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April 2014 New Adult Roundup: Secrets and Lies

Rebelonging by Sabrina StarkA romance story featuring two lovers who are completely open and honest with each other sounds great, right? In reality, maybe, but in the land of fiction, reading about two such perfect characters sounds like a snooze feast. The best plots rely on deception, dishonesty, and miscommunication. Happily, the new adult novels topping the bestseller lists this month are full of secrets and lies.

Rebelonging by Sabrina Stark is the second book in the Unbelonging series. Chloe is a waitress with an accounting degree who is struggling to make a better life for herself. Lawton is a prize-fighting billionaire from Detroit. They form an unlikely connection, but neither Lawton nor Chloe is willing to be vulnerable and honest about whom they really are. As a result, miscommunications abound.

The Obsessed Series by Deborah Bladon consists of three linked novellas chronicling the ups and downs of Ivy, a jewelry designer suffering from a broken heart and broken engagement, and Jax, a wealthy man who tracks her down at an art show and keeps popping up in her life. Ivy feels irresistibly drawn to Jax, but the truth about who he is and what his intentions are with her remain a mystery.

Lost in Me by Lexi RyanHanna, the heroine of Lost in Me by Lexi Ryan, has retrograde amnesia and lost a year of her life after supposedly falling down a flight of stairs. When she wakes up, she's fifty pounds thinner, owns a bakery, and is engaged to Maximilian Hallowell—a rich guy she's been crushing on since she was thirteen who only had eyes for her much slimmer twin sister. Her new life seems perfect on the surface, but she's about to be married to a man she can't even remember dating, her relationship with her sister has somehow fallen apart, and a sexy, tatted rocker named Nate crawls into bed with her like he belongs there and has been there before. The secrets and lies of Hanna's lost year are revealed to her—and to the readers—memory by memory, but the story does end on a cliffhanger that leaves readers yearning for more.

Sydney, the heroine of Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover, is an aspiring musician and college student who thinks her life is going great until she finds out her boyfriend Hunter is sleeping with her best friend and roommate Tori. Although her heart is broken by Hunter's betrayal, she finds herself drawn to her guitar-playing neighbor Ridge. Their chemistry is undeniable, but Ridge has a secret that could tear them apart. Included in the book are links to an accompanying soundtrack that bring to life the songs that Ridge and Sydney create together.

Play by Kylie ScottPlay by Kylie Scott, the second book in the Stage Dive series, features lies heaped upon lies. The heroine, twenty-three-year-old Anne Rollins, was abandoned by her roommate and has no idea how she'll pay the rent. At a party, she meets heartthrob Mal Ericson, drummer for the famous rock band Stage Dive. Mal's facing a difficult situation of his own that Anne could resolve by pretending to be his girlfriend. So she reluctantly allows him to move into her apartment where the chemistry between them grows and blossoms. But Mal has secrets that could end their fake-turned-real relationship.

Rex, the hero of Fighting to Forget by JB Salisbury, is a tattooed UFC fighter and a musician with a tortured past. Georgia, who's known by the name “Mac,” works at a bar in Las Vegas. She moved there with the express purpose of tracking Rex down. She and Rex have a shared history filled with childhood abuse, and she wanted to find him and reconnect. Rex doesn't remember—or has chosen to forget—much of his past, however, and he doesn't recognize Mac, even as their relationship blossoms into something much deeper than mere friendship.

Veiled Innocence by Ella FrankVeiled Innocence by Ella Frank is a tale of forbidden romance built on secrets, lies, and obsession. Addison—the heroine—is 18. Mr. McKendrick-the hero—is 32. She's a senior in high school. He's her world history teacher. Those facts alone hint at the fact that their relationship is doomed from the start. Despite Addison's tender age, however, she's neither virginal nor innocent. She knows what she wants, and she hunts her teacher down like prey. He eventually succumbs to temptation, leading to some super sexy scenes. A happy ending, however, does not seem inevitable with a premise like this one.

Off the Record by K.A. Linde features another romance built on secrets and lies. The heroine Liz Dougherty is a reporter for her college newspaper. She captures the interest of a single state senator named Brady Maxwell III at a press conference. He initiates a secret sexual relationship that starts to deepen, but he doesn't want his relationship with her to damage his campaign. Meanwhile, Liz's editor Hayden Lane admires her courage and ambition and wants to have a relationship with her as well. There's no easy way out of this love triangle for Liz, and all her dirty little secrets are bound to be revealed.

Tell us the truth—what New Adult romances are heating you up this Spring?


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