Apr 8 2014 9:19am

Bitten Season 1, Episode 13 Recap: Heads Up! It’s the Season Finale!

Elena and Clay in the Bitten Season 1 finaleWe've been following this project since it was first announced that an adaptation of Kelley Armstrong's novel Bitten was in the works. And now, here it is! Check back weekly for episode recaps from Jackie Lester the day after the show airs in the U.S. on SyFy (and remember that in Canada the show will be airing a couple days earlier, on Saturdays on Space). Catch up with recaps for recent episodes 1x051x061x071x081x091x101x11, and 1x12.

Note: This post contains SPOILERS for all aired episodes of Bitten, including last night's Season 1 finale, Episode 13, “Ready.” Enjoy!

The season finale opens with Clay in a large metal tub, Elena kneeling behind him, bathing him. Clay says he needs to get ready for what’s coming. Elena says they will be, that “they haven't moved yet.” She must be referring to the mutts. Clay laments that he's failed Elena because he “couldn't protect Philip.” Elena takes the responsibility for Philip's involvement, telling Clay he's the one who actually saved her. She admits she knows the truth about the bite now and makes him understand there should be “no more sacrifices” on his part. She takes his ring and places it back on his left hand. Clay kisses hers.

Nick and Jeremy are moving stacks of wood around in a dumbwaiter. Nick thinks it's a waste to see all of their history go up in flames because that's what the wood is for: burning anything that could reveal their secrets. Jeremy says it's for all of their safety and tells Nick where the torch should be thrown to begin the ignite process “if the battle starts to swing” the way of the mutts. Nick can't believe the mutts would even think of exposing wolf-kind but Jeremy says it's more than that; there are “secrets passed from alpha to alpha.”

Elsewhere, Santos walks along a gravel path. He's saying that “just because [the pack] have Clay, doesn't mean it's a game ender.” He's speaking with Williams, who ignores Santos's statement, choosing to point out, instead, the mess the gravel has made on his “Italian leather” shoes. Santos tries to let Williams in on a thought. Williams just holds up a hand to stop him, telling Santos the only smart thing he's done to this point was “tortur[ing] the fight out of Clay.” Santos regrets not having killed them all as chances had arisen. Williams thinks that time is at hand (again,) with “Logan in the wind” and Clay still recovering from the torture, they “have the advantage.” Williams tells Santos that everything is almost in place; it all starts now.“


In a seedy looking motel room, Rachel and Logan have taken up temporary residence until their flight to Jamaica the next day. Logan thinks they'll be fine in the accommodations, while Rachel is questioning being listed as ”Mr. and Mrs. Smith“ and having paid cash for the room. Logan tells her that when they get to Jamaica, they'll change that to ”Mr. and Mrs. Jonsen.“ Rachel thinks he's joking but Logan is serious, that it's the best thing for them and ”baby Rocco.“ This seems to reassure Rachel for the moment. She switches the topic to Elena and the family, her concern evident for Logan's family. Loud voices are heard from outside the room and Logan goes to check it out before responding to Rachel. He tells her he's not sure what will happen. He asks if she's hungry and prepares to go out for a pizza (with anchovies, at Rachel's request.) Before he leaves, he makes sure Rachel is comfortable on the bed and promises that ”from here on out, [he'll] wait on [her] hand and foot.“ Rachel is all dreamy eyed as he kisses her goodbye. His face bears a different expression, like that of a man on a mission, when he exits the hotel room.

Elena is bringing a tray down the stairs and runs into Nick. He asks if anything is happening with the GPS. She tells him it hasn't moved since she hid her phone there, that the whole thing might be ”a bust if they're using another vehicle.“ Nick asks how Clay is doing. She thinks the mutts ”did a number on him“ but that Clay's ”not the only one.“ She believes Nick is still angry about his dad and doesn't blame him. Elena vows to make them all ”pay for what they did“ (as though she will be the only one to fight them.)

Nick continues up the stairs and Elena makes it into the kitchen with the tray. She tells Jeremy that Clay needs rest, lots of it, not just the few hours they've been given to prepare. Hearing her tone, Jeremy tells her to ”say what [she] really need[s] to say.“ She tells Jeremy that the past can't be changed and here she’s talking about the lie they’ve all been living since she was bitten. Jeremy sees it as Clay having tried to protect both Jeremy and Elena. Elena says it was protecting them ”from each other,“ having left his own protection out of the equation. Elena warns that she won't ”let that happen again“ and she will ”stand in the way of anything that comes at him,“ even” Jeremy. She leaves the kitchen, Jeremy looking on at her departure with an unreadable expression.

Marsten is looking at a crude drawing near railway tracks, translating the “language of the transient” for Leblanc (who doesn't look overly interested.) He's criticizing Leblanc’s lack of experience in this department but Leblanc just thinks he's rambling. Marsten says learning “the hobo code” was an integral part of his training....to be a scam artist. Santos arrives to let them know it's time to go. Marsten can't believe his ears, not seeing any changes in the head count of three they currently stand at. Santos tells them he's “put together an army” then mocks their appearance, regurgitating Williams' line about the Italian leather. Marsten says Santos' shoes “are about Italian as Chef Boyardee.” The retort from Santos involves “using Jeremy's head as a foot stool.” Leblanc grabs his belongings to follow Santos; Marsten grudgingly does so as well.

A different skyline is in view, with lovely mountains in the background. Jorge's on the phone speaking with Jeremy. He's telling Jeremy that “everything is clean in Toronto” and Philip is headed for France. Jorge has also been digging into Williams's identity and hasn't found much besides discovering his website was a fake. Jorge says the webmaster, Nate Parker, is gone now and the only information available on him was an address in Toronto and one before that in Churchill. This news surprises Jeremy because Churchill was “where Malcolm was killed.” Jorge thinks this means trouble considering Malcolm wouldn't give in easily to any attack. He believes that Jeremy “need[s] a show of force” which will require Jorge and Joey's presence. Jeremy disagrees, wanting the security of knowing if things go bad for him and the pack, “another wave of pack members…will fight to get [Elena] back,” still convinced that Elena will be taken by the mutts and not killed. Jorge tells him to send Elena to Vancouver, if it’s her safety that’s the biggest concern. Jeremy gives several reasons that that wouldn't work, like how “things fall apart” when she's not there and, additionally, how “Clay falls apart.” He doesn't mention how vehemently Elena would refuse anyway.

Clay is shirtless and having his wounds tended by Elena. He jokes with her that she owes him a bottle of bourbon, reminiscing about a bet made when they'd first met about Clay falling in love with her. Elena says “you lost.” Clay sees it more like they both won. They kiss but are interrupted when pings begin to sound from a laptop.

Elena brings the pings to Jeremy's attention, showing him the progress of the GPS on her phone. Clay has come downstairs with her, still looking pretty rough. Elena tells them that the mutts are “thirty minutes away,” on their way to Bear Valley. Jeremy says they'll wait it out at Stonehaven. Clay questions how he knows their homestead is the mutts' destination. Jeremy says it's the strategy he would use. Nick tries to convince Jeremy to meet the mutts en route because they'd “have the advantage of surprise.” Jeremy says they'll block the doors to slow progress, knowing they'd still have the advantage of the familiar grounds. Elena thinks the house is what the mutts are after, Clay voicing the certainty it will be a fight to the death before the mutts would get hold of Stonehaven. Jeremy stands up from his desk and says “we will win here or we will die here. But we are strongest here, together.” Go Jeremy!

Rachel in Bitten 1x13Rachel, in the hotel room, is getting annoyed with the sounds of lovemaking going on in the next room. It’s punctuated by the picture been knocked askew on the wall of her own room. She texts Logan to find out where he is. He replies back with “Car trouble. Hold tight.” Rachel moves off the bed.

Back at Stonehaven, we montage our way through the pack’s preparations. Nick is carrying a heavy bag. He opens it to reveal huge animal traps/ clamps. He checks the computer and calls out that the mutts are “twenty minutes out.” Jeremy pushes a large chest in front of the main door, while Clay and Elena are barricading the windows with wood. Nick pours a large jug of oil into an even larger pot and ignites the stove, resting the pot on the burner. Elena is setting up one of the animal traps with Clay’s help.

Jeremy takes Nick to the basement and instructs him how to escape if he’s the one that has to set the place ablaze. There a hidden passage behind a bookcase that will take him out to the greenhouse. Nick can’t believe he’s never seen it before but again, Jeremy uses the whole “we survive because of our secrets” bit. Then he tells Nick that he “met [Nick’s] mother once.” He recounts how Antonio just played it all off as “a fling” but Jeremy could tell by the way he’d acted around the woman that it was love. Jeremy tells Nick it was all “so beautiful” to watch, smiling fondly at the memory. Nick admits he’s asked Jorge to locate his mother but Jeremy, already aware of that, says he knows where Nick’s mother is.

Rachel, unable to find any snacks in the bar fridge leaves a note for Logan about where she’s gone, then foolishly leaves the room.

Elena and Clay are coming down the main steps at Stonehaven. Clay has a moment of weakness and has to rest. He’s cursing his condition, Elena knowing he’s “not ready” for all this but they don’t get a chance to argue about it. Someone tries to push open the front door. In a defensive position at first, Elena relaxes when she sees it’s Logan. Welcoming hugs are delivered and they head to meet the others.

Gathered in the living room, Logan is sitting, bouncing his leg nervously. Jeremy asks about his injuries, telling him he’d given them “quite a scare.” Logan wants to know if the scare was because he’d left Stonehaven or that he’d shown up there with Rachel. Jeremy says it definitely didn’t help matters bringing her there. Elena interrupts to let them know the mutts are “still moving,” Clay adding that they’re through Bear Valley now. Logan, still on topic, says he’s of a clear mind now that the pack rules don’t suit his situation, he feels he “can’t adhere to the rules.” He again mentions how impossible the idea of stealing his son seems to be. Elena interjects that the mutts are “moving towards Stonehaven.” Jeremy questions why he came to help when he had already been headed somewhere else. Logan says it “had nothing to do with pack law or pack rules.” He maintains he will still ‘go off the grid” with Rachel when the fight is over but for now, he’s there to fight with and for his family and he doesn’t want anyone else to die, “not today.” Jeremy asks for another progress report and Elena says the mutts are now “right outside.” Jeremy and Logan stand up, the Alpha saying meaningfully “let’s go greet them.”

The pack exits the house and fan out across the yard. They look around but don’t see anything yet. Jeremy says “there’s nothing out here.” Elena is certain that they’re there somewhere based on the GPS/phone information. They scan the tree lines around the property carefully. Logan catches a movement and watches as Rachel, bound and gagged with Elena’s cell phone tucked inside the tape comes out of the woods, looking scared. She’s running slowly, Logan runs to meet her. Jeremy warns him but it’s a bit too late. A wolf comes out of the tree near to their position and makes a run for Logan, now with Rachel in his arms. Jeremy yells “mutt!” and grabs an axe from a wood pile sitting behind him. In an awesome move, he hurls the axe overhead and it spins several times before catching the mutt in the head. One down!

Logan doesn’t stop, running straight into the house with Rachel still in his arms. Elena’s trying to find out how many mutts there are as they all run in behind him. Jeremy says they’ll “brace [themselves] for the worst” and advises Logan to hide Rachel. They all exchange glances…a lot of them…in a drum pounding, pre-advertising break sequence.

Elena says they don’t have time to make the change so they’ll have to fight as humans. Jeremy advises everyone to “stay in pairs” for the fight and be sure they keep an eye on each other.

Upstairs, Logan takes Rachel into Elena’s room and is trying to tell her that everything is okay now. He pulls the tape from her mouth and she starts talking quickly about being blindfolded and tossed in the car trunk. Logan goes looking for something to cut her bindings with while she continues to tell him that she heard everything the mutts were saying, how they aren’t “going to stop until [they’re] all dead.” Logan finds scissors and cuts her free. They hug for a moment before Rachel finds her next wind. She gives him hell for leaving her and heading back to Stonehaven when he knew things were still happening there. Logan tells her he couldn’t “leave them, not yet.” He opens a small door that is covering a cubby and tells Rachel to hide inside. She asks what he’ll be doing and if it will involve “chok[ing] another bad guy until he passes out.” Logan says, this time, he’s “going to choke ‘em till he’s dead.” He tells her again to get inside the hidden space in a tone not to be messed with. She obliges, looking like a deer in the headlights. Logan asks iF she’s okay but gets no response beyond more worried stares. He answers himself, closes the door, and runs out of the room. Rachel watches through the slats, sobbing quietly.

Santos, Marsten, and Leblanc are at the front gate. Leblanc wants to save time and just burn the whole place down but Santos is maintaining that the house will be his. He has to quickly correct himself when Marsten gives him a look to suggest he might be overstepping himself. Either way, pyromania is out of the question for Leblanc. Santos calls to Leblanc to go ahead and starting killing, telling him everyone else should be inside. Marsten chuckles at this, asking why Santos isn’t showing them the way in. Santos gives the lame excuse that they “have meat” to take care of the dirty work. Marsten ribs him again, saying “a true king leads the first wave.” Santos tries to turn the criticism on Marsten because he hasn’t delved into the fray yet either. Marsten says he’s “not the heir apparent nor [is he] meat.” Santos tells Marsten he’s just a “pain in [his] ass” and orders him to follow Leblanc to make sure he doesn’t try any funny business with Elena. Marsten, before he leaves, says Santos shouldn’t worry because he’ll “get everything that’s coming to” him. He shakes Santos’ hand despite the underlying threat that peppered his words. Santos smiles, thinking it was a well wish from his fellow mutt.

Inside the house, something flies through one of the boarded up windows, breaking the glass on its way. After mere seconds, the bomb explodes and it’s game on. Jeremy and Nick run to the kitchen to see where the house has been breeched. Two men head up the stairs from the kitchen. Jeremy quietly follows behind them, motioning Nick to slow down.

Clay and Elena look at each other, just waiting for the next shoe to drop. Another bomb comes through a window and explodes in front of them. A man comes barreling through the window but, with a little help from Clay, ends up stepping almost directly into one of the leg clamps. Blood spurts everywhere and the man grunts in pain. Clay walks over to him and efficiently snaps his neck. Two men enter through the front door, a familiar face amongst them, carrying a battering ram. Samuel Boggs has returned and he’s sporting a new set of metal teeth. He tells Clay it’s time for payback, making a chomping motion for emphasis. Elena starts fighting the one that entered after Boggs, while Clay takes on Boggs. A first attempt with the battering ram finds Boggs making contact with a table instead of his target, Clay’s head.

Upstairs, Jeremy and a bad guy go flying into the tub Clay had been bathing in earlier. Still filled with water, they make a huge splash. The late afternoon sun provides lots of shadows on the scene, intensifying it. The mutt gets hold of Jeremy and tries to hold him under water but fails when the Alpha hits back, knocking his foe to the opposite rim. They exchange more hits in what looks like an even heat.

Elena is battling her mutt, who has some kind of big stick he’s brought with him as well. Elena’s blonde hair and red jacket really punch up the colour in this fight, where everything else is darkened by the shadows. Again she and her opponent seem neck and neck in their efforts to punch, block, kick, especially when Elena pulls down a tapestry and uses its hanger as her own weapon. Another bomb crashes through a window, landing on a chair close to the action between Clay and Boggs. It explodes, causing a cloud of feathers to rain down on them. Clay and Boggs battle it out, Clay having the disadvantage with his pre-existing wounds and lack of protection against the heavy metal ram being pounded into him.

Rachel is trying to be as quiet as possible but has to cover her own mouth when she hears someone enter Elena’s bedroom. She doesn’t understand that it won’t help much with the wolfy smelling ability at the newcomer’s disposal. Sniffing out her location, he approaches her. A loud grunt behind distracts him and another battle gets underway with Rachel looking on in terror.

Jeremy is still battling the mutt in the bath tub. They’re splashing around a lot, each trying to gain the upper hand. The mutt goes for Jeremy’s neck but the Alpha breaks the hold and places his own hands around the mutt’s neck, holding him down under the water. Jeremy reaches a hand down forcefully then the mutt stills. The murky, white bathwater begins to stain with red. Jeremy allows himself a moment to breath.

Leblanc finally enters the house with Marsten close at his heels. Leblanc heads into the house with firm purpose but is stopped by Marsten warning him, again, not to kill Elena. Marsten tells the psycho-mutt that if he wants to kill someone, they need to go look for Jeremy rather than trying to satisfy his obsession with Elena. Leblanc asks why Marsten has the impression he wants to kill Elena. Marsten says it’s because Leblanc himself keeps saying it over and over again. These two would almost make a neat comedy duo, if it weren’t for the whole serial rapist/murderer entry on Leblanc’s resume.

Elena does battle in Bitten 1.13Clay and Boggs are still hitting hard amongst the feathers. Clay makes a run at Boggs, picking him up and slamming him into the wall. He then picks up Boggs in one of his overhead holds and drops the mutt to the ground nice and hard. Elena, now armed with her weapon, is going all Shaolin Monk on her mutt. She makes contact with her iron curtain rod a few times, knocking the bad guy down with some of the hits. She spins the rod quickly in her hands (impressive!), ready to defend when the mutts runs at her again. She blocks his shots a few times, managing again to hit her make a few times too.

Boggs is randomly smashing the ram into the wall, missing Clay with every swing he makes. Clay kicks him, forcing Boggs to drop the ram. Boggs rushes Clay, grabbing him in a tight hold. Elena’s guy is on the ground now but he’s blocking her rod with bicycle kicks to match each blow. He kicks the rod away finally, landing a few additional kicks to Elena’s torso and then they’re back to mano-a-mano. Elena’s advancing with hits, trying to regain ground, then does a jump kick that tosses the mutt into the hallway. The mutt gets hold of her, slamming her into the entry frame a few times. Elena grabs hold of the frame, giving her enough leverage to push the mutt with her legs and kick him in the head. Jumping down, she plows the mutt into the walls along the hallway then grabs a painting off the wall and whacks him with it (I hope it wasn’t one of Jeremy’s!) She tosses the mutt to the ground and moves further along the hall away from him. The mutt gets on all four and runs towards her, animal-like, lunging and throwing her into the kitchen. He tosses her over the table. Back on her feet, Elena looks around to form a plan. She moves to leave the kitchen, taking a kick in the side on her way out. The mutt follows.

Upstairs, Nick is fighting the mutt in front of Rachel. Through her perspective of the fight only, we see body parts flash in front of the screen but not the entire action. There are grunts aplenty though, so it must be a good one, right? The fight lasts long enough to that Rachel’s panic continues to rise then it ends quickly with the mutt bouncing off Elena’s bed and landing on the floor with dead eyes. The body gets dragged away and the door to the secret spot opened. Rachel finally sees it’s just Nick and tells him in her super-fast talk that her “heart’s going to explode” and she needs out of there ASAP. Nick tells her he understands but she must stay hidden for the moment; he’ll come back for her after. She nods her head in reluctant agreement.

Santos is still pacing at the entry gate. He has a bounce in his step as a limousine arrives. Williams steps out of the limo carrying an ominous looking leather bag. Santos proudly announces that “everyone’s inside.” Williams wants to know why the ‘everyone’ didn’t actually include Santos. Santos says he was waiting for Williams…so naturally that would preclude him from the fighting, duh. Williams tells him the orders were to take Stonehaven by force, to “storm it.” Santos says he “decided to general it from afar.” Williams tells Santos that those kinds of action won’t win him any favours with Elena. He tells Santos to get in on the action and “show her [he’s] the real Alpha.” Santos tries to change the subject by asking if Williams is “just going to waltz through the front door.” Williams thinks that wouldn’t be much fun and says he’s going to show Santos a Stonehaven secret.

Elena and her mutt have made it down to the war room in the basement and are going strong with the battle. The mutt manages to get Elena’s back pushed onto a table as he grips her tightly about the neck. Not finished yet, Elena gets the same hold on the mutt and the two are squeezing hard. The dumb waiter opens and an angry black wolf jumps out at the mutt, taking him down. He chews on the mutt quickly to finish the job. Before he can, another mutt bursts into the room and Elena calls to the wolf “Logan.” Logan-wolf chases after the new mutt. Elena, seeing the first mutt is still alive, holds her hand over his mouth to suffocate him. The mutt tries to struggle but it’s no use.

She’s pulled from the mutt’s body by two hands, one of them also holding a knife. Leblanc has found her. Marsten looks around uncomfortably while Leblanc tells Elena she’s going to be the “first entry” in his “new scrapbook.” Elena tries to talk him into dropping the knife and making things more fair between them. Leblanc tells her it’s no use playing to his sense of morality; he doesn’t have any. Marsten pulls Elena from Leblanc’s grasp and scolds him about adhering to the deals they have in place. Leblanc says he’s “sick of being told” he can’t touch Elena when “all [he] wants to do is touch [her] from the inside out.” He rubs a hand across her face as he says the words. He says, despite the prize that everyone else thinks she is, he’s “not one for prizes.” He goes for the overhand stab but his arm is caught by Marsten, who then pushes Leblanc in to the glass map of Bear Valley. It smashes around Leblanc, leaving some ragged piece still sticking out of the frame. Marsten tells Leblanc that the reason he won’t let the psycho-mutt touch Elena isn’t this whole issues of prizes, “it’s because she’s a lady. “ Elena punctuates Marsten’s remarks by pushing the frame, jagged glass and all down into Leblanc’s body. He gurgles for a moment then falls back onto the table lifeless.

Marsten picks up Leblanc’s knife but doesn’t hold it in a threatening way at all. He tells Elena she has “no reason to trust” him beyond his word. She asks what word he might be referring to and he tells her “mutiny.” She looks like she considering all the ins and outs of that one.

Outside, Logan emerges from the woods stark naked and covered in blood. He looks behind him and wipes his mouth. Looks like one more mutt wasn’t match enough for the pack members.

Clay and Boggs have made it to the kitchen and are meeting blow for blow. They smack each other back and forth between the kitchen table and the counter. Clay gets hold of Boggs’s arm and plunges it into that pot of now boiling oil. Ouch! Boggs is weakened enough, screaming from the pain, that Clay can land an excellent hit to his face. The new metal teeth come flying out, stumbling across the kitchen floor, Boggs landing in a similar fashion right after. Elena enters the kitchen with Marsten right behind her. Clay, grunting, makes a run for the mutt, not yet knowing he’s potentially switched sides. Elena steps in to stop him, telling Clay about Marsten saving her life. He thinks “it’s a trick, a Trojan horse,” that they should just off him and they won’t have to worry about it. Boggs looks at his badly burned arm and decides now would be a good time to make a run for it. Clay motions to run after him but Elena stops him again, saying they “need to deal with Santos” first. Clay asks again about Marsten. Elena tells him they’ll “let Jeremy decide” his fate.

Jeremy and Nick come running down the main stairs, Jeremy commenting there’s “no sign of Santos” yet. Nick says “that coward’s probably pissing in the woods waiting for all his minions to do the dirty” (and he’s totally right!) Jeremy won’t be taking any requests for leniency from that mutt at least. He tells Nick that when they “find him, [they’ll] kill him.” They head towards the hall on the opposite side of the main entrance away from the living room.

Up in Elena’s bedroom, Logan opens the hidey-hole door but discovers Rachel isn’t in there anymore. He runs out of the room and down the stairs, trying to button his shirt along the way. He heads in the same direction that Jeremy and Nick just ran, as do Clay and Elena moments later. That leaves Marsten in the house alone now.

The pack emerges outside, Logan telling them that Rachel’s gone. Jeremy catches him but Logan is emulating the Rachel fast speak, saying him she can’t run, the baby’s at risk, etc. Jeremy tries to calm him. It does nothing and Logan heads off on his search. Jeremy doesn’t want him going alone so Nick offers to tag along, promising to be quick about it. Clay, Elena, and Jeremy go back into the house.

Downstairs, Williams enters the house through the secret passage Jeremy had shown Nick not too long ago. Santos asks if there are more secrets, Williams telling him everything there is part of the secret. Seeing Leblanc sandwiched between the map frame and the table, Williams asks if he’s the serial killer or the rapist. Santos, almost comically, explains Leblanc was a bit of both. Still looking for instruction, Santos asks what’s next on the agenda. Williams tells him they head upstairs and they do. Looking in the rooms as they move upward, Santos notices Marsten in the living room. He turns back to tell Williams but the older man has vanished.

Unable to find Williams, Santos goes to speak to Marsten. He’s surprised to find his fellow mutt still alive and sees this as a sign that “the pack must be dead.” Marsten tells him he’s mad, that the whole plan has “gone to hell in a hand basket.” Santos is still confused why Marsten is just casually hanging around now if that’s the case. Marsten breaks the news to him that rather than be hunted down, he’s decided they must face their “swan song.” A heartbeat later, after trying to absorb this information, Santos makes a run for it but finds all exits from the room are covered by the good guys. His last resort is to make a run for the window behind Marsten but finds his way blocked there as well. He calls Marsten a “turncoat” and gives him a shove.

Jeremy asks Marsten about his “change of heart.” Marsten confirms as much, telling the Alpha that he “understand[s he] brings with [him] a recent history of wrongdoing.” Santos scoffs at this, laying the responsibility of biting-in the original psycho-mutt, Scott Brandon, and the resulting deaths at Marsten’s feet. Jeremy asks how he can be sure that Marsten’s transformation “is not just a momentary lapse.” Santos answers this, saying he doesn’t know. Marsten admits it’s true, Jeremy can’t know. He tells Jeremy that before all of this recent mess, he’d never taken sides, favouring looking out for himself and “the long con” over any allegiances. Santos tries to convince Jeremy that Marsten is just pulling “another long con.” Marsten says it isn’t and tells Jeremy that all he wants “is a swift death.” Jeremy tells Marsten that he “would be more use to the pack…alive.” This surprises Clay and Santos but allows Marsten a heavy sigh of relief. He swears to Jeremy he will be “at [his] beck and call.”

Santos flips, pointing out to them all the things he’s been “capable of,” proud of the “empire of mayhem” he created. He qualifies his words by saying “sure, they’re all dead now” yet he still believes “it was glorious while it lasted.” He criticizes Jeremy for not having seen it coming. Jeremy tells him he sees “very clearly how it’s going to end.” Clay steps up behind Santos and grabs his arms behind his back. Santos sees there’s no hope and yells at Clay to “do it. Do it!” Clay tells him quietly that he’s not going to be the one to kill the mutt. He spins Santos around to face Elena, who says “I am.”

He laughs at this idea, prompting Elena to grip him hard around the throat. Santos tells her “all [he] ever wanted was to put [his] hands on [her] and in the end it’s [her] hands on” him. Elena says it was more than hands; it was about owning her, possessing her, wanting kids from her. Santos says the kids would have been perfect and she was “going to be the most important member of [their] kind.” Clay tells him that “she already is.” Elena tells what he wanted “was never [his] for the taking.” Santos says Elena “always had [his] heart” and Elena tells him now she’ll break it. She pushes her hand into his chest and his heartbeat pounds loudly. With a twist, the sounds ends and Santos falls to the floor dead.

It’s time to take stock of the dead bodies around the property and we montage (again) from the bath tub to the man in the animal trap, then the man in Elena’s bedroom, the other man she killed in the basement, and finally Leblanc.

Logan and Nick are still running the property looking for Rachel. Logan hears a growl and starts calling her name faster but gets no response. They keep running for a bit then Nick calls for Logan to stop. Logan thinks his pack mate has sensed something in the air but Nick says there’s not a single trace of anything. He tells his friend he needs to go back to the house. Logan says he can’t go back until he finds Rachel. Nick asks if Logan’s serious about “going off the grid” once he’s located Rachel. Logan just nods that it’s still his intent. Nick pulls him into a hug, telling Logan he’ll miss him. He sends Logan off with the firm determination that he’ll find Rachel. Logan runs off in the opposite direction from which they came, Nick heading back to the mansion.

Jeremy is carrying Santos’s body out of the living room. Williams is coming down the main stairs. As the two lay eyes on each other, Jeremy is forced to lay Santos back on the ground. He tells Williams he’d “hoped the rumours of [his] death were true,” solidifying previous guesses that Williams and Jeremy’s father, Malcolm Danvers are one and the same. (You’re not surprised, are you?) Malcolm replies that “hope is for high school girls with crushes and hostel cancer wards.” Jeremy asks why he’s come to the house and Malcolm claims it’s a “nostalgia tour.” He comments that his son has turned his bedroom into a “craft space” following up with an insult about Jeremy’s paintings. Jeremy says Malcolm had “wanted [him] dead from the day [he] was born, something Malcolm confirms, saying he never wanted any sons. He tells Jeremy he would have killed him years ago if he hadn’t been “hiding behind [his] grandfather’s coattails.”

Jeremy asks if Malcolm is the one behind everything that’s been happening. Malcolm takes credit for the plan’s “inception” and for the “victories.” Jeremy can’t figure out that second part, not having seen any victories to speak of. Malcolm tells him he’s “only just begun,” punctuating his words by calling Jeremy “boy.” Jeremy promises that if Malcolm wants to fight again for Alpha, he will also “lose again.” Malcolm says he doesn’t want the Alpha position nor does he want the house. Jeremy has to ask what he actually does want, punctuating his own question with a snarled “father.” Malcolm tells Jeremy that he’s after “the future. Her.” Malcolm calls Jeremy “a fool” for not taking advantage of Elena’s presence in the pack. Jeremy tells his father “if [he] wants Elena, [he’ll] have to come through” Jeremy himself first. Malcolm says that’s his intention, warning his “best is yet to come.”

Rachel and Malcolm in Bitten Season 1 episode 13Back in his limo, Malcolm watches on as another man says he didn’t even have to go into the house, that “the silly little thing was running through the woods.” The camera pans out to reveal Rachel sitting beside the man, her knees held tightly to her chest as she cries. Malcolm tries to smile and be pleasant, asking if she liked the rattle he’d sent her, that he’d “handpicked it” himself. She looks at the two men like they have multiple heads and continues to cry as they laugh.

Elena and Clay are outside, Elena bent over a body that has dog tags. She IDs the man and ponders contacting his father to let him know what happened. Clay thinks they can just bury the tags with the body but Elena says “his father’s a good man.” Elena tries to accept the blame for everything for “taking [their] eye off the ball” when it came to tracking the mutts. Clay tells her not to blame herself. She promises she won’t let it happen, that together they’ll keep on top of the tracking. Clay gets stuck on the “you and me” aspect, eliciting a kiss from Elena at the thought. She tells him she has “one more thing [she] needs to fix” and heads into the house.

Philip in Bitten 1x13Once inside, she goes directly to her bedroom to locate the ring she’s had tucked away. She places it back on her left hand and goes to the mirror to admire its presence on her hand. She smiles at the sight for a moment before something in the mirror catches her eye: an object with hair sitting on her bed. She turns around to get a better look, edging closer to the space. When she sees the object is Philip’s head lying on her bed, she lets out a bloodcurdling scream.

Ends credits.

Jackie Lester imagines a day when she can make a living as a writer. Until then, she reviews eclectic books at My Ever Expanding Library and lives in small-town Ontario with her daughter.

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Tatiana deCarillion
1. decarillion
First, I hope we get season two!

I have had to suspend a lot of disbelief on behalf of Rachel not questioning pretty much anything that's been told to her about Logan's family, or what's going on with the violence, etc. She's preggers, ffs--first thought should be for safety of baby-to-be--and yet...she stays with Logan, after being attacked, kidnapped, etc.

That aside, I've been mulling over the events that transpired, on and off-screen, in this episode.

Before I get a-head of myself, let's talk about Philip:P--did Jeremy engineer the beheading with Jorge, in order to strengthen Elena's resolve to stay with/defend the pack? Sure, he was on his way to France--or so it was said--and sure, Jeremy had no use for the guy.

Jeremy--for whatever reasons, I thought this episode would include Jeremy dying, asking Elena to finish him off, and take over as packmeistress (is that a word?). Everyone wants Elena; the girl is worth her weight in gold, apparently--is it because she survived the change and would be able to bear full-pedigree wolfie pups? Is she fulfilling some kind of prophecy contained in all those rolled up secrets in Jeremy's little downstairs lair? Is it just because she's so damn hot? (oops, girlcrush sneaked out!)

Nick finding out who his mom is, and Jeremy telling him how pretty she is/was--I guess that is a storyline to play out in season two, if we get one.

I found it tough to believe that Marsten would have followed Santos through any of his schemings--maybe it was the bad acting of the guy playing Santos, though.

Clay and Elena. Hot. Hot. Hot. But, as these things usually go on TV, they will be happy for 3.4 seconds before something is interjected that pulls them apart, involuntarily (see: Dark Angel, et al.) At least they're together at the end of this episode, just in case we don't get a renewal.
Jackie Lester
2. JackieLester
@decarillion This episode definitely ended in a way that screams S2. Let's just hope the TV gods see it that way too. I think Philip's head was what Malcolm had stashed away in his leather satchel. On rewinding, there's was a distinct head-shaped lump in the bag when he first came out of the limo holding it, so it is all part of Williams' plan to destabilize Elena. The whole Elena as a prize thing...I'm torn. I can see why all these men would think there's an advantage to making babies with her but would it guarantee a race of super werewolf children? We'll have to wait to see what happens on that score though I was thinking the Williams/Malcolm story line would have died out with this season.

I think the overall idea with Marsten is that he wanted territory but there had been no budge in Jeremy about it so he sought another opportunity. Santos may have presented a good plan to Marsten initially but things went spiralling out of control quickly for them. Marsten just made the best out of what was left.
Karen McCoy
3. mcmahmen
Regarding Phillip's head I think it was the mutts specifically Malcolm and minions who took it because they end up dumping it on Elena. I think Rachel is up for the TSTL (Too stupid t0 live) award. She gets caught twice TWICE in the same day by the same people. ARGHHHHH. I feel so bad for Logan. The fight scenes were so good. You can really tell our girl is a 2nd degree black belt. I am so glad Santos is finally gone. Ding dong the .... itch is dead. I thought he was not too convincing as a leader. He and Phillip were both kindof weaklings in the tesosterone department. I am praying for season two. This is the only show I watch. I check daily to see if the status is updated and so far no word but if that train wreck that used to be Lost Girl can be on for like ever then this show definitely deserves another shot. Plus that Clay Nick and Logan are serious eye candy. Great Job Jackie thanks for the recaps. I missed a few things so you are like a seeing eye blog for my blindness. Long Live Bitten. PS any recommendations for shows to watch.
Cheryl Ellington
4. Spikesgurl
Jackie, another wonderfully witty recap. Thank you. I will miss these after show chats. You have been awesome in your detailed reviews.

I loved the season finale, right down to the music. The fight scene's were like a dance. Everyone partnered up. Loved it! I struggled with my like of Elena for the first twelve episodes, and in one bathroom scene, she had me. Argh, I'm worse than Clay. Who at least should have been cool towards her, for at least thirty minutes. I agree Mcmahmen, Rachel is TSTL. Logan had a preview of that at their townhouse. She is going to get him killed. As the other rider in the limo said, the silly girl was just running in the woods. Lol.

So, is Marsten now a pack member? I'm glad our Pack won that challenge. Samuel Boggs is stll out there, now toothless again, and I hope Clay gets to kill him eventually.

I am suspicious of Jorge after he lied about Philip being on the plane to France.

Santos turned out to be a parrot of Malcolm. He looked for orders from him, and then parroted whatever was said to him. I now know that Malcolm had no intentions of letting Santos have Elena. I think he wants Elena and Clay to procreate. Malcolm only seemed to think Clay a true problem for him, but Malcolm taught Clay to fight, so that's probably why. And...he hates Jeremy. That's awful.

Here's to season two, please. I have to say like Mcmahmen (with Lost Girl), I thought Defiance was awful, and Syfy played it so much, that I eventually liked it. So, if Defiance got a second season, then Bitten, better get a chance.

I too hope for a season two. If, so, they have a formidable foe in Malcolm, and the actor has awesome screen presence. I look forward to loving to hate him.

"I created an empire of MAYHEM!...sure they're all dead now"
5. stacymd2
Great recap Jackie. Thank you for all of your hard work on these. I'm going to miss reading them every Tuesday.

Bitten started off slow but got better and better with each episode. The acting, writing, directing and fight scenes are great. 413 did not disappoint. SyFy better announce season two soon. Bitten is one of their better programs.

Man, Rachel did every stupid thing a blonde in a horror movie does. I was so frustrated with her. I understand she must be confused and terrified, but think woman!! I am glad, however, that she is still alive. I again expected her to die this episode.

Logan didn't die either. Yay! It's sad knowing that he is out there alone, frantically searching for Rachel to no avail. I'm glad he returned to Stonehaven to help. He's going to need the family to save Rachel in season 2.

Oh, poor, sad Philip. I don't think Jeremy had Philip killed. Jeremy isn't cruel--at least not towards Elena. @Spikesgurl: I too am suspicious of Jorge. The pack may be in for more betrayal.

I liked Jeremy and Nick's interactions. They are like mentor/student, but still balance each other out.

The writers set up a lot of storylines for season two (cross fingers and toes). I like how Season one had closure, but opened up potential threads. There were no contrived cliffhangers or lame plot holes at the end.

I can't praise the fight choreography, actors, stunt people and director enough. The fight scenes were really well done. Those types of scenes are not easy. Bitten is a small show with a small budget and they make the most out of everything.
6. mikder
Everyone thinks it is Jorge who might be a traitor. You are forgetting the mutt sent to Jorge to recover--Joey Stillwell. He would be able to communicate what is happening and be in on what is happening with the main pack. Jorge is a supporter of Jeremy and never wavered. In the book Joey betrayed Clay and Elena but couldn't go through with it and disappeared. Remember it was very suscipious how Joey got away from the mutts and Jeremy was interupted when talking to Joey to discern where Joey is at mentally
Nadine Robb
7. cmm
I'm dying to know if this will be renewed. That finale was epic!
Cheryl Ellington
8. Spikesgurl
@mikder, Jorge, did lie about Philip getting on the plane to France. Joey Stillwell, is still under supicion to me. Jeremy did not completely trust him, but, I believe Jeremy gave into Nicks belief in Joey.
Jackie Lester
9. JackieLester
@mcmahmen I'll 2nd the vote for TSTL for Rachel. She should have stayed put but not having all the information at her disposal, I guess running was kind of understandable. As for Santos, I think he was well played. Malcolm needed someone as pliable as Santos to stay hidden from all of the other mutts for as long as he did. In this sense, his character was well played. I did enjoy the comedic twist his failures took in the end (if that would be the right way to describe it.)
rachel sternberg
10. rae70
Great recap! While I like Elena, its kind of hard for me to see her kicking ass as much as she does... she is beyond skinny (a blonde bobblehead) and fighting in heels?! Even with her wolf genes, she would technically be weaker than a male..
11. Stacymd2
@Mikder: You bring up a great point about Joey. I forgot about him.
I hope Bitten gets a season two!
ann ivey
12. annie
Great recap Jackie. I gotta say, I watched the whole season not convinced I liked the series...and I'm still not sure. That being said, I did enjoy the finale and seeing Clay and Elena being all close & kissy (sooo not a Philip fan) and the fight scenes were pretty good. And I completely agree with others about Rachel being TSTL...she sort of deserved to be caught by Malcolm. Poor Logan, but really....did he deserve any better? He was so counting on Rachel having a girl and was just devastated when he found out it was a boy. I wasn't convinced he was gonna stay with her.

Anyway, it seems to me they did live the ending open for a S2. If that's the case, I'll check it out & see if I like it any better than the 1st.
Jackie Lester
13. JackieLester
@Spikesgurl One thing I found consistent with the show was its great soundtrack :) As for Marsten, I believe his joining the pack runs true to the story from the book series, so that's something anyway. I like his wittiness and hope he sticks with his decision from here on out.

I was convinced that Jorge was still aligned with the pack but the Philip thing makes me suspicious now too. Jorge is a Sorrentino, meaning maybe there are some disagreements about the rightful succession of Jeremy? (though he did fight for it against his own father.) It was Antonio's father that led the pack before Jeremy. It could be something...

@Stacymd2 I think the only thing that bothered me coming out of this season was the idea that Logan would be running around calling Rachel's name without any clue where she could've gone. Had he just gone back to the house, the pack could've helped him. It felt a smidge lame. Otherwise, I agree with you. The stunts/ fight scenes were well played out and the show just got better and better :)

@mikder Yes, Joey is still a consideration. Jeremy made a good point that Joey and his father could have rejoined the pack when news of Malcolm's supposed death were wide spread. It follows that if Joey knew Malcolm was still alive and was in fact part of the planning, it was his motivation for staying away from the pack.

@cmm Me too! Hopefully, we'll announce it here too when the news comes in.
Jackie Lester
14. JackieLester
@rae70 At least they explain the skinniness with the wolf metabolism. They did spend a lot of time earlier in the season showing her affinity for food. I was very impressed with her version of domestic skills with the curtain rod :D

@annie I think the beginning was a bit shaky with all of the world building needed. I'm hoping season 2 (if/when) will tighten up the storylines and make anything they add seem less like filler.
15. SassyT
So, I really enjoyed this show and all the man-candy.

I agree with all of you that Rachel just needs to die. Logan doesn't need this stupid woman to be the mother of his child. Psst, hey Logan. I'm available. Call me...lol. This chick got nabbed by the same folks twice in one episode. And she made me want to slap her when she asked Logan what he was doing when he was choking that guy out that had broken into the house. What in the hell did she THINK he was doing? He was looking out for them and trying the kill the folks who had broken into their house and were trying to kill them. Is she that dense? What she should have been asking is "Need help getting rid of the bodies, babe?"

I finally started to feel Clay. I didn't think the actor playing him was all that hot. But he's grown on me. And so have his abs...lol.

I didn't think Jorge was involved with Phil's death until you all mentioned it. It could be he (Phil) was on the plane to France and then got taken out and his head brought back to good old Stonehaven by Malcolm. Malcolm did seem to have pretty good intel on everyone (knowing Rachel was pregnant, knowing where to film Elena and Logan when they were wolfed out, etc.). Glad Santos is dead. He was the most sniveling weasely character ever. He must have been delusional if he thought Elena would ever let him impregnate her.

Can't wait for season 2 (hopefully without Rachel).
Nicole Leapheart
16. BoxyFrown
I'm so late on this but I finally just watched it. Awesome recap!
I wish every episode would have been as good as this finale. (With the exception of Rachel. What in the entire hell, woman?)

Seeing Elena kick ass and rededicate herself to Clay and the pack was awesome. I have always been Team Karl Marsten in the books, but I wasn't sure if they were going to let him be that anti-hero kind of guy he is on the show, but the did! If the show continues it will be interesting to see how they skip around or perhaps incorporate other characters without including their supernatural elements.

Poor Phillip, with his head chopped off. It was certainly dramatic to have that ending, but I also feel like, ugh, we spent so much time with someone that (for me) didn't matter. Then he died anyway. But other people feel feelings and sometimes I don't. Ha!

Im interested in a season 2, but they need to stick as close to Kelley's vision as possible. When they don't it's really boring(Phillip)/stupid(Rachel)/infuriating(ANTONIO!)
Nadine Robb
17. cmm
It still bugs me that Rachel ran out like that. I get that she was scared but she knew those people that abducted her were out there. So what exactly did she think she would accomplish by escaping?
Jackie Lester
18. JackieLester
@SassyT You're right. Malcolm's reach was far and wide with his surveillance. I'm sure we'll see more surprises re: who was involved if we get a season 2.

@BoxyFrown Having now finished reading the book, I can see that there were elements where the show veered wildly off track (Antonio, the biggest of those.) I'm glad they kept Marsten though they did water down his culpability on the show vs the book a bit. Should be interesting to see where it goes from here. As for Philip, it feels like they brought his fate forward from a later book, perhaps? I'll need to keep reading to see :)

@cmm All I can think of in that regard is panic. She also didn't know that the wolves could sniff her out much more efficiently than just a simple human looking for her. Both of these worked against her in a big way.
Karen McCoy
19. mcmahmen
I bow to the Genius of plot predicting either stacymd2, cmm, decarillon, spikesgurl or Jackie
I'm not sure who called it but the whole Malcolm being behind the "Pack Attack" kudos to you. If you are laying odds on Jorge being the betrayer maybe he is. It got me to thinking ; Remember when he was talking to Nick and was pumping him for info and Nick said you are not an insider you are not welcome. I think that adds fuel to the Jorge traitor scenario. I know that Jeremy was interrupted when he was interrogating Joey but the info he was interuppted with (maple syrup = booze distillery) that exonerated him. True?
Tatiana deCarillion
20. decarillion
I haven't read the books--yet--but I thought there were only two books that covered the werewolves, and that additonal books covered other supernatural beings. I guess I need to look all this up.
Cheryl Ellington
21. Spikesgurl
@mcmahmen, I agree the conversation between Nick and Jorge, stood out to me, and I remembered it, when I saw the scene with Jorge on the phone to Jeremy. So, we have to wait and see. I can say the writers, planted these little crumbs, along the way, and I love it. :) And...you're right about Joey too, at least for me, the jury is still out.

Another question, Malcolm said he never wanted a son, and definitely not one like Jeremy. Does that mean he would not have been adverse to having a daughter? He could have said, I never wanted children.

Season two, yet? I wonder what the hold up, is?
Karen McCoy
22. mcmahmen
I think ole Malcolm is too selfish to want children Period. Anyone who would plot to kill their own child is insane in the men brain. I am boing to make like Hansel and Gretel and to rewatch the episodes available to see if I can find anymore breadcrumbs. Maybe they are negotiating contracts for actors and crew and writers before they can announce the renewal.
Nadine Robb
23. cmm
YUSSSSSSS! It's been renewed!!!!!

Jackie Lester
24. JackieLester
@cmm Excellent! I was stalking Greg Bryk's Twitter account just yesterday, looking for the news. I know here in Canada the show was the most watched on our Space Channel, so odds were good. Looking forward to Elena's revenge now :)
25. stacymd2
This is the best news.
@cmm thanks for the link
@JackieL: I can't wait to see Clay/Elena, Jeremy's revenge, Malcolm's next move and dumb Rachel's rescue.
Jackie Lester
26. JackieLester
@stacymd2 Same here! Looking forward to seeing if the secondary storylines make some improvements in the next go round too.
Tatiana deCarillion
27. decarillion
I've been checking daily for a renewal announcement, but haven't had a chance yet to check today. When I saw the notification of some new comments in this thread, I had my fingers crossed that the reason was because the show was renewed.
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