Apr 1 2014 2:30pm

Bitten Season 1, Episode 12 Recap: Pack It Up

Clay being tortured in Bitten 1x12We've been following this project since it was first announced that an adaptation of Kelley Armstrong's novel Bitten was in the works. And now, here it is! Check back weekly for episode recaps from Jackie Lester the day after the show airs in the U.S. on SyFy (and remember that in Canada the show will be airing a couple days earlier, on Saturdays on Space). Catch up with recaps for recent episodes1x051x061x071x081x091x10, and 1x11.

Note: This post contains SPOILERS for all aired episodes of Bitten, including last night's Season 1, Episode 12, “Caged.” Enjoy!

Elena, in the dress she’d slipped on post-change in the last episode, runs from her apartment building and hops into Clay’s SUV. She’s just about to start the vehicle when someone raps on the window: Nick. He and Jeremy have arrived. Elena gives Jeremy a big hug and hurriedly tells them about Olson stabbing Philip, saying an ambulance is on the way and probably the police too. She lets them know the mutts have taken Clay. Jeremy tells her about the signs of attack at Logan and Rachel’s, with no clue to where they’ve gone. Elena wants to split up and “track the mutts,” but Nick says they “could be anywhere by now.” Jeremy tells Elena that Santos won’t permanently harm Clay until he’s gotten what he wants; Elena doesn’t want to hedge bets where Clay’s life is concerned. Jeremy says they “have to work together on this.” He knows that as soon as Santos gets his hands on Elena, it will be game over for Clay. Jeremy tells Elena to go back to Stonehaven in the truck with Nick where they’ll reconvene for planning and they all depart.

At a rundown barn, Clay is strung up by his hands. He looks to be a little groggy still. Santos, on the other hand, is morbidly gleeful as he hits the two ends of a pair of jumper cables (that are connected to a battery) together to create sparks. Santos, smiling, says “Ready to make some noise, Clayton,” then applies the jumper cables to Clay’s stomach. Clay doesn’t flinch, prompting Victor Olson to comment “You’re going to need a bigger battery.” Santos makes a snide comment about not needing Olson for “roadside assistance” then orders him to go contact Marsten and Leblanc to let they’re at the barn. Olson tries to give Santos a bit more advice about torture, as only a psychopath can. Santos isn’t interested, though, saying there’s more to it than just getting Clay to talk; “it’s about respect.” He connects the clamps to Clay’s torso, this time for a little longer and providing Santos with the first cries of pain from Clay. Olson, continuing to offer his unwanted opinion, thinks Santos is kidding himself that he’s doing this for respect. Instead, it’s looking more like revenge.

Santos changes tactics and dials a number on cell phone. He calls Elena, who immediately threatens him if she finds out he’s hurt Clay. Santos suggests they meet the next day at the diner in Bear Valley; that it will be worth her while. He tells her not to “bring the pack” because he’ll be able to sniff them out. To show how serious he is, he connects one of the clamps to Clay, who grunts out in pain. Elena begs him to stop and agrees to meet him. Santos hangs up and says to Clay, “that got her attention” before making contact with the jumper cables again.


Outside the barn, Santos is walking around the corner as a car arrives. Marsten gets out first and is admonishing Santos for the “faint whiff of Clayton Danvers above the layers of horse manure.” Marsten is worried that Santos may have already gone too far but is assured that Clay is only bound and drugged. Leblanc catches up, carrying a plastic wrapped package filled with vials of medicine in his hands. Leblanc proudly recounts how he came to be in possession of the meds from a “local emergency room.” Apparently the meds are for Clay. Santos tries to alleviate Marsten’s concern by indicating this will keep the pack wolf in line. Marsten isn’t worried as much about that; instead he wants to know what the ultimate plan will be for Clay.

Santos tells Leblanc to go check on Olson. Leblanc doesn’t take this too well, thinking he’s now “the diddler’s babysitter.” Santos just tells him to “do as [he’s] told” and Leblanc leaves. Marsten and Santos are now free to talk about what happened over at Logan’s. Marsten reports that Leblanc “went rogue.” Santos gives him the lowdown on Olson not killing Philip, which will allow for the possibility of Olson being ID’d to the police. Santos then says he was going to grab Elena “as collateral, to lure Jeremy” but when she wasn’t there, he took Clay as her substitute. Marsten isn’t thrilled with this, saying he understood the plan to be about “forc[ing] Jeremy to relinquish control.” He points out that Elena’s name is cropping up more than it should be considering what they’ve been trying to achieve. Santos doesn’t see why it matters, “as long as [they] all get what they want in the end.” Santos storms off as Marsten seems to have figured out what exactly it is that his mutt cohort really wants: Elena.

In a hospital, Diane is on her cell, trying to get in touch with Elena. Mama McAdams arrives and is told Philip was stabbed during a home invasion. Mrs. McAdams asks about Elena, and Diane has to admit she can’t reach her.

Back at Stonehaven, Jeremy is telling Elena he won’t let her go to the meeting with Santos because “it’s a trap.” Elena is being all ballsy and says she’s “not looking for [Jeremy’s] permission. Nick sides with the Alpha, knowing it’s a high risk situation. Elena thinks that if she doesn’t meet Santos, Clay will end up like Dennis Stillwell, being sent back to Stonehaven “one piece at a time.” Jeremy repeats his “no” answer. Before the battle can go any further, Nick runs to the window to see a car arriving. He tells them “it’s Logan” and that “Rachel’s with him.”

Nick helps Logan into the kitchen while Elena runs to get the medical supplies. Rachel is panicking, asking if he’s going to be okay. They get Logan onto the table and Jeremy listens to his chest. Logan is wheezing loudly. Elena asks what happened, Rachel saying “two guys…broke into the house.” Logan pants out Marsten and Leblanc’s names. Jeremy tells them he’s going to have to release the fluid in Logan’s chest. Rachel panics about having a needle stuck in Logan’s lung, thinking he should be at a hospital. Elena reminds her about their inability to contact the authorities. Nick works to help calm Rachel down, asking her to go elsewhere to sit while Jeremy does his thing. She’s reluctant to leave Logan’s side but Elena encourages her to go while she helps Jeremy. After Rachel’s gone, Jeremy tells Logan to hold his breath then injects a large needle into his side, pulling out the plunger once it’s in place. Logan moans in discomfort.

Nick and Rachel have moved to the living room. Nick congratulates Rachel on the baby, asking her how excited she is. Rachel admits she’s more concerned now about “what [she’s] bringing this child into.” Nick says the child will be welcomed “into a loving family with the man that [she] adores.” He tells her that the current familial mess will be sorted and they’ll all protect her in the meantime. Nick tries to downplay the mutt issues, insisting that they’re all anxious to meet the new baby as a means of distracting her. He says that she “and the baby mean the world to” Logan and that he’ll “pull through.” Rachel is ready to start weeping; she tells Nick that Logan “means everything to” her. Nick again assures her safety but Rachel is one step ahead, asking if they’ll be able to go back to their “normal lives” after all is said and done. Nick says “nothing will be normal again,” saying “that’s what happens when you have a baby.” Once again deflecting from the heart of the matter.

Jeremy thinks he’s done enough to relieve Logan’s pressure and asks him how he’s feeling. Logan says he’s able to breathe now and quickly launches into an apology about bringing Rachel to Stonehaven. Jeremy tells him he understands, that he did what [he] had to do.” Jeremy tacks on an ominous “for now” to the statement that has Logan looking at Elena in panic. Jeremy ignores this and just says that they need Logan healthy so he’ll take him to the infirmary for some rest. Logan closes his eyes, getting a head start on sleep.

The barn is looming in the scene as it switches back to the Santos crew. Clay is now tied to a chair, his head slumped forward. Marsten is leaning on a nearby post while Santos kicks the chair to wake Clay up. Clay motions wildly but can’t budge the restraints. Santos is looking for information but Marsten interrupts by saying he might get the answers if he “ask[s] some actual questions this time,” giving us the impression that he’s been continuing the torture while we were occupied elsewhere. Santos tells Marsten that he’s been waiting a long time to exact his vengeance on the Danvers family.” He tells Marsten that “every dog has its day,” which seems more like an insult toward himself than an effective pun. Marsten mocks the revenge angle, suggesting Santos should maybe look into therapy instead.

Leblanc is filling a syringe with some of the liquid from his stolen vials. Marsten calls the medicine “nonsense” and questions its necessity. Santos believes it’s very necessary, as Clay starts to struggle harder against his bindings. Santos says Leblanc “has just the thing” to fix Clay’s “spunky” attitude and the psycho-mutt happily injects Clay in the neck.

Elena is in her bedroom at Stonehaven. She grabs her cell and dials. Diane answers, saying she’s been trying since the day before to reach her. Elena simply apologizes and asks about Philip’s condition. Diane assures her he’ll be fine; he’s just getting rest at the moment. Diane asks how and, more importantly, where Elena is. Elena ignores the question, redirecting to find out if Philip has said anything about what happened. Diane says he doesn’t remember much then scolds Elena for not being there. Elena asks for the hospital info and tells Diane she’ll be there “as soon as [she] can.” After she disconnects, she opens the drawer and pulls out the box containing the engagement ring Clay gave her. She looks at it for a moment and puts it away again.

In the infirmary, Rachel is wiping Logan’s brow. He momentarily opens his eyes to look at her, then falls asleep again.

Elena sneaks down the stairs, trying to make her way to the front door. Jeremy stops her, saying he knows she “would do anything [she] could to help Clay.” Elena tries to use the argument that Santos asked for her specifically, which comes off quite lame under the circumstances. Nick walks up from behind her and she now has Jeremy blocking the door, Nick on defense in the other direction. Jeremy says he can’t let her go and she understands the threat they are now both posing. That doesn’t stop her from trying to dodge past Jeremy anyway. He grabs her bodily and takes her down to the cell in the basement. He locks her in. She’s pleading that she’s just “trying to save Clay.” Jeremy says that’s what he’s doing too and her impulsive actions are compromising his efforts.

Jeremy Cages Elena in Bitten 1x12Jeremy tells her that he allowed her to go to Toronto, thinking she “would be safe,” but that wasn’t the case. He tells her he understands that she’ll do whatever it takes to save Clay, but to ensure her own safety he has to keep her at Stonehaven. Elena says that it’s a mistake for Jeremy to offer himself up in exchange for Clay, thinking that alone will end it all because Santos can’t be trusted. She thinks Santos will end up killing them both. Jeremy says he doesn’t trust Santos. For the moment, his concern is saving Elena from herself. He tells her that he and Nick “will deal with this.” He walks away, leaving a frantic Elena rattling the cage door, screaming after him to let her out.

Rachel is looking out the upstairs window as Logan rests. He wakes up and calls for her. He looks (understandably) a bit stiff as he’s trying to get out of bed. She asks how he’s feeling. He says he’s better and is equally concerned about her wellbeing. She tells him she doesn’t feel safe there, despite Nick’s insistence that it will be okay. Logan tries to explain that the guy’s that were after them can’t get to Stonehaven. Rachel sees this as meaning they’ll have to stay there forever. Logan tells her as soon as he’s able, they will go somewhere far, far away.

Santos is still spewing insanity at Clay in the barn. He says that he and Elena will soon “walk off into the sunset together” (deluded much?) Clay says it’ll “never happen.” Santos is quite sure of himself though as he tells Clay he “won’t be around to see” the outcome. Marsten is looking on the conversation with interest. Santos is commenting on Clay’s loyalty to the pack and how he constantly does “Jeremy’s bidding.” Santos brings the topic around to the killing of his brother, which Clay says felt as good to do as it will when he finally gets to off Santos too. Santos says that’s the “wrong answer” and smacks Clay in the face. (If you pause just right on this scene, Santos has an awesome crazy face.) Next, Santos wants to know “which families are currently aligned with the pack.” Clay says “all of them,” earning him another hit to the face. Santos asks if Jeremy has “fully recovered” from his injuries. Clay tells him Jeremy is “strong enough to take on Koenig with enough left to kick [Santos’] ass.” Santos is really not getting the answers he wanted but, come on, did he really think he would?

Santos isn’t smart enough to finish his tirade, though. He continues by telling Clay that “the pack is falling apart” (more like being torn apart by Santos and the gang but that might be splitting hairs.) He tells Clay all he has left in his future is more of the punishment that’s currently being handed out to him. As he pulls back for another hit, Marsten catches his arm to stop him, telling he’s “getting carried away.” Marsten calls BS on why Santos is holding and beating Clay and its (lack of) connection to “taking down Jeremy.” Marsten voices all the real reasons Santos is doing this: Clay “getting everything [Santos had] ever wanted: status in the pack and the girl.” Marsten walks away, disgusted.

Santos still can’t shut up. He tells Clay “time is running out on” him. He informs Clay about the impending lunch meeting. He talks about seeing Elena at Becky’s wedding and knowing about her wish for “a normal life.” Santos says despite appearances, it isn’t really her. He believes Elena “would give it all up for” Clay and no doubt, that’s exactly what he’s counting on. He unveils the final aspect of his deluded plan, saying once he gets hold of Elena and her “perfect body,” together they will create a race of “perfect werewolf” children. He says they’ll be very busy making these babies, so much so that Elena “might never leave the bed.” Oh boy. Clay head butts him in the face, angering Santos even more. The jumper cables make a return.

Elena is pacing in the cage, most likely wondering how to get out. Upstairs, Jeremy is pouring water for Logan to counter any dehydration. Logan asks about Rachel. Jeremy tells her she’s napping in Elena’s room and that he’s “trying to keep her from wandering around” too much. Logan extends his gratitude for Jeremy saving his life and apologizes again for not being there when he was needed. Jeremy accepts both graciously then breaks into a big smile at the thought of “a little one roaming around the grounds at Stonehaven.” Jeremy talks about the changes to come and asks if Logan is ready for them. Logan wisely answers that he still has “a few months” to work on it.

Jeremy tells Logan that “a large part of being a parent is to make the right choices for your child.” There’s a sense here that Jeremy might be intimating that his role as Alpha is much like being a father, giving his words a double meaning that Logan does not miss. He tells Logan that “the first time [he looks in his] child’s eyes, [he’ll know he] would do anything to keep them safe.” Jeremy says “that’s what parents do.” He now ties the one line of thought to the pack rules, saying that they’ve “learned that the only way to keep [their] kind safe is within the pack,” there really isn’t any other option. Jeremy tells Logan he has to go but they’ll talk more later.

Elena is still pacing downstairs but hears Jeremy take off in the car. She rattles the cell door loudly…and quite uselessly.

Upstairs, Rachel is sitting with Logan who is once again sleeping. She hears the banging and, naturally, goes to investigate. She makes her way slowly down the main stairs, trying to source out the noise. She looks into the living room and finds nothing. Wandering through the kitchen, she sees the door to the basement, more knocks from downstairs confirming she’s in the right area. She opens the door hesitantly, poking her face through slightly to see what might be behind it. She doesn’t get any further as Logan comes up behind her, scaring her. He asks what she’s doing and she tells him about the noise. Logan says it’s just the sound of “an old house with old pipes.” Logan tells her to trust him and not go down, that “some things you see you can’t un-see.” (He’s not helping matters with all of his vague, cryptic words!) She asks him straight out what’s going on in the basement. Logan just repeats “old pipes” and tells her to forget about it. He sends her upstairs and goes to see for himself what’s making the noise.

Logan frees Elena in Bitten 1x12Logan is surprised to find Elena in the cage and asks her what the deal is. She tells him about Jeremy not “want[ing her] to meet Santos” and her assumption that Jeremy “is going to sacrifice himself,” following through with the logic that Santos will kill both Clay and Jeremy. She tells Logan that she doesn’t “think it’s safe” at Stonehaven and that they (Logan and Rachel) need to leave right away. She grabs the long implement Clay had used to drug Cain then hugs Logan, telling him to keep Rachel safe.

Standing outside the Bear Valley Diner, Jeremy says to Nick that “Daniel Santos might be the scum of the earth but if nothing else, he’s punctual.” Jeremy knows now that “there’s something wrong.” Nick thinks he might have seen them and left. Jeremy wonders if it was all a “ruse to lure [them] out.” They decide to return to Stonehaven.

Somewhere beside the river, Elena is walking along a path that’s somewhat covered from public view. Santos arrives in the car with Leblanc. He has to hold Leblanc back, knowing the psycho-mutt has less pure thoughts about Elena’s fate than he does…not that Santos’s are all the much better, really, but Santos thinks they are. Walking towards Elena, he tells her it was smart of her to come alone as well as her “warning [him] about Jeremy and Nick [being] at the diner. Elena isn’t “interested in small talk” and asks him directly “what it will take to release Clay.”

Elena wants to know where Clay is; she was under the impression that Santos would bring him to the meet. He says he didn’t want to risk the chance of “a pack ambush.” He wanted to ensure cooperation from Elena before he would consider bringing Clay. She asks what he’s done to Clay and Santos replies that it isn’t anything Clay hasn’t deserved (according to Santos, of course.) He shows Elena a video of Clay tied to the chair. Santos obviously thought this would persuade Elena to see things his way, but it backfires.

She grabs him by the neck and shoves him up against a vine covered post. Leblanc starts to move toward them but Santos motions for him to stay put. She threaten to “make [him] wish [he was] never born” if he kills Clay. Santos promises and she lets him go. Santos’ promises don’t go very far though as he delivers his ultimatum. Clay will stay alive only if Elena agrees to “join up with” him. He uses the fact that the mutts been able to attack the pack whenever they’ve wanted as leverage. He says he’ll release Clay and let every one else live providing “they stay on the move like mutts.” Elena can’t believe Santos is “serious” about this but he says he’s “deadly” serious.” He has one more addendum: she can’t “ever renege” or he’ll have them all “hunted down and slaughtered.” Santos believes that it’s win/win for her, particularly when she “give[s] birth to a new dynasty.”

Elena in Bitten 1x12Elena’s look is hard to read, but no doubt there’s a huge element of disgust in her visage. She has to continue the pretence of considering Santos’s offer so she asks him about the humans in her life too. Santos says Olson is on his way “to finish what he started” with Philip. Elena demands that he be called off but Santos says “Olson doesn’t believe in cell phones.” Elena goes to physically attack Santos again. He stops her by saying that he’s “the only thing standing between the pack and death.” He asks for her decision but she walks away. He calls out that his “offer is only good till the end of the day.”

Philip is sitting up in the hospital bed now. A plainclothes policeman is asking for details of the home invasion. Philip says there were two guys, but no, he didn’t recognize either of them. The policeman asks what they wanted. Philip says they jumped him so he “tried to put up a fight.” The cop says that based on the way the condo looks, it was one “helluva fight.” Philip tells the cop that he doesn’t “have any enemies” that might point to why he was targeted. He gets a business card from the policeman, in case he remembers anything else.

Diane has been sitting in the corner the whole time. When the detective leaves, she admonishes Philip for not telling him “about the stalker [he] beat up.” Philip explains that he was one of the men that broke in. Diane sees this as all the more reason to spill about it but gets the explanation that Elena and her family are “involved in some kind of a mafia war” and this all needs to remain hush hush. Diane can’t believe Philip is “still protecting Elena” after all this, the risk of blowback onto their own family now heightened. Philip says it’s because he has ended up in hospital, the threat all the more real as a result. He tells her he’s “not saying anything because it’s going to put [his family] in jeopardy.”

At the barn, Marsten is telling Clay that he “look[s] as though [he] could use a drink” but all he’s got is water. He tells Clay he “wish[es] he could help [Clay] more.” Santos has left him with so little responsibility that there’s nothing for him to do. Wait, maybe he could untie Clay? That thought doesn’t seem to cross his mind at all.

Clay chokes down some water then asks where Santos has gone. Marsten tells him Santos is meeting with Elena, adding how much Santos is interested in her. He admits “that this entire affair has gone terribly sideways,” he never intended to let “things get this far out of hand.” Clay asks what Marsten had thought would be the pack’s reaction, whether they “would just roll over and play dead.” Marsten tells Clay he made a bad decision: trading “the devil [he did] know in Jeremy with the devil [he didn’t] in Santos;” he calls Santos a “tyrannical despot.” Clay advises him that he “could always switch sides.” Marsten knows that they probably said the same thing to Cain, whom he imagines is now buried somewhere on the Stonehaven grounds.

At the hospital, Philip has his laptop open and is watching the wolf video. Now, not only does he recognize the necklace but the wolf in the video too. He appears to be thinking really hard about what it all means.

Nick and Jeremy arrive back at Stonehaven. Jeremy sends Nick to check on Logan and Rachel while he heads toward Elena…or where he thinks she is. Nick finds the infirmary empty, as does Jeremy with the cell. They compare notes that there’s “no sign of struggle, no scent of mutt,” so the assumption is that Logan let her out. Jeremy says “wherever she is, I hope she knows what she’s doing.”

Olson is letting himself back into Philip’s condo. The place looks completely trashed and Olson seems somehow proud of that. He moves toward the living room and discovers too late that Elena is already in the condo. She has him in a headlock before he has time to react.

Elena has Olson tied up and placed in the bathtub. She must have squeezed his neck hard enough to knock him out; he’s just coming around now. She asks him “where they’re holding Clay.” Olson goes all gooey about seeing her face again and how it diminishes his rage. She orders him to tell her but he asks “or what?” She offers the ‘or else’ threat which always seems to come off a bit hollow. Olson says he “thought [they] were friends.” Elena corrects that they “were never friends.” Olson tells her that he’s “been in [her] life longer than anyone else,” which is a sad fact. He asks what he’ll get in return if he gives her the information she wants about Clay. She says he’ll get his life and raises an index finger to show the nail switching to that of a wolf. Olson tries to call her bluff, saying she’s “not a killer.” Elena tells him he doesn’t “know what [she] is” and pulls her nail across the inside of his wrist. He cries out with the pain.

Jeremy is leaving a message for someone. Nick asks if he’s had any luck getting hold of either Logan or Elena but Jeremy has only been able to leave messages. Nick, in the meantime, has been on the blower with his cousin Jorge. Jorge says “the mutts are reaching out, looking for new recruits.” Jeremy asks what Nick thinks it’s all for. Nick believes the goal is “an all-out assault.” Jeremy can see the logic in that, particularly in view of their weaknesses now, compounded by loss of Clay. He says “the more the situation unfolds, the more [he] starts to wonder who’s really pulling the strings of [the] uprising.” Jeremy thinks Santos would be capable of some of the aspects of the overall plan but feels the largess of it all speaks to another person in control. As Jeremy recaps the many points of attack, he touches upon the video. Nick brings up the name James Williams. Jeremy says they need to find out who he is and “why he’s getting involved in [their] business.”

Elena has her mean face on, glaring at Olson over the side of the tub. She tells him “time’s running out” and he asks if she means for him or Clay. She slashes his other wrist with her wolf nail. She asks again for Clay’s whereabouts, saying she’ll “tie off his wounds” if he tells her. Olson says he just wants “to brush [Elena’s] hair one more time.” The banter goes back and forth, “where’s Clay?” to “promise to let me go.” Elena finally agrees, but hears a noise outside the bathroom. She shoves a towel into Olson’s mouth and wraps another around his wrists. She warns Olson not to make any noise.

Exiting the bathroom, Elena finds Philip has come home. He asks why she’s there and she asks if he’d gotten her messages. It seems he didn’t have his phone with him. But he did have his laptop, hmmm….

Phillip in Bitten 1x12She tells Philip that his life is in danger. Philip says he understands this already but can’t figure out who “the greater threat” is, Elena or the men that went after him. She says that she really wanted to be what he wanted, what he deserved. He says all he asked for was honesty. She apologizes profusely then asks him for one more favor. She wants him to leave, now! Philip refuses to let someone chase him away from his life, forcing Elena to tell him that when they met, his “life went down a dark road.” She didn’t want her worlds colliding, but it all happened regardless. Philip hears a grunt coming from the bathroom and starts to head in that direction. Elena tries again, saying she’s “trying to save [his] life.” She asks him one more time to “go while [he] still can,” sealing it with a final, desperate “please.” He limps around her, keeping a safe distance between them, and walks out the front door.

After a moment’s pause to absorb what just happened, Elena rushes back to the bathroom and grabs the towel from Olson’s mouth. Olson mocks how touching the scene he’d overheard was. He says she “doesn’t want to lose [them] both in one day” and it’s really hard to tell if he’s serious, like he believes he really means something to her (well played, Patrick Garrow!) Elena encourages him to talk, that he still has some time. Olson uses what could be some of his last moments to laugh at her, saying despite her being “in complete control,” he thinks she’s “still afraid of” him. There’s a brief flashback, either a happy memory on his part or a nightmare on hers; she tells him she’s not afraid of him anymore.

This seems to break his resistance somehow, possibly as he’s growing steadily weaker from the blood loss, so he discloses Clay’s location as the barn at Fox Valley Farms. She expresses doubt that what’s he’s saying is true but Olson doesn’t budge, instead likening her question to what Philip had just said about her own trustworthiness. Elena unties the towel around his wrists, allowing the blood to flow again. She finds the rabbit’s foot Olson has been carrying around with him. Right after he asks for her to untie his restraints and calls her out on the promise she’d just made to him, she shoves the rabbit’s foot in his mouth and lets him know that she lied. Olson struggles to keep his eyes open as Elena leaves.

Leblanc is practicing his knife throwing against the barn. He catches a whiff of something in the air and moseys off to see what it is. He continues to move deeper into the woods.

Back at the barn, Santos comes out and curses the fact the Leblanc has gone. He doesn’t have too long to worry about it; Elena jumps off the roof, landing behind him. She has her trusty big stick with her and neatly offers three whacks to fell Santos. Marsten, inside the barn, hears the scuffle and goes to check it out. He finds Santos on the ground and bends down to check out the situation. Elena pops out from behind the barn door and injects Marsten with a tranquilizer. The mutts mostly dealt with now, Elena heads into the barn and finds Clay hanging from the rafters. She tries to rouse him from his trance. After a brief pause, Clay says “it’s good to see ya, darlin’.” She looks to find a way to let him down.

Outside, Leblanc finds a piece of clothing hanging on a tree and clues in. He says “Elena,” and goes running back to the barn. Elena’s already gotten Clay down and out to the SUV. She helps him in then goes running over to Santos’s car. She pulls her cell phone from her pocket and pushes it between the passenger backrest and seat. (I’ll bet money that she has enabled the location services.) Leblanc makes it back just as Elena and Clay are pulling away.

It’s nighttime at Stonehaven. Elena’s in the kitchen, where Jeremy finds her. She asks how Clay is doing. Jeremy says he’s weak, but will recover. He updates her on his conversation with Jorge, who has “sent a team to sanitize Philip’s apartment,” removing all signs of Olson and Elena. Jeremy apologizes to Elena because she was “forced to kill again.” Elena is struggling with it, knowing that Olson gave her the information she wanted but she killed him anyway. She says she “never wanted to be an executioner.” Which is why she “didn’t kill Marsten or Santos.” She questions whether she should have killed them after seeing what had been done to Clay. Jeremy rationalizes it as doing “what [she] had to do to save Clay.” He likens this to what Clay did when she’d first come to Stonehaven. Elena says “Clay bit [her] and almost killed” her.

Jeremy has a different view of the story. He says it was “foolish and impetuous” of Clay to even bring her there in the first place. When Jeremy had “come back from [his] run” and Elena had seen him ‘change,’ it had sealed her fate. Elena insists she hadn’t seen it but Jeremy wasn’t able to “take that chance.” Elena is shocked to learn that because he thought she’d witnessed the ‘change,’ Jeremy would have killed her. He tells her he “didn’t have a choice.” Realization dawns and Elena vocalizes that “Clay bit [her] to give [her] another chance at living.” Jeremy admits that Clay had “defied [his Alpha’s] orders to save” her. Elena says she’d blamed Clay the entire time “for ruining [her] life.” Jeremy tells her that Clay was “always the faithful son” and he was “willing to accept [Jeremy’s] burden to protect the relationship” Jeremy had with Elena.

Elena can’t believe Jeremy would allow Clay to hold on to all of this. Jeremy says he “questioned [himself] everyday whether [he] should tell [Elena] the truth.” Jeremy says he’s sorry, qualifying his apology by saying he “did what [he] thought was best for the pack” (that old chestnut.) Elena’s pissed because none of this was what was best for either her or Clay. Jeremy tells her “Clay chose to make that sacrifice” and again compares it to what Elena has just done for Clay. Elena simply says “all this time” and Jeremy repeats her words meaningfully.

Jeremy adds that “Clay has been the most trustworthy person [she has] ever known.” Elena, speechless now, leaves the kitchen. Jeremy lets out a deep exhale.

Elena heads to the infirmary and watches Clay sleeping for a moment before circling the bed and crawling in behind him. She wraps her arm around him, covering his hand with her own. He doesn’t wake up but eases minutely into her touch.

Elena hugs Clay in Bitten 1x12Marsten is livid. He’s worried that Clay will come after them all now. He’s confident that Clay will start with Santos, who is incidentally sporting a lovely bruise courtesy of Elena. Leblanc gets mouthy, saying “let him come.” Marsten tells him to “shut up” that he has “no idea the hornet’s nest” they’ve all just kicked. Santos insists that “Clay’s weak” and they “can still win this battle.” Marsten thinks Santos is loony considering there are only three of them left.

Santos’s phone rings, cutting off the conversation. Marsten walks away disgustedly. Williams is on the phone, telling Santos he’s already heard that he’s lost Clay. Santos asks how he knows, but Williams says “it doesn’t matter.” He tells them there’s a game change now, with “no more kidnapping, no more negotiations, no more talking, period.” Williams says it’s now the time for action. When Santos asks what he means exactly, Williams says “it’s time to storm the castle.”

End credits.



Jackie Lester imagines a day when she can make a living as a writer. Until then, she reviews eclectic books at My Ever Expanding Library and lives in small-town Ontario with her daughter.

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Nicole Leapheart
1. BoxyFrown
Great recap! Jeremy dropped a big reveal on Elena, and I really enjoyed that. Clay has always loved her and gave her room to come back to him, even when it hurt to let her go, even when the possibility was that she wasn't coming back.

Santos is like a petulant child who is losing control of his game and the very clever Marsten is starting to catch on that this plot is about more than just mutt freedom.

Also, every time I see Logan's wife I see giant red Xs over her eyes. How is she still alive? The past three episodes I've been waiting for her to bite the big one. (It's not that I don't like her. I just think she's going to die.)
2. stacymd2
Great recap Jackie! This was a really good episode. I can't believe we are at 1.12 already. Anyone know if Bitten has been picked up for a Season two?

I loved kick ass Elena saving Clay. She was smart & patient throughout. I'm glad she killed Olson. Hopefully, she got some closure on that painful part of her past.

Jeremy's big reveal was great. LV and GB played it well. I like Clay a lot more now.

I still think Logan is going to die. @BoxyFrown: I too was expecting Rachael to kick the bucket this episode.

1.13 Death Pool: On top of my list is Logan; Second: Santos (obvious, I know); Third: Leblanc (again, obvious).

So where does this leave Philip? Is he out of Elena's life forever? He knows to much. I hope we see the actor again next season.
Cheryl Ellington
3. Spikesgurl
A wonderfully witty recap, Jackie. Thanks.

I liked this episode a lot. Elena in kick butt, non whiny mode was great. I am glad she got to kill Olsen. I don't she should have an easy slide back to Clay, but her sliding into bed to cuddle him, sweet.

Jeremy's talk with Logan was well done. Jeremy will not be making changing to pack law, when it's worked for centuries. Jeremy's revelation to Elena, I thought she saw him too. The way the camera panned, I questioned it somewhere in discussions of episodes. I'm glad he told her.

Jackie, I'm glad you mentioned using the phone for tracking, because, I was like. huh.

Philip afraid of Elena, was surprising since, I thought he recognized her wolf. So, maybe he won't, want to rekindle their romance. Could he be, the next Santos, for Elena and Clay, out for revenge. He clearly did not like Clay. Setup for season 2.

James Williams, knowing even Santos's, every move, interesting. James Williams taking the fight to Stonehaven, means he knows everything about the werewolves. Well you all know who I think he is, but, also wonder if he could be Elena's father (or maybe Jeremy is). Which, if one of them is, her biological father, then it will make my suspisions, of thrown away daughters, of werewolves, more plausible. The daughters carry werewolf DNA. A bite would make it easier for them to transition. Maybe James Williams knows this. Okay, wishful, thinking, on all of this. Here's to a season 2!
4. EpicEbony
Great re-cap..great episode. Elena in rescue mode was awesome and fierce. I loved how she handled Olson.

Am I the only one that is tired of Phillip? They dress him like an Easter egg, I guess to highlight his metrosexuality. He is clearly way more tolerant than any human could be. I mean come on..she dissapears without explanation time and again...you thought she was cheating with her "cousin"...leaves again..comes back..rinse and repeat. I was so sure after the mutts attacked that would be the end of good ol' Phil..but no..he's still here. This is the trouble with reconciling book versus adaptation. Armstrong wrote Philip as a minor plot device and the series writers have turned him into a full blown character. I think he falls flat. They've been renewed, so I'm praying to the TV gods that Phillip rides off into the sunset at some point.

I loved how Jeremy quietly let Logan know there would be no happy family with Rachel, whom I also keep thinking is going to die each week. Santos has completely lost it and I can't wait for him to get what's coming. I really hope they can redeem Marsten, I like him.
Cheryl Ellington
5. Spikesgurl
@EpicEbony, no, you're not the only one tired of the Easter Egg, but, I think Philip is here for a while. I think once his anger at Elena wears off, he may still want her. I just hope she know what she want. I dread the sister and mom still being around, as well. They're just not interesting. Has the renewal been announced? I've missed it.
6. stacymd2
I'm nervous that season two has not been announced yet. SyFy has announced pick ups for Lost Girl and Helix. I'll be so disappointed if there is no season two. The network has to replace Warehouse 13 & Being Human with something.
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