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J.R. Ward’s The King Spoiler Thread

The King by J.R. WardAt last! Today is the day that J.R. Ward's The King is released, the twelfth book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, and a return to Beth and Wrath's romance, which was begun so long ago in the first book, Dark Lover. Here's the blurb:

After turning his back on the throne for centuries, Wrath, son of Wrath, finally assumed his father’s mantle—with the help of his beloved mate. But the crown sets heavily on his head. As the war with the Lessening Society rages on, and the threat from the Band of Bastards truly hits home, he is forced to make choices that put everything—and everyone—at risk.

Beth Randall thought she knew what she was getting into when she mated the last pure blooded vampire on the planet: An easy ride was not it. But when she decides she wants a child, she’s unprepared for Wrath’s response—or the distance it creates between them.

The question is, will true love win out... or tortured legacy take over?

What page are you on? What is most surprising about the book so far? Who are you excited to see?




***LAST CHANCE: Seriously, leave this post now if you haven’t finished The KingThis is a post to discuss the entire book. For a non-spoilery BDB fix, visit our Black Dagger Brotherhood Collection. ***

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Mary Ellen Quigley
1. Mary Ellen Quigley
I can't read the book for another 3 hours, so I need you guys to start spoling things for me. I'm dying from anticipation.
Jennifer Proffitt
2. JenniferProffitt
I haven't read this yet, but I'm hoping for something special. I'm not a huge fan of returning to a previous couple, but I love Beth and Wrath so much!
Carmen Pinzon
3. bungluna
I've kind'a gone off this series, but juicy spoiler would perhaps persuade me to return to a couple I used to love.
Mary Ellen Quigley
4. Jedd
Just finished the book and all I have to say is LONG LIVE THE KING!!!!!

BTW there will a lot of profanity hereafter so BEWARE. Okay forreal so spoilers.......FUCKCKKK I don't know where to start but here goes:

1. Wrath gets tranqualized by Lassiter for going apeshit in the billiards room

2. Beth goes in her needing and Wrath decides to service her (he didn't want to in the first place 'cause he was scared that she might die during childbirth but decided to give in since he loves her)

3. Assail!! OMFG!! I LOVE HIM ALREADY!! I seriously need more of this guy. Anywho, Assail and Sola get together after she's kidnapped buuuuttttttttttt she leaves and he's just fucking DEVESTATED! Therefore, I WANt MORe!!!

4. Oh OH OHHHHH and when Assail and Sola fucked for the fisrt time??!!!! I fucking squealed like a muthafucker. And the last time they fucked before Sola left? FUCKKKKK HOTTEST FUCKING SHOWER SEX EVER!!!!! Fucking shit dude srly Assail is just WOW. When he came all over her, marking her with his cum. FUCKKK he's basically like "yeah you can leave me but I've marked you so you're MINE!" I. NEED. MORE. OF. ASSAIL!!

5. John Matthew starts having seizures again after seeing Beth, which triggers Darius' memories, but JM can't really decipher wtf is going on with him. Xhex does help him out by telling him that she can sense there being two of him on her sympath grid cause DUH there are two of him. But idk if he'll ever find out that he's the reincarnate of Darius tho 'cause I did read somewhere that Warden said she's not going to have him find out about it but who knows.

6. Layla and Xcor eventually meet up a few times in the book. I have to say that what she did in order to get to the BofB off Wrath's dick was really selfless but at the same time I'm like WTF are you doing girl????....DON'T FUCKING BARTER YOUR BODY FOR ANYTHING OR ANYONE!!!!! But fuckkk, Xcor better not fuck up with Layla. But damn at the same time I feel him man, I really do. And when he went shopping to get clean up for his meet with her. Fuuuuucccckkkkk. My fucking heart...fuck he might just fucking redeem himself FUCK!

7. SAXTON!!! Fucking love him. I think he was the fucking hero in this whole fucking book along with Abalone (totally awesome guy here). He srly fucking deserve a fucking book for all the shit he had to fucking pull in order to save Wrath's ass. I also love the part when Rehv goes to deliver the divorce decree to the fucking council. I can just imagine watching his shit eating grin spread like a muthafucker when those fuckers realized they were fucked.

8. Oh yeah, Wrath and Beth gets a divorce........

9. Beth is a fucking genius btw fucking love her

10. Wrath and Beth's wedding! OMFG DSFJSALDAL!! Rhage fucking letting loose on the wetworks and his response to the Brothers lmao cutest little shit ever

11. Gotta love Lassitter and his metrosexual ass. He was the priest for the wedding btw. He was ordain through Google. LMAO Loved him dressing up as Elvis Presley too. Oh did I tell you Beth was a genius cause she fucking is

12. Trez and Selena FUCKED!!!!! OMFG!!! But fuckkkkkkkk I hope Trez gets outta the shithole that he's currently in 'cause ffuckkkkk he's needs more good loving from Selena

13. Can we get a female for iAM 'cause foo needs to get fucked and lose his virginity. And I love how he can cook 'cause to a girl's panties is through her stomach. Cook me up some of your fucking soup and I'll be all over you iAM.

14. Zsadist was able to fucking hold a conversation with Beth and Wrath for more that two words and a few grunts and mumbles. I'm seriously proud of him. And I miss him. FUCKKK!!! Gonna go reread Lover Awakened later. I need my Z fix.

15. Oh yeeahhhh and Throe might be a problem later on 'cause we all know Xcor is gonna side with Layla later on cause fucker is in love and is bonding sooooooo yeah

16. There were no lesser attacks. Although Xcor did kill one guy and Trez killed another

17. Did I mention that Beth's needing was sooo unneccessary 'cause you see, she was already 4 months preggo when she went into her needing therefore she didn't even need her needing period. Fate totally kicked both Beth and Wrath in the ass and gave them a fucking miracle

18. Beth doesn't die when she gives birth but she's no longer able to have kids in the future due to a hysterectomy

19. Wrath and Beth names their son Wrath (or Little Wrath aka LW)

20. Wrath abolishes the monarchy but everyone still voted for him to become king cause he's a badass mutherfucker and everyone loves him but he just doesn't believe it.

Anywhoooo, that's about all the most important thing that I remember at the top of my head. I'm hoping Assail and Sola's book is up next 'cause FEEELLSSSSSS my fucking feeeellsss man I can't deal with it.
Nicole Leapheart
5. BoxyFrown
I scrolled all the way down here to say IM STILL READING! WHY AM I STILL READING! I take it back, JRW is totally going GRRM. This is a cerified tome. But good!
Mary Ellen Quigley
6. LW
Its a really good book - totally enjoyed it. Though it did seem like she was trying to end the series at first. She did come out on FB and deny that. There are just too many open stories she needs to finish.

Excor- I like him though I should hate him. Throe is the one to watch out for. I see bad things coming out of that Sit.

Assail - He's awesome

I love how it goes back to Wrath's father and how he dealt with his enemies - loved that

Overall good book !!!!! Now we have to wait till Sat to find out what book is next !!!!!
Mary Ellen Quigley
7. Roselover
I've got this book ordered and I'm looking forward to reading it. However I must say and I know I was warned about the cussing and swear words but this was totally over the top. This whole thing was nothing but swear words and made the whole thing awful. If you can't give a review or what ever this was without swearing then you have a major problem. Did others here enjoy all the swearing and cuss words? I really doubt it. I've enjoyed Heroes and Heartbreakers but I can do without all the swearing and this did not really give me anything but how to use the cuss words in all kinds of ways something I can do without. A review or what ever this was that uses so many cuss words really brings down the whole site and I wonder how the authors feel having their books talked about on a site that is okay with this. Time to take a second look at the content you put out here. Just my opinion and I probably differs from others.
Mary Ellen Quigley
8. CL Swartz
I have loved Xcor since his scene with Payne in Lover Unleashed, where she tells him that he is not the Bloodletter's son. I have spent many hours defending my opinion to my friends, so the way his redemption is kicked off in The King is just brilliant! Xcor was the supposed bad guy and Throe was the good male of worth that found himself under Xcor's thumb. Switching those roles around was so unexpected and just a stroke of genius. I just can't wait to find out if Throe is going to become the all out ambitious villian and if there are going to be future clashes between him and Xcor.

Trez and Selena's journey also heats up and I am really anxious for Trez to find out about Selena's illness. I just hope that it's something that modern/human medicine can treat.

What to say about Sola and Asail? Because The King is about a couple that have already found each other eons ago, I thought that The Warden would give us a secondary couple in The King. A fully completed romance. The fact that their story didn't complete in The king was frustrating and disappointing. But hey, Ward know what she's doing and obviously it means that we'll get more Sola and Asail later on. Yes, that marking scene was so hard-core! Totally bonded male marking his territory. H.O.T!

The fact that Beth sends Wrath to Z to have a serious emotional discussion is testimony to how far Z has come. Z will always be my first love.

I loved the Miley Cyrus digs. They were hilarious.

The fact that V hates Iphones and thinks Apple is evil made me laugh so hard.

I knew Beth was already pregnant when she kept worrying about her weight early on in the book. But then she goes into her needing and that threw me off. Wonderful way to keep us guessing there. Little Wrath! We're gonna have to call him Junior.

I agree, iAm needs a mate. I am thinking Abalone's daughter. The short little scene with her and her Dad had me instantly liking her. That's a future couple I could get behind.

Lassiter dressed up as Elvis! OMG! Speechless.

Can't wait for Saturday's announcement of who the next book will be about.

Hail the Warden!
Mary Ellen Quigley
9. ParanormalChic
I was so worried she was going to kill Beth, hell, I still am. With all the references to Abalone and his second shellan I was preparing for the waterworks that was Tohr's book.

I will say I went off the BDB books for a while. After Phury, I just wasn't interested. I'm glad I read them so I was up to date for "The King." It was everything that I wanted for Beth and Wrath, who are my second favorite couple after Z and Bella.

I can't wait for the resolution to the relationships they've built. I wasn't very interested in Rev., and I didn't think I would be in any of the non-brothers, but somehow, she's sucked me back in. LONG LIVE THE KING!
Mary Ellen Quigley
10. teriken
What a great read. I made myself take my time and not read it all in one day, cause now I have to wait another year for a new book!! Anyway, I don't need to spoil things to say that I loved this book. There was alot going on, about 4 major story lines at least, but the story of Beth and Wrath surpassed it all. And really, just let me say, A GREAT ENDING. So satisfying... loved it. JR Ward once again writes an amazing new chapter in the Black Dagger Brotherhood. Keep em coming!!! I would love to see Lassiter and Saxton get their own story soon. Lassiter is such a hoot and Saxton just really needs a happily ever after!
Megan Frampton
11. MFrampton
@Roselover, thanks for your comment. We are sorry you were offended by another commenter, but we don't censor or delete comments from the H&H community unless they include a personal attack.

I hope you enjoy The King, please return and share your thoughts. I have it on my kindle, I'm re-reading Dark Lover now to prepare.
Nicole Leapheart
12. BoxyFrown
Ok, finished it finally. I usually read really fast, but this one was long and I wanted to take it slow so I didn't miss anything. It was SO GOOD! Long live the King, indeed:)

Let's see how close/far off I was on my predictions in the anticipation post:
Beth absolutely got her baby! Little Wrath (LW)

Xcor and Layla had more stolen moments, in fact, she offered herself to Xcor if he abandoned his plot to overthrow Wrath. And he accepted!

We saw more of Throe, but no sexy times. And he isn't happy about Xcor's change of heart...and Xcor knows it's only a matter of time before Throe goes for his own power grab.

We did pick up the Assail/Sola storyline, and damn Sola is a bad ass. Assail is almost completely bonded with Sola and proved it a few times. HOT.

Still no Murhder :( But I keep hoping!

Wrath is surrounded by kings, but this book was definitely about his power struggle against Xcor and the glymera. They used some ancient laws to try to get him unseated because of Beth's human heritage, but the clever Beth had a solution-divorce her in the vampire way, and marry her in the human way. Rhev delivered that news with much glee! And Saxton performed the wedding ceremony dressed as Elvis.

Um, iAm is a virgin. I want his book NOW.

Trez and Selena were together, but now on the outs. Plus she has this Chosen disease and she's dying (but Trez doesn't know it.)

Saxton needs an HEA, and the new guy Abalone needs a new shellan. I just want everyone boo'd up!
Mary Ellen Quigley
13. cdncrazygirl
@Roselover I believe that the swear words aren't to bad since the author herself uses pretty graphic words. I want to say thanks for the spoilers all because I want to read the book even more now I was kind of leery before.
Mary Ellen Quigley
14. pyrate3
Can someone please tell me who abalone is???
Nicole Leapheart
15. BoxyFrown
Abalone is a minor member of the glymera council. He is forced into the vote that the glymera puts in to take away Wrath's power as king, but he cant stomach it and pledges his fealty to Wrath. His father was in service to Wraths father, so i t was kind of cool.
Mary Ellen Quigley
16. minit
Is anyone else upset about the whole Beth having to have a hysterectomy. I am but I think its mostly cuz we already have Mary who cant have babies cuz of the cancer she hand and ee also have Jane who cant cuz of the whole her being a ghost. Did we really need another one of the females not being able to have kids
Mary Ellen Quigley
17. kreads4fun
Hello? Am I the only one who thought Xcor buying new clothes at Macy's was absolutely hysterical?

Seriously, I finally figured out the obsesion with these books. They are an old fashioned soap opera, and I'm kinda OK with that.
Mary Ellen Quigley
18. Mshell
Xcor and Layla need to be the next book. PLEASE!
19. Rose In RoseBear
I finished it Tuesday, and am still digesting it ...

VERY fascinated by the way the Chosen die. For some reason, I was under the impression that non-fallen Chosen didn't die, unless Brothers shoot 'em or thieves kill 'em dead. Rehv's mother died, but she was Fallen. I think they must have started out as statues ...

Once again, no Scribe Virgin. Even when Serena goes to the Sanctuary, the Virgin's rooms are locked. and she didn't show up when LW, the next King, made his appearance in the world. Hmmm ... and I wonder what effect Wrath's dissolving the monarchy had on her corporeal self. Lotsa hmmms ...

Loving Saxton more and more ... hoping for his HEA to be epic!

Only one or two passing mentions of the other vampire establishments in the New World --- one by iAm, where he wants to go live by himself out West, and one by someone who mentioned family in the Carolinas. I would like to hear more about these locations, since I'm convinced Butch and Manny's father is either out West or in the vampire prison in the North.

I don't think Sola is completely human. Ward has done vampire male/human woman already .. no need to retrace those steps. Waiting with bated breath!

And LOTS more s'Hisbe! "No eating the prostitutes!" Oh, I laughed at that one!

Got to see more Payne, which was nice ... I like her.

Yeah, still waiting for Murhder ...
Nicole Leapheart
20. BoxyFrown
Trez and iAm are the next book, she announced it today. SO EXCITED!!!!
21. Rose In RoseBear
@BoxyFrown: Oh, goodie! More s'Hisbe! I want iAm to be happy, even more than I want a HEA for Trez. iAm is so much more troubled.

I'd forgotten about Ward's signing ... gotta go see what she said about Rhage and Mary!
22. wsl0612
I just finished, this was the best book so far! I was so worried that she was going to do something awful to Beth or Wrath or LW at the end, it was insanely stressful, but what an awesome story. And I was so thrilled to have more of the "commoners" show up in a book, it was really sweet.

My favorite chuckle moment was the wedding ceremony and Rhage's sniffling -- heee!!
Mary Ellen Quigley
23. BettyeS
I am a huge fan of the series, having read all the books at least 3 times. The King was probably my favorite. So many storylines and so much drama. I was scared to death Beth was going to die. I am looking forward to Murdhur's return. Should cause lots of problems. Ready for John to be made a Brother.
Mary Ellen Quigley
24. lannross
I have become addicted to the characters in the BD series. I would like to see more of Solo & Assail, Xcor & Laya also to have a happy ending. The Shadows are facinating-it would be nice to have Trez save the Chosen; or she him. i am is a really cool guy.
the race need a good crop of Podigy so they can thrive & survive.
Mary Ellen Quigley
25. Kelly Tovar
Just finished THE KING!!! I love the BDB. I feel pretty certain that I could probably draw out the castle complete with everyones assigned rooms lol. There is so much unfinished business from THE KING...Xcor and Layla, Sola and Assail (OMG), Trey and Selena, iAm &?, Throe, Muhrder, Lassiter...Why was JM (Darius) saying that he was going to protect Beth? From what? I kept waiting for that to be explained or play out during delivery of baby Wrath. I'm not ready to wait a year for another book....Rhage and Mary will probably be after iAm and Trey's book...We shall see.
Mary Ellen Quigley
26. melonnabanana
This book was so good! The Warden outdid herself on this one. I love the change that happened with Wrath, I love getting the story of Wrath and Anha, poor Layla I've started to feel for her what I feel for Sansa. She's the sacrificial Lamb of her family and they don't even know it. And BETH! Holy crap Beth. I am so glad Ward let this girl's bad ass side come to the forefront. Beth made this book what it was and none of this would haven't happened f she wasn't such an awesome female. Too bad all the other shellans are boring in comparison. Is it too early to ship Little Wrath and Nalla?
Mary Ellen Quigley
27. Tawnygirl
Haven't finished the book yet but appreciate the spoilers. I have no problem knowing the outcome in advance. As a woman of color I hope the Warden incorporates a black female in her storyline. Maybe for iAm? And eventually she needs to get some new blood in the BDB so that we can get some new romantic hook ups cause I don't want these stories to ever end. Keep 'em coming.
Rachel Immel
28. 715helva
I want to know more about Lassiter. I loved The King, but keep hoping for more on Lassiter. Also need more detail in how fallen angels (our religious heritage) interact with the Scribe Virgin (BDB heritage). The theology of this BDB'verse could be fascinating if explained in more detail. If it has been and I missed it, my apologies. Lassiter as an Elvis officiator at the wedding was great. And, I don't think Ward would have killed off Beth. The shock wave from that would have destroyed the series.
Mary Ellen Quigley
29. ybjsparrow
Love this book, it was awsome. Warden says the next book is The Shadows, can't wait! Love Assail only problem I have is the dealings with the forelesser and that shopping trip Xcor had was his redeeming action. Can't wait for the Layla Xcor story. Love you JR keep up with The BDB series, bring us more lovable characters like Rhage.
Mary Ellen Quigley
30. Nae
LONG LIVE THE KING! BDB has to be my favorite series and Ward did not disappoint. I can't wait for the next book about the SHADOWS...I LOVE iAM. Please write him an interesting story as he so deserves! I'm also looking forward to Assail & Sola's story as well as Xcor & Layla's. Oh and I agree, Saxton needs a happy ending. I hope this series can find its way to the big screen, that would be my ultimate dream!!!
Mary Ellen Quigley
31. Missriss
Just finished The King!! Did a lot of late night reading so I'm wondering if I missed something or is there going to be another book? So if someone can clear up a few questions.
1. Did it just end with Sola being in FL and alone? Like I didn't miss some closure other than her crying thinking Assail was there that night she went for a walk.
2. Ummmm is that how we're leaving Xcor, Layla and her unborn child? No clue if he took her, where he took her, did she survive giving birth...
3. And what about Trez's whole sitch? Did he decide to go back to the s'hisbe? Did Selena die??

I heard this was the last book that's why I'm so lost. If it isn't then I'm sure all these questions will be answered in another book. Just wanted to check. Other than those vital questions I freaking loved this book! Wrath & Beth are by far my favoraite couple and their story couldn't have ended any better!!
Fingers crossed for another book!!!
Mary Ellen Quigley
32. 715helva
No, The King is NOT the last book. Keep watching J R Ward's post and book links. Lots more to come.
Mary Ellen Quigley
34. Vonna
I would just like to say that I enjoyed the spoilers. Call me crazy, but spoilers dont turn me away, they draw me in to the book even more. So to Jedd...thanks for the info. Cant wait to read it. I had to start at the beginning...but I am getting through the series. Happy to know my one of my favorite characters is coming full circle
Mary Ellen Quigley
35. BJ Storms
I haven't read this series in a long time so I have one question. Please somebody tell me what happened to Ahna (Wraths first mate)?
Mary Ellen Quigley
36. JADR
BJ Storms, Ahna wasn't Wrath's first mate, she was his mother. The italicized portions were about our Wrath's parents.
Mary Ellen Quigley
37. StacieD
Just reading The King. I am thinking -- somewhere in the future -- Lassiter and the Scribe Virgin. Anyone else?
Mary Ellen Quigley
38. StacieD
OK, getting on in The King. I think s'Ex and iAm would make another great book. :)
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