Apr 28 2014 7:36am

Favorite “Fooled by a Charmer” Romance Novel?

If you've been watching The Blacklist, you know that Tom Keen is not the devoted husband he first appeared to be when the show began. While it is tempting to think that Liz, his wife, is an idiot for not seeing how he was playing her, the reality is that many otherwise strong people are fooled when they believe they are in love.

Romance novels, particularly romantic suspense novels, often have this set-up, where the heroine is tricked by a charming guy who seems like he's the hero—only he totally isn't, and he eventually reveals his true colors.

What's your favorite Fooled by a Charmer romance novel?

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Megan Frampton
1. MFrampton
I was just reminded of Frozen, where the guy is not who he purports to be. I was so shocked by that reveal! I always feel as though I should have known when the truth comes out, but then again, I fall for the charmer as much as the heroine does.
In The Blacklist's case, however, I always thought Tom was a dud, and totally suspected him of something nefarious.
2. willaful
Oh, the shocked gasps in the theatre when that reveal happens! Having watched the movie around 6 times now, I can say there are really *no* clues, other than that the situation is a trifle fishy.

I can't think of a romance in which this has happened...
Manda Collins
3. mandacollins
How about Willoughby and Wickham? I still remember all these years later how shocked I was by Wickham's perfidy!
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