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Danny and Mindy Sneak Around in The Mindy Project 2x15 & 2x16

Danny and Mindy in The Mindy ProjectThis post contains SPOILERS for all aired episodes of The Mindy Project, including last night’s Season 2, episodes 15 and 16, “French Me, You Idiot” and “Indian BBW.” Enjoy!

Will they or won't they? That was the question for a season and a half of The Mindy Project, but that is all over, friends: They DID.

And while the so-called “Moonlighting effect” is always a concern for shows with romantic elements (can you resolve the sexual tension between your leads and still create compelling television?), if the first two episodes after Mindy and Danny's kiss on an airplane are any indication, The Mindy Project has nothing to worry about there. If anything, Mindy and Danny's new relationship status—whatever that may be—seems to raising the bar for comedy and romance.

As “French Me, You Idiot” and “Indian BBW” illustrated beautifully, the kiss merely opens up a whole new world of complications, all of which are potentially comedic gold in the hands of the series' writing staff. Already you can't deny the benefits of more one-on-one time with Mindy and Danny, whose chemistry is downright electric, and the laughs derived from their very different approaches to life and love. The legitimate, down-to-earth, character-based issues between the two of them as both individuals and a couple can easily power years' worth of storylines, and we got a taste of that last night.

Take Danny. From the moment he comes up for air from that kiss on the plane, his vulnerability is obvious even before he puts it all into words:

“I'm sorry. I probably shouldn't have done that, right? Look, I'm gonna count to three. If you don't kiss me, I'll realize this was a big mistake. And I'll return to my seat in humiliation.”

Mindy kisses him at four (yep, she tortures him just a bit), and we all swoon, but that's certainly not the end of his fear of rejection when it comes to Mindy. We see it again in his jealousy of Cliff throughout the episode (“Did you cheat on me with Cliff?” and “What do you mean, 'Nothing major happened'?”), his hurt when Mindy asks to take things slow, his hostility toward Tom and a 10-year-old sex tape, and—obviously—in the concerns he voices to his brother Richie about whether she really likes him if she's not treating him like the other guys she's dated.

The best part of all this, and what gives me so much hope about the future of the show, is that this is not something Danny will get over anytime soon, no matter what Mindy does or doesn't do. Thanks to the damage to his heart done by his father and Christina, his fear of abandonment will likely be a roadblock for Danny/Mindy for some time to come, thus keeping them from ever drifting into boring and happy territory.

Then you have Mindy, who seems to have realized feelings for Danny but not yet the depth of them. Her rom-com expectations of romance are sure to come into play, as is her disappointment when Danny can't live up to all of them (though his reading Bridget Jones's Diary to her already proves, to my mind, that no one loves Mindy like Danny loves Mindy).

And the two of them as a couple—can you imagine all the ways they're going to disagree? I can't wait.


Other episode highlights:

  • The battle for dominance that I hope will always define their relationship: “I'm the boss now.” “No no no no no.” “Mmm, I'm the boss now.” “No no no, I don't like it. *I'm* the boss. I'm the boss, OK?”
  • Worst breakup EVER: “Cliff, I think we should break up. I'm in love with someone.” “I didn't think we were gonna do this this early...I'm in love with someone too.” “No. Oh god.”
  • Mindy and Danny getting so caught up in their makeout session they started a freakin' fire
  • Danny asking Cliff, “Were you...aroused?”
  • Mindy's hilariously awful eulogy for Cliff's grandmother: “When an old person dies, it isn't as tragic as someone taken from us too soon, like Anna Nicole Smith. But irregardless, we feel sadliness.”
  • Mindy's confession: “Cliff...I kissed Danny. And I don''s a one-time thing. I think I have feelings for him...and I wanna pursue them. I am so sorry.”
  • Mindy asking that they hold off on sex until they've gone on a few dates, at least, and Danny countering that they've gone on “hundreds” of dates, like “doctors' lounge dates, subway commute dates, medical conference dates...”
  • Danny and Mindy's concern when the other falls ill with meningitis.
  • Peter figuring out that Mindy's new guy is Danny and then letting them keep up the act, though not without helping them recover from Danny's reaction to the old Tom/Mindy sex tape.
  • Richie's advice to Danny to not be so judgmental
  • Danny coming around to Mindy's wish. “I think I like that you want to take it slow. Let's take it slow.” Awwww!

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to watch that mile-high makeout again:

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Megan Frampton
1. MFrampton
I have only seen the first part of this two-parter, but I jsut keep howling at this:
But irregardless, we feel sadliness.
And already I like them together! I am usually leery of seeing couples I like stay together, but they're both still THEM, even if they're THEM. Not that that makes sense. But I hope they can make this relationship work.
Heather Waters
2. HeatherWaters
@Megan -- I know, that's my biggest concern too, that they'll lose the "them" that we've come to love. For instance--and who knows, maybe Mindy Kaling will make me regret saying this--I never want to hear them call each other "babe." It's too much. "Min" and "Dan" are them.

So far, so good, I have to say. The conversation about religion? Where Mindy says, "I'm Hindu and we can do basically anything" and Danny responds, "I don't care what you say to that giant elephant up there"? CLASSIC.
3. lauralee1912
"How is this beneficial to anyone?" I loved that line! I think there will be a lot of discussion over who is the boss in this relationship. Danny reading "Bridget Jones Diary" to Mindy at the hospital was just pure gold.

I am a flan of The Office and have always loved the episodes Mindy Kaling wrote the best. Her writing always ends with a sweet note.
Heather Waters
4. HeatherWaters
@lauralee1912 -- That line!!!! So great. Chris Messina kills it, as usual.

Same here, have a feeling they'll revisit that idea of who's the boss a LOT (yay!). Mostly because, like in the episode "Hiring and Firing," each of them just always assumes he/she *is* the one in charge! They're both pretty arrogant with each other and I hope that never changes. (Though let's be real, they're also both whipped for each other/see each other as total equals and don't perceive any actual imbalance of power; it's the principal of the thing to be "in charge," is all. This charms me.)

Kaling's a genius, isn't she? I'm in awe. Hoping she writes a rom-com film someday; she could course-correct the genre, as a lot of those movies have gotten way off track, imo.
Megan Frampton
5. MFrampton
All right, I saw the second part last night, and LOVED it. I love that PETER, of all people, is the one who made everything better. I love how Richie proved how judgmental Danny is, and I always love Danny's reading glasses. Swoon.
6. CindyS
I loved these episodes also - was so glad to see that they are still the same - when he flushes her hair and she smacks him in the face - and the religious comments were hysterical. Can't wait to see what they do next.
Jennifer Proffitt
7. JenniferProffitt
I don't think I've laughed so hard at a TV show as I did at the lavatory loving scene. Oh My God. Mindy's hair in the toilet confirmed all of my worst fears.
8. Ananya roy
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