Apr 6 2014 1:42pm

J.R. Ward Reveals Next Black Dagger Brotherhood Book: The Shadows!

The King by J.R. WardNote: This post may contain SPOILERS for The King. Read at your own risk.

At an event yesterday in Cincinnati to celebrate the release of The King, J.R. Ward announced the title of her next Black Dagger Brotherhood novel: The Shadows. Featuring Trez and iAm, the 13th BDB book will also feature the return of Murhder.

Check out a transcript of the event's Q&A on Ward's Facebook page for more scoop, and stay tuned to H&H's Black Dagger Brotherhood Collection for more details about The Shadows as we get them!

Looking for a place to chat about what happened in The King? Stop by our The King spoiler discussion thread to join in on the fun.

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2. RoRomance
I'm so glad the Warden used The King to move Trez, iAm & Selena's storyline forward! Now I am waiting on baited breath to see how things work out for these three! Ummmm anyone else want to go a round wit s'Ex??????
3. paulatau
I have to say that The King kind of changed my mind on Trez and iAm. I wasn't too invested in either of them but seeing the potential story line for their book makes me a little giddy for The Shadows :) Although after reading, I was really looking forward to Assail and Sola's story.
4. brooklynbabe
As I have stated in comments before, I do hope iAm meets a woman of color. We have not been represented in any romance and we feel kind of neglected. I realize this is JR's books and she can steer them anyway she likes. I'm just making a comment. I love all her stories and feel a kinship to the characters no matter what. They are colorless but still it would be a boost to us in that category. IJS.
5. georgiagirl
I could not wait to read the King and I was not disapointed. I can't wait to read Trez and I'Am's book.I love the way she writes.
Barb Hix
6. barbjhix
I'm starting The King right now, just finished Lovers at Last and was very pleased with it. I'm interested to see here Trez and iAm's story will be going also.

Also everytime the poor guy has one of his blinding migraines I can relate and I want to call him up on his cell and tell him to get his butt to Doc Jane for a major pain blocker shot. He doesn't have to go thru hours of agony like that - pain meds do work on the vampires, so a pain blocker shot that works on human migraine suffers like me would for sure work on the big guy.....I start to get a sympathy magraine for him LOL
7. vampire mama
Yes yes yes I am a very BIG fan of BDB... My sister-in-law turned me on to the books and I have been hooked ever since. She writes so well that I find my self completely and totally wrapped up in the books. I feel like I am right there with them. I just finished The King and I loved it. I am glad her next book is about the shadows. I do agree that it would be nice for some of the mates in her books to b of color. Even though J.R. Ward does an amazing job of making her characters, I would love to see who she pairs up Lassiter with there is a story there to b told.
8. DemonicBat
Am Going to be on tenderhooks now until 2015 so much more to discover about this amazing comunity and I only a Novice
Definatly love V or am In Love with V
love the rest to But V has that somthing special
one thing a little confused about maybe someone could help me on
Jhon Michael is Dharius reborn and sometime things happen to John when Dharius is trying to break through will this ever be fleshed out more so maybe the Brothers or Beth will Know ?
9. addicted2BDB
I'm so excited for the next story, as every one else is. The King was absolutely great. I hope for more Assail and Sola as well! Layla and the young, with Xcor? OMG, what a soap opera. Definitely dying to know what will happen with all of them! (im)patiently waiting for The Shadows!
Gretchen Fillmore
10. nursemom
I have been a Twilight fan for so long. After being introduced to the BDB series I'm an even bigger fan. I am currently working on Lover Avenged and can't wait to get caught up to The King! I pray there will be more books to come in this series. GOD has blessed J R Ward with a fantastic skill and gift of writing with a great world of vampire imagination.... One that fits my adult age, whereas Twilight has been more for teenagers... I will allow my daughter to read these books later when she is older... I am in love with Butch and Vishous though, and pray one day there is room to bring those two together as lovers more than best friends in the brotherhood, especially if Blay/Quinn are going to have their own HEA from what I've heard in Lover At Last...
11. LatinaTX
Yay! I am looking forward to read the stories about Trez, iAM, especially Sola and Assil. I think it's gonna be very interesting in between Sola and Assil.
12. SaraG
Just finished the king yesterday. Loved it. Can't wait for more of Trez and iAm. Also want more of Asail and Sola and Lola and Xcor. I can't believe the king's son was born with no mention of Lola and Quhinn's baby who would have been born first. But a book can only be so long I guess :) love the ending!
14. Cali girl
Just started the king love it so far!!
15. MaggiG
I don't know how many years I've spent reading BDB books. But J.R. Ward has made me love each and everyone of those gorgeouse guys and their mates. I've not read the latest one yet . getting it this weekend.
16. danielle day
Totally agree with the color thing, I love all the characters regardless, but we need some prominent black characters. An interracial relationship would be great as well!
17. enhle
i read the 1st 8 books online and i was so inlove with all the characters especially V ,QUINN AND BLAY that i started buying hard copies.i now own 12 BDB novels. just finished reading The King, n OMG you write beautiful stories JR. cant wait for the next book, please dont keep us waiting for long.
19. Hilario Alcides
Like a lot of fans I can't wait for Ms. Ward new novel "The Shadows." I'm intrigue, in aw. I'm hoping for "Saxton" to have his HEA with one of "Assail's" cousins who are identical twins one is "Eric" and I can't remember the other one's name :)...the chosen "Layla & Xcor" and of course "Assail & Soledad aka Sola."
20. shirls
Can't wait to read Trez and iamz story they have been mentioned through out a lot of her other books. Would love for her to make an interracial story line with a kick *** AA female lead. And not that ghetto trash, stereotypical braid -wearing mess she wrote in one of her other books. I was very insulted by that. There are many African American beauties from which to get inspiration from ... Gabrielle Union, Nia Long, Rutina Wesely, Tasha Smith, supermodel Naomi Campbell ,supermodel Jessica White... the list goes on. She catered to those interested in a same sex romance, would like to see her acknowledge her readers who are of color. IJS.
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