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Avengers 2 Speculation: Are Black Widow and Hawkeye an Item?

Note: This post contains SPOILERS for Captain America: The Winter Soldier as well as major speculation about and potential spoilers for next year's Avengers sequel, The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Read at your own risk.

Nearly two years have passed since Clint “Hawkeye” Barton and Natasha “Black Widow” Romanoff stole scenes and hearts in The Avengers, the end of which saw the pair of SHIELD agents/assassins driving off into the sunset together for parts unknown. Ever since then, many fans—myself included—have been dying to know if there actually is more than friendship between them (I made my case back in 2012 for why I believe they're TOTALLY in love) and how their relationship will be depicted in future films.

Based on new evidence gathered from Captain America: The Winter Soldier (in which Natasha had a part but Clint was mysteriously absent), interviews with the directors and cast about that movie, and a blind item posted by an entertainment blogger, I am inclined to think that not only is there more than friendship between them but we'll get to see at least hints of their romance on screen in Avengers 2. Basically, fellow Clint/Natasha fans, I do believe our ship is about to set sail.

Here's everything I know so far. Let's get to speculatin'. (And to be absolutely clear: This is JUST speculation based on rumors extrapolated from interviews and such, NOT actual knowledge of future films. Your guess about what will happen is as good as mine.)

Exhibit A: You may have noticed that in several scenes in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Natasha is wearing an arrow necklace. Now, people have been sure for months now, since spying the necklace in some set photos from the movie, that this was somehow related to Hawkeye. I wasn't so sure—I mean, would Natasha wear her heart on her sleeve, or rather neck, like that?—but it sounds like those fans were exactly right. Scarlett Johansson, in an interview with Rotten Tomatoes, confirms that Natasha's choice of jewelry is, in fact, in honor of Hawkeye.

Interviewer: Now I noticed in one of these close close shots that you had on a little arrow necklace.

Johansson: Aww.

Interviewer: Now my brain tied that to Hawkeye.

Johansson: Um, you know, I think that may have been my little nod to Mr. Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye. I guess you could interpret it in different ways, but we thought it would be nice to have something that was a little bit personal for the Widow. You know, you kind of forget—I think because she's so, she's such a badass—you kind of forget she's still a woman and that she has her interpersonal relationships and life outside of work.

Intriguing, am I right? You don't wear a token like that for just anyone! For someone who says that “love is for children” and that she just owes Hawkeye a debt for sparing her life and bringing her in to SHIELD...well, this little symbol around her neck sure seems to say love to me.

Exhibit B: Before Cap 2 was released, a lot of people wondered if, especially since learning Hawkeye wasn't going to be in the movie, Steve and Natasha would become a couple (they have a history in the comics, as does Natasha/Clint and Natasha/Bucky). But we know now their relationship remained platonic throughout. Joe and Anthony Russo had this to say about why Steve and Natasha didn't get together in Captain America 2 on the EmpireMagazine podcast #105 (~19 minute mark):

“We definitely spent a lot of time thinking about what the possibilities were in the relationship between Cap and Black Widow and we went through months and months of sort of playing with different ideas. But at the end of the day, it just sort of seemed like this is—where it is in the movie is where we were kind of all led—us and Marcus McFeely and the producers. It just felt like the right...right way those two would sort of be able to connect to one another. ...

“What if these two are smart enough to know it would never work between the two of them? So it really sort of plays more into a work-wife/work-husband relationship.”

The directors were a bit more closed-mouthed when it came to Natasha's relationship with Clint, however. When asked about Natasha's arrow necklace (~28 minute mark), they said:

“Honestly, it was a choice that Scarlett made as a character, um, and I think it will become clear—her relationship with Hawkeye will become very clear, I think, in Avengers 2.”

Oh, REALLY. Hmm! Don't know about you guys, but this comment has me pretty convinced that Scarlett Johansson had a very good reason for wanting to plant some Hawkeye-related seeds in the audience's mind. After all, she knows where her character's story is headed in Avengers 2.

Exhibit C: Finally, we come to a blind item that, if true, means that Black Widow is definitely dating SOMEONE in the next Avengers film. You should take this with a grain of salt, however—while this blogger has broken some big Marvel news, not all of his predictions have come true (at least so far). (Also, let's ignore the part about Scarlett Johansson's pregnancy because that's not any of our business and by all accounts will have no impact on Black Widow's story.)

Now, that's 12 stars. What could they stand for? Could it be—could it possibly be C*L*I*N*T*_*B*A*R*T*O*N*? If so, that's our biggest confirmation thus far that Black Widow and Hawkeye will be romantically linked in The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Convinced yet? Or do you have a different interpretation?

Plus... Have more tidbits to share? Wanna theorize about what their relationship will mean for the movie? Will it be a part of the plot or just a nice little aside for fans? And how long have they been a couple? Were they one even before the first Avengers movie? I'd love to see your thoughts in the comments!


Budapest gif via het-reccers.dreamwidth.org

Clint/Natasha hug pic via Ironic Snowflake on Tumblr


ETA 3/4/15: The latest Avengers 2 trailers seem to be hinting at not Clint/Natasha but rather a Natasha/Bruce romance. Is this just misdirection, or was I TOTALLY off-base in assuming Hawkeye/Widow would be an item? Only time will tell. Personally, I'm hoping Entertainment Weekly's Anthony Breznican is right that she's just being protective of him, but that moment in the farmhouse with her in a robe does seem pretty intimate... Aaaahhh, can't the movie just come out already?!


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1. wsl0612
Oh I'm totally convinced, I really think they make a great couple! Can't wait for more Avengers!! And I thought it was a good move to make Cap and Natasha just friends, they had a really cute friendship vibe in CA II, really nice chemistry.

And on a related topic, did anyone see AoS last night? How awesome, how exciting it was?!!! I 'm so stoked for the twists in this show!
Belgian girl
3. Belgian girl
In a recent interview with a belgian magazine (called 'Humo') Scarlet stated that the initial scenario of TWS included a scene where Black Widow and the Cap end up in bed together, but she vetoed against it. The idea was dropped because the directors agreed with Scarlet that Captasha wouldn't work (she says that in the interview). I bet Scarlet had a good reason for demanding a plot change. Maybe she's a Clintasha shipper as wel....
Kaye Dacus
4. kndacus
BLACKHAWK forever! :-)

While my friends came out of Cap2 all "Captian-Widow!" I'm still pulling for a Blackhawk pairing. So this is totally the ship I'm on in the Marvel Universe!
Belgian girl
5. MAV
I'm actually very pleased that Cap and Black Widow stayed friends through out the movie and that any hints of romance were played for laughs or were put in the very back of the plot bus. I find the romance storyline in too many movies to be forced and unneccessary so this was a refreshing change.
Heather Waters
6. HeatherWaters
@wsl0612 -- Yay! Me too. And yes, I agree, I really liked their friendship; such a nice change from so many superheroes where an attractive woman automatically translates to love interest. She and Cap kicked ass side by side, learned to trust each other, and became confidantes. That was wonderful.

@TeddyP -- Excellent!

@Belgian girl -- Ooooh, a brand-new lead! I am very very intrigued. That makes sense since in the EmpireMagazine podcast, the directors said they did consider getting them together but ultimately decided against it. Sounds like Scarlett Johansson could have been the one to decide that for them! Cool. And yeah, maybe she vetoed it because she knew there might be something with Widow and Hawkeye in the next movie. Hmmm! (Everyone should be a Clintasha shipper! :) )

@kndacus -- BLACKHAWK, BABY! Yeah, I know a lot of Natasha fans are rooting for Cap/Widow (and I'll give them this--the two DO have great chemistry), but I tend to get laser-focused on my pairing of choice and I just can't multi-ship. It's also why I am concerned about Bucky in future films (much as I liked him toward the end of Cap), 'cause of course there are LOTS of Bucky/Natasha shippers from the comics. Personally, I'm more interested in Bucky/Steve than Bucky/Nat.

@MAV -- Agreed! Cap and Widow made for great buddy cops, and I really love that Scarlett Johansson has pushed so hard to make sure Natasha is one of those rare women in comic book films who is not there as just the love interest. Natasha Romanoff is 100% her own person aside from any romance with any of the male Avengers.
Belgian girl
7. Asgardian
Am I really only the one that doesn't think Clint/Natasha would work? I mean, yes, they have great chemistry, know each other very well, and share a lot of experiences. So I'm sure they have had (or will have) some sort of sexual, if not romantic, relationship at some point. But at the end of the day, they're both going to look at each other and see their missions- every person they have killed for SHIELD, every co-agent they've lost while working together. So I don't think they could actually make each other happy in the long run.

Natasha, although cold on the outside, is actually a very good person who just wants to see peace and heroism in the world. And she sees that inner goodness in Steve, who is an honest and kind optimist. Also, Steve sees that in Natasha, which is why he trusts her and why they are close. The two both have very troubling ghosts that they seek to make right, and they definitely share an even closer bond after TWS.

I truly believe Steve is right for Nat. They would keep each other both happy and busy, be completely honest, and Steve would treat Nat right- letting her fight when she's angry, supporting her when she's troubled, and holding her when she is sad. With that being sad, I'm glad she was established as an independent character in Avengers and TWS; Black Widow deserves so much more spotlight.

One more thing: S*T*E*V*E*_*R*O*G*E*R*S* is 12 stars too.
Belgian girl
8. Sneakronicity
@Asgardian I think that that is exactly why Clint/Natasha does work. They truly understand each other. They know the darkness in each other's pasts, all the things they've done in their lives. Who else can truly 'get' them but each other?

I also feel now, more than ever, they need each other. Their world has been turned upside down, the faction they've been working for for years wasn't what it seemed, they've both been completely deceived. They have to find a new path in life and reconcile themselves to this new world order. I think that would be much easier accomplished together than trying to struggle through alone.

I agree with the actors and the writers who have stated that Steve/Natasha could never work, they don't have that kind of relationship. I really don't like the idea of Natasha wanting to be with somemone because they're so completely good and she wants to be good too. I don't think that speaks true to her character. If she wants to be good she'll work on it herself, she doesn't need someone else to rub off on her. I love Steve and Natasha as friends and partners but I think their dynamic is too problematic to ever work as anything beyond that.

In the end, we all see what we want to see, so ship what you wanna ship and don't let anyone try to convince you otherwise! :) I definitely agree about Natasha being established as her own character instead of someone's love interest (which I was worried about going into TWS). She's too cool for that, and deserves her own movie for sure!

And I wouldn't put any stock in the * thing. Almost everyone's name fits there. Bruce Banner works as well. A lot of these heroes have five letter first names and six letter last names. Phil Coulson even works, lol.
Belgian girl
9. Asgardian
I'm sorry, but I just really don't see Clint and Natasha being in love. I'm sure they are more than friends and could have awesome sex and be work partners, but if the two of them ever choose to settle down and build a family, or just live peacefully alone, I don't think it would work. Maybe I'm reading the characters wrong, but I see Natasha as someone who needs good-hearted and honest people in her life, and Clint as someone who has been in the business too long to know what "good" is anymore.

Just like you said, Nat could definitely create good in her own life. However, I don't know what she could do with somebody like Clint, who -in my often wrong eyes- is living in a dark hole and doesn't really need to be good. You're right that the two of them do need each other, I just don't see them needing each other in a romantic sort of way. I don't think they would really support each other in the long run.

Conversely, I think Steve and Natasha could share a life together outside of SHIELD-related missions, but I'm not tryna analyze that anymore xD Would you mind explaining why you think they wouldn't work? Because I could obviously be extremely wrong here, as I am just an awkward 14-year-old who doesn't know much about love :p
Belgian girl
10. Nick
Asgardian, I'm pretty sure from comments the writers and Joss Whedon have made that they see Steve with Agent 13 and Clint and Natasha together. Scarlett Johannson and Joss Whedon seem to be big fans of this relationship, so it looks fairly certain.

And it was so lovely to have a movie about a man and woman who didn't end up together. There are so few movie representations of actual platonic friendship that I was so excited they didn't go that direction.
Belgian girl
11. Sneakronicity
@Asgardian It's always so refreshing to have a conversations about ships with someone who doesn't jump right into bashing. :)

To be fair, some of my character views are skewed by the cartoons and the comics. In the comics, Clint is a boyscout and is totally against killing while Natasha has no problem with it if the situation calls for it, so I have a hard time seeing him as someone who "doesn't know how to be good". that aside, strictly MCU, Clint "has heart". You could see in his recovery scene how tore up he was about what he had done, how guilty he felt about killing all those agents, and it was only the idea of revenge against Loki that snapped him out of it. I think he is definitley good-hearted and honest, and knows how to be good. More than that, after being under Loki's control I think he really does 'need' to be good. I feel like after everything that happened in the Avengers Clint and Natasha are probably closer than ever and have a real chance at a life together. The entire time Clint was under Loki's control he was constantly on Natasha's mind, getting him back was her goal. I'm rambling now, but I have a lot of feels about these two, lol.

As for Steve and Natasha, I feel like Steve is *too* good. That might be appealing at first, but Natasha is willing to do what needs to be done, and Steve isn't. He's very much a white knight while Natasha lives in shades of grey, and I think that would be a form of contention between them. Maybe Steve trusts her now, but he will never agree entirely with her methods. Natasha would have to change everything she is to truly be with him, IMO, and that would be a huge disservice to her character. She wants to atone for her past, but she isn't a squeaky clean hero nor will she ever be. She has secrets, it's a big part of who she is, and I don't think Steve could ever truly understand her, not like Clint could.

Nobody is really wrong either way, it's all about perspectives and opinions. :)
Belgian girl
12. Asgardian
I know, right?? xD

I honestly didn't know that about the comics Hawkeye, I've always been more of a DC guy. And that does help me to understand him better, and Clint and Natasha's relationship. I just can't get past the feeling that they know each other a little too well to really end up with each other.

That's true about Steve. I don't think he would necessarily try to change Natasha though, I feel like he respects and trusts her in a certain way. Also, I could see him being a fan of a good old-fashioned debate about politics, as long as they could get past it :)

This argument could really never end though, so I accept defeat. I stick to my opinion, and thanks for not trying to change that!


I realize Clintasha will end up together, I'm just working on accepting it :P. TWS really was an amazing movie, too. Maybe I will just write and pour my feelings into some low-key fanfiction about Steve/Nat.... or nah.
Heather Waters
13. HeatherWaters
@Sneakronicity @Asgardian @Nick -- You guys are awesome, thank you. Loving the debate. While I do 'ship Clintasha, Natasha and Steve's scenes are always a pleasure to watch and I agree that there's a lot of respect and trust and chemistry there.
Belgian girl
14. Loki
I was kind of hoping for a Widow/Soldier to be a couple. Im okay with with Clintasha!
I would love to see Black Widow get her own movie. They always treat women so wrong in these superhero movies. Why can't we have more superwomen movies, like Wonder Woman, Catwoman, Xena Warrior Princess? Just imagine how great it would be if we had more movies about super women. What if we even had one about a super bad a-- villan, not a corny one. What about a movie featuring the Asgardian warrior woman introduced in Thor. I love all of the Thor characters. Thor and Captian America are my favorite movies. There's so much to do and so little time. Seriously, we need a Black Widow movie.
Belgian girl
16. aria
Why are you acting like Steve and Natasha are the most popular avenger couple? You know that its Clint and Natasha. Besides, Clintasha shippers are pretty biased (including me). Here's doubting that they would switch, especially since Clint and Nat have INSANE CHEMISTRY.
xzcv xcv
17. Kadichgu
Thanks for sharing it..
Belgian girl
18. alternate view
B*R*U*C*E*_*B*A*N*N*E*R* also has twelve stars guys... and these two also had amazing chemistry in the movie. Not only that, but the Hulk is supposed to be in a relationship next movie and in pictures about the next movie, under unexpected alliances, who do we have but the Hulk and the Black Widow. I love the Clintasha bromance, but I hadn't even considered it a romance until I saw the fanfiction written for it- I'm not here to ship hate, but I see them as two people who are great friends, possibly with a past relationship, but no more. Brutasha, anyone?
Heather Waters
19. HeatherWaters
@alternate view -- Different opinions always welcome, thanks for the comment! I 100% agree that Bruce and Natasha had a nice rapport in Avengers, but have to respectfully disagree that they'd make a great couple, mostly because I think that Natasha is afraid of very little but is terrified of the Hulk.
Belgian girl
20. alternate view
@redline_ - Yeah, she is scared of the Hulk, and I agree that that could be a MAJOR roadblock, obviously. But there's also the fact that as Natasha is scared of very little but is indeed scared of the Hulk, she may wish to get over that fear by exposing herself to him more, etc. Also have to bear in mind here that she is in fact scared of the Winter Soldier and yet in the comic books she's pursued a relationship with Bucky.
Belgian girl
21. Kat715
Well Clint Barton, Steve Rogers, and Bucky Barnes all have the correct amount of stars if you're looking at that. All of the Black Widows supposed love interests right there so we can't really determine anything yet. I personally want "Clintasha" but I find Cap-Widow interesting as well but more on a friends relationship, only a few semi-romantic scenes were in CA:TWS. Plus Natasha teasing Cap just felt more of a friendshipy teasing than romantic. But that's my perspective. On Bucky and Natasha well there was little scenes with them and people are going on the comics. We'll have to wait til Avengers 2 to go into any more depth and I'm sure even then they'll be somewhat vague since it'll be mostly of the Avengers and Ultron plus Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch (who has also had romantic relations with Cap in the comics) I hope they go into more detail about Natasha's past and hopefully more Hawkeye since he was mind controlled for half of Avengers 1. Scarlett does seem like she's inwardly rooting for Hawkeye and Black Widow though from how she's acting. Anyway we shall see next spring.
Belgian girl
22. Awesome Person
I absolutely want Natasha and Clint are perfect for each other... But Natasha and Steve would also be a sweet couple. The problem though is that in your exhibit C, Steve Rodgers is also 12 letters too...
But I absolutely LOVE Hawkwidow!!
Belgian girl
23. nicole dyce
12 stars;

please be clint..*crosses fingers*
Belgian girl
24. The Smart Guy
It is obviously Cap. There is a reason why she was in TWS and hawkeye was not. Plus fighting chemistry and romantic chemistry are two different things. Nat and hawkeye have one but cap and nat have both. Steve Rogers works with the star thing. Throughout the TWS and the fights in the avengers their chemistry was displayed. In TWS she asked if he had anyone special in his life, he said no. The reason she asked is because she is interested. I am a total Romanogers shipper and I'm totally convinced that they will get together in AOU.
Heather Waters
25. HeatherWaters
SPOILER fans, the site Latino Review says it has SPOILERS about the first few minutes of Avengers 2. Take it with a grain of salt, of course, but here's the post: http://www.latino-review.com/news/exclusive-avengers-age-of-ultron-early-story-details-revealed

I gotta say, obviously I'm biased here, but this is NOT what I'm hoping for, so I very much hope these "details" are incorrect. Why no mention of Hawkeye at all? is my question.
Belgian girl
26. Just A Random Girl



Please be captain :-: but i'm still ok with hawkeye :I
Belgian girl
27. Janice Second
@Belgian girl
Isn't Emily VanCamp (Sharon Carter) supposed to be his love interest in the forthcoming movies? I don't know why'd they want a Captain America / Black Widow romance.
Belgian girl
28. Ameess
Sorry to burst your bubble...but thos 12 stars represent Bruce Banner. Its been revealed they are going to have feelings for each other in"Age of Ultron"
Belgian girl
29. 01clintasha
Hold up! One minute people i do not know you but Natasha Romanoff has always been Clint Barton girl if you did not see the necklace she was wearing in Cap 2. It has always been obvious so all those people who think she should go with someone else stop hating on true love people. Omg!
Belgian girl
30. sugar
I absolutely Crave for a clint/natasha romance. They got the chemistry. Cap's already got dt 'nurse' whom I think he's gon' ask out based on scarlet's recommendation; so I guess we're left with clint nd hulk but I reaaaalllllly nid it 2 be Clint. Dy're so cute together. Love the mature arguments without bashing. Marvel comics/movies/franchise rock!!. Can't wait for the release of guardians of the galaxy. Star-studded!!! Vin diesel,Zoe saldana *screams*
Belgian girl
31. Distressedwatcher
Hawkeye is SO boring. I don't even really think of him as one of the Avengers. You could quite literally replace him with a lamp and the film would be just as exciting and enjoyable.

That should make it pretty clear where I stand on my opinion of the idea of him in a relationship with Black Widow.
Belgian girl
32. A-wall
Um the * in his tweet, there are the same amount of letters in Clint's name as there are in Steve Rogers, just saying, it could be him too. Im a shipper of Romanogers...don't judge sorry, but I totally wish that they end up together more so than Blackhawk. Just my oppinion like I said.
Belgian girl
33. gabonada
It will be weird to see Black Widow and Hawkeye hooking up. Captain America and Black Widow have a son named James before the Age of Ultron.
Belgian girl
34. Recks
They had a son in one storyline of the many that exist in Marvel. MCU doesn't follow any individual storyline. So there won't be a Widow/Captain love child.
Belgian girl
35. Clintasha4ever
ok, my opinion is, clintasha, not only because I'm 'shipping the idea, or because I don't agree with Bruce, Steve, or Bucky being the person, but my reasoning is ALL of the taletell signs that it's going to be them! We already know that Steve and Natasha are friends not in a relationship, Bruce and Natasha would not work together properly for the simple fact that it hasn't been put out there the way that Clint, Steve, or Bucky have been, and as for Bucky, yes the Winter Soldier has had a history with the Black Widow but it just isn't there. Clint is her partner, they have a chemistry that people can see, even looking at the body lanuage that is used by Scarlett and Jeremy you can tell they know that something is going to happen with their character's in the future. I'm not discrediting anyone elses opinions on this but I just don't see anything else happening except for Clintasha!
Belgian girl
36. Stasha
Eu realmente acho que clintasha nao seja o certo. stacha têm muita quimica e clintasha nao tem muita. Eu espero que só seja rumores não levam a mal fãns de clintasha mas eu realmente ficaria deprimida se clintasha acontece-se, eles tiveram um passado sim mas eu realmente gostaria que stasha acontece-se.
E mal posso esperar por um filme de Black Widow !!!!
Belgian girl
37. crawlex
I read this and your other post about Natasha/Clint from two years ago, and I completely agree with everything you said. They truly have a lot of potential to become a good couple and not just something thrown in. And as for Bucky/Natasha, I don't know how is their story in the comics, but I think it was implied in TWS that they didn't really know each other (at least in the movies) beyond the experience that Natasha told Steve. Anyway, I'm more interested in Steve/Bucky too.
Heather Waters
38. HeatherWaters
Thanks for all the comments, you guys! Whether or not you agree, I've really loved reading them all and getting the different opinions.

@crawlex -- Yes, the movie universe seems to be implying Natasha and Bucky don't share the history they did in the comics. I'm hoping Avengers 2 clears that up a bit more. (Steve/Bucky was so intense in CATWS, wasn't it?! All that history from the first movie brought a lot of tension to their scenes together.)
Belgian girl
39. Juvia
I just read your articel and all of the comments and I just found it so awesome that although people ship Tasha with different men, the comments always stayed polite. Not every fandom would be like this.
Personaly, I'm a huge Clintasha shipper but for obvious reasons I also thought about the other pairings.
Before TWS, I think there was a possibility for Cap and Natasha but since they stayed friends (which was indeed something the writers made on purpose like it was mentioned in many interviews) I don't think something romantical will follow. I just don't think it makes sense in regards of character development.
Bucky and Natasha would ofcours be an option since they do have a relationship in the comics but they don't seem to have any real connections in the MCU.
Bruce might as well be a possibility but since there is a hulk film whitch takes place in the MCU and where he has a great romance with Betty, I think it's more likely for him to end up with her. She defenetly was in the Hulk film for a reason. Personally, I'd love to see Liv Tyler in another Marvel film, portraying Betty and being happy with Bruce.
Belgian girl
41. mespx13
no lo se, es Que al Principio me gustaba ESA pareja, Pero despues me interese mas en captasha. romanogers, ya Que No Tienen Muchas Cosas en comun y ESO Hace interesante la relacion, Pero Ahora yo ESTABA mas abierta una opcion de Cualquier del, e inclusó podia Aceptar una Clint x natasha, embargo de pecado Barbara Morse aparecera en agentes de marvel de escudo y ESO da mas Posibilidades Bobbi x Clint y Natasha x steve
Heather Waters
42. HeatherWaters
@mespx13 -- Yes, it will be interesting to see what impact Bobbi Morse has on Agents of SHIELD! I am curious about whether or not they will reference her having been married to Clint. Or maybe they were never married in this universe? We'll see!
Belgian girl
43. stanlee1000
I think captain america and black widow well end up toghter if they follow the comic book. Look up James Rogers the child of Captain America and black widow. I mean whether or not we actually see it is one thing but I guarantee you'll never end up with Hawk Eye
Heather Waters
44. HeatherWaters
@stanlee1000 -- The new Avengers trailer is making me wonder if Natasha and Bruce might be an item. I do not think Steve and Natasha will end up together in the movie universe (I know she has history with a few men in the comics, including Winter Soldier), but you never know!
Belgian girl
45. Skyknight1987
Sorry to burst your bubble but the early release trailer has all but confirmed that Widow's love interest is Bruce Banner, not Hawkeye.
Gonzalez is probably laughing his ass off at all the Hawkeye shippers.
Initially I figured that if Widow was going to have any kind of relationship it would be with Hawkeye, but it would probably be little more than hooking up between missions. Certainly nothing to write home about. But I really like Banner more. Hawkeye is really just Widow without boobs. Banner on the other hand is a nerd at heart and her polar opposite. He is the kind of person that would provide stimulus for Widow to evolve as a character.
Belgian girl
46. zRR
@Nick To be honest, I really don't want Cap and Agent 13 to hook up. They just have no... chemistry, I guess. Unlike the chemistry between Natasha and Steve, Natasha and Hawkeye. I just don't really see them hooking up. And besides, i don't think Cap is really in for it. If anything, though, I think he's a little dazed by Black Widow.
Belgian girl
47. You're a puny god
I am all for Clint and Natasha. But the people are right. *S*T*E*V*E_*R*O*G*E*R*S is an option. As well as *B*R*U*C*E_*B*A*N*N*E*R. And *Q*U*I*C*K_*S*I*L*V*E*R. Tony Stark, however, is not an option. *cries a little, they're a bit cute*
I'm glad Thor isn't an option, though. THAT would be weird.
Heather Waters
48. HeatherWaters
@You're a puny god -- Yeah, Thor 0r Stark would be weird. I think she and Bruce might be a thing in Avengers 2 based on the trailers we've seen so far, which...I have to be honest, I'm not excited about that.
Belgian girl
49. Natasha+Steve
I think Natasha and Steve are just perf! I'm gonna die!
Belgian girl
50. Direwolves
My family have friends that work in the movie industry and they hinted to me that there is definitely something between bruce and natasha. They don't usually lie to me. Well, at least I don't think so. They just wanted to put me out of my misery. Ha. But I do ship natasha and clint. But bruce seems an interesting choice.
Belgian girl
51. grant
Is it not obvious in light of recent trailers that the *s are Bruce Banner.
Belgian girl
52. errant_knight
I see Natasha and the Winter Soldier as meant for each other, but you'd have to have read the winter soldier comic books to know why I think that (not the current 'Bucky in space' one. I don't even recognize that as being Bucky Barnes in terms of characterization, at least so far. I'm talking the Ed Brubaker series.) Doesn't mean I don't think she's having a relationship with Hawkeye or that's going to happen anytime soon, but that's my take on it.
Belgian girl
53. Baum
Nat/Steve: No, please no! >.< I like Tasha, but I don't like Steve. OK, honestly I haven't watched TWS so far, but (how I said) I don't like Steve very much and that's why I don't ship them.

Nat/Bucky: Yeah... I don't know Bucky very well. So I won't going to say something about them.

Nat/Clint: Clintasha for the win! :D I'm sure, you all are thinking I'm a totally fangirl.. I'm not. Maybe a little. But that's unimportant :D
The reason why I ship then are one the one hand, that I like them both and on the other hand, that they are a good team for a while now and that they must have a good chemistry for that.
(Oh, and don't forget Budapest ;D)

Nat/Bruce: ... Yeah.... I don't know.... I can't imagine a romance between them o_o It's just impossible for me. Have they ever talked to each other?

But maybe (I hope not) Clint and Tasha will have a relationship in Avengers 2, then Clint will die and she'll end up with Steve/Bucky/WhoEver.
Otherwise I think the producers wouldn't make many friends with that xD

And to the *s: Maybe it's one of them, but maybe it's only an empty and meaningless number of *s.

PS: sorry for my english. I know it's bad xD
Belgian girl
54. Jiamng
I just want to say a few things:

1) You're right.

2) Remember CATWS (Natasha and Steve kiss).

3) Jeremy Renner's words about where was his character (and his relationships about Natasha).

4) Mark Ruffalo about Clintasha.

5) Kids toys on Clint's farm.
Belgian girl
56. ArrowBind
"Nat/Bruce: ... Yeah.... I don't know.... I can't imagine a romance between them o_o It's just impossible for me. Have they ever talked to each other?"

So...did you actually watch Avengers 1?
Because I don't see how you could've completely missed the fact that she was sthe one they sent to retrieve him in the beginning (which was an awesome scene) and their whole deal in the Helicarrier when it was attacked, where she said she would try to keep Bruce from going green, and then had to run from him when he did?

Face it. Shipping goggles or not, there's TONS of potential for Bruce/ Natasha. While Clint is just a boring, genderswapped version of Black Widow.
Belgian girl
57. errant_knight
Personally, I think the Bruce thing is a red herring. I don't see it lasting beyond this movie if it even gets that far. That being said, Bucky/Nat has existed in the comics for so long and has become so intergral to the characters in the comic-verse, it's actually impossible for me to be unbiased about this.
Belgian girl
58. johnny124
12 stars also spelles B*R*U*C*E* _* B*A*N*N*E*R* As much as I hate to say it :/ I will always ship Clint and Natasha though!
Belgian girl
59. M.L.S.
I'm a big fan of natasha widow and she and haweye oh please no they're not together she only has the necklace because she likes fighting and she has clothes for that.
Belgian girl
60. Joigirl
I regret to inform you but clintasha as a romantic ship does not become cannon. I already saw age of ultron and (SPOILER ALERT) Clint has a wife and 2 kids. The way their relationship becomes clear is that they are best friends. Just to let you know it's super cute. And also the 12 letters thing bruce banner. I'm only saying this because I ship clintasha hardcore. Like I freak out any hint of a romantic relationship. But alas we will have to wait until captain America civil war to see if there is anything more.
Heather Waters
61. HeatherWaters

@Joigirl -- Thank you for your early reporting, though I'm so so sad to hear about the wife and kids. I was so hoping for Clintasha. :(

Another H&H blogger put together a Bruce/Natasha post that will be going up in a couple hours for the people shipping those two.
Belgian girl
62. Lyla399
I thought she was into Clint, too. But now I hear people from the show saying that they're doing a Natasha and Bruce romance because it was "hinted at" in the first film. When was that???? I didn't even catch a whiff of it. Not one bit.

Maybe Natasha and Clint are just super close to each other, and totally love each other, just in a non-romantic way. I'd be cool with that, too.
Belgian girl
63. Natalia12
I really want Clintasha but i have seen Avengers Age Of Ultron and I am sad to say it is Natasha and Bruce, honestly im hoping Clint will devorce with his wife and Hulk and Widow will call it quits then Hawkeye and Widow get together.
Belgian girl
64. MaddyEarl
I love how you did all this research only to have Clint have a wife and kids in avengers 2. Definitely not something I thought either.
Heather Waters
65. HeatherWaters
@MaddyEarl -- I KNOW. Got totally blindsided. The signs were all there! But then I got jossed. I honestly believe Whedon did it to spite the popular demand, except it kinda backfired, because Widow/Hulk was one of the least-liked parts of AOU. Ah, well. We'll always have Budapest!
Belgian girl
66. LorraineKryze
Okay so now we know that the twelve stars took for B*R*U*C*E*_*B*A*N*N*E*R* sigh
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