Apr 22 2014 11:00am

Firing Up Dreams in Vivian Arend and Elle Kennedy’s DreamMakers Series

All Fired Up by Vivian Arend and Elle KennedyThe DreamMakers trilogy is a new collaboration from Vivian Arend and Elle Kennedy. The series follows three ex-Rangers who have left the military and started a business not typical of what you would see men do.

“No joke. We own and operate a company called DreamMakers.”

She looked utterly fascinated. “You’re matchmakers?”

“No. No matchmaking. More like event planning,” Parker explained. “We plan extravagant dates and events for helpless boyfriends or husbands who don’t have the imagination to do it themselves.”

Parker, Dean, and Jack are approached by a man to set up the perfect date. When they sit down with the man they quickly realize he has no clue what his girlfriend likes, what her favorite color is, what flowers she likes or really anything about her. They don’t like the guy, but he is paying them, so they decide to do some recon to learn more about her.

When Parker joins her in the weekly yoga class, recon on Lynn Davidson takes a direction they never expect. Lynn is sexy and funny, and Parker wants her. He can’t figure out why she is with the douche planning the date, but he must rein in his desire because she is the girlfriend of a client.

Lynn is immediately attracted to the hot bod in her yoga class. Her best friend Suz encourages her to get some, but she is in a relationship and won’t betray that trust. But when she finds out her boyfriend is cheating on her with not just one woman but three all bets are off. How convenient for her to run into Parker and Dean at a bar the very night she breaks it off with the cheating jerk!

When Parker and Dean find out she no longer has a boyfriend, they both agree it is go time with Lynn. After a racy night with both men, something Lynn has never done, she agrees to see Parker on his own. Parker knows he should disclose to Lynn the real reason they met, but things are going so well and he can’t seem to figure out a way to bring up the truth. He decides to wait and try at a later date.

Just when things start to get serious between Parker and Lynn, the ex boyfriend steps back in to make his presence known. He is not willing to let Lynn go and will do what he can to make trouble for the relationship and for the business. Too bad he didn’t take into account he was dealing with three alpha male Rangers. ;)

The DreamMakers series is set to be a trilogy, so readers will also have the privilege of seeing Dean and Jack fall hard. If some foreshadowing can be done then I think we will be seeing the “best friend’s little sister” trope, which is one of my favorites. The series is a unique concept with smoking-hot sexytimes and some laugh-out-loud character interactions. Contemporary erotic fans might find this is just up their alley.


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