marie Sullivan
68. minime2
About the petition, I will say that I find it telling that they have only about 340 signatures so that "ship" is not as large as they thought. They are now in contact with Glaad and a few other great organizations who do really important work and are lobbying to get them to push this ridiculous topic. The petition also talks about Syfy congratulating LG for the CFA award but not giving a congrats to ZP for her win, not including images of ZP in the episode galleries and in the online banners. Also the “next week on LG” 30 second teasers for SYFY seem to cut Lauren out and they want SYFY to use the same one’s Showcase uses (funny because I want them to use the AU one’s I like those way better). The petitioners want SYFY to use ALL the same media, promo and not cut the show or if they have cuts to cut minor characters (I am looking at you drunk dancing fae-fox). To me at this point the show is so bad I feel like they should let the rabid 340 fans take over and dictate the course of the show to include as much Lauren as the “fans” want. In the end when they show is pulling in 340 viewers in the US it will serve them right. I read that the season 4 finale ratings were .815 million. Ratings for the show is on such a downward spiral I don’t see how it keeps getting the renewed especially when shows like Being Human that pull a 1.5 million audience have been canceled.
69. stacymd2
@minime2: This contrived "situation" makes me dread Season 5 all the more. The fact that Emily Andras has reached out to and met with Doccubus members does not matter. The fact that Lost Girl's storylines catered to Doccubus in seasons 3 and 4 does not matter. The fact that the cast, crew, writers and producers of the show vocally support the LGBTQ community & Lost Girl's gay fans and some of the show's cast/crew members are LGBTQ does not matter. The fact that SyFy/PP have not editied any lesbian kisses or sex scenes--which are more offensive to homophobes than a few lines and dramatic pauses--does not matter. The ship thinks everyone is out to get ZP, Lauren and Doccubus. This includes Lost Girl's creators and SyFy who bought the rebroadcast rights knowing it had a bisexual lead and lesbian side character.

There would be no petition if it were Tamsin scenes that were cut.

The "mad scientist" Lauren promo did air on SyFy. I saw it. I'm 100% sure I've seen ZP pictures on SyFy's website in every season. Evony, Tamsin and Bo are bisexual. There are many pictures of EV/Evony, AS/Bo and RS/Tamsin in SyFy's episode gallery. Do they not count as LGBTQ?

I just checked SyFy's Lost Girl episode gallery. There are many pictures of ZP/Lauren, even pictures of Bo/Lauren and Evony/Lauren kissing.

Also, how is Lauren not being on a banner or in a 30-second promo mean SyFy/PP is erasing the character? If Lauren is not central to the plot, then why would she be in the promo?

Ugh!! I'm done with this for now. None of it makes sense, just like Lost Girl's season 4. Only two more days until Orphan Black premieres! Yay!

To wipe away the ugh, here are two of my favorite Dyson lines:

"It's a miracle you survived this long. Kenz, you may be the strongest person I have ever met."

"She has the most beautiful heart; and it breaks everytime someone she loves is hurting. She's brave, stubborn. She is passionate, true. She loves with all of her being. And I can't do any of this without her."
70. TheGardner
Well that was a joy to read, could you have possibly made it anymore negative? We get it you "dislike" Lauren, but damn must you rant about it everytime the woman breathes? You clearly put a lot of effort into these recaps, but maybe you want to consider dialing it back for next season or pass the buck, just a thought.

Aside from KHR's terrible attempt at conveying emotion(what has been up with him this season, and last ep. too, that speach at his best friends funeral, once more with even less feeling) I think this was a really good episode for Dyson's character. In pledging faelty he accepts his role as a type of general at Bo's side. Even the kiss brings their relationship full circle with Bo remarking on the lack of heat and their first kiss she described as fireworks(4th of July). This could be a great thing for him and releasing him from a prison of his own making. I am actually mildly interested to see where he goes from here.

I am guessing with pictures surfacing of AS wearing the vagina necklace(I think its ugly too) while filming S5, that she really did pick Lauren. Maybe the triangle is really dead, huzzah! As for Tamsin/Dyson eh, they couldn't be anymore boring than Kale.
Linda Losik
71. LindaL
@TheGardner: just as an FYI, what I personally hate about Lauren is not just because….insert something stupid here…but how she is written and how the pandering to the Doccubus community has destroyed the other characters. Hale has been killed; Kenzi was reduced to a whinny teenager, and then killed; Trick has been removed as the source of knowledge of the fae world; Dyson has been reduced to a sidekick; finally Bo has been reduced to a whinny, self-centered, selfish bitch with delusions (of what I am still not sure), all for the greater glory of Lauren. Lauren’s character has been so rewritten that she is unrecognizable from the first season. Now that I know that EA threw out the show bible, I understand that she really is pushing Lauren down our throats with a vengeance that truly dismays, irritates, exasperates and just plain annoys those of us who don’t see the chemistry/bonding between Bo and Lauren.

I was very excited when I first heard the concept of Lost Girl and was (as I still am but with Tasmin) a supporter of the triangle. Many Dyson haters just want Dyson to die or somehow leave the show. Lurking in other forums, I was dismayed at number of posts that celebrated Hale’s death and hoped for Dyson’s death as well so Bo could be with Lauren without completion.

While I agree with you on the necklace (that thing is UGLY), I do disagree with you on Hale. His character was so short-shifted that it was disgusting!

Part of the initial charm of the show is Bo’s inability to choose….just about anything that is important to her. After Kenzi choose Bo, Bo did not choose Kenzi....still love that scene!
Suzanne Metaxas
72. SuzyM
It is a crying shame that the crazy Lauren fans are killing this show. This petition they have going is just beyond the pale. Jay Firestone NOT SyFy decides what is cut and what is not. That is why JF didn't go with a bigger network like ABC, CBS or NBC. He wanted to control what views saw. They only thing this petition may accomplish is not getting the show renewed again if they do another season or cancel S5 because SyFy decides it isn't worth dealing with the crazies. The whole claim is bogus. Dr. Lauren was not the most deleted, Hale was followed by Hale/Dyson scenes and Kenzi scenes. In fact the parts that were cut between Hale/Dyson were more relevant to the plot then other cuts. I will say I was shocked to see some of the signers. It is like everyone is drinking the Koolaide not just the normal crazies and that is very sad.

I think all the actor's performances have suffered in S4. There is only so much you can do with bad writing as an actor. You take what you are given and do the best you can with it :(
73. stacymd2
Unless the writers once again decide to rewrite Lauren's character, retcon Seasons 3 & 4 and ignore the real and valid reasons why Lauren/Bo broke up, then Bo wearing Lauren's vagina necklace does not matter. Bo chose Lauren in Season 3. Their relationship was given a chance. The writers had Lauren break up with Bo because Lauren was unhappy. B/L are incompatible despite the many sex scenes and "chemistry". No one or thing came between them. It would not surprise me if TPTB recycle Bo/Lauren's toxic relationship. EA does not hide that she caters to Doccubus.

@Kiersten: I want to thank you again for all of the hard work you do on these recaps. Taking on the label of being THE Queen & Captain of Team Badass not only means that you have thick skin, but that you are also super sexy, scary smart and a splendid cook.

@LindaL: This season was the second worst of Lost Girl's history. A lot of the dialogue was clunky. Some jokes fell flat. There were to many quirky one liners. The fight scenes were terrible. The plots, story arcs and character motivations were not well written. Lost Girl's cast did a fabulous job with the scenes & lines they were given. None of the actors were perfect through out the season. Overall, everyone had several great moments, with one or two flubbed lines. For anyone to single out KHR, however, is low.

KHR has a great voice and he expresses Dyson's emotions well. His acting skills go beyond blink blink, smirking, eye rolling and "subtle" blank faced expressions. It would have been grossly out of character for Dyson to ugly cry at Hale's funeral. Dyson is a stoic man. The look on his face and tremor in his voice told us that Dyson was hurting over the death of his dear friend.

@SuzyM: The personal, untrue insults hurled about, and to, KHR (and RS last year) by Doccubus fans speak volumes about them. Online bullying, tearing down an actor because they hate the character he plays is par for the course for them. The petition is the latest example of the extreme lengths they go through to "protect" their ship.

ZP and KHR are personal friends. They have known each other for years and worked together on other projects. ZP is a good, kind person. I doubt she would care for the antics of many Lauren fans. Lauren, Dyson, Bo are all fictional characters. ZP, KHR, AS are real people -- actors playing a role. Nothing more. They are not in a romantic relationship. AS is a straight, happily married mother of one.
74. stacymd2

To wipe away the UGH!!!!, here are my favorite KHR, KS and others pictures.
75. stacymd2

How much we will miss Hale!
76. stacymd2

If only this was the triangle....
77. stacymd2

This is my third favorite picture of them.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
78. Kiersten
LOVE this series they did together at SDCC 2013. So them.

Kiersten Hallie Krum
80. Kiersten
This was Kris and Zoie on their last day at ECCC in Seattle. Such a great shot.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
81. Kiersten
I found a snippet of Lovretta's original rules for Bo's sexuality on ThinkProgress, although it neglects the closing line from ML, "We haven’t always succeeded on all fronts, granted. Mea culpa." Additionally, there's this interview with her from September 2010 about the show too.

I'll admit to not knowing she intended some camp to be in the show from the start, but S1 still came off more Urban Fantasy than camp and it definitely has regressed too heavily into camp since she left. I like what she says about Bo needing to learn what comes after sex. That's definitely what they set up with Dyson in S1, especially considering the balls out love confession of 1.12 where they laid everything out to one another and made tentative plans of how to work through a relationship together. Sigh. Oh, the lost season/show that should have been.

Anyways, hard enough to find stuff anymore with Lovretta about Lost Girl. Interestingly, it appears EA is on the writing staff of ML's new show in development, Killjoy.
Marie Sullivan
82. minime2
I just read up on Killjoys and it reminds me a bit of Firefly. I am dying to read your recap/review of Orphan Black!!! It was soooooooooo good!!!
Kiersten Hallie Krum
83. Kiersten
Hey all. The first Orphan Black recap is live for those of you interested in reading it.
84. J.Fall
I think how much people loathe Lauren on this show is directly equated to how much they love either Dyson or Tamsin. This board is refugee camp for people who have nowhere else to go because viable forums don't exist for their loved ones just bitter feudfests on open sites that encompasses all the fanbases. Kiersten is and always has been super-pro-Dyson who with THAT VOICE charms her socks off. And yes, he has faults, the big lug but nothing like the hideous, lying she-fiend that is Lauren Lewis. That's kind of the tone. It's true that other sites just see Dyson as a flea bitten mutt who should be dismemebered especially when it comes to THAT PART and so expecting anything balanced on Lost Girl sites when such partisan attitudes prevail is a lost cause.

It's a kind of tenent in LG mythology, such as it is, that Dyson will be a faithful hound unlucky in love and Lauren will have multiple skills, mutiple pasts and multiple personalities. Each are roughly hewn to annoy the other fanbase. On the issue of Lauren being rescued, apparently someone counted up and Dyson has been rescued far more times than Lauren to which the Doccubus fans call him Damsel. You all really have a lot in common, just change the name and re-gender the insults.

Tamsin, I presume, who actually did take up a lot of space and lot of other characters traits, was introduced to liven things up. Go see JF's comments approaching Season 3 and AS's comments about the Tamsin vibe if you're still under the impression that she came in as an adversary and became a love interest by accident. Silly gooses, no such thing, adversorial huff and puff is the basis of many a romance and this is no different. On LG you have to get over the presumption that just because she's a girl, she's going to be a good mate to Bo, LG producers have already said all pairings are possible, which means all the girls can be with anyone and all the hero guys remain straight. And, I'm sorry, they're not all going to be brothers and sisters and uncles and aunties. It's not that sort of show. Try the Waltons.

Season 4 has not been well received in any quarter mainly because it was bewildering and didn't make sense. Bo's use of Dyson wasn't nice, Lauren's return with The Dark was nonsensical, Tamsin's childhood was just to put her on the backburner while fans forget how much she took up of Season 3. Kenzi's attitude/sacrifice for Bo, after Hale and being ignored most of the season, was bananas. I resent Hale's death, I resent that we lost his charm and wit all the way through S3 but that's another rant about how LG seems to demolish what we like about the characters.

The only thing Season 4 achieved was to make Bo look like a total idiot, a poor friend and a real bad bet as a lover. This without her supposedly being dark yet. True, the intent may be to make her slowly slide into darkness but LG does not paint in subtle colours and she just looked like she'd lost the plot all season. Making the core of your show fundamently unsound while still trying to make her right about everything causes huge problems.

To my mind EA, well attuned to the fanbase, just enjoyed setting all the ships up for a fall. If Bo's always loved Dyson what stopped her having a proper relationship with him? She just used him to charge up. If Bo loves Lauren and chose her, why did we have all the 'I can't choose' just to have her then choose Rainer and then say ... nah, it's not like that, I chose you and you broke my heart to Lauren. IT DIDN'T MAKE ANY SENSE! And then to cap the lot, Bo dons Lauren's gift and goes off to save her leaving the grand army of Dyson/Tamsin (who know what's in each others pants) Trick and Kenzi to fight off her Demon Dad.

Blaming the character of Lauren for what happened in the finale is rather ridiculous. Bo decided to make her a priority and we know that was the writers way to let Kenzi have space to make her big decision. It shows a similar lack of dramatic pacing that occurred when Bo killed Nadia, left Lauren alone and went back to Kenzi to listen to her boyfriend woes. Yes, it was sad Kenzi decided to let Nate go for his own good and stayed with Bo but it was hardly up there compared to leaving a grieving woman to deal with the bloody corpse of the Garuda possessed girlfriend you just stabbed. They wanted a cliff hanger with Kenzi's 'death' but the way they get to it and the weight they give to different parts of the plot would get shredded in any Creative Writing class. It would have made more sense if Bo had put some effort into fighting, all was lost but she just stood there with barely a struggle and then Kenzi made the big gesture. I know they have a problem with budget but all the fight scenes come off very flat and one dimensional, it's truly remiscent of a stage production in the village hall.

The writers don't take the show at all seriously, so getting all riled up and shouting VILE FIEND DIE should be enjoyed in the pantomime sense, not with beating of chest, flouncing off and pretending this was ever anything great. 1.08 was more Urban fantasy and the way the show was originally conceived, they decided to make it lighter and campy and this is what you get. Five Seasons is not to be sniffed at but it's never going to be up their as a classic, only as a guilty pleasure. Anything could happen next season, it's obvious ship-wise Bo can veer off into another romance in a blink of an eye, all her triangular difficulties ignored since they dispense with what they find inconvenient from the season before. If she does, of course, she'll have to rip off her necklace after some new sin from Dr Shadypants and LG will be getting their Doccubus merch back for a refund. :)

My guess is EA has backed off because of time constraints and that she's got two shows to write for. Also it conveniently gives them a scapegoat for Season 4 which felt very much to me as if they changed track as the season progressed. My guess is that at the end of S4 Bo was not going to be with either Dyson or Lauren since they made such a thing of Bo's choices but possibly on adventures with Tamsin and Rainer who are kind of younger versions. Swinging it back around to suddenly Dyson/Tamsin and Bo/Lauren came without exposition of their relationship development apart from Tamsin suddenly jumping Dyson and Lauren being all about Bo without nary a mention of the Taft nonsense. Rainer wasn't exactly a big hit, not exactly helped by the fact we were all wondering who Wanders for the entire season and whether he was good or bad. Tamsin ... I don't know. I kind of think the show runners like her but aren't sure what to do with her. Maybe giving her and Dyson a shot ties up two loose ends.
Suzanne Metaxas
85. SuzyM
@J.Fall you made many great observations. I am so done with the ship crap. I don't care who Dyson is paired up with as long as they stop all the crap of pitting one faction against the other. When LG first started out none of their characters of the show lost a contest because all of the fans voted together. Now there is so much hate that this may never happen again and that is the real sin of the writers. Because of this crap LG will never be as great as it could have been. I am so unhappy to be watching the death of the series who was the first one I ever loved enough to follow all the stars and really support it.
86. Bonobo
What voting contests are you talking about? Bo, Lauren and Kenzi have been in polls, and either won them or placed, no-one else on the show has ever squeaked past round 1 of anything. If you think your whole ten votes made a difference then good for you but you have no idea about the numbers that are required to make the finals of these polls.
Suzanne Metaxas
87. SuzyM
I wasn't talking about just one contest in particular and I don't keep a record of past contests ;) Fans who attack other fans are why the numbers are dropping like a stone, along with bad writing. People want to enjoy a show and find comradery with other fans. One faction of this show's ships has gotten way out of line and viscous. People won't take this they will just move on and when that happens the show dies. You need a balanced fan base and if you don't have one you lose your viewership
Linda Losik
88. LindaL
@SuzyM: I quite concur, this is the only website where we can freely discuss how we feel about the characters whether it is good, bad, or indifferent. The only real rule here is no personal attacks. The same cannot be said of anywhere else, including the SyFy Forums. There are several websites that I will lurk but never, ever post...why, because in the first season I made the mistake of posting a statement that was less than positive about DL. I was so harassed that I ended up deleting my account with that site and closing an email account because of the nasty emails that I was receiving calling me (of which the most polite was) homophobic.

The writing has gone from stellar to just above the street level. With EA throwing out the show bible so she could pander to the ones she wanted to, she also destroyed the characters at the same time devastated the fan base that likes Dyson or Hale or even Trick. It seems that to some people, neither Dyson nor Tasmin is good enough for Bo, only Wonder Lauren. Without all three sides, EA effectively destroyed at least 2/3s of the base, which is killing the show. After this season I will read Kiersten first before I will watch the show. Kiersten’s blog has been the one shinning spot of Lost Girl for the last three years.
89. just_saying
Think this editing isnt about homosexuality at all. It's about "character marketing"... much as they intend Lauren and Dyson to have equal impact to the viewers (since it didnt go their way to make the leading man stand out)...time and time in various media, the fourth name in the credits proved to have surpassed the popularity of the first three. Thus, the subtle altering and sabotage--which is very foul. It may seem petty but no it isnt...chopping off her lines conveying her motivations makes her misunderstood the more, being already a shady/mysterious character. And it's evident esp on the LG page where SYFY viewers say Lauren is this, Lauren is that, oblivous that they missed something, that theyve been cheated the chance to understand an actually good yet multi-layered character. They make the people ignorant. There must be a better way to hard-sell Dyson than do this unethical thing. Also noticed how even Kenzi is used by DyBo and TamBo fans to bring the character Lauren down. And though it had gone way out of hand because fans're all invested, hopefully fans try to refrain crossing the character-actor line.
Suzanne Metaxas
90. SuzyM
The whole idea that Lauren's lines are the ones that are cut is bogus. All the characters have had thier lines chopped and most of them have not been Lauren. I really wish there was someway to find out which lines were cut. SyFy has nothing to do with what is cut from the show, it is all Jay Firestone. The reason he went with SyFy rather than a major network was so HE and only HE would be incharge of what was cut.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
91. Kiersten
@just_saying the recaps here are written off of the Canadian version of the show so all discussion about all the characters in the show is based on their full depiction in the Canadian run. Based on her full depiction I think Doctor Lauren is very much not a good character on several levels and we've discussed that & many other things here.

Nearly all of the recaps include indications of where cuts were made for the U.S. broadcast. They're not perfect and these last few of season four were done in a time crunch for various reasons & I did not have the opportunity to watch the U.S. version to check what was cut. But for the most part, it was Hale who regularly took the brunt (and that often included Kenzi & Dyson in his scene), along with Trick & Vex several times & even Kenzi. Ultimately, Syfy is reportedly not responsible for the cuts as the episodes arrive to them finished and trimmed by Firestone/the LG producers.

Its easy to say out of disappointment that cuts are made out of bias or some conspiracy to better shade an opposing character, but that doesnt make it true, nor do I personally think it is. In fact, they even took out the opening sequence to make more time for the show. The cuts suck & should be stopped b/c the U.S. deserves to see the whole show, but there's no design to disparage one character over another through them. The only desire is to have more time for more adverts & thus more money for the network.
92. stacymd2
@SuzyM: The petition is not about LGBTQ rights. Prodigy Pictures pissed off Doccubus. This is what the petition is about. Doccubus is angry that 5 - 30 seconds of four Wonder Lauren scenes was editied. Four scenes. None of those cuts affected the episode's plot. None of the edits affected Wonder Lauren's character or viewer perception of the character.

Doccubus is trying to influence S5 production, bully people who don't agree with them and more importantly "protect" their ship.

They like to claim that Wonder Lauren is more popular than Dyson, though there is no proof of that. Wonder Lauren is a popular character, but not more so than Bo, Kenzi or Dyson. Yes. Doccubus is organized. Doccubus screams the loudest on social media. Doccubus is courted by Lost Girl's show runners. They spend hours voting in silly online polls. 100 - 300 people can make a lot of noise online, but that does not translate into viewers / TV ratings.

(Online polls only measures fan enthusiasm and the amount of free time they have. Fan polls are "click baits" by major websites. When a site gets more visitors, the site can charge a higher CPM to advertisers. It is easy to drive passionate fans to online polls. Fan created online polls are also not accurate. Unless a poll is restricted to one vote total per person, then it is not a truthful view of the size of a fan base or popularity of a show/ship/character.)

Doccubus believes everyone who does not worship Wonder Lauren or those who dare to point out her many mistakes and character inconsistencies are evil, dumb & homophobic. To them the universe is out to get ZP, Lauren and Doccubus. This includes Lost Girl's fans, creators and SyFy network. Commercials pay for programming, the edits are not a conspiracy against Wonder Lauren.

Nothing changes the fact that KHR is Lost Girl's 2nd lead. The writers do not have to hard sell Dyson. He is a main character and was from the start. Last year, hundreds of people turned out to see KHR by himself at Cons.

You can tell this petition is all about upset shippers by how much they mention Dyson. As if Dyson is a real person and it is his fault that Lauren's lines were cut. None of this would be happening if it were edits to Tamsin or Evony. (Both are bisexual) It is well known that every character's scenes, except maybe Bo, has been edited through out the 4 seasons.

All television programs are guilty pleasures. Lost Girl's seasons one and two were my pleasures--I never felt guilty. Currently, there are much better genre programming airing. I sincerely hope Lost Girl regains it's form, becomming the fun, sexy, well written, urban fantasy it once was.
93. stacymd2

To wash away the ugh! Some RS & AS love!
95. stacymd2

Last one! KS and RS are such cute friends.
Megan Frampton
96. MFrampton
Please everyone, remember to limit your comments to Lost Girl the show, not its fans or its shippers. We really love that you guys are so fiercely passionate about the show, but we want to remind you this is a respectful forum, and we won't allow personal attacks. As always, with any questions, please email me at megan DOT frampton DOT contractor AT macmillan DOT com. Thanks!
97. lonewolf
@MFrampton, if I may say just this one thing. A certain amount of LG's fan base, combined with some very sloppy writing is what destroyed the show we all loved. All that can be done is to try and salvage any of what made it popular to begin with, and for the writers it will be a challenge to their imaginations. I can't speak for everyone here but I feel like I'm still coming down from an adrenline induced imagination high. The mantra for the writers for S4 was "Let Them Use Their Imagination". Or so it would seem.

All that aside, I'm not to overly worried about who gets paired up with who. I read somewhere (on here I think) that someone named Charisma Carpenter will be in S5? And she was going to play Freya. Does anyone know of any other shows she has been on. I'd like to check them out if possible.

IMO, a little humor should be injected into the show come S5, S4 was just to much doom and gloom for me. Was there even a sunny day thru any of S4? JF and EA and the writers have got to lighten things up some. I don't expect them to, but one can hope.

And @stacymd2, number 76, would you really liked to have seen that happen? And of all the pictures you posted here, 94 is my fave.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
98. Kiersten
@lonewolf - Charisma Carpenter is most well-known for playing Cordelia Chase on Buffy and Angel.

There is a strong rumor that she is no longer going to be in Lost Girl S5. It has not be announced yet by The Powers That Be (TPTB), but the actress herself told fans at the recent Vancouver Expo (I think it was Vancouver) that she was no longer going to be doing LG. No reason was given. The LG rumor mill, naturally, is running wild with speculation. But again, neither Showcase, Prodigy Pictures, Jay Firestone, or anyone else involved in running LG has officially said anything yet.
Susan White
99. whiskeywhite
Hi all. Sorry I haven't been around in a while. I decided I would start watching "Angel" on Netflix, got hooked and binged on that, then followed David Boreanaz to "Bones" (I mean, who wouldn't follow David Boreanaz?). More binging. Then for no good reason other than curiosity, and too much time on my hands, on to "The Vampire Diaries" (I have so much I could say about that). But my heart remains with LG (and Kiersten's recaps).

I have so much to catch up on here. I will. Every word, I promise. But for now I have skipped to the last recap and the last comment, so just one clarification please, Kiersten. Is the "she" you're referring to in #98 Ksenia Solo (as I fear)? I probably won't be able to resist watching next season, just for KHR, but I dread it without Kenzi.
100. stacymd2
@MFrampton: If I broke any rules, I truly apologize. I do love this site.
@Lonewolf: About # 76...Oh my!!! Not as a romantic triangle. No way!
@Kiersten: That is too bad about Charisma Carpenter if the rumor is true.
Last picture! Since there is no RH love up in here!
rachel sternberg
101. rae70
if i were goto the canadian amazon, would i be buying the ca version of lost girl? i would really like to see it without the editing thats being talked about....
Kiersten Hallie Krum
102. Kiersten
@whiskeywhite - no, the "she" I refer to is Charisma Carpenter who I was talking about in the first place. However, I strongly feel that Kenzi is indeed dead and Ksenia Solo no longer on Lost Girl.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
103. Kiersten
@rae70 - the DVD/BlueRays of the seasons that are sold in the U.S. are the full versions of the show. Funimation uses that as a selling point "Complete original episode uncut!"

Any you'd buy via amazon.ca would be the same ones as Funimation has an exclusive contract w/Prodigy Pictures for the DVD/BRs
104. Char
How could Syfy cancel and end Being Human? And then they keep Lost Girl? I want fantasy, science fiction. I don't want nonsense on Syfy. It shouldn't matter about the production costs, I'm sure Syfy can find find another show. I'd rather watch Sharknado than see another episode of Lost Girl.

Thank goodness for Haven. I'm going to try Defiance again.
105. lonewolf
@Char, it is quite possible that Being Human was cancelled because of a lack of sufficent audience. Sometimes, even if you really like the show, the time slot affects things. I believe such was the case with Caprica, I thought it was pretty good but it got cancelled because of it's time slot. LG built up a large fan base very quickly, so not only did SyFy pick it up but Netflix did also. I think it pretty much comes down to ad revenue, also. Down here in the states anyway. Don't give up on LG yet.

I'll watch S5 of LG because I have hope that having a new show runner will steer it back on course. In the meantime there is OB which is a fantastic show. Other than OB I've been reading two books. Finger Prints of the Gods by Graham Hancock and The Way of the White Clouds by Lama Anagarika Govinda. The former has to do with what I call geo-archaeology, myth and legend. The latter has to do with two pilgrimages thru Tibet back in the 30's before China got there greedy fingers ahold of it.

@Kiersten, when will the recap OB 2.02 be out. That in itself makes for a good entertaing read. Mirror, mirror on the wall ;)
Kiersten Hallie Krum
106. Kiersten
@lonewolf - Syfy has a history of cancelling shows after their fifth season regardless of numbers. Being Human was the highest rated/watched drama/original programming show on the network, I believe, and did not get canceled due to lack of numbers. They were fortunate in that they knew ahead of time that S5 was their last and so wrote the back end of the season to wrap everyone's story up.

The Orphan Black episode 2 recap is up! It'll post weekly on Sunday afternoons after a new episode so start looking for it then. Here's the link for this week's post.
107. TheUberFan
@Kiersten... I don't believe Kenzi will be gone for long. Thanks to a clueless autograph hound, we know she was shooting for either 501 or 502 and I suspect that one of the major arcs of S5 will be getting Kenzi back and what that will cost our team in the process.

I'm horrified to read about that petition and how the behavior of a certain sect of fandom may continue to influence the show but honestly...if Lost Girl didn't see that pandering to a group of fans and moving a story in their direction...whether it makes sense or not based on previous canon...is a total disaster, then they deserve what they get and the show deserves to tank.
108. lonewolf
@Kiersten, I just finished reading the interviews you mentioned in #81. The one comment she made in the ThinkProgress interview was her (ML) saying she was a big *shipper* I wonder if she was expecting it to get out of hand the way it has. She did also say that there should be some humor in the show to offset all the serious aspects of LG. Hopefully, the writers will inject more of it in S5, and if what you say about SyFy not carrying a show more than 5 seasons then this will be the last season for LG, on SyFy anyway. If S5 turns out well do you think Showcase will consider a 6th season, or will they follow along with SyFy and end it there. If they do, I hope it goes out with a bang.

In the other interview she says what the basic rules for Bo would be. It seems like it was adhered to but for the monogamus relationship. She did have such a relationship with Dyson until the Norn (damned Norn!) took his love for her. Then the writers decided to pair her up with DL, a human. There was no way that it would have worked out because she is human. Maybe Bo and Dyson will get back together, wouldn't that create an uproar with all the doccubus fans ;) They were interesting reads I must say, thanks for mentioning them. Insight is the word for me regarding these interviews. I could just imagine what LG would've been like had ML stayed. Along with GM and JF of course.
109. Guest
@Suzy per post #85 I agree this is the first show that I ever cared enough about to get into it's forums and blogs. Up until LG never gave a damn about a show enough to even go online and read anything about the show. Most shows where just something to watch and forget about till same time next week. LG was different it was awesome for 2 to 3 years, but now it's a bunch of crap no thanks to fan pandering.
110. Docculove
Looks like RS latest pic in on Dyson's bed judging by the black sheets. Bring on the Doccubus and Wolfyrie. Come on guys we both get something support Wolfyrie. Aren't you tired of Bo reducing Dyson to a chi gas station? At least Tamsin is a good looking gal. More importantly it gets rid of the horrible TamBo thing, RS can't pull off scenes with Anna but she may with KHR. We both win..
Kiersten Hallie Krum
111. Kiersten
Well, the pic that KHR posted yesterday was him half naked at Hilton Hovel, so I'm not ready to count anything out. And after five years of waiting and unfulfilled hints and implications, I personally won't be satisfied by anything les than Bo and Dyson back together without any doubt in the central romantic relationship we were promised from S1 before the show lost its way, pandered to fans, and fell totally off the reservation. Bo needs to get over herself, true, but a sexual relationship between Dyson and Tamsin ruins the great partnership and friendship they've earned over the last 2 seasons. Of course, LG doesnt know how to handle any relationship that doesnt involve sex and is afraid to even try.

For the record, AS has more chemistry with RS when they *not* making out then AS has with ZP when they're nekkid and banging. There's much more to chemisty than sex scenes, which are manipulated by lighting and framing to present what is not naturally there.
Suzanne Metaxas
112. SuzyM
I'm definitely in favor of Bo/Dyson relationship and wouldn't want to see Dyson/Tamsin one. Think that they need to stay just partners especially since Hale has been killed off.

I also feel that the Bo/Tamsin relationship should stay platonic. She needs more friends not more lovers.

What I am hoping and praying for is better writing in season 5! Please!
113. JDKnight
Does anyone know if there are going to be any Webisodes, cartoons as in previous years before September? Hope so - the Webisodes last year were useful for understanding hat happened during LG4
Kiersten Hallie Krum
114. Kiersten
@JDKnight I havent heard anything, but they were announced really close to the S4 debut, so if they are doing them, we probably wont hear about them till late summer.

That said, as popular as they were, I'm not expecting them for S5. S4 had a lot of new Fae situations to explain going in, particularly the Una Mens, but also clearing out how Trick returned without Stella, updating Hale's non-Ash status, where and how were Kenzi and Bruce, etc, that they obviously didn't have the time to do in the full episodes themselves and they wanted viewers to know going in. For S5, we already know where they all are and that we're picking up almost right away after the S4 finale, so I doubt there'll be the need or story for the webisodes. Not that need or story has stop Lost Girl from doing or not doing things before.
115. Bobo&Kenz
So I actually read pretty much everyone's comments. So here's my perspective :)

One thing I noticed is it is brought up a lot that Lauren is terrible and has ruined other characters, the fandom has been pandered too etc. However, it has always been said and not shown by commenters. I would really like to see clear examples of how this has been done. Hey if we claim it and say it, the least we can do is support it with facts and examples. I have not seen that at all. Just random statements that are opinion based but being proclaimed to be fact based. Lauren and Dyson are not perfect yet that has not been portrayed with Dyson on the show. Whenever Dyson's faults have been brought up here a rebuttal or response to those listed faults is completely avoided. Dyson has lied about Aife, he then lied about Trick by hiding his relationship to Bo from her, after he said he had already fallen in love with her. Even if he wasn't in love a good friend would want to protect a friend they care about. The line that it wasn't his story to tell is ridiculous. People mention Lauren is a terrorist yet she didn't do anything to kill those people. She made a bomb and her brother is the one who took it and killed all those people without her knowledge. She should not have made the bombs in the first place and she should not have wanted to destroy the pipe lines even if the place was empty, but she did not murder anyone or have knowledge that was going to happen. She specifically said in 4x04 "no one was supposed to be there., I made the bombs and trusted my brother." Clearly indicating she had no idea or intention to harm anyone. If she is guilty by association so is Dyson. He put the shoes on Flora that he himself stole without knowing what was going to happen, and then Flora killed all those people because of what Dyson did. If we call one guilty so is the other. If we say one is innocent so is the other. These stories were paralleles. Another parallel was the whole spybang thing. Lauren slept with Bo to protect her and keep her from Vex. Was it right? Hell no. Was it a spybang? Hell no. Dyson was sleeping with Bo while keeping an eye on her and feeding Trick information, all while knowing Bo was looking for her family and mother. Yet, he knew two people in her family, while he was sleeping with her, letting her think he knew nothing. The whole "he was going to tell her" doesn't apply because again after he said this he still lied to her and kept who Trick really was from her. Him losing his love doesn't alter his decisions to be honest or not. He also didn't tell Bo when he got his love back. Instead when he gets it back he says to sleep with him before fighting the Garuda instead of hey I got my love back. He had all that time after the Garuda to tell her and he didn't. It's not that hard. He uses the Dawning as an opportunity once again to tell Bo he loves her and kisses her again while she's dating Lauren and he is perfectly aware of this fact. He also didn't tell Bo that he could die in the dawning putting more pressure on her to save him when she already had enough to deal with during the dawning. Really he didn't help her in the dawning just burdened her. And once again Bo had to save Dyson because let's face it she saves him way more than he has ever saved her. He is constantly being saves by others. Even Tamsin, Kenzi AND Lauren have saved him MULTIPLE times. So that whole line Bo is always dropping everything for Lauren and Lauren always has to be saved, Yeah, just no. The women in this show have always been the ones to comes through and be stronger than the men. All the women have and it's part of the reason I have loved the show. Dyson has also shown himself to be completely opportunistic. He dated Kenzi while he knew Hale liked her. An AU universe scenario means nothing. The only difference was that he wasn't aware of his love for Bo. He still acted on his own and his personality was not altered, just certain memories. He went further again by hiding it from Hale by not telling him, and hiding it from Bo. He had no intention of telling Bo because he even told Trick there are some things Bo never needs to find out about. He lied, again, to Bo about Lauren being safe in 4x04 and tok that opportunity to sleep with her. Let's not forget 3x04 where he told Bo she needed to heal, which she did, said there would be no feelings, lied again but I understand why. It would have been fine if left there but it wasn't. Once again Dyson schemed and lied at the bar after Bo told him that it couldn't happen again by implying Bo still needed to sleep with him because Lauren wouldn't be enough. Again super opportunistic. Also, the fact he loves her doesn't excuse that behavior. That was not love but complete scheming and manipulation to sleep with Bo while she was dating Lauren.

I also don't understand the pandering argument. Dyson gets way more itme with Bo, way more backstory, and entire episodes dedicated to his character when he is not even the lead. I'm not complaining about it because I like all his stories, but I am pointing out that the pandering argument is baseless when these things are really looked at.

@LindaL #71- I have no idea how that could have possibly had anything to do with Lauren, catering to her character, or catering to Lauren or doccubus fans. (which again is bullying a part of the fandom with that comment but I'll get to that later). How in the world does Hale dying have anything to do with Lauren. Kenzi was always a whiny, teenager type who at least had quick whit and was fun, so again absolutely nothing to do with Lauren. And her dying because of Lauren? Really can't see any connection there whatsoever. Dyson was always a sidekick. He's not the lead. I know many people want to feel that way but he's not. Bo is. Dyson has always been the one who was supposed to be a supporting character to Bo. Not a leading man in the show because again it is not his show. Bo was a horrible lead the entire s4 and again have no idea how that has to do with Lauren. Or really any other character. The show has had extremely poor execution in what I think is them trying to show Bo struggling with darkness inside of her. Instead of getting a Bo with this internal struggle, we get a huge brat. That again has nothing to do with Lauren or any other charcater but the terrible direction and execution of the show in season 4. This whole season was horrible and just plain stupid.

@docculove #110 and @Kiersten #111 - This whole "chemistry" argument is based on complete subjectivity, and it's a stupid term that has been thrown out by the actors and writers of the show that people have clung onto for dear life. And it is probably an insult to the actors because what people are saying there is the actors only have enough acting aility to have "chemistry" with certain people and aren't able to act well enough to pull it off on their own. That "chemistry" argument is based on a person' skewed bias based on their subjective desires for a pairing in the show. ALL the actors have chemistry with each other. If they didn't we wouldn't care either way and would just be indifferent. Not liking two characters together is not the same thing as "no chemistry".

Okay now to the bullyng comments. RS and KHR are not the only ones who have been on the receiving ends of hurtful or wrong fans. ZP has endured that just as much as they have. And it can be seen all over each of the social media sites. None of these actors deserve to be personally attacked. There is a very large line between who the actors are and the characters are. Each section of the fandom has had unfortunate members do this and cross that line for all the actors ZP, RS, and KHR included. However the bashing and name calling between the fans at each other is ridiculous. Calling an entire section of the fanbase bullies is too far especally because it is being generalized. In my opinion that is real bullying whether it's intended to be or not, and anyone who stoops to calling others bullies is contributing to the bullying problem.

As for next season. I'm hoping the show has taken the general concensus that s4 was terrible and work on bringing this show that we all loved, disagreements or not, back.
Megan Frampton
116. MFrampton
Thanks for all the discussion, everyone! We know you guys are all passionate, with differeing opinions, and we know you'll keep the discussion civil.

Meanwhile, here's a puppy!
Suzanne Metaxas
117. SuzyM
Welcome BoBo&Kenzi :) glad to have you join the conversation. I would like to point out that Dyson and Flora planned and stole the shoes together. Yet I will agree that trying to sneak them out on her feet was his idea, and not a well thought through one and that is why he felt the guilt about her death. As to Dyson not telling Bo in S1 that Trick was her grandfather that was because he didn't know that she was. In fact he didn't even know that Aife was his daughter at this point. All he knew of Aife was she was a rouge Light Fae who was Bo's mother and that Aife wished her ill.

As I've stated before Lauren's character has been really hatched by the writers; they really need to do a better job of writing where Lauren is concerned, they are all over the place with her back story and her skills. The writers were also the ones who branded Lauren a terrorist not the fans. Hopefully with the writer shake up we will see a better story line for all characters in S5 :)
118. Bobo&Kenz
Hi Suzy M! Thanks for the warm welcome :)

To be honest I can't say I fully remember he did not know about Trick's relationship to Aife and Bo. From what I remember and understood he did know about their relationship. So that would be something I would have to look back on. I also don't think she was a rogue light fae. I think Aife was known to be part of the dark fae. Which is why it would have looked like an attack from the dark on the light when she sent in the suicide bomber. I'm noticing how much this show likes bombs by the way. :)

As for your second comment. I agree, she was labeled an eco terrorist by the government in the show and Crystal also said this. But it was also pointed out in the show that was a label caused mainly by her brother's actions in harming others, not by her personal acts. Which may be why Crystla told Lauren it wasn't her fault. However, like Dyson, she felt guilty because even though she didn't mean for anyone to be harmed they were.
I appreciate your opinion on how Lauren has been written. Unfortunately after s4 I feel the writing of everything has been hatched. I completely agree about the writer shake up. The new showrunner wrote my favorite episodes in s4, so I am hopeful. Like you, I'm hoping we get back to the great show we had. It wasn't always perfect but it was fun.
Suzanne Metaxas
119. SuzyM
Your welcome BoBo&Kenzi :)

Aife was originally Light Fae and she refused to honor the brokered peace and forgive the Dark for killing her mother so she killed some Dark Fae after the peace was brokered. Therefore the Blood King had no choice but to honor his own laws and turn Aife over to the Dark for trial and executioner. Unfortunately they didn't execute her and tortured her for years unknown to Trick. Dyson knows this story but not the fact that Aife was his daughter. This is clear when he has the conversation with Trick in the Dal after he's told Bo who her mother is. Trick doesn't reveal that secret until S2.

Aife eventually escapes and to get back at her father she joins the Dark. Even though Aife joins the Dark she has no intention of being loyal to the Dark but want to take down both the Light and the Dark Fae.

If you watched the interactions between Lauren and Dyson it was not so much he disliked her in the beginning but that he didn't trust her because she work for the Ash and reported to him since she was his property. As the show has progressed they have become more frienimies than enemies :)
120. bobo&Kenz
Ah Yes! Thank you. I remember now how Aife came to be with the dark. I'm still not sure if that means Dyson didn't know about Trick being her father. (Sorry I just realized how Star Wars that sounded). But I know that episode, so I can look again at some point at that conversation.

Now that you mentioned Aife wanted to take down the light and dark fae, I wonder if that idea was given to Aife by Bo's father who, from what we have seen, is the one who had Aife locked up. Everytime Bo is invaded by whatever force overtakes her she mentions ending the light/dark divide. Could be a correlation. Just a thought.

Yes, I think one of the things the show has made clear is Dyson and Lauren's relationship to each other. It was clear he didn't trust Lauren, and rightfully so, in the spider episode season 1. I've enjoyed the development of their frenemy status so far. After four seasons, I rather have that than the bickering between the two. I think in large part their dislike for each other was also them both loving Bo and feeling threatended by each other. It seems they've progressed to a place where even though they each love Bo, they also know that they both ultimately want her safe and happy.
121. J.fall
Aife appeared first as Saskia. Saskia claimed to be Dark. Clearly Aife is neither, she hates both due to history and wants to take up her claims as Blood Queen. In that way, Bo is part of the heritage of being potential Royal in waiting due to her lineage with Trick. Not, that I may add, LG ever try and connect the dots but this makes some kind of sense.

Dyson has always been a kind of major heavy of the Light. I wont say Champion, although that initially was my thought but Bo took that away in S2. Bo, was all, there can only be one Champion and now she's a major democrat, you can be by my side as .... well a hench but if you try to be the tough guy you're out of here Wolfie.

If this is the last season then some shipper position is hard to avoid. Time to buy your merchandise of choice, however else are they going to judge who is in pole position to buy the DVDs.
122. bobo&Kenz
Does Aife have any claims as blood queen? From what I get, Bo's abilities are due to her hybrid blood, but her stake as queen comes more from her Father.

I'm really interested to see Dyson's position in s5 . Now that his fealty is to Bo and not Trick it will be interesting to see how the loyalty to Bo will effect his work and allegiance to the light because the fae are so stuck in their ways. This could also be said for Tamsin who is dark but really fights by Bo. Now we have a dark and light fae officially working with the unaligned succubus. I hope we get to see more of the light/dark contrasts, and the controversy that will cause with Bo and the gang. I also think that when Bo told Dyson the dark contract will never hold up, that was a sign it will come back to bite her in season 5.

LOL at the DVD comment.
123. J.fall
Aife appeared first as Saskia. Saskia claimed to be Dark. Clearly Aife is neither, she hates both due to history and wants to take up her claims as Blood Queen. In that way, Bo is part of the heritage of being potential Royal in waiting due to her lineage with Trick. Not, that I may add, LG ever try and connect the dots but this makes some kind of sense.

Dyson has always been a kind of major heavy of the Light. I wont say Champion, although that initially was my thought but Bo took that away in S2. Bo, was all, there can only be one Champion and now she's a major democrat, you can be by my side as .... well a hench but if you try to be the tough guy you're out of here Wolfie.

If this is the last season then some shipper position is hard to avoid. Time to buy your merchandise of choice, however else are they going to judge who is in pole position to buy the DVDs.
Suzanne Metaxas
124. SuzyM
Durning a chat in Trick's lair in S1-3 Oh Kappa, my Kappa Trick reveals that Aife turn to the Dark after she felt betrayed by the Light so she was Dark Fae.

I never saw Dyson as the Champion, more the protector. I don't think he wasnted to be the Champion either, he just wanted to do something to get his love back, because he knew without it he was going to become something he didn't want to be.

I am definitely pro Dyson/Bo but I'll take anything if they start writing a show that doesn't make me want to puke.
125. jdknight
I wonder if Bo will ever find out that Aife is probably in one of Trick's basement cells. LG does not appear to have much sympathy for mentally ill people. The way Inari was treated was not at all nice. Katsumes are not loners but tend to live in family groups of between 3 and 7 so she must have experienced some very traumatic experience but that got her no sympathy. Both she and Aife appear to be suffering from PTSD. Will we ever learn why Kenzi was so traumatized by her experience with Inari?
126. Zara
I mostly lurk Bobo&Kenz but RE: pandering it mostly comes from EA and I would argue official SM accounts. When was the last time they had a neutral banner like most shows instead of a couple? I'm not saying ALL pandering goes to Doccubus but I'm gonna say is the most pandered to. Dyson may have more screentime but that means nothing when they give him so little to work with. The triangle is skewed in favor of Doccubus which is why I am expecting D/T next season regardless that most fans of both have expressed they like them as partners. Which is fine it's their story to tell but seeing as they do cater to fans... I will voice my dislike of the pairing. If it makes sense I could deal with it even if I would never ship them. So far if they start out as a couple in S5 I will probably stop watching unless they take time to build them up, then so be it . (Except docc fans cause why would they care as far as Doccubus is on)

-EA mostly replies to Doccubus fans. Sorry to say Kiersten but when she interacts with you it usually has nothing to do with Dyson.
-EA going to a shipper specific website and giving them exclusive interviews and chats (S3). To fill in some 'blanks' like the machine Valkubus kiss though the machine seemed to only affect Bo and stella is not related to Tamsin. But hey can't have disgruntled Docc shippers and have fans interpret it as they want.
- EA commenting on same website to thank authors for their reviews (which barely mention other characters and have utter comtempt for Dyson and Tamsin) specially to an author that while I admit makes valid points sometimes is one of the most vitriolic shippers out there. ( has called RS not Tamsin a c*** and other equally insulting things)
- EA giving exclusive interview at Drinks at the Dal which while I enjoy listening to it for things I may miss and to get a diff point of view is without a doubt a podcast conceived by Doccubus fans and all hosts are Doccubus/Lauren fans. The interview had barely no questions asked about other characters. At least they got a Dyson fan to express her opinions as a guest on the podcast about him. I know some people dont see the T/B thing but it's definetely part of the fandom, their guest for her podcast didn't even entertained the idea of it and she is a self declared Lauren fan.. A more neutral podcast is Faetalists.
- EA constant RTs of nonsense from Doccubus fans and no other ships "Lauren saved the day" during S3 (like Dyson, Tamsin, Hale and others were not part of it or anything). Favoriting the likes of tweets like "Why settle for less when you have Doccubus. Or " Bo opened her eyes as Lauren remembered her, which she later denied in the Loop interview.
- Her dismissal of valid questions from other shippers. I remember someone asking after 4x08 why Tamsin and Bo was never adressed even if for closure so why write it at all.Mind you she doesn't even have to answer but her response was " Ok, got it. Don't write more Valkubus. Then went on to delete it and for good reason.
-The show has Dyson( and others) doting on Lauren's genius at every turn, even when she has been shown to be either too trusting or flat out making dumb desicions. Lauren in turn specially this season when Dyson is being nice to her is dismissive or annoyed by his compliments.
-She can't stand criticism of Lauren once questioned about the science of changing species and why not call it magic instead of science. Her answer was she would consult Johns Hopkins next time. (She was speaking to a scientist BTW)
- Flora singing was a gift to fans as it was the bathing suit and all of Levony.
- They claim the triangle is there yet Bo uses Rainer to dismiss Dyson but not Lauren.
-Doccubus fans whining about the merch at the stores Tamsin has 3 and Dyson's look better. Few weeks later Team Doccubus shirt and another design for Lauren.Also the necklace (which I won't complain about because it's for charity) but they could definetely include items from the show and other characters all fans could go for, Geraldine for example, or other props that appeal to ALL not just a set of fans.
- Retconning Dyson's mate for life just so they can free up the way to Doccubus and make Dyson look guilty of trapping himself instead of admitting it was a canon trait since the beginning.
-EA RT nonsense like saving the girl is more important than saving the world. Which says a lot about Bo as a hero.
-Her constant chemistry BS about them making babies with their eyes which feeds into your statement about how this is subjective but having the showrunner say it validates those fans.
- EV saying the best chemistry is between Bo and Lauren eventhough she specifically chose Team Dyson at MCM con again perpetuating this whole deal that chemistry is not subjective.
- ZP and Lauren do get hate, mostly Lauren and you know that, difference is here people complain about Lauren not slander or insult ZP. Have you read the LChat? They don't like Dyson or Tamsin(except if they were to be a couple) which is ironic seeing they want visbility since they are a lesbian board but are eager for Tamsin to pop out wolf pups.( cause this breeding mentality is the best they can come up with apparently). But their vitriol extends to the actors the constant mocking of KHR's looks, 'bald spot', being unprofessional implying he has a thing for RS. Oh and have you ever read someone say ZP auditioned on her back in a couch to get the role? That's what someone said about RS someone who btw posts here, that's crossing lines. Lauren is not real RS and KHR are and this is the second time RS reputation has gotten attacked. The first incident started there as well.
-Doccubus.com is another let's hate on Dyson and Tamsin fest as well so people complaining here where things are civil and mods intervene seems absurd to me. (Btw pretty sure I'm gonna get deleted for this one but maybe some will have time to read, apologies mod but felt the need to state this whole "what pandering?" Issue.
-Doccubus fans whinning about S3 cover, S4 cover exactly what they want.
- EA admitting she fought for a specific ship.(Doccubus)
- Brushing off the whole Karen thing like it was no big deal she has been lying about even her name to her GF.
- We want badass Lauren and Kenzi friendship. I know KS spoke up about it mostly cause people were whining about homophobia but these two characters as they are portrayed on the show with their personalities and background I doubt would get along regardless. So we got pipe bomb Lauren, magical vag Lauren (who still did it all for Bo which docc fans complain about all the time when it's Dyson doing it)

I also don't buy the safety bang sorry, she would have told Bo upfront if she really wanted their first time to be genuine. Acting like she did nothing wrong was ridiculous as well. Put yourself in Bo's position and personally I would have never even spoken to her again. Dyson didn't know about Trick so I don't see how that is a lie. Besides EVERYONE on this show lies at some point but some are more worthy of disadain than others Trick being to me the worst.

I don't mean to sound rude but I also don't get the whole calling a bully a bully equals bullying. Just as an experiment go to a pro Lauren place and say something nice about Tamsin or Dyson not as a couple and then come back and share your experience.

As far as leads go KHR is second ZP is fourth and an addition in S2, while you believe people here want Dyson to be the lead there's plenty of evidence of Lauren fans wanting her to be more of a lead than Dyson and Kenzi and saying she "makes the show, or there's no show without Lauren". So basically our personal bias seem to make us complain about the same things just depending on who your fave is.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
127. Kiersten
@Zara - really glad you came out of lurkdom. Thanks for adding your great thoughts to the conversation.

P.S. no need to apologize to me. I geddit and its all good. Well, mostly good at least. ;)
Suzanne Metaxas
128. SuzyM
Hi Zara :) Welcome! and I must say I agree with you whole heartedly :)
129. Guest
@bobo&Kenz if Lauren would have had her way in season 1 episode 7,
then your beloved bobo&Kenz would have been blow up in a blazing
ball of fire. Yep go back and watch if it wasn't for Dyson stepping in
and keeping Lauren from blowing up the Crack Shack which by the way also had Hale in it then Bo, Kenzi, and Hale would have died. Of course the writers and producers never would have allowed the main character Bo to be blown up in a million pieces, or the show would have just ended there, but if you are wanting an example of just how reckless Lauren was acting. To be fair to me Lauren isn't an aweful character who ruins the other characters, but let's not forget about the fact that Dyson did have to save Bo, Kenzi, and Hale in that instance.
I will also throw in the fact that Lauren has kept things from Bo, and yes Dyson has too. I don't want to be completely unfair to Lauren. It's just that if you are going to come in here saying that there is nothing that Lauren has ever done that can come off as even remotely nefarious then I think you are watching a different show then the rest of us.

As far as the bullying aspect people here are not talking about bullying done by the fans towards the actors. They are referring to personally being bullied at other forums and chat rooms just for not sharing the same opinion, or being of a different fandom than the majority of people who frequent said forums and chat rooms. Also IMO calling out bullies is not contributing to the problem. If I come here and let it be known that I have been bullied at other websites, that is not being a bully because I am not confronting anyone in particular. It is absolutely absurb to suggest that I am bullying others here, if I come here and claim to have been bullied else where. If everyone here wants to ignore said fact then that is perfectly fine with me. I am just letting everyone know that there is a problem out there in fandomville. BTW
it is wrong to generalize and lump everyone as a bully if they belong to a certain fandom. Anyways welcome to H&H
Kiersten Hallie Krum
130. Kiersten
@Guest - I dont believe anyone here is objecting to people calling out instances where they have been or have seen other fans being bullied by opposing fandoms. The only way to defeat a bully is to take their power away and one of the ways to do that is by calling it out and holding people accountable.

We just dont want to create a similar atmosphere here and want to be sure we keep the focus on the show and its characters, not the people who are making the comments. That doesnt mean we dont challenge one another's statements, just that we dont personally attack the person making them. For example, it's the difference between "I disagree and think Doctor Lauren is the worst character on the show" and "you're an asshat for saying anything bad about Dyson. Screw you." (FTR that's an example, not a statement so sheathe your claws.)

Overall, we have a safe community here where all fandoms of LG can (and at turns have) expressed themselves. Commenters may appear to be more heavily on the pro-Dyson side, but that's mostly because there is no other forum in the fandom (that I'm aware of) including the Facebook, Showcase, and SyFy pages, where fans can safely champion Dyson (or Tamsin for that matter) without fear of personal attack. We've also had pro-Kyson/Denzi (sigh) and pro-Vaukubus posters along with a regular chorus of pro-doccubus. As long as we respect each other, you're free to share your thoughts on the show whatever side of the fandom you land on.

LG is one of the few (if only in my experience) shows that has actively and not-so-secretively courted one specific fandom at the expense of the others. The quick response in providing brand-new merchandise for only that one fandom is a prime example of this bias. The show also openly pitted the fandoms vs each other (in S3 especially) and particularly through social media manipulation with ultimately disastrous results to the show itself. Discussing the show by default is going to include talking about that imbalance and bias which can stir up some resentment toward that favored fandom. I think this is where we've veered off course, though, b/c since the show has been so heavily slanted in favor of one fandom, the commentary on that bias can become equally one-sided. That's where we may need to be more aware of what we're saying here at H&H.
131. Guest
@Kiersten you see that is why you guys here only have about a dozen or so posters. The moderators are way too sensitive when some posters strongly disagree with other posters. Also you and Mframpton are
to inconsistant as well. I understand that you want to keep things nice
and friendly we all want that, but you guys jump in to the conversations way to much. For the record I think that I wasn't being mean at all, and certainly never called bobo&kenz even the slightest mean name. I only strong disagreeed with his or her definition of what
a bully is that is all. Anyways maybe I'll just go back to Lurking and keep my opinions to myself. Thank you
Kiersten Hallie Krum
132. Kiersten
@Guest - I dont think you were being mean at all and I didn't say that you were. I most definitely did not say anything about you specifically in relation to Bobo&Kenz at all.

I was merely trying to address some of the things you mentioned to give some perspective for everyone. I can't answer for MFrampton, but I actually havent felt the need to intervene in a while despite having multiple opposing viewpoints expressed lately. In general, people here are really good about policing themselves. MFrampton is the official administrator of the site though and so she has the final say on what is considered acceptable. You're welcome to email her directly about your concerns; I believe her address is in this comment thread.

You're also welcome to go back to lurking and keep your opinions to yourself if you feel that is your only solution. I think that would be a shame as you've raised good points and contributed a lot, but it's completely up to you.
133. stacymd2

Wow! I have been avoiding this thread like it was Lauren's vagina.
Clearly we need some pretty. KS, KHR and AS are so, so pretty.

One more thing about S4 that irritates me...(the list is long I know)...Ianka was taken on and off the train, but she remembered Bo & the train. How come Bo and Dyson did not remember the train when they jumped off? Bo was taken back to the train by crow-boy and I assume jumped off the train with Rainer bringing him to this plain which broke his curse. Why didn't she just do this the first time instead of making convoluted plans to remember Rainer?

Have any of you read fantasy novels, where the author has a long epilogue before starting the first chapter? This is what I feel Lost Girl did from episodes 2 through 9. The story should have begun with Bo & Rainer jumping off the train.

Let us hope Season 5's writing, fight scenes, story arcs, dialogue & production is better, plots makes sense, characters are not rewritten and Fae steer clear of Lauren's Vagina of Horror.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
134. Kiersten
Aw. Look at how happy & pretty they are! The core faemily.

They should've kept that show. That was a great show. I miss that show.
135. stacymd2
@Kiersten: Me too...So dawn goes down to day, Nothing gold can stay.
Last picture!
136. J.fall
Try to keep an open mind but feel EA speaks with a forked tongue. All that Doccubus held dear was cheapened by handing it over to Dybo. True, Doccubus and Dybo mirror each other even though some fans .. most here, fail to see it. Either, they're so impoverished as writers that they give everyone the same lines or they're just cheapening every relationship on the show. I actually think it's the former but go onto other fansites and see the complaints are the same as yours. You're all being played and glory in it. The gullibility is what makes me squirm. Still if you enjoy feeling sidelined fair enough, enjoy!
Suzanne Metaxas
137. SuzyM
Hi J.Fall I also agree that EA is not to be trusted or believed. That aside I have to disagree about both ships being equally treated. Not that I really care. What I want for Lost Girl is better writing and story lines. Both of these items have been total trashed trying to please ships. I am pro Dyson and Bo as team Bad Ass :) and putting my likes aside feel the show has really shot itself in the foot pandering. You were bound to have people unhappy when the show started out with a promise of a relationship between Bo and Dyson and then never follow through. Then you start up Doccubus and give those fans a promise they have been looking for only to break that one too. Now you have two ships totally ticked off and in trying to find middle ground now find you are only making matters worse. Get back to basics and tell a good story already! Unless they do that this show is doomed.
138. jdknight
Lost Girl Season 4 came out on DVD in UK on Monday
140. JDKnight
Watched British DVD today. No extras. Disappointed that Webisodes were not included. Hopefully, they will be on U.S. version. One or two scenes seemed slightly longer than on TV. Struck me that maybe Kenzi is the queen and Bo the warrior which would explain Kenzi thinking she was not mentioned in the extract she read out to Bo. When Kenzi moved toward the gate nobody tried to stop her apart from Dyson.
141. stacymd2

Hi all! I know you have probably read a 100 trillion Maya quotes today, but I came across this one that I thought pretains to Lost Girl. Maya Angelou will be missed!! Dyson, Kenzi, Tamsin, Dr. Wonder Vagina M.D. take heed!

"Never make someone a priority when all you are to them is an option."
-Maya Angelou
142. stacymd2

OK, last picture! I am addicted to posting pictures now that I know how to do it.
143. JDKnight
Will we meet Baba Yaga and the Garuda again. Kenzi will have a tough time in the Underworld. Hopefuully, Hale, Shawn and Ciara will be on herside
144. JDKnight
http://shop.funimation.com/Shop/Shop_Filter.ss?filterbyshow=177&scategory=all&sortbyvalue=5&sf=sf&utm_medium=Social&utm_campaign=LostGirl&utm_source=Facebook&utm_content=Shop&utm_nooverride=1 US video available here
145. Char
Hi everybody,

thanks for pictures.

I will no longer be watching Lost Girl. But I will read the recaps.

You guys are awesome!
146. bobo&Kenz
Hey guys Sorry don't know if there is a point in responding since it's been so long lol. Hope everyone has been having a great summer.

@guest- I think you had a great post. It's a difference of opinion but I still really like what you wrote and the points you brought up. I absolutely don't think Lauren hasn't done things that are wrong. I was merely pointing out that she is not the only one and when we compare and contrast, limiting this to Dyson and Lauren characters, both have done things that are not good.

Hey @Kiersten- I know you are very much pro-Dyson so I don't want to come off as purposefully instigating or aggressive. Thank you for allowing us to have a place where we can all talk about the show from different presepctives.

@jdKnight- I agree! One thing that comes to mind is Maganda the woman who had her tree cut down and items sold by the man in S2. I think it was 2.11. I was disappointed in Bo because she wouldn't even give her a hug at the end. She was clearly distressed from having everything taken from her and she seemed off, but because she was acting less than normal she was treated as such. I hated that! I'm really hoping we find out more about what happened to Aife. She's really an amazing character imo, and one would think since she's Bo's mom she would have more exploration and a lot to say. I hated how Inari was treated too. She didn't act the right way by taking Kenzi, but she was obviously desperate for acceptance and love. Doesn't make her right but made for a great opportunity to show the main characters having more understanding of why she was that way. Especially in Lost Girl where it has a great premise of being loved and accepted no matter who you are.

@Zara- I don't know if all doccubus fans would want D/T together just like that. I like doccubus but I don't care if Bo ends up with Dyson or Tamsin either. I'm just so over the triangle I can't stand it from any end. I think it would be much better like you said, if they go with that pairing then they build it up and do it right. At the beginning of S3 they seemed they were heading that direction with D/T then it kind of surprised me a bit when they went the way of Tamsin and Bo but it still made sense. (Although I'm kind of tired of everyone falling in love with Bo and being a huge butt kisser to her. That's why I loved when Kenzi and Tamsin FINALLY called her out on her stuff in S4.) So when they suddenly went back D/T, I thought great something else that doesn't really make sense or flow. I rather them just have things build up properly again like you said. That's in any aspect of the storyline they are telling. Realtionships included. Not familiar with some of the sites you listed. However, I wouldn't want to see that kind of speak or behavior towards anyone from anyone simply for having a different opinion. If that's what occurs there I prefer not to particpate in forums like that. If you re-read what I commented about bullying we actually seem to agree. I should have specified that when people call others a bully yet are being just as aggressive in doing so that is contributing. As for Dyson not knowing about Trick, I was referring to previous seasons when he kept things from Bo, not S4 because he didn't know about Trick knowing about the wanderer and that was made clear he didn't know. The safety bang, agree to disagree on that, but I do agree she shouldn't have acted like she didn't do anything wrong. Regrdless of her intentions she was wrong for doing that instead of just telling Bo what the danger was. Yes, I also agree every single character does things that are wrong. I think we've especially seen that this past season. And yes, it seems every part of the fandom has the same complaints but the names of the characters are different when the complaints are made based on personal bias. I'm just on here so it sounds like I'm only calling out one part of the fandom but my statements were made including everyone. Btw, you weren't sounding rude at all so really no apology needed. Thanks for responding and being welcoming :) Faetalists sounds interesting. Wasn't aware of that podcast.

@SuzyM and @J.Fall- My goodness, 100%. agree. After S4 nothing can be taken seriously or believed. It feels cheapened because even if we are given things in the show as fans it's going to be contradicted in the next breath, so consistency and trust of follow through has the left the building. If I continue to watch in S5 I hope fans have been heard and this approach is changed. I may just watch it in bulk after the season completes because I can't handle the week to week mess we were given for S4. Hoping for a S5 that makes sense lol.
147. Guest
As far as Dyson and Tamsin goes I think Rachel S. confirmed that that
relationship was going to be explored and that she hoped people are
going to enjoy it. Just another example of how the people in charge @
LG clearly don't have a clue as to what they are doing. They seem to be
all over the map. No build up to Tamsin/Dyson what so ever. They have Tamsin fall in love with Bo in season 3 only to drop that idea. I don't think this show will make it to a season 6?
Kiersten Hallie Krum
148. Kiersten
@Guest - yeah, almost universally, fans do not want Tamsin and Dyson to be a couple. I mean, the man's declared his love for Bo repeatedly and fervently - and Tamsin too has acknowledged that he's Bo's. So why would she (or he) start a relationship knowing that it's over the minute Bo finally gets over this Doctor Lauren bullshit? That said, just like we were sure S3 would be doccutopia (and it was) it's pretty clear they mean to make Dyson and Tamsin a romantic thing in S5 rather than the one-off comfort bang between friends in S4. It's a real shame. They have a great partner vibe and especially now that Hale and Kenzi are gone, a non-sexual relationship like what they had is desperately needed. Also, he started S4 reading her bedtime stories and basically being a surrogate dad and now they're banging? Gross. Although, it would be nice to see Bo have to deal with seeing him with another woman again. That did NOT go over well with her when Perfect Ciara was in the picture and she needs to be reminded how good she has it with him and how he isn't her safety for whenever DL shows her true colors again and goes off the rez experimenting on people or Fae. Or dies her human death.

That said, I personally strongly feel that S5 will be LG's last season so I expect them to throw just about anything and everything on the screen as long as the sainted Doctor Lauren and the holy doccubus are maintained above everything and everyone else including story, character, chemistry, interesting plot development... But then, I'm usually wrong.
149. Anonymous Guest
Hi Kiersten I love your recaps and wanted to respond to your last comment. I think LG will be renewed as long as it still makes money from international buyers so I can see a possibility of a season 6.
150. JDKnight
I am wondering if Kenzi might be the Queen and not Bo. She has gone through an awful lot in the last 2 seasons - she is still very young even by human standards. She is the link between dark and light fae - Vex and Bruce were her friends before they became Bo's. Trick and Evony seem to know more about her than they admit. Trick's smile when he saw her in the glass factory in episode 1, Evony allowing her to be very cheeky, for example when discussing her Boyfriend's future in the restaurant. Evony telling Trick to think. She is the only one not named inthe list of heros. She is the only one ho can control Bo's inner demon. She can influence peoples' emotions and heals remarkably quickly as when slashed in the face by the headless assassin and after cutting herself so that trick could use her blood to write in his book.

She has had fae powers - the staff of rightousness and when she was a Kitsume.

A normal human ould have been vaporized when closing the gate of Hel - Kenzi was not which leads to the possibility that she is now learning the arts of ruling - fond as we all are of Bo - she ould make a terrible queen. She is not very goodat reconsiling people's differences - something Kenzi is very good at. People may admire and fear Bo but very few love and respect her in the way they do Kenzi.

The sunflowers are the symbol of a water nymph and so Kenzi may return as an elemental - the cyclops referred to her as a nymph after kissing her. She appears to be able to visit places that mere mortals cannot as has been referred to by Bo on several occasions and nobody finds it strange.

There is a lot that we do not know about Kenzi. I do hope that she returns but if she does it will not be as a human - she has been dead far too long -I believe even Lazerous had problems when brought back from the dead and he had not been dead as long as Kenzi. Human Kenzi would not get the respect she deserves from the fae commnity - she has not got the skills that allow Lauren to be accepted and she is now a mature woman and no longer a teenager so she will have to return as fae. She certainly will not be able to live in the human world - she has been away too long and has never been accepted there. As she has said she will have to become fae if she is to belong anywhere. I do not like the idea of Bo and Kenzi being separated they are each part of the other as nobody else is. Kenzi is the heart of all the fae. If she returns we will have a much harder Kenzi and Bo than we have hadin the past. I hope that we will have a sixth season, but the series will have an end - the actors will age as the characters will not.

It would be great if they had an episode set in the FarScape or Andromada or Lexx or even Buffy universe.

Not long to go until September - hopefully the falling leaves will herold the greatest season yet ;o)
151. doppleganger
Haven't been on in quite a while - spending my time on Orphan Black - but I wanted to comment on the earlier posts from @Guest and others and simply note my appreciation for the sensitivity and respect for opinon on this site. It's the only place where I've not only felt free to express my opinon, but also have had a surfeit of others takes on the current episodes, fandoms, theories, and hoped-for-plots. I've often disagreed with fans' takes and opinions, but have ALWAYS felt these opinions and theories were open for polite debate among friends who all love the idea of the show - and (perhaps more importantly) love the characters and actors and want a show that provides plot and writing to do them justice.

Kudos to the HH team and Kiersten. You're a bright spot as always.

PS: I love the intermittent pics of puppies and actor mugs. Let's keep us all focused on what unites us.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
152. Kiersten
Thanks doppleganger, truly. Here's a treat for us all courtesy of Kris Holden-Ried, Anna Silk, and Zoie Palmer.

153. jdknight

Background - including Webisodes on above. Should be getting info from Showcase in respect of season 5 very soon
154. stacymd2

OMG! Picture time. I haven't done this in a while. FYI. In a recent interview AS all but confirmed Doccubus redux in season 5. The vagina necklace and pandering will continue.
155. stacymd2

KS is so beautiful. I hope she returns in Season 5, if not then more power to her. Bo and Kenzi, the best sistermance on TV.
156. stacymd2

RS & KHR are so pretty together. If Lost Girl does go the Tamsin/Dyson route, then I hope TPTB build up to it and make their story a real romance. D&T work well as buddies/cop partners. The show needs more patonic friendships and less triangles & bang buddies. But, as we all know, the problems that broke up Bo and Dr. Wonder Lauren Magician, MD are Dyson and Tamsin. So putting D&T together will make Bo & Dr. Wonder Lauren work as a couple. So say the writers and the fandom they pander to.
158. stacymd2

Final Picture! Aaaah! The happy times. I hope you all are have a great week.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
159. Kiersten
@staceymd2 - yeah, that's the sense I'm getting too and that they'll try to fob the rest of us off with Dyson and Tamsin in another borderline emotional incestuous relationship. Shame. They're so much better as platonic partners but Fae forbid we simply reconstitute Bo and Dyson's relationship, which was always meant to be the primary romance of the show and drew so many people to the show in the first place. I think far too many of us have waited far too long for that. And given how much the ratings have dropped since doccutopia debut in S3, it'll be interesting to see how that drop does or does not continue.

Nothing's going to be the same anyways now that Hale and Kenzi are gone, even if they bring Kenzi back for a few episodes to wind up her storyline. For me, once they shove doccubus redux down our throats again, for the third season in a row, it's all over but the drinking.
160. stacymd2
@SuzyM: I feel you. I use to look forward to Lost Girl but since season two, I have dreaded it. Now, after watching Bitten, Sheild, GoT, Orphan Black, In the Flesh, Musketeers and other programs, I wonder why I bother with a show I no longer enjoy.

If it weren't for H&H and Kiersten's fab recaps, I would have dropped Lost Girl after 3o1. (Lost Girl's PTB owe you a gift basket Kiersten!)

I just adore KS, KHR & KCC and have come to like the characters Vex, Evony, Bruce and Tamsin. Without KS (Kenzi) and KCC (Hale) there is no reason to tune in. I will not stand to watch Dyson pander to & praise Dr. Wonder Lauren Vagina, M.D. Nor do I want to watch version 5.0 of Super Lauren where she is again rewritten to be a better match for Bo. Bo & Dr. Scary Smart Lauren had their chance in Season 3, then broke up. It was a natural conculsion to their romantic relationship. I don't want to watch round three of their lie-filled, chemistry-less relationship.

@Kiersten: AS made it very clear (in a wink, wink, nudge, nudge way) that the doccubus fans will be really happy and the vagina necklace comes into major play. My predition is that Bo and Dr. All Knowing Lauren, M.D. get married in some way.

Putting Dyson and Tamsin together is a cop out. The writers/producers are giving the fandom ship that they pander to exactly what they requested. To them retconning Dyson's mate for life and putting D&T together makes B&L stronger somehow. D&T are so much better as friends and work partners. But, oh well. We will always have season 1--I guess.

KHR and RS will have chemistry together, becasue KHR and RS have chemistry with all of their screen partners. Nothing will change the fact that a romantic relationship between D&T is a retcon and blatant doccubus pandering. Everyone knows it. No one will support D&T (besides doccubus).
161. stacymd2

One last priture! One last thought...Remember a few months ago, we wondered how the change.org "Lauren Edits" petition would affect Season 5? Now we know.
I think doccubus can confidently hang a sign reading "Mission Accomplish" on the websites/social media platforms they dominate.
Suzanne Metaxas
162. SuzyM
Unfortunately I agree with everything you said Stacy :( I'm moving on to Bitten & The Listener. Kiersten's recaps kept it fun and made LG palatable, but if this comes to pass NOTHING will make the show palatable for me. I will be moving on to greener pastures and a better writen show. :(
163. jdknight
Lost Girl without Kenzi is unthinkable. She and Bo complement eacyh other perfectly - Kenzi without Bo and Bo without Kenzi are only halfpeople. I think that Tamsin and Dyson will not develop into a fuuly fleged sexual relationship since that would destroy the dynamic between the two. Will Laurnen become Fae? She is already sleeping with both Evony and Bo - will we see the threesome that has been in the wind since season 2 - I would not be surprized.

Kenzi? ah, Kenzi, our beloved dark horse - she will surprize us yet. She will either stay dead or come back as a type of fae. Unlike Lauren human Kenzi does not possess anything that the fae aristocracy wants and now that she is a woman she can no longer tolerate being treated like a third class citizen and this is where Bo's unclaiming of her may come into play. It appears that we will be seeing more of Bruce nd Vex in Season 5 - I cannot see why unless Kenzi has a big part to play. Levi did tell Bo that they would meet again very soon and we all know that Bo will be going into Hel to find Kenzi. Hopefully, she will not look back to see if the Kenz is following as they leave ;o) It would be great to see a reborn powerful Kenzi who does not need to be rescued by Bo or anyone eles
164. Lurker
To me the ratings dropped in Season 3 not really of whatever ships were ongoing but due to the storylines becoming more sloppy. Season 3 started as Fae of the Week then it went into the Dawning and veered off to the Taft storyline interspliced with the Wanderer. Season 4 ratings dropped off a cliff with hardly any Doccubus in the season but the meandering Wanderer storyline that made no sense.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
165. Kiersten
The ratings dropped in S4 b/c 1. There was no Bo until E3, 2. Bo was increasingly a selfish brat who shat all over and ignored her best friend, and, most of all 3) there was *rampant* character assasignation, storylines that made no sense, doccubus fan wanking over pretty much everything and everyone else (if Dyson preached how much Bo loved DL one more time, I was going to put my fist through the screen), ANOTHER season talking about Bo's dad the Wanderer who never, ever showed up, Rainer's addition without any real purpose except to give Bo a "destiny" that wasn't, Una Mens threat that never lived up to the reputation, and really, really, really bad storytelling.

LG has been declining from the very start of S3 in these areas and more and S4 was just a "going out in a blaze of senseless glory" sort of thing with increasing rare glimpses of the great show it was in S1. Ultimately they've lost the trust and faith of pretty much everyone and I don't think they'll ever manage to get that back. But given this is almost certainly their last season, they really don't have to either.
166. Lurker
The biggest complaint was that the storylines did not make sense whether it was FB or the SC blog. Ship stuff is ship stuff but most people had a problem with the resolutions that did not answer any questions. Also the Wanderer storyline dragged out for over a season and the reveal fell flat. At the end of the day the audience wants to see a story that makes sense.
167. Stacymd2
You'll have to wait and see to what extent Kenzie comes back. KS will either be back full time or be back to wrap up Kenzie's storyline. Bo, Kenzi, Dyson and Hale were the Fab Four that drew the audience in Seasons one and two. I can't imagine Bo, Dyson and Lost Girl without Kenzie, but maybe KS has better opportunities. Bo, Dyson and Kenzie are the core family and heart of the show.

I hope Hale/KCC is brought back in Season 5, especially if the writers decide to ruin Dyson and Tamsin's friendship with a romance.

Bo/Dyson. Bo/Kenzi. Dyson/Hale. Hale/Kenzi. Dyson/Trick. Remember how great they were in Seasons one and two, especially Kenzi/Hale. The relationships is what has always made Lost Girl stand out, not the plots. I agree the writing became absurdly sloppy in seasons three and four. In my opinion, a major reason why the writing declined is because of fan wanking to Doccubus by changing characters and writing storylines around that relationship to keep Lauren relevant.

The Fae have extensive equipment, history, labs, libraries and facilities, so why do they continue to need Dr. Wonder Lauren? She is using their resources, DNA & history for her magic science, there isn't anything she has that they need. In seasons one and two Lost Girl had a Lab with other Fae working there. In S3's Doccubusland, the show brought everything into Dr. Wonder-Slave Lauren's apartment.
168. Stacymd2
It is hard to claim that S3 & 4 were not all about fan wanking & Doccubus, especially S3. Lost Girl's season 3 story arc was Lost Doccubus--the beginning, middle and end of Bo & Dr. Lauren, super scientist M.D.

Season 3's premiere was a tribute to a F/F soft core porn film and featured B/L talking about babies and committing to a relationship.

Episodes 302 through the Dawning were MotW stuff that worked to show how terrible B/L are as couple. Each episode illustrated the issues in their relationship, particularly the therapy episode with the Fae cat. D, K, H were made to praise scary smart, beautiful Dr. Wonder Lauren.

The Dawning was about Bo working through her fears and romantic relationships.

Dr. All Knowing Lauren broke up with Bo because she was unhappy in their relationship, realizing that Bo will never be able to give her what she needs. So she leaves with Dr. Taft, never planning to return. Bo & Tamsin save her, Aife and the other captured Fae. Dyson kills Dr. Taft. Kenzie frees herself. Hale is forced to resign as Ash partly because of Dr. Lauren not listening to him.

Season Four begins with the writers fan wanking to Doccubus by retconning S3, having Kenzie say that Dr. Damsel saved everyone. The writers are retconning Dyson's mate for life, having the dead witch say it is a prison of his own making. Only one fan ship complains loudly about the mate for life. The writers have Bo drop the mess of her father's undead horde into D, Ta, & K's lap to save Dr. Hodini from the B level villain Massimo. Bo's father was the main story arc all season and a clif hanger from last season. Doccubus has always complained that Lauren wasn't "badass" so in S4 the writers give them Dr. Badass ridiculously holding needles like a weapon and changing Lauren into a seductress that uses medical science unethically.

Bo has been in romantic relationships with other men since Dyson, but the writers make sure that she is never in a romantic relationship with another woman. It would enrage the fan base they have been writing for.

Even though B&L broke up definitively in S3, somehow Dr. Savior is still a romantic option, which the writers will continue in S5.

On other programs, the writers and showrunners mostly leave the ship stuff to the ships to discuss online. Lost Girl's writers do not. This has contributed to the sloppy writing and the overall decline.

I truly hope Lost Girl finds it's way in S5. I bought S1 & 2 DVD. I watch the show online and the SyFy broadcast. I want it to get better.
169. JDKnight
Trailer for season 5 now on www.syfy.com website
170. J.Fall
It's hard to see this series as ending with any definitive choice for Bo. She's unalligned and that stretches to her sexuality. Yes, maybe, early on, Bo's sexual fluidity was seen as the usual gay bait for boys but I think the niche the show is now in, it would be hard to see they'd leave the show with the wolf guy and the Succubus tamed to some heteronormative resolution. Equally, I can't really see Bo making a choice to be purely true to someone of the female sex, so for shippers, it's possible there will be no resolution at all.
Linda Losik
171. LindaL
They have just announced that this will be the final season....I am so afraid that what began with so much promise will take 16 episodes to die.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
172. Kiersten
Worse than that, the expanded 16 episode season will be split into 2 8 episode blocks, the first to begin airing in Canada Dec 7th, the second to air...in Fall 2015.

FALL 2015!


On the plus side, it's clear they knew about the 16 episodes from the start and the season was planned with them in play, so it wont be like the back 9 tacked onto S2 with all the needless filler episodes...hopefully.
173. stacymd2

Oops! I put in the wrong name, stacy232, in another post. Sorry!

Still not sure if I am going to tune in to S5. I'd rather remember Lost Girl of Season 1, when it was great. Each new season since has been a major disappointment.

@LindaL: I share your fears.
@Kiersten: I think they are making a mistake dragging out S5. It would have a bigger impact running straight threw.

Oh the S1 memories! Lost Girl will always be the show that never lived up to its potential.
174. stacymd2

Bo/Tamsin...we never knew ye.
175. stacymd2

Team sidekick...we never got to see ye.
176. stacymd2

Team Badass...sniff, sniff...Ye were never given a chance.

I wish the actors the very best in the future. I hope to see them in many other projects.

If you follow KHR on twitter, he has a kickstarter thing he is pushing for a movie he is doing. (FYI, if you want to donate to the project.)
177. TheGardner
Weird announcement, months of nothing since the finale aired and then wham this. I'm not surprised S4 was a hot mess of suck. I just hope they finish strong and don't waste their remaining episodes on the stupid triangle and pointless characters that drop in out of nowhere and leave just as fast.

Also why are they splitting the season like that? F***ing stupid and ridiculously annoying.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
178. Kiersten
So the official Faewell has begun! Here's the first Faewell video from Lost Girl.

Note *seriously* blonde Ksenia Solo is on set in the video. This could mean they filmed these interviews while she was on set for the season 2-part opener that we've been pretty certain she would be back to be in OR she could be on set now filming the final episodes and this video newly filmed. Hard to know for sure.


Susan White
179. whiskeywhite
I thought that seeing Ksenia in the faewell video meant she was back to the series but, as usual, you bring a more complex view of the situation Kiersten. If she's just in the opener and then disappears, I'm going to feel suckered. And I agree wholeheartedly that the Fall 2015 business is a true WTF moment. Trying to drag it out without the investment in another season. Boo. But without Ksenia, I probably wouldn't want to see another season anyway. I'm a big KHR fan (oops, my closely held secret is out), but I fear he's not going to be enough.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
180. Kiersten
@whiskeywhite - she's spent a lot of time in LA while S5 has been filming, so if she's in the season more than just the 2-part opener, its sporatic. Again, I think she's in the 2-part opener and Bo fails to bring he back from hell, perhaps b/c she's now a Valkryie which would explain the blonde hair. She may then have returned to wrap up the series in the last 3 episodes and that's when they filmed the video. It's cool they're letting it be public that she's in the season somehow, but I don't think she's full time.
181. stacymd2

Hey guys. I hope you all have a fantastic week!
182. JEK
All I can say, to all of this, is....."sigh".
Oh, and why did you do this to us Andras? Showrunners shouldn't get personally invested in ships, not to THAT extent. God.

Now we've lost Kenzi/Hale (the friendship, the relationship, AND the personality they gave the show), we've lost the Dysan/Tamsin friendship in favour of something that was completely contrived and out of the blue, you've retconned the Valkubus build-up, you've made Bo a terrible self-absorbed person, you turned Massimo into a drooling psycho obsessed with his "mommy" (am I the only one who remembers and misses suave Massimo from S3?) AND to cap it all off, we've got Bo almost confirmed to end up with the one person in the show who LITERALLY broke up with her because they were incompatible! If they had NOT broken up for that sole reason, maybe I could get behind it, but....JUST...I MEAN......ARGH!!!

Why did you do this to me show? My over-analytical mind is going into meltdown...and I'm not even a shipper by nature......
183. newgirl
Mon amis!!! Long time not writing here, but been feed of by all your pictures, I decided to wrote this time because I just read a very conflicting news (rather confirming news kind of), the headline: Actress from 'Lost Girl' joins the second season of 'Turn', after that i had to open the Pandora's Box, with all my hopes against it, and there she was (Ksenia non the less) in a recurrent role for Turn's 2nd season, as devastated as the news let me, i took comfort that Turn is a "spring serial", and Lost Girl is a "fall serial", i'm really happy she is getting new jobs, been in only one job is like death to actors and actresses, specially with such a young and promising actress like Ksenia, but if she is removed or underestimated in Lost girl, it will hurt, does anyone knows if this can be, i mean she can work at both shows, they are not in the same season, what i meant is when you work on a fall serial you have your filming on spring and/or summer, and when you have the spring one, you have to film on fall and/or winter (unless they want an special season to be display, but either way they go filming to other countries for that too), but then we have Hale all over again, so with your news about her seemingly little appearances on the season.... I'm like T.T
Oh, by the way the news is on a Spanish web, pizquita
Kiersten Hallie Krum
184. Kiersten
@newgirl - sorry to say that Ksenia Solo's new role is at least partly due to the fact that the upcoming S5 will be the last season of Lost Girl. The show is coming to an end so all cast members will (hopefully) be getting more work in other projects soon
185. newgirl
@Kiersten, OMG!!!! I must have misread something upthere, because I didn't see it, so that's why!!! you know, I wouldn't want it to end, but I'm happy it will, 'cause if they start making season after season the show would loose what is left of it (similar to what is happenning with Supernatural from my point of view), I rather prefer they giving it a proper ending, than having to cancel because they went too far, just hope they close it as they should, not having loose ends or anything like it (don't caring about who is ending with who, but mostly on Bo's past completely cleared, some closure for Kenzi, I mean something beyond the "ships"), by the way, I now totally get the idea of splitting the season hopefully, we will have first half to close the gaps left on S4 and the other half to give a complete ending, it is not the first time they close a show with less chapters than they should (Nikita, Warehouse 13), and they are not doing it with less chapter but giving 16 instead, but wow they really are going to take their time on it, usually it is fall and return on spring or summer, they have almost a year in between, it is almost from fall to fall, it would be better if they announced they would have only 2 more seasons (5 and 6), in the end those "cuts" generally work like they were two independent themes, but well... who are we to dwell, nor the less stand, on the producer's path (¬.¬), we are only mere fans from this realm ;)
186. RKG
There are two shows that ended there series properly, they gave the fans closure. One is, of course, Mash. I don't know of anyone that would disagree with me on that. The other, with an empowered woman in the lead (Captain Janeway) was Star Trek Voyager. Of all the Star Trek shows, the original, Deep Space 9 and Next Generation, Voyager was the best. They ended it with a bang by blowing up the borg sphere they had hitched a ride in to get back to Earth. We were given closure, and it was exciting. If LG can get something relative to these two then they will save face. Otherwise.....
Linda Losik
187. LindaL
@RKG: Actually there are a few more that ended properly and they were on SciFi. I am referring to Eureka and Warehouse 13. All loose ends were tied up and packaged complete with wrapping paper and bows. I was pleasantly surprised at both shows ending the way that they did.

We can only hope that Lost Girl does exactly the same thing as these shows did...but I am not holding my breath even though EA has finally left the buliding.
188. RKG
@LindaL, I had forgotten about Eureka, Warehouse13 I hadn't watched in quite some time because I gave up my cable, everything I watch now I get online thru a couple of websites. I know one of those sites has it, I'll have to do a Warehouse13 marathon. I am getting ready to do an LG marathon soon to get ready for season5. It's good to know that EA has indeed left the building. I think one of the things that has to happen is this doccubus business. That has to be taken apart, that would help with finishing the series on a good note. I don't hold out too much hope for that, tho. It was/is so deeply rooted in the show it probably won't happen. I am definitley going to watch LG when it airs again starting Dec. 7th? But I am very antsy about OB. THAT show I can't wait for the new season to start. Imagine Rachel with an eyepatch. ;) Does anyone know when the new OB season starts by the way? I need a Cosima fix now that I've brought it up. The sisters rule!
189. nypinta
Long time, no post. Hrm.

Shows that ended well: Agree with MASH. I was watching the reruns a few years back and even seeing it all these years later and it hit me.
I can't acutally recall how Eureka ended, but I'm sure it wasn't bad or I would remember that! Warehouse 13... well... I wasn't happy with the sudden love fest between Pete and Mikha. It just seemed so out of the blue.
Being Human US: I kind of adored that ending. Wasn't so keen on the UK version's ending, but it was actually quite sly so I did appreciate it.
All I want now out of Lost Girl is clarification and sense of the last season, mostly being who Rainer really is and why was he specifically necessary to free Bo's day, if that was what they were really trying to do... Upon reflection (mostly during a 30 Days meme I was doing) I realized that a lot of Bo's attitude and how she was with Dyson and Lauren was probably actually a result of whatever spell was placed on her on the Train and was akin to what happened to Dyson after the freakin' Norn stole his love. But Bo's reaction was the opposite of Dyson's in that instead of backing off, she pushed hard. She knows she should love these two people but she can't. So she practically attacks both whenever she sees them as if she could force herself to feel what she knows she should. Dyson recognizes it to some extent which is why he doesn't try and force anything on Bo. It isn't until Rainer comes back that Bo is acting so far from who she is that he has to draw a line for himself and tell her he won't be her back up if Rainer turns out to be a bad guy. Bo made her choice, she has to live with it. But whatever is on Bo starts to wear off and we see her return more to herself by the end, even with her choosing to handfast with Rainer just to save him because it's the right thing to do and Bo saves people, even if she doesn't love them. It got muddy because for some inexplicable reason Dyson kept talking about how Lauren was Bo's girlfriend when she wasn't, by Lauren's own choice. Also, I was rewatching All the Gin Joints and I realized that Bo doesn't threaten Ianka for the hell of it. She thinks Ianka has something that belongs to her: her memories. It isn't until Ianka explains that she doesn't have the memories, she can just free them that Bo calms down. So it wasn't a "gimmie what I want" violence, it was "give me back what's mine!" which is totes Bo. However, it makes zero sense that Bo doesn't chi save Ianka at the end and tell her that dying isn't freedom and that life is hard, suck it up birdbitch and live. But whatever. Too late now.
And I'm confused why it's being said that there was zero buildup between Dyson and Tamsin. S3 even though she was giving him a hard time because she has a job to do (get Bo), she eyed him like a giant ginger lollypop from Day 1. And then Dyson consistently surprised her by having her back throughout the season and into season 4. And then she had his. I'm not saying it has to be a true romance or that they're "epic", (you must say that as if you're Logan Echels, FYI), but they aren't sudden.
190. newgirl
@nypinta, agree with the Myka/Pete comment, I always thought they were going to do it eventually (by they i mean the producers) but, aparentely the season finale came too soon for writers and they had to put it there out of the blue, and it felt forced but somehow I knew it had to come, but not so forced in, it felt awkward, in the other hand and it was what I didn't like from Warehouse ending was Claudia, I know it might have seemed it was everything she wanted, but for me claudia (who was my favorite character) was more about family, and it is kind of TOO hard the position in which she was left, if warehouse ending make me want to weep wasn't about it ending, but the fate claudia had chosen, it was too hard on her, I don't know... Artie could have done it, of course he wasn't meant to be, but it would have been good, anyone, Pete,Myks,Kenzi's Boyfriend (don't remember his name in WH13), but with Claudia it was to hard, I repeat I know they weren't meant to be, it wasn't their "gift", but still, it hurt me Claudia choose it, and about LG, totally agree with your comment on Dyson and Tamsin, they've been poking around each other since they've met, always as a teasing game, but hey it can grow up to something more serious, and sure maybe not epic but kind of stable, they gained each other trust in the hard ways and they have each other's back, not telling that's the sense of a relation, but its the beginning of one if you want to move on from that point, but what the writers will do, well... it would be "the writers thing", often i had to add, sadly
193. RKG
Concerning LG, I do not want to see any romantic relationships between any of them. Not Bo and Dyson, Dyson and Tamsin, Bo and Lauren I think it would only muddle things up, again. If anything, bring a new person into the mix for one of them. Something I WOULD like to see is a new Kenzi type character come into the mix for Bo. Kenzi kept Bo grounded, she was her rock. That's what she needs now, no romance until maybe towards the later half of the season, but for now....How about having Bo find and rescue Kenzi, but she doesn't look the same. Like she went thru a metamorphisis of sorts. A Kenzi who looks a little different, with Fae powers, benevolent Fae powers. That's something I would like to see. But there is one thing we all need, and that's clarity and proper closure, ok, two things. If the writers and producers can do that, then the show may end on a good note.

Well, I finally got to watch all of the WH13 seasons. Actually I did a WH13 marathon, twice. I had only watched the 1st season and the first 4 episodes of S2. @nypinta and @newgirl, I agree, they seemed to have forced the Myka/Pete romance in the last episode. I really think they could have gone at least another season with it. Then they could have taken a little bit more time to bring out this romance between them. The final episode was good, not great, but good. Something I did notice that made me like the show was the fact that there were people from other shows I had watched. One of which was Star Trek Voyager. Both Kate Mulgrew (Captain Janeway) and Jeri Ryan (7 of 9) they both looked good, especially Jeri Ryan. I did get a chuckle tho, when Kate Mulgrew was brought into the show as one of the Regents. She was called Jane. It was nice to see Jeri Ryan without some skin tight leotard. There were a couple others but I can't think of them. One person I did see on the show, and I can't remember his actual name, was the owner(?) of Ianka. We saw him in LG, OB, and also in WH13. While I'm not exactly sure, I think the little girl that plays Kira in OB was in it also. @newgirl, are you talking about Steve, the gay ATF agent that was brought into the WH13 fold? And I agree with you about Claudia, somewhat, she was young and maybe not ready to be the new caretaker of the warehouse, but she was told by Mrs. Fredricks that she would be the next caretaker if she chose to do so. What I didn't like was that latex or patent leather coat she was wearing. All she would have needed was a riding crop and she would have looked like a dominatrix. What was the big disappointment for me was the fact that it only went 6 episodes. ;(

I have never watched Eureka so I may give it a shot. Also, I recall hearing Artie mention Eureka a few times. I wonder if he was referring to the show.

So Eureka, and Being Human sounds interesting. What has caught my interest is Falling Skies. I'll be doing a LG marathon soon to get caught up and ready for the next season. And another OB marathon, I can't get enough of that show!

And my faves on WH13, Mrs.Fredricks AND Leena. I was so bummed out when Artie shot and killed her. That was a heartbreaker. And why on Earth did they just have 6 episodes to finish WH13 anyway.

So no ships between any of the LG gang unless someone new shows up. Lets figure out who Rainer really is then get rid of that guy. What if the gang has to battle with a super duper multiple chi sucking Bo because of her anger about Kenzi dying. She was angry when we last saw her standing in front of Kenzi's grave. Didn't she say "no one had better get in my way" or something like that? Time will tell I guess.
194. RKG
I forgot to add Polly Walker from Caprica. She was also in WH13.
195. nypinta
@RKG if you liked Leena, you might want to try Bitten. She's a regular on that show. They'll be going into season two soon.

I adored Steve on W13.

I agree with the first half of what you said, that they should just knock it off with the romantic relationships on the show, but bringing in someone else just freaks everyone out. I honestly think that a lot of the negative reaction to Rainer was only in part due to the sudden switcheroo about who he was. I think the real reason a lot of people reacted so badly was because they saw him as a threat to their ship. They hate, (as I did at the time), Bo calling him "her destiny" but in hindsight that moment was a giant red flag that something was still very wrong with Bo, that someone was messing with her. Probably her father, maybe it was Rainer himself. But Bo is not a destiny kind of girl. It's a sad state that the audience saw it as the writers screwing up and not seeing it as a hint. (I'm including me in that last sentence, BTW.) But we can't really be blamed seeing as they've done some pretty horrible WTF things. *coughKarenBeattiecough* But I also read that the writers have said that the "love triangle" is still on the show.

As for Kenzi... I would bet my bottom dollar, (I have only two...), that Bo goes after her in the opening two episodes. Whether she is successful I don't know. I don't think Ksenia Solo is going to be on the show full time next season. And either Lauren's de-faeing serums become a thing near the end of the season or something esle threaten all the fae.
196. stacymd2
Hey Guys! I have been swapped with work. I hope all of you are doing well.

@Kiersten: I'm happy for Kesenia Solo. I will check out Turn: Washington's Spies on AMC just to see her. Season two returns in Spring.

@RKG: I read online Orphan Black is filming and the new season returns Spring 2015. No date yet. The BBC website states the following characters will be back: Sarah, Cosmia, Alison, Helena, Male Clones (Ari Millen) Mark & Rudy, Felix (Yay!), Paul (Yay!!), Mrs. S, Donnie, Delphine, Art, Cal (Yay!!!), Kira and Gracie. No surprises there. Orphan Black is the best. I can not wait for its return.

Bitten will be back early 2015, no date yet. I can't wait for that show's return either. The show is great. Genelle Williams (Leen/Warehouse 13) plays Rachel, Logan Jonsen's kidnapped & pregnant girlfriend. Entertainment Weekly (The Community, posted 10/9/14 , 10:53am) has a Season 2 clip.

I'm really enjoying most of the new shows. Anyone else into Gotham? Just me? Ok...
The last two seasons of Supernatural have been great. I love the "Dean is a demon" direction TPTB are taking this season. Supernatural is a program that really knows how to create memorable secondary characters.

@LindaL: I agree Warehouse 13 ended well. Wrapped up with a bow.

@newgirl: As far as Mika and Pete, I thought it was obvious they were going to end up together. Their relationship had been moving from a bro/sis to a romantic bond for a while. The end did feel rushed. It's because the writers were given a very short season to conclude the show.

Other shows I thought ended well and/or gave fans closure:

Spartacus (Starz), The Wire (HBO), OZ (HBO), Xena WP, Angel, Rome (HBO), Buffy TVS & Being Human (US SyFy).
These all gave closure saddly or with a bang, but there was no other way to end.

Warehouse 13 & True Blood.
These gave closure with a perfect or imperfect bow.

Did anyone else think James Purefoy was amazingly sexy in a dirty, slimy way on Rome? Just me? Ok...
197. stacymd2
I disagree completely that Dyson/Tamsin were poking around each other or that the writers were building up to a romantic relationship between the two.

Season three they kissed once in Tamsin's premiere episode. That was then completely dropped. The rest of S3 had Tamsin crushing on Bo and kissing and making goo eyes at her. In Season four, Tamsin came back as a child. She was Dyson's partner. He would have looked for her (or Hale or Trick or Kenzi) because he cares about people. Even when RS returned to play adult Tamsin, she was mentally a child, but still made goo eyes at Bo. (Remeber, Bo's hugs is what love feels like.) Dyson babysat her and told her bedtime stories. Tamsin kissed Bo at Yule (or they had sex, depending on your outlook) and was crushing on Bo for the rest of the Season. At the end of S4, TPTB had Tamsin & Dyson have inappropirate sex for no real reason and with one line made it seem as if Tamsin was pining for Dyson for two seasons. There is no onscreen evidence to support that.

Lost Girl does this a lot. Viewers have to make up the stories, explanations and fill in plot holes so the writers don't have to.

@nypita: Most of the audience knew something was off (besides the writting) with Bo. There was no reason for her to be gaga over "destinies" and Rainer unless something was wrong. It's not all because of ships that viewers didn't like him. Rainer was a hollow, poorly introduced, underdeveloped charater. The character added to the gaping plot holes and didn't wrap up the long running Season three cliffhanger. If Rainer was trapped on a train & Bo's horse daddy was trapped in Hel, then who did Tamsin try to run over with her truck? Who/What took her and Bo? Who put the forget Bo spell on D/K/H/Tr/V? Who hired Tamsin to kidnapp Bo?

Also Kyle S and Anna S didn't have on screen chemistry becasuse their relationship was not shown or developed. This is a shame. Kyle S is a good actor. He knows how to play a charming, troubled man. I liked him on Copper.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
198. Kiersten
Ahem. *whistles innocently* That Bitten EW clip was me too...
199. nypinta
@stacymd2 I didn't say the build up was romantic between Dyson and Tamsin. I also never said Tamsin was pinning for Dyson for two seasons, nor does that scene. I just said that them getting together wasn't out of the blue. And it wasn't. She was clearly interested when they first met but he was clear nothing was going to happen. Then he became more than just potential candy for her to devour and instead he became and actual partner and friend that had her back, which I think is something new to her. So when he's down she's there for him. There are so many story logical reasons for that scene, (and on this show characters have sex for a variety of reasons, including getting over heartache), is all I'm saying.

I also didn't say that all of the audience reaction to Rainer was because of ships, just that I think a lot of it was because a lot of the reaction was about how mad people were that Bo was with someone else and not either Dyson or Lauren and how fans kept calling her selfish and were reacting as if her calling him her destiny was real, was actually Bo and the writers had messed up and forgot she doesn't do destiny. I think the writers did a series of things:

1) Tried too hard and instead muddied the waters with too many hints at too many other things, including trying to keep the love triangle viable even though they wrote themselves into a corner they weren't clever enough to get out of without disrespecting the characters.
2) Decided in the middle of the season to make Rainer someone other than Bo's dad.
3) So then they were setting Rainer's character to be something to bridge Bo and her father in some way.
4) Shot themselves in the foot because they switched gears too late to give Rainer any chance to develope as a character anyone would actually give a damn about. He didn't even get any real screen time with anyone other than Bo and Trick.

But then the fans freaked out completely online and I think TPTB are never going to mention Rainer again because if they're OK completely messing with main characters to retcon someone else to cater to fan complaints then they sure as heck aren't going to stick to their guns on his story and his death at the hands of Massimo is all we're going to get about just who the heck he really was and they'll pretend he makes perfect sense.

And that makes me sad.

@Kiersten there's a Bitten clip? I missed a lot. I scrolled up and read after my last post and realized I covered old ground via KS. And I guess I missed a clip!
Kiersten Hallie Krum
200. Kiersten
@nypinta I asked to interview/meet the Bitten cast at NYCC when I was there for EW. Space channel came back to us with an exclusive clip, which I wrote up for the EW Community pre-con. Then later they showed the clip at the NYCC Bitten panel.
201. RKG
The Wanderer, that song is what added a great deal of the confusion about who Rainer really was. It did for me anyway, whenever that song played, it had something to do with Bo.

It played at the Dal when the crows scooped her up. So we know that had something to do with the Rainer that was on the train. And it also played ON the train when Bo met Rainer.

But, a carousel appeared and was playing the song when Bo was tied toghether with those urban witches. And it was playing on Tamsin's radio when she ran over the image in the road that she said was Bo's father. God, just trying to rationalize that whole mess....

So that song, which has made my mind wander, was it relating to just the Rainer we met, and he did all those things. Or, it had to do with both the Rainer we know, and Bo's father, whoever or whatever he/it is.

I know of one person who could possibly give us the answers we need.
One sentence is maybe all that would be needed. I'm hoping she will make an appearance and do just that. That would be too easy tho wouldn't it.

So, now I want to ask everyone, what were your favorites scene(s) from each episode from S4. We've had so much discussion about how S4 was so disappointing in so many ways. And finally, I hope Linda Hamilton makes a guest appearence or two. Does anyone else feel the same?
202. doppleganger
@ stacymd2 "Lost Girl does this a lot. Viewers have to make up the stories, explanations and fill in plot holes so the writers don't have to."

This. Yes, exactly. While they hooked me with season 1 and half of season 3 was bearable (to me), the rest of the series has been promise broken, potential unrealized. And while the Doccubus fandom's wet dream played out on screen without any plot, the rest of the fandoms rewrote the plots in speculative fashion on blogs .... Unfortunately, in most cases, the fandom developed more cogent, interesting plots hemming closely to the characters' established backstory and personality than the actual show.

*smh* I really don't know why I come back? This show was so fresh and awesome, and then totally lost the plot.

Does everyone here REALLY (*REALLY*) believe that Ksenia Solo isn't coming back? I honestly would understand completely why she left, wish her the best, watch her in anything ... but I'm only hanging on to see how they save her, and hoping beyond hope that some new show runner tries to drive the new plot based on historical character development (i.e. S1 and S2). If Kenzi becomes some off-screen angel or valkyrie or some such in S5, I wont finish it, and will regret the time I spent hoping for something better.

Then ... I'll look for S3 Orphan Black. And Dr. Moreau saving Cosima.
203. stacymd2
@Kiersten: That is awesome about the Bitten clip. I cannot wait for Bitten to return.

@doppleganger: At a recent Con with KHR & KS, they were no longer pretending that Kenzi is dead. They know we know! I think Kenzi will return. I don't think KS will be in many episodes, maybe the first few and the last two episodes of S5.

I hope the writers bring back KCC/Hale for a few episodes in S5.

With this being the final season, I can't think of a more insulting way to end the show than to do a Dyson/Tamsin relationship. Fans have been waiting since S1 for Bo and Dyson to get together. Sadly, this is exactly what I think the writers will do.

The whole point of retconning Dyson's love into a mental prison, retconning Tamsin's Bo crush into her pining for Dyson, and the inappropriate sex was to push a D/T pairing in S5.

AS made it obvious that S5 will regurgitate Doccubus. Dyson & Tamsin coupled up leaves Bo with one romantic option.

@doppleganger: Orphan Black can't return fast enough for me!

@nypinta: We have to agree to disagree. I maintian that sex between Dyson and Tamsin was out of no where. Dyson has shown no sexual or romantic interest in Tamsin. The man has declared his love for Bo many times in front of her face. She knows there is no room for her between them.

I maintain that D/T sex was inappropriate and unnesscessary, with no build up to a sexual or romantic relationship between the two.

I'll give that Tamsin is sexually aggressive. I'll give that Dyson has probably never turned down sex in his life. (Hope springs eternal for Vex!) I'll give that the characters on Lost Girl (mostly Bo) use sex to feel better.

The last time Dyson was moping because of Bo, Tamsin took him out on the town, which is appropriate for co-workers. At this point in S4 he is a close friend but also a father figure and co-worker, who has only shown platonic interest in her. For Tamsin to hop in his lap and declare time for sex when he is drunk and emotionally unstable is inappropriate.

Also, if Dyson (or any male) had done the exact same thing to Tamsin (or any female) the Internet would be screaming rape at worst, sexism at best.
204. stacymd2
@RKG: Per your request...

401: Dyson/Kenzi/Hale - Strictly ballroom, well Tango. Vex's entrance, heels and outfit. Kenzi not acting like a pre-teen for once. Mia Kirschner's Clio.
Vex to Dyson: "Yeah, well, I'm as stubborn as I am well-endowed and I do love a good Mexican standoff."
The little we saw of Trick & Aofie's confrontation scene.

402: Kid Tamsin! Mia Kirschner's Clio. What little we see of D & H's bromance. What little we see of K & H's relationship.
Hale to Kenzi: "I like you. Everytime I walk into a room, you are all I can look at. You have so much style & strength that no human should have. I want to be a part of that."
Kenzi to Hale: "I want to be a part of you too."
Dyson to Eddie about Bo: "She has the most beautiful heart, and it breaks everytime someone she loves is hurting. She's brave. Stubborn. She is passionate. True. She loves with all her being. And I can't do any of this without her."
Ali Libert's Crystal. Wonder Lauren/Crystal. Wonder Lauren actually having chemistry with another character.

403: Evony with an eye patch. Mia Kirschner's Clio and Ali Liebert's Crystal. Wonder Lauren actually having chemsitry with character on the show. Lazy John sucking Dyson's toes. (We must NEVER speak of this again!) Dyson really loves his girl ;-) All of B/D's scenes solving the Jumbee case. Their car ride home.

404: Dyson &Bo's boxing ring sex scene - Passion? Check. Crazy, hot sex? Check. A long time comming? Check, in more ways than one. Kenzi & Kid Tamsin bonding. K & B dancing to Spice Girls. K & B fighting then making up. Tamsin's wings. Seeing K's inner sanctum. Dyson's bedtime story to T and talking with K.
Dr. Terrorist Lauren, M.D. showing who she is in her own words: "We were inseparable. Together we were going to change the world. Our version of changing the world turned into blowing up pipe lines with pipe bombs. Eleven people died. Nobody was supposed to be there. Not a day goes by that I don't hate myself for what happened. I made the explosives and then I trusted my brother with them. The point is, is that Karen ran & I've been running ever since."

405: Bruce!! Tamsin's akward dance to the death. Kenzi & Tamsin bonding. Learning about Vex's past.

406: D & B getting kinky in Trick's storage room. Trick: "Balls of Minotaur!" K & H kissing & reconnecting on the park bench. We see so little of them as a couple. D&B's "look at me" intimacy. Not because of the steamy sex, but because it showed how Dyson is Bo's rock when her life & emotions are in turmoil. He is who she turns to. It's like the Duran Duran song, "Come Undone,": Who do you need? Who do you love? When you come undone...

411: Linda Hamilton's Acacia. Kenzi & her mother scenes. Hale's sweet proposal. K & H making up after the proposal disaster.

412: Dyson's touching eulogy for our "dead and departed Siren." Kenzi and Bo's "Un. Claim. Me." scene.

413: Dyson, Tamsin, Kenzi and Trick saving the world -- in slow mo.
Tamsin to Bo: "Why don't you suck it up and get your sh*t together?" She kicked Bo in the butt while giving her the encouragement she needs.
Dyson to Bo: "My blood is yours. My soul. My body. I swear fealty to you, Isabeau. Because no matter where you came from or what made you, by your side is where I want to be. Forever." Yeah, Tamsin who? Build up to what? Dyson will always be Bo's strength, stability, lover, loyal partner, back up and best friend (after Kenzi).
205. stacymd2

Argh! Darn these typos. It should be 412: 'our "dear and departed Siren"'.
206. stacymd2

Last pictures! Have a safe and wonderful week everyone!
207. RKG
@stacymd2, I put that out there for people to maybe do. But I have yet to do so myself. I'm doing my LG marathon and sometime soon I'll have mine posted. But, I do love all of which you have posted. So, even tho S4 was a disaster, there were still some bright spots sprinkled about. Some scenes were fun to watch. Some, while fun to watch, only added to the confusion that was brought about towards the latter half of the season. Kenzi did look beautiful during the tango competition in 401 tho, didn't she. That was going to be my first favorite to start off with.

@stacymd2, thanks for posting your favorites, now it's my turn.
208. doppleganger
Am I late to the party just finding out that Ksenia Solo is joining OB? BEST possible outcome: http://www.bbcamerica.com/orphan-black/2014/11/25/season-3-casting-announcement/
Kiersten Hallie Krum
209. Kiersten
@doppleganger - Ksenia's move to Orphan Black was only just announced this afternoon. I, for one, am so excited for her and what's she's going to do on the show. Not for nothing but the OB showrunners John Fawcett & Graham Mason were EPs/directors/writers on S1 of Lost Girl...
Susan White
210. whiskeywhite
@Kiersten, what are you going to do with the recaps for Season 5? Are you waiting for the episodes to show in the US (is it January?) or will you start when they start in Canada (Dec. 7)? You know that not only Canadians but all the other folks around the world who will start seeing it in Dec. will be chomping at the bit to discuss right away.

Somebody asked a while ago whether Ksenia is really not returning to LG. What's the latest news? I remember hearing that she will be in the Season 5 premiere, but after that....? I have been operating on the assumption that she will not be back. Otherwise, would Showcase not be making a big noise about her return to the series? I'm so happy for her that she's going to be on Orphan Black. Great acting company in a good series.
211. newgirl
well, we're going to have Ksenia on Turn 2nd season and now on OB 3rd, that's GREAT!!!!!!! I watched 501 yesterday... i don't mean to spoil anything but i kinda love this line from Lauren: "We found some tamsim's hair on Massimo's druid stash" OMG!!! That guy jumped into a lava pit, just because he didn't searched thoroughly enough his stash!!!!!! Way to start LG, but really, really I'm hoping for ch502, after all i really missed them
212. doppleganger
@whiskeywhite and @Kiersten ... so, recaps and board open for Season 5, soon, or do we have to wait until it airs in the U.S.? B/c your recaps are better than the eps (at least in S4) and I can't wait to know the basic plot of 5 (like, do they, pray tell, retcon 4 and give us actual answers for Bo's Dad). All I see are AfterEllen posts about the presence of the Lauren necklace, and I'm sure there's more to the ep than that (I hope!).
213. Bluesun456
First, everyone is against Doc Lauren, but how many times did she save the gang in her own way. In her silent manner, she contributed to improving the non humans lifes. She does love Bo and her character in the love department when it comes to Bo, is always falling short. Dyson is a darling and he also Loves the Doc in he's way, he loves Kenzi, like a little sister. He does love Bo in hes wolf way. Kenzi is a sweetheart and she is awesome with all the things she can come up with, and she gave a lot of funk to her character. It's a pitty she had to leave. Wel Tamsin isn't my favourite, no offence, she tries to much to be like Kenzi, and she thinks she can just swoop in and just take over and be Bo's side kick. Well hope in the last few episodes to come Bo and the Doc land up together.
214. nypinta
Was just rereading the thread for comparative purposes but decided to respond to the above post even though it'll probably never be read because unlike the writers of LG I can't stand loose threads...

But actually, it's everyone against how Lauren is written. The idea that Lauren actually saved anyone isn't accurate. She has contributed to the teams success on a number of occassions, but it was never her alone that carried the day. But for some reason there are fans that insist on seeing it as her and her alone that has saved the others. Right now there's even a thread on IMDB where the poster completely ignores what ever single other character did in every season in order to suggest it'll be Lauren that finds a way to defeat Hades, and it might be that she does discover some weakness of his and uses her science (combined with "magic" from Trick's books) that will *help* Bo take him down. But it's not Lauren doing the saving. There's a big difference, but it's one that some fans will set aside completely.

I understand why some people don't like Tamsin, but she didn't think she could just swoop in and take Kenzi's place. KS wanted to leave the show and they needed someone to take that place in Bo's life, and Tamsin is the only logical choice for that role. I guess it's just weird to me when I see statements like fans hate Lauren just because Bo loves her when the fact is neither Lauren or Bo are real people and their love isn't an actual thing, but something created by writers. And the reason people don't like it is because it's written horribly. The same is true of Tamsin. She's not real. But that doesn't stop people from calling RS "fart face" and sending her vile tweets because they're upset she's in the show more with KS not there, or wishing that "Tambots" have meltdowns. Enjoying other fans being upset? Yeah, that's just awesome. (Except it's totally not awesome. It's gross.)

What I want in the final? For it to make sense. For them to stop retconning characters because they can't get to a plot point naturally. But since there are only two episodes left and already they've both had characters take action that definitely don't make sense, and have basically ignored the growth of certain characters just to insert drama, I don't have hope for either.
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